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Litter For Cats With Asthma

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How To Prevent Feline Asthma Attacks

Cat Chat Feline Asthma Edition

Once your cat is diagnosed with feline asthma, you have several options for lifestyle changes that can help reduce recurring asthma attacks, depending on the severity of the case. The first and most obvious thing you’ll need to do is to try to eliminate the environmental allergens that are causing respiratory distress in your cat. Some will be easy others more complicated or expensive. Some of the most common triggers of feline asthma include:

Natural Remedies For Feline Asthma:

1. Journal the signs and symptoms:

Identifying the trigger is not all in black and white. Keep a journal and begin eliminating possible irritants and document any changes you see in your asthmatic cats.

2. Frequent cleaning and vacuuming:

Since irritants are top on the list of causative agents, frequently clean your house.

Vacuum and change the air filters to keep the air clean.

Consider carefully the cleaning agents and air fresheners you use as some of them may trigger an attack.

3. Get family support:

Inform everyone who accesses the house about your cats condition and urge them to be more cautious about what they bring into the house including guests.

A foreign perfume or dust can trigger asthma attacks.

Can Asthma In Cats Be Prevented

Although there is no cure, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of your cat suffering an asthma attack. Allergy testing can be done to enable you to establish the root cause of the condition, and eliminate the relevant triggers wherever possible.

Avoid smoking around your pet or using perfumes, air fresheners or any aerosol products as they can worsen the condition, as can cat litters that create lots of dust or are scented. As stress can aggravate the disease, you should ensure your cat remains as relaxed as possible at all times.

Obesity can also increase the severity of the condition so its important to keep your cat in shape and provide a good diet.

Its also a good idea to keep a diary of any asthma attacks your cat suffers, recording the time and date, severity and treatment given to build up a picture of any seasonal patterns or environmental factors that can trigger symptoms in your pet. Taking a video to show your vet can be very helpful.

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Best Food For Cats With Asthma

The best food for cats with asthma is those that relieve asthma symptoms and lower inflammation.

An anti-inflammatory diet for cats includes:

Oily fish like salmon and sardines are rich in omega 3.

Discuss with your vet concerning your cats diet and identify all the dietary allergens that can cause inflammation. Eliminate these foods from your kittys diet.

Keep a keen eye on food labels to identify any ingredients that can cause inflammation.

Eliminate foods that contain grains from your cats diet. A grain-free diet will lower the risk of triggering an asthma attack.

Eliminate carbohydrates such as rice, corn, and wheat.

Add some seaweed to boost your cats immune system and it contains anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Dust Free Cat Litter For Cats With Asthma

Cat Litter &  Asthma

Most of the litter that’s sold online produces dust when you pour it into your cat’s litter box. This can cause you and your cat to cough and choke, and can lead to health problems for your cat and yourself.

Dusty litter can cause irritation, such as wheezing and coughing, and may even trigger an asthma attack.

Clumping clay cat litter is typically the litter which produces the most dust, when compared to the other types of cat litters. It contains crystalline silica, which can cause respiratory problems.

Keep in mind, that the dust that’s found in clumping sodium bentonite clay litter, can get stuck on your cat’s fur and paws. This is especially dangerous because when your cat grooms his or herself, they will consume some of this dust.

Once it’s inside your cat’s intestine, sodium bentonite clay can expand up to 18 times its original volume when it comes in contact with moisture. This is very unhealthy and dangerous for the digestive tracks of cats and kittens.

In addition to this, keep in mind that cats will usually leave a trail of dust inside your home, from their dusty paws. So the dust will spread to other parts of your home. You will need to vacuum your floors regularly, in order to remove tiny dust particles.

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What Is The Litter For Cat With Asthma

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of litter for cat with asthma is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the litter for cat with asthma listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Can Cats Get Asthma Attacks

Absolutely! Cats can get an asthmatic attack and you must be ready to handle any episode.

However, here are simple hacks to prevent an asthmatic attack in your cat:

  • Avoid smoking around your feline friend. This may cause her to cough and result in a full-blown feline asthma attack.
  • Invest in the best litter for odor control.
  • Avoid using perfumes or air fresheners, carpet deodorizers, and aerosol products.
  • Eliminate stressors in her environment as they may aggravate the condition.
  • Offer her a healthy balanced diet plus exercise to avoid obesity.
  • Have her tested for any internal parasites regularly.
  • Invest in a humidifier especially during winter since dry air can trigger an attack.
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    Caring For A Cat With Asthma

    • Feline asthma is an immunity-related condition and can be triggered by an allergy or stress
    • It causes chronic inflammation of the small passageways in the lungs
    • Symptoms include wheezing, difficulty breathing and a persistent cough
    • It is incurable but the condition is manageable with the right care and medication

    How To Keep The Litter Box Clean For A Long Time

    Asthma in cats – Dr. Justine Lee

    The answer is simple, frequently scooping, choose the right litter, and dont pour too much litter each time. This may keep your little box stay clean for at least one month before you need to clean the whole box.

