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Siamese Kittens For Sale Spokane

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Siamese Kittens For Sale In Washington: Breeders List 2022

Himalayan Kitten For Sale Spokane, WA.

Excited Cats advocates for adopting before shopping, though we fully understand there are many reasons for seeking a breeder. So, we encourage it to be done the right way. We have not personally visited or investigated all of the breeders below. We have put the top-recommended all in one place for you to get in touch and make the best decision for you. Learn more about our stance and how to choose the right breeder here.

Graceful, intelligent, and talkative, Siamese cats are regal, playful, and friendly. They make great companion pets for big families and people looking for a sociable feline to warm their laps and keep them company.

Specializing in a variety of colors, from applehead Siamese kittens to blue, lynx, seal, and lilac point ones, the breeders on this list are TICA registered and screen their stock for FeLV and FIV.

There arent many breeders in Washington State, but the few available pride themselves on supplying healthy Old-Style Siamese kittens that are perfect fits for their new homes.

Why Adoption Is A Great Option

Muffins, a Spokane Siamese cat was adopted! Here’s how you can benefit by looking at adoption as an option to buying a Siamese for sale in Spokane, or seeking a Siamese cat from a breeder in Spokane.

  • Rescues and shelter volunteers in Spokane already know the personality and tendencies of their pets. This means they can match you with the right pet. That will makes it much easier transition to owning a pet for yourself and your new pet.
  • On average adoption fees are much less than you’d pay a Spokane breeder, or pet store. Plus most often rescue pets have already been to the veterinarian for a check-up, had a round of vaccinations, and are spayed or neutered. That is a lot of savings!
  • You will become a hero, and give a needy dog or cat a loving home. In fact, there are even Siamese breeders who help with Siamese rescue. One puppy or kitten adopted in Spokane paves the way for another one to be saved.
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    Do Siamese Make Good Pets

    Im not just saying this, but yes, Siamese cats make excellent pets.

    All cats are awesome, fun, and friendly companions, but Siamese have some unique characteristics that might be exactly what youre looking for in a pet.

    They are chatty, loving, and enjoy interacting with humans. If you want a cat that you can spend time with, Siamese is one of the best breeds for you.

    They also enjoy a lot of quiet downtime, as all cats do. Youll find them curled up in their favorite spot, with a call, theyll happily move over and sit on your lap for extra warmth.

    They are easy to care for, loads of fun, have large personalities, and are, well, cats. What more could you want?

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    Breeding Costs Affect The Price Of Ragdoll Cats

    A breeder considers a number of factors when determining the cost of a Ragdoll cat.

    These factors include:

    • The kittens vaccinations and other health maintenance costs
    • Travel expenses

    Cat shows attract breeders who travel far and wide to showcase their breeding queens and studs.

    Besides the traveling expenses, therere also enrollment costs for such shows. During these shows, the cat earns titles that represent the breed standard.

    For instance, kittens from a Triple Grand Champion would cost more than the kittens from mere Champion studs.

    Therefore, its important to note that cats that havent earned many titles from competition circuits wont fetch more than those that hold multiple titles.

    To Adopt Or To Buy A Ragdoll Cat

    Oriental Shorthair Cats For Sale Or Adoption

    Its true that images of dejected cats behind cages have inundated the internet and can evoke powerful emotions.

    The Humane Society of the United States notes that 33 percent of households in the U.S .have a cat. This massive number of felines is an indicator of how much theyre truly loved.

    However, deciding whether to buy or adopt a Ragdoll cat cant just be wished away. Because of this huge number of cats in the country, many feline enthusiasts and societies encourage prospective cat owners to adopt from the animal shelters to give new life to a cat.

    There are reported cases of cat mistreatment in the breeding mills where profit supersedes ethics. Many pundits say that youll be encouraging this unethical behavior by buying cats from these breeding mills. Ragdoll kitten breeding mills arent any different.

    Emotions aside, some people are skeptical about adopting a Ragdoll cat from an animal shelter.

    And their worries are genuine.

    Some cats with mysterious backgrounds could be housed in these shelters only for you to adopt one with behavioral or serious medical issues.

