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Indoor Cat Missing For A Week

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Feline Temperaments That Influence Distances Traveled

Lost cat found after 38 days

Temperament influences actions. How a cat behaves when in its normal territory will influence how it behaves when it becomes lost or displaced into unfamiliar territory. In addition to posting flyers and checking the cages of local shelters, encourage cat owners to develop a search strategy based on the specific behavior of their cat. Here are guidelines to use:

Managing Pets At Home

It has become easier to manage pests in a house in this advanced year. Many methods and pet-keeping apps can teach and help you with all the tasks.

You will find helping apps that will help you take care of your pet. It is easy to use and can help with daily tasks such as feeding, walking, grooming, and playing with your pet.

Pets play a very important role in peoples lives. They bring enjoyment to the family members and make them cheer up. But with that comes a lot of work, such as feeding, cleaning up after, walking, grooming, etc. The problem is that most people dont have enough time to properly take care of their pets.

Dont Leave Your Cat Out Overnight

Even the most street smart cats need to feel secure when it gets dark. Make sure you bring your cat in if you are away for the day and at night. Knowing your cat is safely indoors will give you peace of mind, and keep your cat safe. This is especially important during heavy rainstorms or annual celebrations such as Guy Fawkes when your cat can become disoriented.

Let us know if you found this article helpful? Perhaps your cat has gone missing before, and there was a happy ending to the tale? We would love to hear about it, so feel free to share in the comments below.

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The Prodigal Cat Returns

So Ive been talking to OG every night, trying to draw him out slowly.

Hes reticent. PTSD. Its difficult for him to talk about his hostage situation. Im respecting his pain and privacy.

He doesnt have much strength yet. Eats and sleeps. His friends are trying to draw him out as well. Snoop is continually sniffing his but. Buddy shares his bowl with him upstairs. And Button Boy just wants to play. They dont understand his tired demeanor.

The old OG will be back, I tell them, in time.

My Cat Has Gone Missing When Should I Start To Worry

Missing cat LOUIE (Birchmount/St. Clair area) : toronto

It is completely normal to worry when your cat has disappeared for a long time. But after how long should you start to look for them?

In this article, we will tell you why a cat might go missing and after how long you should start looking for them.

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Even though cats are territorial animals, their garden is not their only limit. Not only feral cats but also domestic cats have a large territory. A domestic cats territory goes way beyond your house. The limits are not only defined by your cat, but also by other felines in your neighbourhood. Their territory is divided by where your cat eats, relaxes, plays, hunts, and goes potty.

A cats territory can be unlimited if your cat has not been neutered. Your cat can walk hundreds of miles if they have smelled another cat in heat. During their different journeys, your cat can walk through gardens, roads, go hunting and take naps.

Most of the time, after their amble, your cat will come back home without you being aware of their secret life. So why do cats leave? How long do cats go missing for? Can a cat leave for a couple of days then come back?

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Cat Hiding Inside The House

It could well be that your lost cat is actually hiding inside the house. Cats hide indoors for a number of reasons:

  • They want to feel safe and cozy: maybe they found a comfortable box in the bottom of your closet and decided to take a nap
  • Theyrescared or anxious: for example, if a two-legged or four-legged stranger is over for a visit at your place
  • Theyre sick or pregnant: cats often go into hiding when they are feeling unwell, or are about to give birth

So do thorough check indoors, and ask other members of the household to help.

If you have a Tractive GPS cat tracker, use Find Mode which pops up on the Tractive GPS app screen when your cats tracker is nearby to locate a hiding cat indoors.

What Should I Do If My Cat Is Missing

If your cat goes missing, you will want to take action as quickly as possible. Try to avoid panicking. Letting your mind go straight to the worst-case scenario will not allow you to find your cat any faster. Stay optimistic and remember that it is entirely likely your cat is just up to some mischief and will turn up at home quickly.

First, spend some time going through your home from top-to-bottom to confirm your cat is not just hiding in an unusual spot. Check under the beds, in closets, in the attic, and anywhere else your cat could have snuck into without you immediately notice.

Once you know your cat is for sure not hiding in your home, it is time to start alerting your neighbors in the surrounding area that you are missing your cat and ask them to keep an eye out. It is beneficial to provide a photo visual to your neighbors as well.

