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Why Do Cats Like To Scratch

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Make The Area Unpleasant And The Target Unappealing

Why Do Cats Scratch? – Vet Vs The Net

The only guaranteed way to stop your cat from scratching a given area is to restrict access. However, often this isnt possible, so your next best bet is to make the target unappealing. For example, try a device that keeps cats away by making irritating sounds . Or cover the object with a material thats annoying for your cat double-sided tape, aluminum foil or heavy plastic sheets.

At the same time, offer an appealing scratching surface nearby. In this way, when the cat comes over to scratch the forbidden object, it will see that its not appealing and notice the better option.

Another way to make the desired object unattractive is to use scents. Because scratching has a scent-marking component, cats are more likely to repeatedly scratch areas that already have their scent. Consequently, you could use an odor neutralizer or a scent that cats hate to deter your pet.

Some people use pheromone products. Pheromones are the chemicals that cats release into the environment, and some pheromones will promote facial marking instead of scratching. Consult your vet or a cat behaviorist as different options exist.

Your Cat Is Overstimulated

If theres no skin infection or medical condition that doesnt mean your kitty cant get frustrated with petting or being scratched in a highly sensitive area like the base of the tail. Thats why understanding feline body language is important and it can help you recognize when a boundary is being crossed or what your kitty likes and doesnt like.

Your kitty might fully enjoy being petted, especially at the back, but the repetitiveness of the petting might become irritating to some. Feline behaviorists and vets state that a cat might even turn and bite their owner to show them theyve had enough, or they will simply move away.

Its important to understand that not all cats are cuddly, some like to be cuddled at any given moment while others prefer to be the ones to initiate contact and will get frustrated at their owner making the first move. This could be because of previous trauma, theyre newly adopted, or this could simply be part of who they are.

Take a moment to observe your cat and the way they react to your petting. Be especially perceptive of the warning signs they show you. Before a cat hisses, scratches and bites, or simply walks away they use their body language to tell you to stop.

I see a lot of overarousal when it comes to people petting cats, Tabitha Kucera, a certified cat behavior consultant says and adds, most cats are actually not really big fans of the very long stroke that we like to do. Its weird for them.

Your Cat Is Subtly Spraying You With Their Scent

Cats have anal sacs on either side of their tail and anal opening. These sacs secrete a substance that smells pretty terrible to people and probably pretty great to cats.

The sacs also secrete scent markers called pheromones.

Pheromones are like personal scent signatures. Each cats pheromones are unique and other cats can sniff them to tell who has been where and who has claimed what territory.

So if your cat raises their butt while you are scratching them or petting them in the hindquarters, they may be subtly marking you with their scent markers kind of telling other cats with their pheromones this is mine.

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Increase Playtime And Offer Cat Furniture To Fight Inappropriate Scratching

Cats scratch for many reasons and one of them is to exercise and work off excess energy. This means that you could stop inappropriate scratching by playing with your pet. Ideally, you should spend about 10 minutes a couple of times a day exercising your kitty.

Activities that stimulate a cats natural hunting instincts are considered the best. Feather toys and furry mice are appreciated and even more so are empty boxes that make great scratching toys. If you don’t know your cat’s preferences, offer various toys and watch the reaction.

Cat trees and condos are an option that doesnt require your presence. These pieces of cat furniture are designed in a way that tempts cats to climb and naturally wear down their claws. You could also try a cat window perch, which will give your cat hours of entertainment, especially if you hang a bird feeder outside the window.

If you have space, set up a cat gym or wall shelves that will encourage your pet to jump from place to place. You can find ready shelving systems online or you can build them yourself. The important point here is that if you keep your cat stimulated, it will have less time and desire to scratch your belongings.

Exercise And Stress Relief

Why do cats scratch and how to stop cats from scratching ...

You will notice that cats tend to combine scratching with stretching. This is not coincidental, as combining these movements allows cats to target the muscles in their forelimbs and spines more effectively.

Scratching also acts as a form of stress relief, which explains why cats tend to scratch more when they are in distress.

As you can see, cats do not mean any harm when they scratch they are simply following their instincts. However, why do they prefer furniture?

