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Is My Kitten A Boy Or Girl

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Differences Between Male And Female Cats

Is your Cat boy or girl?

You know the biological differences between male and female cats, but you may wonder if one sex is better than the other when it comes to picking a new feline friend to join your family. Exploring the contrasts between strutting toms and purring moms may help you choose a cat that better fits your lifestyle and personality. So, should you get a male or a female cat? Let’s first explore the difference between male and female cats before you can properly answer that question.

Need More Help Sexing Kittens

I hope that my kitten sexing guide helped you determine the sex of your kittens. If you need any further help sexing your kittens then please feel free to contact me via the contact page, social media or by using the comments section below. If you can send me photos of your kittens sex organs as in the photos above then I should be able to let you know the sex of your kitten.


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Ross writes extensively about cats and kittens and has been featured in magazines such as Your Cat and Our Cats and has also guest authored on newsletters for various cat organisations. He is also a guest speaker at cat seminars.

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  • 07/08/2017 at 8:51 am

    Hi Ross,

    Thanks for the great article. I have a nearly ten week old kitten that I was told was a female when I got her but Im not too sure now. I dont think her genital area really matches either sex perfectly! If I send you a picture, would you be able to clarify if she is definitely female or if I actually have a little boy?


  • Send me a picture and I will take a look for you.

    I have sent you an email that you can reply to.


  • Send me a picture and I will take a look for you.

    I have sent you an email that you can reply to.


  • I am more than happy to help.

    I have sent you an email which you can reply to.


  • 09/09/2017 at 9:55 am

    Hi Amanda

    It is always hard when you are just looking at one kitten rather than a litter. No chance for comparison.

    I have sent you an email which you can reply to.


  • What To Look For To Determine The Gender Of A Kitten

    The most obvious first step to find out the gender of a new cat is to look under their tail. This is easier to do with short-haired kittens, so you may have to comb away any extra fur if you are examining a long-haired kitten. Make sure the kitten is lying flat on a towel and lift the tail gently to avoid injuring the animal. Never lift a kitten up by the tail!

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    Determining The Sex By The Cat’s Physical Features

  • 1Approach the cat or kitten with care. To ascertain the sex of a cat or kitten, it’s necessary to pick the cat up. Some cats don’t like to be handled, so take a little time to let him or her get comfortable around you.
  • Stand or crouch near the cat and let him or her approach you. When the cat comes close, let him or her sniff your hand.
  • If the cat seems nervous, you may have to come back later or have a partner help you with the next step.
  • 2Lift the cat’s tail. Gently pick up the cat and cradle him or her in one arm. Use your free hand to lift the tail so you can examine the genital area.
  • If the cat doesn’t mind being handled, this may be easiest to perform while sitting on a chair or the couch, so you don’t have to worry about dropping the cat.
  • If you’re working with a partner, have the partner hold the cat securely in both arms while you lift the tail.
  • If the cat avoids having his or her tail lifted, try scratching him or her in the area where the tail meets the back. Cats usually lift their tails when they are touched in this spot.XResearch source
  • 3Look for genitalia characteristic of a male cat. The surest way to tell the difference between a male and female cat is by examining the cat’s physical features below its tail. Begin by looking for male genital features, which can be somewhat easier to spot.
  • A male cat will have an anus, scrotum, and penis, while a female cat will have only an anus and urinary tract opening.
  • Male And Female Cats Respond Differently To Distressed Kittens


    Female domestic cats adjust their response to kitten calls depending on how urgent they sound, according to a study published in the open access journal BMC Evolutionary Biology. Independent of their own experience of raising kittens, female cats distinguish between kitten calls that convey different levels of urgency and react accordingly, researchers at Hannover Medical School and the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany have found. Male cats do not adjust their response in similar ways.

    This study is the first to examine if in non-human mammals such as domestic cats where fathers do not take part in raising their young, males adjust their behavior in response to specific audio cues in the voice of their offspring. The researchers also examined this response in females, and whether females that had never raised offspring before showed similar behavioral adjustment.

    These results indicate that the ability to adjust their responses to the emotional cues of kitten calls is an ingrained sex difference between male and female adult cats that is not triggered by experience, according to the researchers.

    The researchers had previously shown that high arousal kitten calls differ from low arousal ones for example in duration and pitch.


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    Should I Get A Male Or Female Cat

    The truth is that the sex of the cat really doesn’t matter when it comes to choosing the purrfect pet for you. Although there are some behavioral differences between male and female cats as they grow from kittens to adults, a cat’s genetics and environment play a bigger role in how well the two of you will bond. So take the time to meet a few cats and pick the one that you think will be your best friend. Male and female cat differences should only play a small role in choosing a cat.

    Distinguishing Males From Females Is Tricky

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    Kitten genitals are not as developed as adult cats, making gender determination a crapshoot. At first glance, even professionals find it tricky to distinguish a female kitten from a male. However, a few characteristic differences can be observed in kittens as young as five weeks oldgenital spacing, coat color, and behaviorindicating their sex.

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    If Your Cat Is Female Youll Find Her Genital Opening Vulva Immediately Below Her Anus And It Will Be In The Shape Of A Vertical Slit

    Boy or girl cat. Others said female cats were more possessive or changeable in their moods even neurotic. A female cat is in heat for about 4 to 7 days if she finds a mate for and longer otherwise. A female cat looking for love does not keep quiet about it.

