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What Happens If You Cut Off A Cats Whiskers

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Do Cats Like It When You Touch Their Whiskers

What happens if cut cat’s whiskers

Some cats like it when you touch their whiskers, and some cats dont like it when you touch their whiskers. In many cases, cats love when you scratch right behind their whiskers. As long as you dont pull in the whiskers or in any way break them, you shouldnt be afraid of touching the whiskers or right behind them.

Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long

Cats whiskers grow to a length similar to and in proportion to the width of their body. They can use the length of their whiskers to judge whether their body fits through small or narrow gaps so that they dont get stuck! Their whiskers also have to be long to be able to feedback sensory information about their surroundings and act as a second pair of eyes when visibility is poor.

Do Whiskers Grow Back

Animals can lose their whiskers;for various reasons. For instance, the animal can damage its whiskers very easily when approaching a heat source or can break them in a battle with another animal.

Also, as they are actually hairs, it’s perfectly normal for whiskers to fall out on their own from time to time.;However, they are normally replaced gradually so the animal won’t lose all its whiskers overnight.

Most mammals’ whiskers grow back, and although this takes some time, the whiskers will eventually;return.

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Do Cat Whiskers Hurt When Cut

It does not hurt cats if you cut their whiskers. Thus, if youre worried about breaking your cat by doing so, it wont.

Cat whiskers dont have nerves in it like other hairs. Of course, if you pluck it out, it will be quite painful. The reason is that a cats hair follicles have lots of nerves.

Now, it doesnt mean that you can cut your pets whiskers just because it wont hurt them.

True enough, it wont hurt your pet, but doing so can make your cat disoriented and lose balance.

If you cut it by accident, then dont worry. It did not hurt your cat. However, you should expect it to be distant from you. It can also make your pet roam around and lose balance.

In simple terms, cutting the whiskers is like putting a blindfold on your pet. As I said earlier, its one of their instruments of navigation.

Now, what exactly is the whiskers purpose?

Do Dogs Have Eyebrows Too

What happens to your cat if you cut off its whiskers?

Yes, dogs do have eyebrows. However, some dogs eyebrows stand out more than others because they are bushier or a different color from the surrounding fur on their faces. Learn more fun facts about dogs: do dogs have belly buttons? and why do dogs noses get wet?.

Has your dog ever been disoriented due to missing whiskers?

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Do Whiskers Grow Back If Cut

One of the most frequently asked questions by the cat owners is Do cat whiskers grow back?. You may observe some unusual behaviors by your cat if you trimmed, accidentally cut or pulled its whiskers or if one of its whiskers broke while playing.

Since the whiskers are a very important part of their lives and their bodies, a cat without whiskers might become more fragile or sensitive. They cant measure the distances to places they want to jump or leap so they can fall short or leap longer than they want to, or get stuck to tight places being unable to understand the dimensions of the space.

You may realize your cat getting unwilling to jump or leap or even get inactive after a while. Whiskers are basically hairs and of course they grow back when cut, trimmed or broken. However, there are a lot of different car breeds and all cats react differently to not having whiskers. If you see your cat acting unusual or different, you may want to see your veterinary.; At least you will feel at ease.

Helping Cats Move In The Dark

Cats are a kind of nocturnal animal. And using whiskers to feel objects nearby without needing the whole body to rub is one of the ways they find roads at night. Deep inside are the follicles the sacs keeping whiskers. Cutting cats whiskers can hurt these follicles.

Moreover, in cats whiskers, there is a sensory part of cats nose. It receives movements in the environment to help cats feel other creatures around them and the location where they are. Almost whiskeys grow thick pads on the upper lips of cats.

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Is It Painful To Cut A Cat’s Whiskers

4.8/5hurtcutwhiskershurt to cuttrimpainful

Grooming, trimming or cutting off a cat’s whiskers is a big no-no. Without their tactile hairs, cats become very disoriented and frightened. Whiskers do grow back, but cats need their whiskers to remain intact in the same way you and I need our touch senses to get around.

Also, do cats have nerves in their whiskers? The hair follicle of your cat’s whiskers is loaded with nerves, and the whisker tip features a sensory organ known as a proprioceptor. Together, this makes them incredibly sensitive to vibrations and changes in their environment, so cats use them like an additional sense to understand the world.

Subsequently, one may also ask, can cats feel whiskers?

A cat’s whiskers cannot or should not be trimmed! Without their tactile hairs a cat will become disoriented and frightened . Cats use their whiskers to make sense out of their environment. Whiskers allow them to feel where they are, somewhat like our sense of touch.

How long does it take for a cat’s whiskers to grow back?

2-3 months

Heres Why You Should Never Trim Them

What happens if you cut off a cat’s whiskers?