The reason is simple your couch or table is a sturdy surface. As mentioned, cats love combining scratching with stretching. As such, the surface should be sturdy enough to bear the cats weight. Additionally, fabrics feel great against the cats claws.

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Cats Scratch To Scent Mark Their Territory

In my article about why cats knead, I spoke about the fact that cats have scent glands in their paws. By kneading, they release their smell onto the object theyre kneading, and with this scent, mark their territory.

Cat scratching also releases a felines scent onto the scratched object, thus the act also helps them mark their territory. Scratching has an additional benefit to marking territory that kneading doesnt quite have, and thats the following

Round Cardboard Scratcher Pad Zooplus.co.uk / eBay

Why Do Cats Go Crazy When You Scratch Above The Base Of Their Tail

Finding that your cat goes crazy about certain things is great and its a clear sign that youre doing something right, but even in good things, moderation is important. For example, if your cat goes crazy about tuna or cheese you still cant indulge them all too often.

You might wonder why do cats like the base of their tail scratched, and failing to see how petting and scratching your cat can turn into something negative and there are a couple of reasons for this to happen.

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Why Do Cats Scratch Exactly

Your cat isnt trying to be naughty when they set their claws into the side of your favorite sofa. This is a very normal behavior for them. And, it serves several important health purposes. Of course, youll need to train your cat out of this behavior and give them something else to scratch on. But its important to first understand exactly why cats scratch in the first place.

What Else Can I Do To Stop My Cat Scratching My Furniture

Why Do Cats Love Scratching? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

There are some extra management steps that can be implemented to reduce the incidence of scratching undesirable areas, as well as enforcing all of the above tips:

  • Place an appropriate sized scratching post in front of the current areas the cat is scratching

  • Apply catnip to the scratch post / mat to encourage the cat to use it

  • There is a product available called Feliscratch, which is a coloured liquid that is applied to the desired scratching areas. The coloured liquid acts as a visual cue to encourage cats to scratch over it.

  • Feliway spray can be applied to the areas the cat was previously scratching. The pheromone deposited by the spray can lessen the chance of the cat needing to scratch the area to re-mark it.

  • NEVER reprimand your cat for scratching furniture or other items you do not want them to. This will likely increase their anxiety, leading to an increase in marking behaviours. We must never discourage natural behaviour, just do as much as we can to provide appropriate outlets and redirect it to the appropriate object.

If cats are provided with ample resources and scratching facilities from a young age, this really will reduce the incidence of them scratching areas they shouldnt. If a problem has already developed, hopefully the above tips can assist in the management and improvement of the problem.

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Why Your Cat Likes To Scratch


Cats scratch and climb to leave their scent and visual markings, to sharpen their claws and to, stretch their legs. Instead of declawing your cat, provide a scratching post where normal scratching behaviors can safely be practiced. Also consider these priorities:

The right scratching post. Choose posts that are sturdy and tall enough for your cat to reach up and stretch while scratching. Most cat trees also include scratching areas. Good choices are sisal rope, corrugated cardboard, carpet or wood. Place posts next to areas where your cat likes to sleep. Get a scratching routine started by gently helping your cat do scratching motions and reward immediately.

Close supervision. Keep watch to prevent climbing and scratching in places other than scratching posts. If scratching or climbing occurs, calmly take your cat to the post to redirect it. Reward or praise your cat for using the post. Consistency is key.

While you wait for results. Until your cat is using the post regularly, confine your cat to a familiar room with toys, scratching posts, litter box, food and water when you are not able to supervise. Remove any items that may be tempting to scratch. Once your cat is frequently scratching the post, gradually allow freedom in the home without supervision.

Why Do Cats Like The Base Of Their Tail Scratched

BehaviorBehaviorBetterWithCats.net may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.

While some people believe cats to be aloof and unapproachable, cat parents know that their feline companion is the exact opposite and that they can go crazy about a lot of things!

Some cats enjoy chasing stuffed mice around the house, while others will spend hours trying to fit into a small box and then there are those who demand pets nonstop.

But what usually unites most cats is the good old butt rub!