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    Additionally, some prospective cat owners may simply prefer pedigreed Ragdoll cats, which arent easily found in animal shelters.

    In as much as adopting a Ragdoll presents you with a challenge regarding its behavior and health, experts from CFA insist that adopting is the easiest and cheapest way to own a Ragdoll cat.

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    Shelter Helps Out Woman Hoarding 30 Well Cared For Siamese Cats

    SANDPOINT, Idaho The Panhandle Animal Shelter in Sandpoint helped out a woman who was hoarding 30 Siamese cats by putting most of the animals up for adoption after the former cat breeder could no longer take care of them.

    Sandpoint Police called the shelter requesting help with a situation where a woman was living with 30 cats in the downtown area.

    Shelter staff showed up at the scene and found what they described as a ‘wonderful woman who had fallen on rough times.’ They also found 30 cats in good health and ‘extremely well cared for’.

    The staff learned that the owner was a previous breeder of Siamese cats. The woman said she didn’t feel she could sell the cats since they didn’t meet the standards her clients expected, so she held onto them rather than give them away.

    The shelter will put up 26 of the cats for adoption after they are vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed or neutered.

    The shelter will accept adoption applications and cats will be available to go home in two weeks for $65.00. Questions should be referred to the Panhandle Animal Shelter at 208-265-7297.

    Different Ragdoll Patterns And Their Prices

    Ragdoll Kitten Pattern

    Just a little explanation of what these patterns are.

    From the physical appearance, a mitted Ragdoll cats front paws have white mittens.

    This look has made many cat enthusiasts believe that all Ragdoll cats look this way. But this isnt the case.

    Additionally, mitted ragdolls sport white stockings on their back feet, a white stripe on the belly, and on the chin, which can be mistaken for milk.

    In some cases, a mitted Ragdoll cat has a face with a white strip or blaze, as the kitten in the photo above.

    A bicolour Ragdoll looks like its mitted counterpart and can easily be mistaken for one. However, you can tell the difference by looking at their feet.

    While the mitted Ragdoll has mittens or stockings, the bicolor ragdoll cat has all the feet completely white.

    Besides, the bicolour Ragdoll has fluffy white fur on the chest, while the back and body have more color, like a saddle.

    Solid point ragdolls have their fluffy physique elegantly marked, making them look much like the Siamese Cats.

    This type of Ragdoll cat has coloured feet, ears, and tail.

    Sometimes, theres some little colour that shows up on the body.

    However, the rest of the body is cream, white, or ivory in color.

    The name may sound exotic, but in the real sense, the Lynx ragdoll cat is like the solid point one except that the points have tabby cat markings.

    The most common tortie colors are red and black, but you can also get:

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    Are Siamese Easy To Care For

    Siamese are easy to care for, yes. The main issue with high-maintenance cats is dealing with long fur and thick coats.

    Both of which Siamese do not have.

    In fact, Siamese cats have short, thin fur. They dont shed a lot, its rare that youll have to help them resolve a knot or something like that in their fur.

    A weekly brush helps them to keep their coats sleek and free of debris. But honestly, you dont have to brush them very often.

    All they need is quality cat food, fresh drinking water, somewhere comfy to sleep , and plenty of love.

    If you pinned me down to come up with a downside, the only thing I can think of is that they might be too active and vocal for some people.

    But its a stretch to call it a downside. If youre getting a cat, the best part is building up that bond by spending time together playing and hanging out even if it is a bit one-sided!

    Didnt find what youre looking for? Check out some of our other breeder listings for Siamese cats.

    Color Variations Of Siamese Cats


    I know how exciting it is to bring a new kitten home. When you call a breeder, one of the main questions theyre going to ask you is what, if any, color Siamese you want.

    Heres a look at the main differences between the four color variations to help you decide on the color/type of Siamese you want:

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    How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost

    If you cant find any breeders with litters due in your area or you just want an adult cat you can help an adult Siamese by adopting and rehoming a cat in need.

    There are various shelters and rescue centers across the US, I recommend doing a little research and saving an older cat from a life in a shelter.

    You will generally pay a lot less for an adult Siamese than a kitten, especially if youre adopting from a rescue shelter.