    To keep the area around the box clean, try using a non-stick cat litter, you can find them here. Another helpful tip, is to switch over to a stainless steel litter box, instead of using a plastic one.

    This is much more hygienic, compared to the plastic litter boxes, because bacteria can not build onto the steel surface. Stainless steel litter boxes are also very durable, and will last years of use.

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    Dr Elsey’s Respiratory Relief Gel Cat Litter

    Our final product has become a favorite among asthmatic cat owners for its many useful features. An excellent example would be its hypo-allergenic formula’s ability to trap urine and odor on contact. It does this action without using a clumping method, which can be problematic for cats with asthma.

    The product’s high absorption rate makes it a fit for multi-cat households. Offering separate litter to different cats is an absolute hassle no owner enjoys. But thankfully, this option’s non-toxic, low-dust construction would suit the needs of multiple cats without difficulty.

    Its long-lasting results don’t hurt its case as this litter can last two weeks without needing a change. What more could a cat owner ask for from a silica-gel cat litter?

    The Good News About Feline Asthma

    Although severe feline asthma attacks can be life-threatening, the good news is that the majority of cats with asthma do not seem to experience severe attacks. Many asthmatic cats are completely free of symptoms between episodes, and with close monitoring, an environment as free as possible from triggers, and appropriate treatment, they can live a relatively normal life.

    However, asthma can progress if not treated appropriately, so be sure to address any coughing your cat has with your veterinarian. If your cat is diagnosed with feline asthma, the Feline Asthma Website offers extremely helpful information and tips for caring for a cat with asthma.

    Has your cat ever been diagnosed with feline asthma? Please share your story with us in the comments below!

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    How Can I Reduce My Cats Asthma

    Asthma cannot be cured totally in the case of cats, but yes we can reduce it by carefully monitoring their cold/cough issues, respiratory problems, keeping track of their medication properly, and choosing the best cat litter product. In this way, you can help your asthmatic cats to live a little longer.

    How Do I Teach My New Kitten To Use The Litter Box

    Grreat Choice Multi

    If you have a mother cat, then itd be very easy since it will guide the small kittens to use the box. Or the little one will copy its senior actions. But if you dont, try to choose the right litter with an attractive smell.

    Gently grab your kitten and drop it in the litter box. Itll begin to feel excited about the litter and find out that this is a really great spot for pooping and urinating in later.

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    How To Prevent An Asthma Attack In Cats

    You can conduct allergy testing to determine the root cause of feline asthma and remove the relevant triggers where possible.

    Here are simple hacks to apply:

  • Avoid smoking around your feline friend.
  • Invest in the best cat litter for odor control.
  • Avoid using perfumes or air fresheners, carpet deodorizers, and aerosol products.
  • Invest in dust-free natural litters for asthma-prone cats.
  • Eliminate cat stressors in his environment as they may aggravate the condition.
  • Offer your cat a healthy balanced diet plus exercise to avoid obesity.
  • Have your cat tested for any internal parasites regularly.
  • Invest in a humidifier especially during winter since dry air can trigger an attack.
  • Top 3 Natural Litters For Cats With Asthma

    1.Purina Yesterdays News Unscented Non-clumping Paper Cat Litter

    If youre looking for a natural cat litter, Purina Yesterdays News is an excellent choice. This is a pellet cat litter made entirely from recycled paper. Paper as a material is hypoallergenic, virtually dust-free, and completely natural. This makes it a great choice for asthmatic cats.

    Paper is also an extremely absorbent material, which makes it a great choice for cat litter. This litter is 3x more absorbent than clay litters and readily absorbs urine and traps odors in an instant.

    This litter is even recommended for post-surgery cats because of its material and soft pellet form. But even if your cat isnt recovering from surgery, this soft texture is a plus. Many natural cat litters are made from hard pellets that cats dont like walking on. This can lead to bathroom accidents or a complete refusal to use the litter tray! But with this super-soft litter, these issues are avoided completely.

    As a natural litter, it is also eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable. According to the packaging, it is also the #1 eco-friendly cat litter that is recommended by vets. I love knowing my cats waste isnt clogging up landfills, so always look for environmentally friendly options like this.


    2.Naturally Fresh Pellet Unscented Non-Clumping Walnut Cat Litter


    3.Ökocat Dust-Free Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter



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    Can Cat Litter Cause Respiratory Problems In Cats

    Yes, cat litter can cause respiratory problems in cats.

    Cats that are diagnosed with asthma or other respiratory diseases should not be exposed to dusty cat litter products.

    One study found that cats who were exposed to clumping litters had a higher risk of developing nasal tumors than those exposed to non-clumping litters.

    These tumors were more common in cats who were exposed to clumping litter before they were 12 months old.

    Another study found that cats who spent less time in dusty environments had a lower risk of developing chronic bronchitis or asthma.

    Most clay litters for cats contain silica dust, which is a known carcinogen.

    Silica dust particles are so tiny that they stay suspended in the air for long periods and are easily inhaled. This causes inflammation and irritation of the respiratory tract, which results in sneezing, wheezing, and coughing.

