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Siamese Kittens For Sale Chicago

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What Is The Average Price Of A Siamese Cat

Lilac and Blue Point with Lynx, Siamese and Balinese kittens

One of the first questions everyone asks, is how much does a Siamese kitten cost?

This is hard to answer because there are a number of factors that affect the price. Such as pedigree, the history of the breeder, show quality, markings, colors, variety, and so on.

Exotic cats like Siamese can range in price from a few hundred bucks to several thousand.

I rang a couple of catteries and breeders to get a ballpark figure before writing this and I was told Siamese typically range between $600-$1,000 on average. So, thats a good ballpark figure to work with.

If thats out of your budget, you could always consider adopting and rehoming a cat from a shelter or rescue.

Thats always a noble thing to do, and often it gives an older cat another chance at enjoying the company of a loving family.

Siamese Kittens For Sale In Illinois

Thank you for visiting the Illinois Siamese Breeders page here at Local Kittens For Sale! Here at Local Kittens For Sale our goal is to help connect anyone who is interested in getting a specific breed of cat with a trustworthy and reputable breeder in their area.

Each “breed specific” state page has a complete list of all the local catteries and individual breeders that we have been able to locate in that state. We list contact information for you to use, as well as posting a link to their website, so you can quickly see what kittens they currently have available. All this information is provided so that YOU can research each breeder individually and find the one that has your perfect kitten available!

We always strongly encourage you to thoroughly check out each cat breeder you are interested in purchasing from before you make your final decision. With over 3,000 cat breeders listed on this website, we are the LARGEST breeder directory on the internet! However, that means we also rely on our visitors to inform us if any of our breeders listed fall short of being a reputable and trustworthy cat breeder.

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Siamese Royalty Princess Portia at 12 months

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Some Interesting Facts About Siamese Cats

If this is your first Siamese cat Im excited for you. It helps to learn about the breed though. Here are some interesting facts about Siamese to get you up to speed:

  • Typical features unique to Siamese are their pointy ears, crystal-blue eyes, sleek bodies, and color points on their faces.
  • Siamese cats are known for their affectionate nature get ready for loads of fussing and nose kisses!
  • The word Siam is the former name of Thailand, thats where the name comes from.
  • Siamese cats are very chatty and vocal. If they want to tell you something, expect to hear about it.
  • There are four different color variations seal point, chocolate point, blue point, and lilac point.

How Much Does A Siamese Kitten Cost

Siamese Cats For Sale

Many potential buyers ask the same question: âWhat is the average price of a Siamese cat?â. The costs may vary from $400 up to $2,500 for a kitten. The pure Siamese cat price will always be higher. Additionally, top breeders who register felines, vaccinate them, and undertake other testing and arrangements can raise the costs.

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Does Coloration Matter The Siamese Kitten Price

Do not forget about the rare coloration of the bewhiskered buddy. For example, blue seal point Siamese cat will be more expensive than the traditional chocolate point feline. If you want to adopt a kitty of this breed for free, start your search from the local shelters and other pet care establishments centers like the Chicago Siamese rescue center.

Chicago Siamese Cats And Tonkinese Cats

Siamese cats are one of the first Asian cat breeds to be recognized as a distinct breed. Several years ago, this breed was the most popular in North America and Europe. Originally, they were bred for their beauty and unique personalities. Since then, the Siamese has become a popular breed across the world.

for more details about Chicago Traditional Siamese!

The coat of the Siamese is generally white or cream in color. Over time, the kittens develop dark points. They may develop blue gray, milk-chocolate brown, lilac, or red points. These colours are the result of temperature-sensitive albinism. When the body temperature drops below 100 degrees, the kittys melanin develops, and the black spots are the result of the cat developing melanin, which is the pigment that gives its coat color.

Although they are known for their beautiful eyes, Siamese kittens can vary in eye color. Blue Points are born with blue eyes, but may have other colors such as caramel, cinnamon, or tabby. The four most common colors of Siamese cats are black, white, and blue. Some litters can be red, tabby, or caramel. These beautiful cats are a wonderful addition to any home.

for more details about Chicago Traditional Siamese!

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Do Siamese Make Good Pets

When adopting or buying any pet, its important you know that they will be a good fit into your household before you bring them home.

The good news is that Siamese are social and adaptable animals.

Whether you have a busy household with young kids and other animals, or its just you curling up in front of the TV at night theyll fit right in.

As long as you can give them the attention they need, theyll give you plenty of love back. Its really that kind of relationship with Siamese cats.

Didnt find what youre looking for? Check out some of our other breeder listings for Siamese cats.

Siamese Cat Breeders In Illinois With Kittens And Cats For Sale


Siamese kittens can be of different coloration. There are lilac point, blue point, chocolate point, and seal point bewhiskered buddies to order in IL. Illinois sellers offer both short-hair and long-hair Siamese kittens.

Some kitties are of rare color points like dark brown or blue seal ones. There are traditional Siamese cat babies to order with wedge and apple heads.

Your search can start with the IL craigslist or visits to shelters and pet rescue centers. But here you hardly can find purebred Siamese kittens. If you are looking for a reliable breeder or cattery in Illinois, explore the table with the most trusted local sellers.

1-779-203-4276 N/A

Letâs take a closer look at the best-matching variants in the context of Siamese kittens for adoption in Illinois.

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How Can I Buy A Siamese Kitten

You should pick sides with the best-matching breeder or cattery and place the order. Usually, local sellers offer to visit them and choose the potential pet personally. There are also shelters and rescue centers where many felines are waiting for their caring owners. Contact the seller of your interest and book an appointment.

Color Variations Of Siamese Cats

I know how exciting it is to bring a new kitten home. When you call a breeder, one of the main questions theyre going to ask you is what, if any, color Siamese you want.

Heres a look at the main differences between the four color variations to help you decide on the color/type of Siamese you want:

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Caring For Siamese Cats

Just like most cats with short fur, Siamese are easy to care for and low-maintenance.

The only real huge chore that comes with caring for cats is brushing and taking care of long-haired breeds.

Apart from that, its really just a case of providing food, water, plenty of warm spots to sleep, and some cat furniture for them to play with.

Siamese are a little more demanding than your average cat, I will say that. They love to play, be fussed, curl up on laps, and generally be involved in where the action is.

Nothing wrong with that though, right!

Just make sure you have some cat toys and furniture like a cat tree, tunnel, and some other things thatll direct their claws away from your furniture.

Overall, I would say theyre easy to care for and low maintenance.

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If you have never owned a Siamese before, or are interested in reading more information on these amazing cats, check out our Siamese Cat Breed Information page.

Our goal is to help you locate the perfect cat breeder near you one who is reputable, trustworthy, and honest. However, please keep in mind that while we have the largest cat breeder directory on the internet, we cannot personally vouch for any individual breeder that is listed here. Make sure you thoroughly check them out each cattery yourself to make sure they are ethical, honest, and raise healthy, happy kittens!

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