    I recommend taking a look at This site is one of the largest online databases that connect you with around 11,000 animal shelters across the country.

    Its Ultimately Up To You

    In the end, when selecting a Ragdoll kitten to purchase, dont rely on price alone to be a guarantee of the Ragdoll kittens health and breeding. That high price tag should reflect the quality of the kitten, but its not a guarantee.

    It is your responsibility to investigate the medical history and genetics of the kitten. Look into all vet checkups, vaccinations and spaying/neutering procedures.

    Your breeder should be open and more than willing to disclose all information regarding the kittens history.

    Do not rely on price to determine the health of the cat.

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    How Much Do Siamese Kittens Cost

    The answer to this question is broad. Like a lot of exotic cat breeds, the price can vary a lot depending on the lineage, any noticeable features, and so on.

    To narrow it down, I would say that generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere between $600-$1,000+.

    But as I said, this really depends on the breeders and the exact type of Siamese youre buying.

    Ragdoll Cat Price Vs Lifetime Cost

    02075 Honey Siamese Adult

    The thought of owning this much sought-after cat can easily blind your financial judgment.

    While its easy to put a price tag on the kitten you want in your household, there are many hidden costs that you should be aware of.

    The total cost of owning a Ragdoll goes beyond the initial buying price.

    What should you consider?

    Its wise to give your cat annual vet check-ups.

    Health check-ups may not cost much more than $100-200, depending on your vets services.

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    These tests arent the usual vet tests that are done annually on your Ragdoll cat. Testing your cat and treating it against parasites, FeLV, and FIV could cost you approximately $100 per vet visit. This is an extra cost that you should be aware of.

    Insuring your Ragdoll is a very personal decision.

    Depending on the type of insurance in your locality, it can cost you between $25-50 per month. That aside, you should also have an independent savings account for your pet needs which can arise anytime.

  • Toys, Beds, and Other Extras
  • Toys, beds and other goodies can cost a lot of money, depending on where you source them.

    Youre likely to cough up $50-100 as upfront costs before you choose what you want for your Ragdoll.

    And its an ongoing cost for a cat you will probably have for at least 15 years!

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    Interesting Facts About Siamese Cats

    If youre new to Siamese cats Im super-envious. I had a Siamese many years ago, and she was one of the best cat companions I ever had.

    It helps to know as much as you can about a breed before getting one. Here are some of the most interesting facts about Siamese cats:

    • Siamese cats are originally from Thailand. The word Siam was the original name for Thailand.
    • Theyre one of the most affectionate and mild-natured cat breeds, I hope you like lots of cuddles!
    • They are fairly vocal and like to communicate by meowing. If you want a quiet cat, a Siamese is not for you.
    • Siamese have a distinctive appearance with pointy ears, color points on their faces, and blue eyes.
    • There are four main variations/colors, these are seal point, blue point, lilac point, chocolate point.

    Adopt Biscuit And Receive Dogecoin

    Adopting a pet can be expensive, and we’re trying to help by fundraisingfor each individual in need of adoption. After verifying the adoption, Biscuit’s new family will receive the funds that their pet has raised. Dogecoin is digital currency that can be exchanged for cash, traded, or held as an investment .

    0.0 DOGE is Biscuit’s current Dogecoin balance


    How will Biscuit receive the Dogecoin?

    The adopting family is the only party eligible to receive the Dogecoin. If you adopted the Biscuit, thank you for providing a home and a loving family!Please begin the process of claiming Biscuit’s Dogecoin here.

    For adoptions in which was the matchmaker and we have contact information for both parties, we make every effort to contact the adopting family. For adoptions that were not facilitated by, we still encourage the adopting family to claim the Dogecoin by submitting the necessary information.

    The adopting family is the only party eligible to receive the Dogecoin. The adopting family will be required to provide proof of adoption between 4-6 weeks after adoption. This is to ensure that the home is a good match and Biscuit was not returned. After we have verified the adoption, Biscuits Dogecoin balance will be sent to the adopting family. Our staff provides instructions and help throughout this process.

    What is Dogecoin?

    What happens to unclaimed funds?

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