If you cut your cats whiskers, they may seem fearful, disorientated, or less confident moving around because they will be less aware of their surroundings. They may be a bit clumsier and may even get stuck when trying to get through tiny gaps that are too small for them. Whiskers dont grow continuously, so your cat will be stuck with short whiskers and the side effects until the old one falls out and the new one grows back in.

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True Or False: It’s Ok To Trim The Cat’s Whiskers


It’s never a good idea to cut your fur baby’s whiskers. A clean shave of your human whiskers may feel nice, but it’s not the same; kind of hair for your feline friend.

The kittys whiskers are an important sensory organ. Those long, thick hair strands are not actually hairs. They are technically called vibrissae and each little cat whisker is connected to a sensory receptor that sends valuable information to your fur baby’s brain. They are your cat’s primary sense of space as she makes her way through the world.

Cutting a kittys whiskers can leave her disoriented, scared, and unable to sense his environment in the way she’s used to doing. Imagine losing your sense of touch – that’s what effect trimming cat whiskers would have on your furry friend.

What Are Cats Whiskers

Whiskers, also called vibrissae, are long, hard hairs, 3 times thicker than other hairs, and are found in different places on the animals body: around the muzzle, above the eyes, on the chin, but also on the back of the forelegs, just above the pads.

As with other hairs, each vibrisis originates in a hair follicle present in the thickness of the skin, which is larger, and also much more innervated and vascularized than the other follicles.

This is what gives whiskers exceptional sensitivity to objects or obstacles surrounding the cat, to variations in atmospheric pressure and to vibrations.

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Do Cats Shed Whiskers

Cats and kittens lose their whiskers or vibrissae. Like any other hair, they go through the growth and dormancy stages before they shed off.

However, you should not cut them at all even if they appear unruly or curly. You should not even try to curl them or modify them in any way. Any unruly whiskers will naturally be replaced when they are shed off.

Whereas normal shedding may lead to some missing vibrissae, it does not occur to all of them at the same time. Typically, only a few will be missing and it is not even easy to notice that they are missing in the first place.

However, if most of your cats whiskers are falling off, this is not the normal shedding, there must be something wrong with your kitty that should be addressed immediately.

Purpose Of Genal Whiskers

What Happens When You Cut A Cats Whiskers

The genal whiskers are the whiskers on the side of the cheek, usually located on the widest point of the face. Although the mystacial whiskers do play a role in helping a dog know if they can squeeze through a hole, the genal whiskers do most of the communicating in that area.

Since the genal whiskers are on the widest part of a dogs face, A dog knows that when those hairs are being touched, the hole is narrowing and they wont be able to fit. These whiskers are important for dogs that enjoy chasing small animals such as gophers. For example, a Jack Russell Terrier will actually follow a gopher down into a hole.

You might be thinking that cutting these whiskers on your dog is no big deal because your dog doesnt chase gophers into holes. But these whiskers assist when a dog attempts to squeeze through anything, not just a hole. Does your dog use a doggy door? Their genal whiskers are what lets them know whether or not theyll fit through the door.

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What Happens If A Cats Whiskers Are Damaged Or Clipped

Today I found out what happens if a cats whiskers are damaged or clipped.

It turns out, cats whiskers are an essential sensory mechanism. Damage a cats whiskers and it will cause them not only discomfort, but also to become confused and disorientated, among other negative side effects.

Whiskers themselves are nothing more than a type of thick/long hair.; The importance of whiskers lies in the fact that they are deeply rooted in follicles which are surrounded by a muscle tissue that is very rich in nerves and sensory cells. These nerve cells in the roots are then connected to a special area of the cats brain.

While whiskers serve many functions, the main function of whiskers is to work as a type of environmental scanning system. Interestingly enough, cats dont actually need to touch the objects with their whiskers to detect the object.; The nerves at the base of the whiskers are actually sensitive enough to be able to pick up even small air movements which vibrate the whiskers.; They are so sensitive, in fact, that cats can even pick up air movements indoors, such as air flowing around furniture, which lets the cat know there is an object there, even when it is pitch dark.; This is essential for cats because they are far sighted and have trouble seeing things clearly close up.; Being nocturnal in nature, this also helps them see more clearly at night while they hunt.

Bonus Facts:

Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back If Pulled Out

Its unnatural for cats to get their whiskers pulled out. This may cause infection, especially if theres an exposed nerve.;

It will be difficult for whiskers to be removed since they are rooted deep under your cats skin. If it does, it can be so painful for them.

Nevertheless, cat whiskers still grow back even if it is pulled out. However, if the damage occurs until the root, then hairs might grow irregularly.;

It will also take time for your cat to find its way around your house until its whiskers grow back. One thing is sure; its never a good idea to take them away.

