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Kittens For Adoption In Utah

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Our Prison Foster Program

Utah Cats, Dogs Up For Adoption Finding Homes At Record Rate

Finding acceptable foster care for semi-feral and extremely shy cats and kittens needing socialization and human contact can be challenging for Purrfect Pals. In the spring of 2006, that challenge was met by an unlikely group of individuals in the offenders at the Monroe Correctional Complex-Special Offender Unit . SOU is a psychiatric prison unit contained within MCC. The SOU E living unit houses 96 mentally ill offenders who enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to provide foster care for the young and/or feral kittens. Our Prison Foster Program was developed as a way to provide quality kitten foster care while simultaneously motivating offenders to make positive life changes.

In 2014, we expanded the prison foster program to include shy adult cats. Since 2006, over 850 Purrfect Pals kittens have graduated from the Monroe Corrections Kitten and Cat Connections Program! LEARN MORE

I Saw An Animal Available For Adoption On Your Website That I Liked Can I Foster It

Once an animal is available for adoption they stay onsite at our shelter to meet with potential adopters. Animals in foster homes are not easy for interested adopters to meet with, creating a barrier to finding them an adoptive home. For this reason animals already available for adoption are not available to take home as a foster animal.

Why Is There A $20 Fee To Volunteer With You

It takes a lot of money to offer a volunteer program, including staff salaries, paying for the volunteer database, volunteer supplies, volunteer t-shirts, etc. The $20 t-shifts and application fee helps us to offset the cost of running the volunteer program allowing more money to go directly to caring for the animals.

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Can I Foster More Than One Animal Or Litter At A Time

Its important that animals in a foster home get time for care and socialization as well as a space of their own in the home. Due to the time and space commitment of a foster animal or litter, we typically only have one at a time in a foster home. If you have the time and space for more than one foster we are happy to talk to you about possibly fostering more than one animal at a time. However, to make sure that we dont accidently spread illness in our community, we require that you only foster for one organization at a time.

Is There A Commitment Requirement To Volunteer

litter trained russian blue kittens for adoption

Yes, depending on the volunteer position. We believe its important that all of our volunteers receive complete training to work safely with the animals here. This is why we have each of our animal care volunteers complete a 2-hour orientation and two 2-hour training shifts. Due to the amount of staff time we dedicate to training our volunteers, we ask our animal care volunteers to commit to a weekly 2-hour shift for 6 months. Greeter, behavior volunteers, and other positions that work hands on with the animals also have this requirement. Other opportunities such as house keeping and volunteering at our events dont require extra training so they only have the commitment of the shift you sign up for.

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Heartland Animal Shelter Has Been Saving Lives Of Homeless Pets Since 2002

Dr. Herbert Preiser, DVM and founder of Heartland Animal Shelter, wanted to make a difference by saving the lives of pets who might otherwise be euthanized due to overpopulation. Driven to make a change, Dr. Preiser opened Heartland Animal Shelter in October of 2002.

Heartlands staff and volunteers are committed to giving our pets everything they need to be healthy and loved.

Heartland rescues pets from various situations and each pet arrives with their own unique needs. Some of our pets require medical care, some require emotional support, some require behavioral help, and all require good old TLC . Heartlands staff and volunteers are committed to giving our pets everything they need to be healthy, to be the best they can be, and most importantly to feel loved. Heartland asks for your support by spreading the word about the importance of why pets should be spayed or neutered in order to prevent overpopulation of cats and dogs. Together we can make a difference!

Faqs About Pet Adoption

Ive found a pet Im interested in. Now what?

Congratulations! Your next step is to contact the organization listed on the pets page. Click learn more about me to go to for additional information on the shelter or rescue and its adoption process.

What is the difference between a shelter and a rescue group?

The biggest difference is that most shelters keep their available pets in a single facility, while most rescue groups keep theirs in the homes of volunteers.

Also, shelters usually have paid staff as well as volunteers, while rescue groups are typically volunteer-run efforts.

The pet Im interested in is at a shelter what will it be like when I go to see her?

Shelters come in all varieties. Some are modern and beautiful, while others are old-fashioned. Some are run by private charities and others are government facilities and may be what youd call no-frills.

After youve selected a pet who seems right for you, most private shelters will let you visit with him or her in their own dog apartments or kitty condos, or will invite you to spend time with the pet in a special room or fenced outdoor area set aside for pets and adopters to get acquainted.

If you are interested in a dog and already have a dog at home, many private shelters will require you to bring in your resident dog to meet the prospective new family member. This is to make sure there will be no future dog-to-dog conflicts.

What are the pros and cons of adopting from a rescue group?