    While there is no such thing as completely dust-free litter, natural litters do produce less dust than other types of clay or silica litters.

    In addition to using a low-dust litter, your veterinarian may prescribe medications to help control your cats symptoms and prevent worsening of respiratory disease.

    You may have to sacrifice clumping and odor control since most low dust litters have poor clumping abilities.

    Pro tip:

    Snappy Tom Natural Unscented Non

    Feline Asthma

    Another option that is on the pricier side is Snappy Tom Natural Unscented Non- Clumping Crystal cat litter. As the name suggests, this cat litter is fragrance free, free of harsh chemicals, and is hypoallergenic.

    The litter produces very little dust that makes it almost dust free, which is good because it is made of silica gel crystals. Silica gel crystals, while they can be problematic in the long term, they are better for the environment than clay- based litter.


    Produces little to no dust


    Silica crystals can still cause issues

    Pricier than other options

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    Top 3 Best Litters For Cats With Asthma

    All the litters in the selection above are decent choices for a cat with respiratory issues such as asthma. They all produce very little to no dust, are unscented, and hypoallergenic.

    However, I still wanted to select the top 3 litters from that list to present you with the best of the best:

  • Ökocat Dust-Free Unscented Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Cat Litter
  • Let me explain my selection of these litters as the best of the best:

    As you can see, 2 out of my 3 top choices are paper pellet litters. Both are natural litters that are entirely dust-free and hypoallergenic. They are so safe that they wont even harm your cat if she ends up ingesting them. Paper litters are completely safe for your cat, you, and the environment!

    The remaining litter on my top 3 is a silica gel litter that earned its place because it is completely dust-free. I am usually not an advocate for products that are not eco-conscious but this one gets an extra point for being biodegradable. This doesnt mean that its as eco-friendly as natural litters, but it is better than clay-based ones. Dr. Elseys R& R Silica Crystal Litter is a solid choice for cats with respiratory issues.

    I havent included any clay-based litter in my top 3 because no matter how cleverly formulated, clay litters will produce some amount of dust Rest assured, the clay-based litters in my selection are very low on dust but my top 3 are reserved for virtually dust-free and eco-conscious litters.

    Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Unscented Clay Litter For Cats By Dr Elseys

    Dr. Elsey is a feline veterinarian with a career of over thirty-five years. He and his wife founded Dr. Elseys in 1985 to provide a better solution for cats not using the litter box and save them from being abandoned.

    If you, or your cat, are not fans of the pellets, this Precious Cat Respiratory Relief Unscented Clay Litter for Cats is a great choice for you and your kittys asthma condition.

    This litter for cats is made specifically for cats or people with respiratory issues. It doesnt contain any plant proteins which are basically the trigger for asthma. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic and doesnt have perfumes, fragrances, or dyes.

    The low dust and hard clumping properties will make your cleaning and scooping much easier.


    • The material of the litter is clay, so it is not eco-friendly
    • If your kitty digests any of it, over time it will become toxic
    • There are still some dust clouds coming when pouring it

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    What Factors To Consider For Buying Best Litters For Cats With Asthma

    Cats can also suffer from breathing problems such as asthma. It becomes your responsibility to reduce the chances of flare-ups if somebody in your house has asthma . It is important to understand that cat litters that tend to have higher dust levels can give rise to breathing issues in cats which is more likely to cause asthma upon inhalation. Hence you must invest in a suitable cat litter to prevent such disorders.

    How To Choose The Best Litter For Cats With Asthma

    Best Litter For Cats With Asthma of 2020

    As a pet owner, you must look after your cats health and monitor them regularly, and if you find any symptoms of asthma in cats, then immediately consult with the veterinarian for better results.

    So before buying the litter for your cat, go through the following criteria which will help you to choose the best litters for cats with asthma.

    It is advisable to always select the best quality litter and litter boxes for cats.

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    Dr Elseys Respiratory Relief Cat Litter Best Overall

    This clumping clay cat litter is designed to provide relief to cats of all ages that are suffering from respiratory problems, including asthma. Dr. Elseys Respiratory Relief cat litter is hypoallergenic and free of perfumes, artificial deodorants, and proteins from plants. This litter is formulated to minimize dust by more than 99% and includes natural essences that help reduce overall stress.

    This cat litter offers awesome odor control, so you wont smell your kittys business throughout the day. It works with both regular and mechanical litter boxes. Therefore, there is no need to invest in a special one to use this litter. Simply fill your cat litter box about 4 inches full of this litter, then scoop the clumps away once or twice a day to keep the box clean and your cat free of asthma symptoms. Its a little more expensive than many other options on the market, but the cost is well worth the health of a kitty family member.

    To conclude, we think this is the overall best litter for cats with asthma.

    • Easy to use and manage
    • More expensive than other options on the market

    Even with a clean and tidy litter box, you may still find yourself with kitty smells and stains around the house but with the Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Spray, you can take care of it all. It permanently removes even the very worst stains and smells!to learn more and get yourself a bottle.

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