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How Long Can A Cat Live If It Has Rabies

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You Can Protect Yourself Against Rabies

Cat tests positive for rabies in Niagara County, health officials warning public of rabid animals

There are many tips you can follow to avoid being bitten and potentially exposed to rabies, such as:

  • Avoid approaching strange animals.
  • Do not handle downed bats.
  • Report bites to the proper officials
  • Do not feed wildlife.
  • Do not handle sick, injured or dead animals.
  • Teach children how to correctly behave around an animal to avoid being bitten. .

For more on bite prevention, see the resources from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

How Is The Virus Transmitted

Rabies virus does not survive long outside a mammal’s body. Since the virus can be shed in the saliva of infected animals, the virus is usually transmitted when the saliva of an infected animal is introduced beneath the skin of a bite wound. In North America the skunk, raccoon, fox, and bat are important reservoirs for the virus, whereas in Europe, foxes are the main source of infection for people and other animals. In Asia, Africa, and Latin America the main reservoir is not wildlife, but stray, free-roaming dogs. In these areas, human infection is more common.

Signs Of Rabies In Cats

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Rabies is a deadly virus that damages the central nervous system of mammals. This zoonotic disease can spread to people and other animals, typically via bites from those already infected. Rabies often affects wildlife like raccoons, skunks, and bats, but it can easily affect domesticated cats and dogs.

Reports of cats with rabies exceed those in dogs, perhaps because more cats are allowed to roam free and may come into contact with rabid wildlife or stray animals.

After a cat has been exposed to rabies, it can take weeks to months for signs to appear. Once the signs of rabies appear in a cat, death usually occurs within about a week. There is no treatment for rabies in animals. This is why rabies vaccination is absolutely essential for all cats.

The signs of rabies in cats are typically seen in three stages: prodromal, excitative, and paralytic.

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Symptoms Of Rabies In

Here we will show you the most common symptoms of rabies in cats, but not all will present themselves. They include:

  • Paralysis
  • Foaming at the mouth

This signs are often confused with other neurological diseases. For this reason, whenever we think a cat may have rabies, we need to consult a veterinarian to get an accurate diagnosis. If we observe the symptoms mentioned, then there may is cause for concern, but if they have been in a fight or have recently been seen interacting with dead animals, we should take particular care.

Vaccines Truths And Myths

Signs of Rabies in Kittens

As with many medical interventions, there is often a misunderstanding of the benefits and risks of vaccination. This misunderstanding can sometimes lead well intentioned cat owners to make misinformed decisions about this vital aspect of feline health maintenance. Here are some examples of truths and myths regarding feline vaccination.


  • Vaccination protects all cats by making disease transmission less likely
  • No vaccine is 100 percent effective, and the effectiveness of different vaccines varies
  • Although uncommon, all feline vaccines carry the risk of feline injection site sarcoma


  • Vaccinating a cat against a disease can treat that disease
  • Vaccinating a cat against a disease causes that disease
  • All cats should receive every vaccine available for cats

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Can I Get Rabies In Any Way Other Than An Animal Bite

Non-bite exposures to rabies are very rare. Scratches, abrasions, open wounds, or mucous membranes contaminated with saliva or other potentially infectious material from a rabid animal constitute non-bite exposures. Occasionally reports of non-bite exposure are such that post exposure prophylaxis is given.

Inhalation of aerosolized rabies virus is also a potential non-bite route of exposure, but other than laboratory workers, most people are unlikely to encounter an aerosol of rabies virus.

Other contact, such as petting a rabid animal or contact with the blood, urine or feces of a rabid animal, does not constitute an exposure and is not an indication for prophylaxis.

Which Animals Are More Likely To Contract And Spread Rabies

Wild animals are the only remaining risks in the U.S. Rabies vaccination programs for domestic animals like cats, dogs, and livestock have become the norm around the nation, which eliminated the threat from their populations.

According to the CDC website, wild animals accounted for 92.4 percent of reported rabies cases in 2015. Among the most commonly infected animals were bats, raccoons, skunks, and foxes.

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Causes Of Rabies In Cats

The rabies virus is a single-stranded RNA virus of the genus Lyssavirus, which is in the family Rhabdoviridae. It is transmitted through the exchange of blood or saliva from an infected animal, and very rarely through breathing in the escaping gases from decomposing animal carcasses. Contracting the virus in this way is rare but it can occur, often in caves with a large population of bats, where the virus is widespread.

Should My Cat Be Vaccinated

cat attacked by rabid raccoon

Yes. Rabies vaccination is required by law in most states and provinces. Rabies vaccination of cats is important for your safety as well as your cats. Rabies vaccines are very effective and are usually given to kittens at three to four months of age. Depending on your state or provincial laws, and the advice of your veterinarian, revaccination will be recommended at specific intervals.