Its easiest to conduct your most thorough search for your cat during daylight hours when you can see most clearly. When you make your initial search rounds, make sure to bring your cats favorite food, or treat along with you. If you find your cat, they will likely be scared and may need to be encouraged to come out from their hiding spot.

It may also help bring your cats carrier along with you to ensure that you can safely transport them back home if you find them. While your cat will want to be reunited and return home with you, they will be overloaded with stimuli outside and may try to jump out of your arms and run off again.

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Why Cats Go Missing

There are countless reasons why your feline friend can go missing.

Indoor cats can escape through doors or windows left open, or even manage to pry open exits themselves.

Outdoor cats may have left their regular comfort zone and have lost their bearings.

This can be because they are scared of noises, traffic, people or other animals. They may have also wandered too far in search of food or following an interesting smell or noise.

Get The Word About Your Lost Cat Out Immediately

What to do if your Cat goes Missing – How to find a Lost Cat

Putting descriptive fliers around the area and informing all of your neighbors about the lost cat can be crucial to finding your pet. Our neighbor used to alert us every time that his dog went missing, and we were often the ones to reunite them after his dog was found roaming our street. Remember that fliers are a lot more effective if they include a recent photo of good quality and list multiple ways of contacting the owner.

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The Cat Is Inquisitive

Some cats see an unattended vehicle with a door left open as an invitation to come on in and explore they just cant resist it.

When the driver reappears, the cat hides and finds itself on an unplanned journey to who knows where with a blissfully unaware person at the wheel.

At the next stop, one of two things usually happens: either the cat darts out and runs away or the driver is able to contain the cat .

The driver is then faced with the problem of what to do for the best, especially if they have made several stops that day and have no idea where their furry stowaway embarked on their journey.

Hopefully, they are kind enough to take the cat to a local vet, tell them all the locations the cat could have come from .

Hopefully, the vet finds the cat is microchipped and the owner is traced.

However, if the kitty is not micro-chipped, what can the vet do? In situations like this, vets often turn to social media and lost pet sites to advertise the details of the cat.

How Long Do Cats Go Missing For

It depends on the cats territory and routine. A cat that is particularly adventurous and independent could spend a couple of days outside without coming home. But the risk of a cat getting lost or injured is higher with a scaredy-cat or a kitten.

Some cats that are free to go outside can spend the whole day outside and come back to eat in the evening, others might nap and cuddle inside during the day and go hunting at night.

Some adventurous cats can also spend a couple of days outside and come back as if nothing happened. They might have been led by prey or have smelled another cat in heat and not have followed their routine. They might come back dirty and full of fleas it is then important to properly clean them and treat any parasites.

You do not need to worry if your cat leaves, however, if it has been more than two days, you should consider notifying your local vet and animal warden that your animal has not come back, as they might have been injured, preventing them from coming home.

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Make Fliers Social Media Posts

Its good to get the word out about your lost cat, but a post on Facebook or Instagram might not do much if you arent connected to the people who live near you. Albrecht suggests posing on Nextdoor, where your neighbors are more likely to see the information. You might also check to see if theres another social media-based lost pet organization in your area that can spread the word.

Craigslist is a good place to post, too, along with looking on the site for posts about found cats in your area.

Fliers are good, but youll want to hand them directly to neighbors. Just stapling them to a telephone pole isnt as effective.

For signs, go big. Go neon. On her website, Albrecht tells pet owners to make signs giant and fluorescent, with a large photo of their cat or dog. Place the signs at major intersections near where the pet was lost so drivers dont miss it. Keep the message brief so drivers can read it as they move past. with advice for getting your poster noticed.

You should also make calls to area animal shelters to see if anyone has found your feline. If your cat was wearing a collar and ID tagsor even better yet, microchippedand ends up being turned into a shelter, you have an excellent chance of being reunited. If your cat didnt have any ID and wasnt chipped, calling shelters or even scouring them in person may increase your odds of success.

Cat Missing For 2 Weeks

Missing cat in Wallaceburg

After two weeks, I would definitely be concerned about my cats whereabouts. Even so, its still highly probable that shes fine and will be back in her own time. Cats love wandering and can very easily get beguiled by some interesting new territory. Keep searching for your pet and dont give up. If you have a neighbour who was away during your last round of enquiries, check-in with that person. Consider putting up an advert in your local store or newsagent. You may also want to take out an ad in the paper.