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Is Cutting Dog Whiskers Worth It

Now its time to answer the question youre probably wonderingis it worth it to cut dog whiskers? Heres the deal, other than aesthetic reasons, theres really no need to cut your dogs whiskers unless advised by your vet .

With that said, although your dog does use their whiskers in everyday life, they dont use them to the extent that other animals such as cats do. You might notice a small change in behavior with some dogs. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, you wont see any difference in behavior. This is why clipping whiskers has become common practice when grooming. When you take your dog to the groomers to get their nails trimmed, youll likely be asked what you want to do with the whiskers.

At Dogdorable, we dont advise it , but at the same time, we arent against it. When in doubt, talk it over with the groomers and get their opinion.

Dogs have four different types of whiskers. The mystacial, supraorbital, genal, and interramal tufts. Each of these whiskers serves a different purpose. Dogs out in the wild rely on their whiskers to help them navigate the world and know whats around them. Domesticated dogs still use their whiskers, but dont rely on them. If you cut a dogs whiskers, there might be a little confusion at first, but the majority of dogs wont have any change in behavior.

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Possible Medical Reasons Cats Lose Whiskers:

What happens if cut cat’s whiskers
  • Alopecia is not only a problem among humans but among cats, too. If you start to notice that your kitty has a large scale loss of whiskers and coat, then it is time to get medical advice.
  • Cats are also affected by skin allergies. Factors like food and change in weather can lead to whiskers fall off. The common symptoms are sneezing, itching, swollen paws, and diarrhea.
  • Fungal infections like ringworms can affect the health of a cats whiskers. But with the proper treatment method, your kitty will be well and soon, you will see its whiskers growing back again.
  • Bacterial infections in the face will have an impact on the coat and whiskers of cats.
  • Do you know that there is such a thing as feline acne? It begins with the formation of blackheads along with inflammation in the chin area. Causes of feline acne are bad grooming habits, abnormalities in the skin, and increased oil production.
  • Mite infestations are another reason why cats lose their whiskers in a non-natural manner. Cats who live outdoor can easily get mite infestation. The symptoms are skin reddening and inflammation.
  • Hormonal disorders like hypothyroidism have a strong effect on whisker loss in cats.
  • Immune disorders. There are different kinds of immune disorders that lead to loss of whiskers. Some of these disorders are life-threatening.
  • Known causes of stress are moving to a new home, having a new pet in your house, and change in temperature.

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Does Your Cat Need To Have Extra Long Whiskers

Your cats whiskers will grow long as long as your feline pet needs them to be. In case these grow extra-long, these whiskers will break and shed off in a natural way. Age is not a factor in the shedding of whiskers.

Since the size of the whiskers is related to the size of the cat, then the larger breeds have naturally longer whiskers. However,;it does not mean that you can cut these to your liking.

For your information, the longest world record of a cats whiskers is 19 centimeters which were measured on a Maine Coon cat breed.

How Long Will It Take For A Cats Whiskers To Grow Back

There are different instances where your cat loses its whiskers. It might cause distress to your cat. But rest assured that they will continue to grow as long as your cat is healthy.

Cats whiskers sometimes naturally shed off. It is just normal in order to replace a new one.

They grow a certain length and live a specific time before it falls off. If accidentally cut or trimmed, it will still regrow.;

In addition to that, long-haired cats like Persian, Himalayan, Main Coon, etc., often get a routine hair grooming. Part of facial trimming is cutting off the lengths of their whiskers. But it is impossible to grow a full set of whiskers too soon.

It will take the cats whiskers for about two to three months to fully grow back. But it will need a long time, especially for older cats. And for sickly ones, their whiskers might not grow back at all.

Also, the length of your cats whiskers may vary depending on the cats breed and size. For larger cats, it usually is to have longer whiskers. On the other hand, a small cat breed or with less hair has shorter whiskers.

Different factors affect the growth of a cats whiskers, such as diet, breed, and other health issues.

If you have noticed that your cats whiskers are not growing back after a couple of months, it could be an indication of several health conditions. Thus, it is crucial to monitor their behavior and ask your veterinarian for a piece of expert advice.

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Cat Whiskers: The Facts You Need To Know

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Cat whiskers are believed to be good luck, according to folklore. Just as the phrase made it by a whisker is used to describe a stroke of good fortune, the feline hair filaments also help cats preserve their nine lives by keeping them out of precarious situationsand contribute to their adorable appearances.;

Whiskers are special, says Dr. Bruce Kornreich, director of the Cornell Feline Health Center at Cornell University. In the follicles, there are sensory neurons that go to the brain to give information about tactile interactions with the environment.

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