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When Is It Too Late To Start Rabies Vaccinations After An Exposure

Ideally, the vaccination series should begin as soon as possible after an exposure has occurred and a health care provider has determined rabies vaccination is warranted. Usually you can wait for test results from a healthy domestic animal to see if rabies shots are needed. Bites and exposures from wild animals should be treated as if the animal were rabid until rabies has been ruled out. There have been instances when a person did not start rabies shots for months after an exposure because the exposure was never suspected.

Once a person develops rabies symptoms it is too late to vaccinate against rabies!

Myth: We Over Vaccinate Cats

Many people worry about over vaccination in pets. This is a concern veterinarians take very seriously. This is why vets avoid unnecessary vaccinations by adapting vaccine protocols to meeteach individual cats risk factor and how long immunity lasts to a particular virus.

To do this, vets divide the vaccine components into core and non-core. This simply means essential and non-essential. For example, vaccination against rabies is core, whereas protection against feline leukemia virus is non-core for an indoor cat.

In terms of how often to repeat a dose with a booster shot, this is decided by how long protection lasts. For example, protection against feline leukemia lasts one year, and requires a yearly booster, while protection against cat flu lasts for three years.

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What You Need To Know About Rabies Vaccines For Cats

Rabies is a viral disease typically found in wild animalsmost commonly raccoons, bats, skunks and foxes. However, any mammal can become infected if they are exposed. That is why it is essential that we keep our pets protected with consistent rabies vaccines.

Both indoor and outdoor cats are at risk for contracting rabies. Heres what you need to know about the rabies vaccine for cats, including the schedule, side effects and cost.

Transport Of Pet Animals Between Countries

How do Raccoons interact with their environment and humans ...

Rabies is endemic to many parts of the world, and one of the reasons given for quarantine periods in international animal transport has been to try to keep the disease out of uninfected regions. However, most developed countries, pioneered by Sweden, now allow unencumbered travel between their territories for pet animals that have demonstrated an adequate immune response to rabies vaccination.

Such countries may limit movement to animals from countries where rabies is considered to be under control in pet animals. There are various lists of such countries. The United Kingdom has developed a list, and France has a rather different list, said to be based on a list of the Office International des Epizooties . The European Union has a harmonised list. No list of rabies-free countries is readily available from OIE.

In recent years, canine rabies has been practically eliminated in North America and Europe due to extensive and often mandatory vaccination requirements. However it is still a significant problem in parts of Africa, parts of the Middle East, parts of Latin America, and parts of Asia. Dogs are considered to be the main reservoir for rabies in developing countries.

However, the recent spread of rabies in the northeastern United States and further may cause a restrengthening of precautions against movement of possibly rabid animals between developed countries.

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What Happens If My Pet Is Bitten By A Wild Animal

Any animal bitten or scratched by either a wild, carnivorous mammal or a bat that is not available for testing should be regarded as having been exposed to rabies. Unvaccinated dogs, cats, and ferrets exposed to a rabid animal should be euthanized immediately. If the owner is unwilling to have this done, the animal should be placed in strict isolation for 6 months and vaccinated 1 month before being released. Animals with expired vaccinations need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Dogs and cats that are currently vaccinated are kept under observation for 45 days.

How Long Will A Cat With Rabies Live

As we have already explained, rabies has no cure. For this reason, after a positive diagnosis, euthanasia is the most humane course of action. The dog will suffer greatly during the latter stages of this rapid, irreversible and fatal disease.

The life expectancy of a cat with rabies is relatively short. The period of the phases described above will vary in individuals. However, once the viral infection has reached the central nervous system and the manifestation of clinical symptoms has begun, the disease progresses rapidly. Death will occur in 7 to 10 days.

Usually, when a cat is suspected of being infected by rabies, it will be quarantined for at least 10 days. After the quarantine period, the cat will be assessed to achieve an accurate diagnosis. Cats may be given a rabies anti-serum if they have been bitten, but the accessibility of this serum is variable.

If you suspect your cat may be suffering from rabies or if they have been bitten by an animal you suspect is rabid, take them to the vet immediately. The cat will need to be isolated to ensure they do not contaminate other animals or people. Also, if you have been able to determine the carrier animal of the virus, you need to inform the correct animal services to prevent spread of the disease. Your vet should be able to advise who to contact.

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How Does Rabies Happen

The rabies virus enters the body through a cut or scratch, or through mucous membranes , and travels to the central nervous system. Once the infection is established in the brain, the virus travels down the nerves from the brain and multiplies in different organs.

The salivary glands are most important in the spread of rabies from one animal to another. When an infected animal bites another animal, the rabies virus is transmitted through the infected animal’s saliva. Scratches by claws of rabid animals are also dangerous because these animals lick their claws.

Preparations Available For Use In Canada

What Happens When You Get Rabies? – Dear Blocko #2

Rabies vaccines

  • IMOVAX® Rabies . Sanofi Pasteur Ltd.
  • RabAvert® , Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics , Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. .