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Lets Make A Significant Life Saving Impact


Show your love for animalsand help Whiskers cats receive the care they deserve! Become a monthly donor and help provide a dental to a senior who has never received any dental care. Help provide a prescription or special diet to a cat who needs it to feel better! No matter the amount, 100% of your donation goes to the animals.

What Kind Of Volunteer Programs Do We Offer

Kittens rescued from storm drain in Salt Lake City

We offer volunteer opportunities for a variety of needs, including general volunteer opportunities, event volunteering, court-ordered community service, and civil and corporate group volunteer projects. We even have a reading program for our younger supporters! If you are interested in learning more about joining the Utah Humane Society Volunteer Program, please read our Volunteer Program FAQs.

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Search To Find Your New Best Friend

Your Pet Adoption Journey

  • Search

    It’s easy to find a dog or cat who’s right for you at a shelter or rescue group. Simply enter your zip code above to start your .

  • Meet

    Once you find a pet, click “learn more about me” to get contact info for their shelter or rescue. Contact them to learn more about how to meet and adopt the pet.

  • Adopt

    The rescue or shelter will walk you through their adoption process. Prepare your home for the arrival of your dog or cat to help them adjust to their new family.

What Happens If My Foster Animal Doesnt Get Better In My Home

Most animals that go to foster homes are able to recover and move on to adoption. However, even with the best of care its possible for an animal to continue to decline in their foster home. If extensive or significant medical treatment is required, the Humane Society may request the return of the animal to provide direct vet care. Fostering an animal usually improves an animals chance to be adopted, but it does not guarantee that an animal will be adopted.

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How Old Do You Need To Be To Foster For The Humane Society Of Utah

To submit an application you must be at least 18 years old. Fostering is really a family affair, which is why we want all member of the family or household onboard. We understand that the daily care and time spent with our foster animals will likely be divided among family members. We do ask that all foster animals are supervised by an adult anytime they are around children.

Are The Kittens Dirty Crying And Cold


Neonatal kittens are more at risk of hypothermia than they are of starvation. It is safer to wait and see if a mom returns in warmer weather than in colder temperatures.

  • If you determine that they appear neglected, hungry or in immediate danger, it is important to take action fast.
  • Are you prepared to bottle feed and care for them until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and adopted? If so, contact ourFoster Care Department for information and resources.
  • Otherwise, place the kittens in a box with a blanket, preferably with a low-heat heating pad under the blanket, and take them to your local municipal animal control shelter.

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What Do Volunteers Do

We have a variety of volunteer opportunities here. The most common volunteer need we have is for cat, dog, and small animal care, where volunteers are trained to work directly with our adoptable animals. We often also have volunteer opportunities for special events, greeting patrons, office work assistance, and more.

Are The Kittens Clean And Quiet Or Sleeping

If yes, a mom is likely caring for them, and you should leave them alone.

  • The mom may be out searching for food or in the process of moving them to a different location.
  • The mom may not return if she senses a human near her nest.
  • Once kittens are weaned, around 4-6 weeks of age, contact your local animal control services to ask about trapping mom and her kittens to all be spayed/neutered.
  • Kittens can have surgery once they are two months old and weigh at least two pounds.
  • A mom cat can become pregnant even while still nursing!

If you are unsure if the mom is around, here is a trick. Create a large circle around the area with flour and leave. Return after a couple of hours to check for paw prints in the flour and reassess the kittens condition. If you determine that the mom is caring for her kittens and the area is safe, you may provide shelter and regular food for the mom, but keep the food at a distance from the nest. The mother may not accept your shelter if food is nearby because she might fear it will attract other unwelcome cats to her location.

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Surrendering Your Cat Or A Stray

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding rehoming your pet or requesting intake of stray kittens or cats however, due to the overwhelming requests for intake, the rescue is at capacity, and we need to close our intake at this time. We do not know when we will be able to accept intake requests but please visit our website from time to time.

If this surrender is a previously adopted Fearless Kitty, please send us an email at and we will contact you to arrange for the return of the kitty.

Intake & Adoptions:

Looking For Gently Used Items

Cougar Kitten Rescue in Utah

Moving? Downsizing? Have items you no longer need or want? Please consider donating them to Kittyville Boutique. We ask that all donated items be sellable and in good condition.

Items wed love to have:

home décor items artwork

appliances computer equipment

Donations of new or gently-used items are appreciated and can be dropped off Friday, Saturday or Sunday from 11:00 2:00 p.m.

All donations are eligible for a tax-deductible receipt .