Be prepared for a period of adjustment when your cat finally does come back. She will probably be very shaken up after two weeks away from home. Your cat will probably be ravenous at first but you shouldnt let her overeat. This can make her sick. Give her small meals and be moderate with the treats, even though youll want to spoil her. Make sure you check her carefully for pest infestations or injuries. Have your vet look at her to make sure she hasnt picked up any diseases. Female cats should be checked for pregnancy if they got out before they were spayed.

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Use A Gps Pet Locator To Track A Missing Cat

Once you have your little bundle of fur back with you, try to prevent it from going missing again. There are many pet GPS trackers on the market.

This one is our favorite because it has a 20-day battery life, is waterproof, has a light, and fits snugly onto a cats collar. It will also alert you if your cat leaves a preset area such as your garden.

These locators can really help speed up the process of finding your cat next time theyre out beyond curfew time.

I know its easy to tell someone how to prevent something from happening after it has happened. But these things are really worthwhile considering most owners will experience this at some point.

How To Prevent A Cat From Running Away

Hopefully, youve found your cat with the help of these tips. Now, what can you do to prevent your cat from running away and going missing again?

Heres how to avoid another nightmare:

  • Keep an eye on your cat in real-time with a GPS cat tracker you can also set safe spaces so you get alerts if they leave their usual territory.
  • Create a cat enclosure.
  • Do anything you can to keep your cat happy and occupied at home.
  • Spay or neuter your cats, to prevent them from running away due to their strong mating instinct.

Remember, should your cat go missing, the most important thing is to not give up. Finding a lost cat might feel challenging, but chances are, you will be reunited in no time.

The good news is that studies have shown that about 74% of lost cats are eventually united with their family again5. So try to stay calm and hopeful until your feline friends is in your arms again.

For more tips and info on how to find a lost cat and prevent them from going missing, check out the video below:

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All Cats Should Have Microchips Fitted

Hopefully, your cat will be back with you soon. Dont forget about what happened here.

If you havent already, have your cat microchipped as this gives people who find a stray cat the best chance of reuniting it with its family.

Because some people still dont seem aware that cats have microchips, when they find a hungry unknown cat in their garden, they assume its a stray, feed it, and adopt it

Cases of cats having been adopted in this way are often only discovered if the new owner takes the cat to a vet and the vet happens to scan it and finds it is micro-chipped, which leads to the discovery of the prior owner.

Tip: if you ever move house get your details updated on the microchip database make sure you get details of how to do this from your vet when you have your cat microchipped.

Why Is My Cat Not Coming Back

Pet Psychic Sonya How To Find Your Lost Cat

Even though it is completely normal to get worried if your cat does not come back, you should not panic. It can happen that your cat has been injured or hit by a car, but these are not the only reasons. Know that it has nothing to do with your pet not liking you or feeling unwell in your home.

If your cat is a good hunter, it can happen that their territory is lacking prey, or prey have been hunted by other cats. Your cat might then be tempted to travel further away to find new catches.

A cat that has not been neutered can go to great length to find another cat in heat. Dominated by their instincts, your cat might have escaped for a few days and come back as nothing had happened.

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How Long Can A Cat Go Without Food Or Water

Just like humans, in any extreme situation, a healthy adult cat can go a couple of weeks without eating, while still being able to drink. However, they can only survive 3 days without water. That is why you should not hesitate to contact your neighbours in case your cat goes missing. They might have gotten stuck somewhere.

Do Cats Remember Where They Live

Yes, cats do remember where they live. Cats have a sense of smell that is a thousand times stronger than humans, and they will rely on this sense as their primary function to get home.

Additionally, cats are believed to have a homing instinct that allows them to find their way back to you. While the science behind this is not fully understood, there have been many instances in the history of cats showing back up after being a long way from home.

It is vital to know, though, that this will not be the case for all cats. If your cat is injured or ends up taken in by another family, they may become disoriented and lose their way. The best way to ensure your cat is reunited with you is to have them microchipped.

If someone picks up your cat and brings it into a vet, they will be able to scan your cats microchip and quickly confirm your home address and that the cat has a loving owner who can be contacted. This ensures your cat does not end up in a shelter, adopted by another family.

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