    Female cats indicate their readiness to mate by calling for male company with a special type of yowl. Her male cat loved me to pieces. However just like certain personality traits connected to a cats coat color or length such as tortie tude or longhair cats being very affectionate weve found that gender does seem to play a role especially once a kitten matures into an adult cat.

    Once a cat or kitten has been successfully sexed unless the owner is a cat breeder its important to find a good vet who can spay or neuter the pet. If your cat is male his genital opening penis will be a noticeable distance from his anus about inch in kittens and 1 inch in adults and will be a rounded shape. Cats international offers several guidelines to consider when adding a cat to the family.

    Sometimes the feeling has a lot to do with what were used to. If you are choosing a purebred cat you can get a general idea of what to expect. I never had a female abyssinian says carla wong.

    Of course every cat or kitten is a unique individual. I really want a smoochy boy or i love. Not all cats fit the personality description of the breed but it is a guideline.

    Alternatively a male cat may enjoy another male to play and roughhouse with.

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    How To Tell The Sex Of A Male Kitten

    For a male kitten, youll find a small hole near the base of the tail, but there will be a second rounded shape a bit further down than with female kittens. Because the anus and scrotum have a bit of space between them, there will be some fur between them. As a male kitten gets a bit older, their testes will grow larger and be easier to distinguish.

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    Common Behaviors In Unaltered Cats Include:

    • Urine spraying/marking
    • Aggression toward people and other cats
    • Roaming
    • Attempting to escape
    • Territorial aggression

    If your cat has been neutered or spayed , they are not as prone to these problematic behaviors. With that being said, lets look at some specific personality differences in spayed and neutered cats.

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    How To Determine The Sex Of A Cat

    This article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article has 21 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 1,404,287 times.

    Male and female cats and kittens look and act similarly, so it can be difficult to tell what sex they are just by watching their behavior. If you know what to look for, however, there are several key differences that will allow you to differentiate between the sexes. Newborn kittens will have immature genitalia, so wait until the cats are a few weeks old to determine their sex.

    How To Calculate The Due Date For Kittens

    Can someone tell gender of my kitten please?

    Your cat has been bred, she has pinked up, and the stork is on the way but when exactly are the kittens due to arrive? Well, you no longer need to count on your fingers or cross out weeks on the calendar. Simply type in the date of the first day your queen was bred, and her Due Date will be calculated for you.

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    Determining A Kitten’s Sex

    Visual cues will help you determine if a kitten is male or female. While this distinction may be difficult to tell with newborns, it’ll become easier the older they get. Knowing the sex doesn’t make any difference in how you raise them, and only determines whether the kitten will eventually need to be spayed or to be neutered.

    Can You Tell Me If My Kitten Is Male Or Female

    If I can figure out how to post a picture of my kittens butt would you be able to try and tell its sex? The vet told me that he couldn’t tell me for sure but I would really like to know.

    Er, those are balls aren’t they? But actually, that looks like an, er, opening….hmm!! Sorry, I’m no use.

    I need to see the kittens face! I think a girl but thats about 70% sure!

    I say girl.Is it tortoiseshell? Torties are female except in rare genetic cases.How does the vet not know? Is it a very young kitten or maybe has undecended testicles?

    I cant tell but dont ever google “sex a kitten” and then click on images.I think it’s a round lower opening for a boy and a slit for a girl from what google eventually told me.A face shot might be more help if the kitten has recovered from having it’s genitals photographed and put on the internet.

    Argh mumsnet is not cooperating and letting me post a picture of her face. Now I look like a cat bum troll! I think girl too but then I think her face looks like a boy. She is 10 weeks so still quite young. I shall try one more time to post a picture of her face!

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    The Differences Between Male And Female Cats

    Many people think that male and female cats act differently and swear that boys or girls make the better pets. But is that true?

    A lot of cat lovers swear that their boy and girl cats behave in different ways. So, is there really a difference between the ways boys and girls behave, or is it more complicated than that?

    Our vets have delved into some common myths to find out more!

    Home Girl Vs Gentleman Adventurer


    Myth: Male cats wander far and wide but female cats will always stay close to home.

    Reality: This really comes down to whether or not your cats been neutered. Both male and female cats will roam away from home looking for a mate. Sometimes they forget their way home and get lost for a few days. If you get your boy neutered, he wont get this urge to roam and will be as much of a homebody as any of the girls.

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    Let’s Cut To The Cat Chase

    Bringing home a new cat is a big deal, and its a decision that should not be taken lightly. Hopefully, the information above will help you better understand whether a male or a female would be the best choice for your family.

    If youve recently adopted a cat, wed love to help you start them off on the right paw. Reach out to us today to schedule their first appointment!

    Is My Kitten A Boy Or A Girl


    Mand2711 said:Thanks everyone, still can’t get the perfect photo here is the last attempt, and we have no idea what to call the kitten, as we had a girlie name and if he is a boy it’s not View attachment 395834really suitable for him.



    Opening is a small circle, and far from the anus.Testicles look potentially undescended, thoughLooks black solid variation like this is very typical of kitten coat.

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