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How To Tell If A Cat Is Going Blind

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How To Look After Blind Cats

Cat goes Suddenly Blind, Why ?
  • Keep your blind cat indoors, ensuring they have access to a safely-fenced garden or run if necessary. Making sure they are microchipped is essential in case they escape. For cats solely indoors, keep things interesting with toys and puzzle feeders to keep boredom at bay.
  • Encourage your cat to walk around on their own and avoid carrying them. The scent glands on their paws allow them to leave a trail of scent that they can follow to keep their setting familiar. Beware of lifting your blind cat onto raised surfaces in case they fall.
  • When you approach your cat, talk to them as you approach them to avoid startling them.
  • Avoid moving furniture, toys and litter trays. Dont leave obstacles in unexpected places where your cat could walk into them. If you have stairs, place a barrier, like a childs stair gate, across them until your cat knows where they are and learns how to use them again.
  • Moving house with a blind cat? Youll need to take extra care to introduce your cat to your new home. If they seem disorientated, guide them back to a familiar space by using your voice.
  • How To Tell If A Kitten Is Blind 6 Ways To Know

    Like humans, felines can have vision problems. Knowing how to tell if a kitten is blind is important so you can improve the felines life. While being blind will limit cats activities, theres a way to give the kitty a long and fulfilled life. Bringing the kitten to the vet and observing weird behavior will let you identify if your pet has blindness or visual problems.

    Living With A Blind Cat

    A blind cat is a disabled cat and we have lived for 19 years with my little blind cat Kyra.There’s a difference between cats that are born blind and cats that are blind by disease or accident. The latter might experience more difficulties in adapting to their blindness. For a cat that’s born blind the world has never been bright and sunny. Our cat Kyra was born blind and her world has always been dark and formless. She learned to trust her nose and ears. She had a sixth sense for unsafe situations, especially around dogs that came into our house.I hope my experience with living with a blind cat can help others.

    Blind Cat Kyra

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    How To Manage Blindness In Cats

    Regardless what stage of vision loss your cat is experiencing, make sure to take him to the vet for a thorough analysis. Since there are so many possible health issues that can be the source of your cats vision problems, a professional will need to conduct several tests in order to properly diagnose your furry friend.

    Once your cat has been diagnosed and he indeed is suffering from a vision impairment, it is then your job to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Especially if your cats vision loss has come on suddenly, he will need extra assistance getting around as he adjusts to his new life. In the beginning, contain your cat in an enclosed space that is free of clutter. This will help him adjust in a safe environment. Once he feels more comfortable, you can then increase his space little by little.

    It is also highly advised to keep your cat indoors from this point forward. Blind cats are more likely to get lost, especially if their owners are not supervising them. If you want your cat to get some outdoor exposure, you can try taking him for a walk or keeping him secluded to the backyard while you keep an eye on him.

    Do Cats Purr Before They Die

    How To Tell If Your Cat Is Going Blind?

    Ive witnessed a lot of cats purring when they re dying, and when they re being put to sleep. The vet will say something like They were purring right up until the end, and people assume they re happy when they re purring. Thats just not always the case. But in recent years more light has been shed on the purr.

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    How To Tell If Your Cat Is Blind

    If your cat appears more cautious or disoriented, this may be a sign that they are starting to lose their sight. Your cat may also be easily startled or confused when you approach them, and they may misjudge heights when jumping on or off objects.

    There may also be signs with the eyes themselves, they may become cloudy, discoloured, or inflamed. The pupils may also be large and wont contract in the light.

    If you think your cat is experiencing blindness, you should always speak to your vet.

    Blindness In Cats Faq

    What are the symptoms of a cat going blind?

    Degrees of blindness can vary between cats, but some common symptoms of blindness in cats include cloudy eyes, uneven or very wide pupils, issues with coordination, hiding, nervousness, reluctance to go outside, changes in behaviour.

    Can you reverse blindness in cats?

    It depends on the cause and extent of blindness which will determine whether blindness in a cat can be reversed. The earlier a cats vision problems are diagnosed, the better they can be treated unless the blindness has already become irreversible by the time veterinary care is given. If your cats eyes are developing a white or grey colour in the pupil, this is likely to be cataracts which is irreversible. If it is conjunctivitis or another eye infection, the sudden onset blindness can sometimes be reversed if you contact your vet immediately.

    Why has my cat suddenly gone deaf?

    Cats can lose their hearing as they age, just as many humans do. Some cats are born partially or completely deaf because of a genetic defect called congenital deafness. Usually, congenital deafness is related to pigment and most of the affected cats have an all-white or mostly white coat and blue eyes. If the loss of hearing is sudden, this is usually the result of illness or injury.

    What cats are prone to deafness?

    Due to a genetic defect, all-white, or mostly white cats with blue eyes tend to go deaf more than cats of any other colouring.

    What do you do when your cat goes blind?