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We Believe Every Catmattersis Adoptabledeserves A Second Chance

At Purrfect Pals, our highest priority is taking in the cats and kittens who need us most those who other shelters and rescue groups might not have the resources to help. This includes senior cats , cats with major medical needs, cats with chronic illnesses and those with behavioral challenges.

Our cat adoption and rehabilitation programs help us place homeless cats, including those with special needs, in loving homes. We believe that every cat is adoptable some just need more time than others to find the right match. Our ultimate goal is to place them with adopters or long term foster families, but these cats have a loving home in our Arlington sanctuary for as long as they need us. The Purrfect Pals Sanctuary is currently home to 140+ of these special cats.

We truly believe that every cat, with or without special needs, matters and is deserving of a forever home. After all, people arent perfect. Why would we expect our cats to be?

At Purrfect Pals, our highest priority is taking in the cats and kittens who need us most those who other shelters and rescue groups might not have the resources to help. This includes senior cats , cats with major medical needs, cats with chronic illnesses and those with behavioral challenges.

We truly believe that every cat, with or without special needs, matters and is deserving of a forever home. After all, people arent perfect. Why would we expect our cats to be?

Do I Have To Pay To Be A Foster Family

No. The Humane Society of Utah will provide food, treats, necessary medication, a collar/leash for dogs, a carrier for cats, and a carrier and enclosure for small animals. Other supplies such as crates, x-pens, toys, beds, potty pads, litter and litter boxes, and more are usually available as well. As a private, nonprofit rescue we rely on donations and always appreciate when our foster families are able to supplement their supplies. We will also provide all medical care for our animals. Our shelter vet is able to attend to most medical needs through appointments at our shelter. However, some animals may need to see a specialist, such as a physical therapist. Our foster families provide the ride and we pay the bill.

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We Are Currently Open By Appointment Only

As the coronavirus impacts our community, the team at Purrfect Pals is taking extra measures to ensure the well-being of our staff, volunteers and the cats in our care. To limit foot traffic into the shelter and our offsite adoption centers, we will be closed to the public for CASUAL VISITS and available by appointment only for other services until further notice. Please call 360-652-9611 or email .

Where Are Underdogs From


All of our animals are true rescues from the Native American reservations of the Four Corners area including Navajo, Hopi, Ute, Apache, and Zuni nations and tribal reserves. These lands span the southwestern corner of Colorado, southeastern corner of Utah, northeastern corner of Arizona, and northwestern corner of New Mexico.

What does it mean to be a true rescue? The stray dogs of the Four Corners reservations only have a life expectancy of two years unless rescued. Underdog Rescue is the only rescue in Utah that exclusively serves these reservations. We hope to help build a future where Native American communities have the resources to support their families and their animals.

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About Best Friends In Utah

The Best Friends Lifesaving Centerin Salt Lake City is open for adoptions 12-6pm daily and by appointment. If you are interested in adopting a specific pet, please complete our dog adoption survey or cat adoption survey to provide us with information about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a dog or cat. An adoption specialist will be in touch with you within 48 hours via phone or email to advise next steps. Thank you for your continued support of the animals in Utah.

Best Friends Animal Society in Utah is working collaboratively with animal rescue groups, city shelters and passionate individuals who are all dedicated to the mission of making Utah a no-kill state. As part of this mission, Best Friends runs the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Sugar House, and leads the NKUT initiative.

How Do I Set Up A Group Volunteer Opportunity For My School Workplace Or Community Group

There are three ways for community or school groups to get involved. We offer onsite group volunteer projects which includes a tour of our adoption center and a project, such as landscaping or assisting with donations. We also offer offsite opportunities, such as making kuranda-style beds or toys for the animals. Once you have completed the project we set up a time to have your group come in to drop it off and go on tour of our adoption center. Please note, if you want to do a project that requires supplies such as making DIY toys, blankets, or kuranda-style beds, we can supply instructions but you would be responsible for providing the supplies. For more information or to schedule a group volunteer opportunity please email . Our Humane Education Department also offers virtual education presentations for youth school and community groups at no charge. For more information or to schedule a presentation please email .

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Can I Foster If I Have Other Pets

Yes! Many of our foster families are pet owners, but there are few important things to consider. We dont always know how our foster animals feel about other animals. It is important that you have a space away from other animals that your foster animal can live in incase they dont get along or just want to rest. Spare bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry rooms can make great options. Its common for foster animals to need recovery time in a foster home prior to receiving their spay/neuter surgery, so we require that other cats and dogs in the home be spayed or neutered before bringing home a foster pet. Its also important to makes sure that your animals are safe from illness by keeping them up to date on their vaccinations. The Humane Society is not able to provide or cover medical treatment if your pet catches an illness from your foster pet.

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