Rabies immunoglobulins

  • IMOGAM® Rabies Pasteurized , Sanofi Pasteur Ltd.
  • HYPERRAB® , Grifols Therapeutics LLC.
  • HyperRAB® , Grifols Therapeutics LLC.*
  • KamRABTM , Kamada Ltd.*
  • * NACI has not yet deliberated on the use of KamRAB or HyperRAB®. NACI will review these immunizing agents and update the chapter in due course. For information regarding the use of these immunizing agents in the interim, please refer to the product monograph available through Health Canadas Drug Product Database.

RabIg is a solution of anti-rabies Ig for IM administration, prepared from the pooled human plasma of screened donors immunized with rabies vaccine. RabIg is available on an emergency basis through local public health officials.

For complete prescribing information, consult the product leaflet or information contained within the product monograph available through the Health Canada’s Drug Product Database. Refer to Contents of Immunizing Agents Available for Use in Canada in Part 1 for a list of vaccines and passive immunizing agents available for use in Canada and their contents.

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How Long Do Tabby Cats Live

One of the most adorable pets that one can have is a cat. The debate between canine versus feline has been older than anyone can know. However, cats somehow still find a way to melt anyones heart. Many benefits come with keeping cats as a pet.

Cat lovers have their legit reasons for loving this creature so much. The reason is that there are so many species of cats that can get kept as a pet. There are many breeds of cats that people prefer as cats. The different breeds of cats are Persian, Abyssinian, Birman, Bengal cat, and many more.

One of the most common types of cats that get found almost anywhere in the world is the Tabby cat. Opposite to what generally gets believed, tabby is not a species, but a pattern present in various cats. Since it is the coat pattern or the fur, tabby cats can get found across different species.

To know if the cat is a tabby cat, one can spot an M-shaped pattern on the head, just above the eyes. There are different types of tabby patterns that can get spotted on various breeds of cats. The different types are as follows:

  • Classic Tabby
Tabby cats staying outdoors 10 to 15 years

Should I Receive Rabies Pre

In most countries, the risk of rabies and the precautions for preventing rabies are the same as they are in the United States. However, in some developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, dog rabies may be common and preventive treatment for rabies may be difficult to obtain. If you are traveling to a rabies-endemic country, you should consult your health care provider about the possibility of receiving pre-exposure vaccination against rabies. Pre-exposure vaccination is suggested if:

  • Your planned activity will bring you into contact with wild or domestic animals .
  • You will be visiting remote areas where medical care is difficult to obtain or may be delayed .
  • Your stay is longer than 1 month in an area where dog rabies is common .

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Myth: Older Cats No Longer Need Vaccination

Your senior cat has been vaccinated all their life. Surely, in their old age, they have built-up enough immunity to skip the booster?

Actually, no. While this is a logical argument, sadly this isnt the case.

Firstly, even with a healthy, strong immune system, the protection drops over time and needs boosting.

Secondly, older animals have weaker immune systems. This means they are less able to fight infections and depend more on vaccine protection, rather than less. Thus, it becomes more important, not less, for seniors to get their booster shot.

Why Can A Healthy Domestic Dog Cat Or Ferret Be Held For Ten Days

22 Gorgeous Animal Family Portraits

Studies have shown that dogs, cats, and ferrets only shed the rabies virus in their saliva for a short period of time before they develop symptoms. If the animal has not developed symptoms by the tenth day after the exposure then the animal would not have been shedding the virus at the time of the exposure.

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On Social Media Recently I Followed A Heated Discussion As To Whether Indoor

A surprising number of cat owners argued that since their cats lived inside and were never allowed outside, a rabies vaccination wasnt needed. Far fewer cat owners said that the vaccination was still needed that cats could still be exposed to rabies. The anti-vaccination folks then brought up the dangers of allergic reactions to the vaccinations. The argument went back and forth with considerable passion on both sides. So, removing most of the passion, lets talk about this important issue and see what the experts have to say.

What Are The Signs Of Rabies

There are usually three distinctive stages with rabies in cats. The first one is called the prodromal stage. In this stage, a rabid cat will usually exhibit changes in behavior that aren’t typical for their personality: A shy cat can become outgoing, an outgoing cat can become shy, and so on.

The second is called the furious stage the most dangerous phase in a rabid cat. In this stage, a rabid cat may become nervous and vicious. They may also excessively cry out and experience seizures and a loss of appetite. At this point, the virus is attacking the nervous system and prevents them from swallowing, leading to the classic sign of excessive drooling or foaming at the mouth.

The third is the paralytic stage, in which a rabid cat will go into a coma, be unable to breathe, and unfortunately, most often pass. This stage usually occurs about seven days after signs have started, with death often occurring around day 10.

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