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    Give Them Timeto Adjust

    Cats are very independent animals so, you will require patience as you support them.With time they will adapt to their new lifestyle. If vision loss is gradual, the transition is much easier for any cat. And by the time your cat completely loses their eyesight, they will easily navigate in their environment. However, if vision loss occurs suddenly, much more time will be needed for adaptation. If this is the situation, try to stay calm and cool because pet handicaps can be overwhelming for the owners even more then for their pets.

    How To Tell If A Cat Is Blind

    My Cat’s Blindness Story Don’t Let Your Kitty Go Blind!

    Sudden blindness is usually obvious, whereas gradual sight loss can be surprisingly tricky to spot . Signs often include:

    • Cloudy eyes
    • Uneven or very wide pupils
    • Disorientation and bumping into things, especially in low light
    • Walking slowly/cautiously with their legs wider apart than usual. Some cats will stay close to a wall to guide them
    • Reluctance to jump
    • Hiding away and becoming nervous
    • Reluctance to go out at night
    • Changes in their behaviour

    There are many different things that can cause blindness in a cat, including:

    Eye injuries. Common after catfights and penetrating injuries.

    Cataracts. Common in older cats and cats with diabetes.

    Retinal detachment. When the back of the eye comes loose and detaches, common in cats with high blood pressure and kidney disease.

    Head Trauma. Blindness can be caused by head injuries, common after road traffic accidents.

    Glaucoma. Increased pressure inside the eye.

    Uveitis. Inflammation inside the eye.

    Optic nerve disease.A problem with the nerve that connects the brain to the eye.

    Brain disease.Such as a bleed, stroke, tumour or infection.

    General disease.Diseases in another part of the body can sometimes cause blindness e.g. Feline Leukaemia.

    Tumours in the eye. Tumours in and around the eye can cause blindness.

    Bleeding in the eye. Often due to high blood pressure .

    Anaesthetic complications. Very occasionally, complications under anaesthetic can leas to blindness .

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    Reasons For Feline Blindness

    Unlike dogs, which are primarily focused on their sense of smell, cats rely on all three senses equally. Although cats are known for their excellent eyesight, feline vision loss is not uncommon. Blindness most commonly occurs in older cats and is a consequence of the onset of aging cataracts. Kittens can be born blind, but more often cats experience gradual loss of vision. The most common causes are diseases such as diabetes, glaucoma, tumors or physical trauma. Even losing sight in only one eye can have a devastating impact on a cat.

    Keep Your Cat Engaged

    Changes in your cats eyesight does not mean your cats behavior changes. Blind cats still want to run, engage and play. Playtime is especially important for blind cats who enjoy it just as much as other cat. There can be found plenty of noisy toys like balls containing bells that stimulate their hearing and smell senses. Also, remember to block access to potentially hazardous items and parts of the apartment like stairs, toilet, curtains, patio, etc. Take care of them and they will take care of you too.

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    Important Tips To Help Care For Your Blind Cat

  • Try to keep the catâs water and food bowl in the same place so they know where to find it.

  • Pet-proof your house. Eliminate any potential hazards in the house, e.g. furniture with sharp edges. âTuck away any loose electrical wires and make sure hot or dangerous e.g. fireplaces are not on his path,â advises Dr. Maureen Murithi , veterinary spokesperson for doggiedesigner.com. Adding padding to sharp corners such as tables can also go a long way in avoiding injuries.

  • Time spent outside should be supervised. Look out for any objects that may be a danger to your cat. âOne can try to put a wind chime next to the door that will help guide them back into the house,â says Dr. Murithi.

  • Keep the layout of your home the same. Cats that lose their sight gradually manage to maneuver their way around the home. The best thing you can do for blind cats especially if this is a new development is keep everything the same. Cats will remember where all the steps are and where the litter box and food is kept, but not if it keeps moving.

  • Of Course Not All Cats Go Blind And If They Do They Can Still Lead A Wonderful Fun

    How To Tell If Your Cat Is Going Blind

    Your cat has a wonderful life with all the love and attention you give them, whether they spend their time prowling the great outdoors or prefer to snuggle up on your lap in the house. Despite your care, however, there are some things you cant control as an owner, including the possibility of blindness in your cat.

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    What Causes A Cat To Lose Eyesight

    The reasons why a cat could lose its eyesight could be from injury or tumours to infection and hypertension.

    • According to the Veterinary Vision, INC. website, high blood pressure is usually connected with vision loss and is one of the more common causes of retinal detachment. Blood vessels in the retina are damaged by high blood pressure, resulting in bleeding or fluid seepage. This can cause the retina to separate or detach, which can result in blindness.
    • Optic neuritis, or inflammation of the optic nerve, is uncommon in cats. However, it does occur and is linked to viral illnesses like feline infectious peritonitis, protozoal infections like toxoplasmosis, and fungi like cryptococcosis. All diseases of the optic nerve that induce degeneration and usually result in a sudden visual field issue or total loss of vision in one or both eyes are referred to as optic neuritis.
    • Retinal degeneration can result in the loss of light-sensitive cells in the retina, resulting in blindness. Though this is typically a slow and progressive condition, the ultimate stages of visual loss can appear abrupt.
    • Lens diseases like cataracts and displaced lenses are relatively uncommon, and while they impede vision, they do not always imply that the cat is blind.
    • Secondary blindness can occur due to a brain diseases inability to process sensations received from the eye. Trauma, infections, inflammation, and malignancies are the most common underlying causes.

    Blind Cats: Signs Causes & How To Care For Them

    Aly WalanskyMay 17, 2021â8 min read

    It can be devastating when we see our furry family members suffering, and if our kitty suddenly seems disoriented or confused, itâs possible something worrisome is going on. Itâs possible that the issue is blindness.

    But how do you know if a cat is blind? And what causes blindness in cats? What’s the best way to care for them? Pawp talked to a vet about signs and causes of blindness as well as what you can do to make sure your cat is comfortable.

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    How Kyra Came To Live With Us

    Kyra was born at a farm. Her mom got killed in the mowing machine and she came to live with the girlfriend of my daughter. Kyra was only 10 days old. When her eyes opened, they discovered she was blind. She kept bumping into everything.The vet told them that Kyra had little chance to live beyond her first year. The owners had a driving instruction school. It was too dangerous for Kyra to stay there, because she might get crushed in the busy human trafic. They gave her to my daughter. Every time my daughter came home for a weekend, Kyra came too. Every time she came over we noticed that Kyra loved to roam outside in our fenced garden. One time Kyra had fallen down from the fifth level balcony of my daughter’s apartment. My daughter decided it was best for Kyra if she stayed with us for the rest of her life. Kyra proofed the vet wrong, she didn’t die that first year, she managed to live a full 19 years.

    blind cat Kyra enjoying the outside

    Recovery Of Blind Quiet Eye In Cats

    Helping Blind Cats : Cat Health

    Blind quiet eye is a condition that diminishes a cat’s vision it isn’t fatal. With proper treatment, most felines enjoy a normal life despite this ailment.

    Recuperation periods following the diagnosis and treatment of blind quiet eye vary. No standard exists because recovery depends on the origins of the ailment. Also, some animals never get better. Your cat’s rendering provider will set timelines for recovery as well as aftercare. Below are a few considerations:

    • Follow-up visits. If your feline has cataract surgery, he must have frequent follow-up visits with the vet for a while. Risk factors for this procedure include retinal detachment and lens capsule scarring. Both may damage the eye and cause permanent vision loss.
    • Taurine additives. Recovery from taurine deficiencies start at 30 days. Healing begins at the increase of this amino acid in your cat’s diet. Watch for side effects such as an upset stomach.
    • Household adjustments. For cats suffering from SAARD, no effective treatment exists. Pet owners must work around the illness. This includes keeping the floor areas clear of small objects to prevent falls and putting their feline on restrictive diets. Regular check ups aid too in overall health maintenance.

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    Blind Quiet Eye Average Cost

    From 568 quotes ranging from $200 – $2,000

    Average Cost

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    Best Products For Blind Cats

    Help your blind cat live a calm, happy, and enriched life, with the following products designed to keep your cat calm and engage their other senses.

    Hemp oil formulated with CBD can help some anxious felines to destress and stay calm, which is perfect for cats who have lost their vision and are trying to figure out how to navigate the world around them. We like the hemp oil from The Anxious Pet because its dose-appropriate for cats, formulated by a veterinarian, and third-party tested for safety and efficacy.

    Pheromones can help reduce stress in cats, and cats who suddenly lose vision may become more anxious. Thats why many pet parents to blind cats opt for calming pheromone diffusers. Feliway is a popular choice and can help reduce anxious behaviors like marking and scratching furniture. This pack comes with a 30-day supply and refills are easy to buy and use.

    Crinkle toys or toys with bells are a great option for blind cats, since they can rely on their other senses at playtime. We like this crinkle option from Frisco. Its a great size for cats to grab onto and the crinkle sound will entice a cat that is visually impaired. Plus, its made with USA-grown catnip for an extra thrill.

    What Are Some Common Causes Of Cats Suffering From Vision Loss

    There are numerous potential causes for cats suffering from vision loss. For starters, there are diseases that can result in vision loss, which include some that are very similar to their human counterparts. For example, a cataract is when the clear lens of the eye becomes clouded with a corresponding effect on the vision provided by that eye. Left untreated, it is very much possible for this to result in blindness. Similarly, glaucoma causes the eyeball to harden because of excessive fluid pressure. Something that wont do wonders for its intended function to say the least. Meanwhile, progressive retinal atrophy is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, which is to say, a gradual degeneration of the retinal tissue that causes it to lose its ability to do its work. Moreover, it is very much possible for cats to develop both benign and malignant tumors either in their eyes or next to their eyes. Both of which can have a very detrimental effect on their sight. Still, there are some causes of cats suffering from vision loss that are more common than others.

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