So why do cats like the base of their tail scratched? The base of your cats tail is highly sensitive, probably because of all the nerves concentrated there. This makes the scratching feel like a tickle and is usually enjoyable, but too much scratching can be over-stimulating and even cause pain.

If youd like to know more about, why do cats like the base of their tail scratched, keep on reading!

Lets go!

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A Cat Scratches Because They Are Excited

Scratching posts are a great way to channel a cats urge and instinct to scratch. Like humans, your cat probably has a favorite object to scratch at homedoor frame, carpet, or upholstery. So to encourage your cat to scratch the post instead of the valuable object, place the scratching post near it and, as much as possible, use a scratching post with the same material as their favorite object to scratch.

You can also place a scratching post in each of your cats favorite scratching spot to further help divert the behavior to the post. This way, you dont hinder your cats instinct, and you get to keep your stuff free from scratches. Also, part of why cats love scratching posts is the health factor to them.

Why Do Cats Like Being Scratched At The Base Of Their Tail

Why Do Cats Scratch? And Why Is A Scratching Post An ...

I dont think I know another animal out there that can literally enjoy hours of petting as cats do. I mean Ive seen bears on TV enjoy a good back scratch by a sturdy tree trunk, but I doubt Id get away alive if I tried rubbing a bears back. My cats on the other hand cant get enough of it and the base of their tail is their petting highlight!

Knowing what our cats like is essential but knowing why they like it could also help you get a better understanding of their needs.

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Provide Your Cat With Something To Scratch That From Their Point Of View Is More Desirable Than Your Couch Or The Legs Of Your Dining Room Table

Cats prefer to scratch tall, sturdy objects that allow them to dig their nails in and get a good grip. Thats why cats tend to scratch furniture. Most cats prefer a scratching post that is at least 32 tall, will not wobble when scratched, and made of a type of rope called sisal. Some cats prefer to scratch horizontally, in which case you can either place the vertical scratching post on its side or find a sturdy sisal-covered horizontal scratcher. Some cats like scratching corrugated cardboard as well. Another ideal scratching surface is wood, so if you are handy you can create your own scratching post or pad. Just make sure its tall or long enough and sturdy.

It Allows Cats To Socialize

Even though its highly recommended for cats to have their own scratching post, its also encouraged for households with multiple felines to have at least one, communal scratching post that they can share.

This is because some cats will use this communal post as a meeting point to socialize with others or use it as a way to entice other felines to engage in play. Since all cats love to scratch, these posts are a great way to bring these animals together.

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Why Do Cats Like To Scratch

Arent cats the cutest? Some may think they are among the most adorable things on this planet! Its amazing how a cat can melt your stress away by watching them. They look so innocent and harmless as they keep scratching household items with their nails. Why do their scratching behaviors exist?

Cats scratch because it allows them to mark their territory, keep their nails sharp, help deter other cats from the marked area, and exercise to maintain a healthy body. This scratching behavior is the process cats use on household objects and other things.

Provide A Scratching Post

Part 2: Why Do Cats Scratch?

Scratching posts come in all shapes and sizes, from the traditional vertical models to horizontal squares. There are a variety of textures used to cover scratching posts, including rope, soft carpet and thick carpet. Not all cats will like the same scratching post, so you might need to try a few different styles before you find one which suits your cats needs. Ensure the post is sufficiently tall to allow your cat to fully stretch, and sturdy enough to allow your cat to lean against the post.

If your cat has been targeting a certain area in the house, place the scratching post in front of the damaged furniture/carpet. If your cat isnt engaging in destructive scratching, place the posts in areas where your cat wants them, such as near the front door and next to their favourite sleeping spot. If you have more than one cat, consider getting two or more scratching posts as some cats will take ownership, preventing others from using a particular scratching post.

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Why Do Cats Bite And Scratch

Aggressive biting often happens during a petting session, when the human companion either doesn’t understand or ignores the cat’s body language. While some cats love to be petted for hours on end, sometimes a cat becomes overstimulated for one reason or another and want to opt out of the petting session, but don’t know how to tell you when to stop.

An annoyed cat signals its feelings with narrowed eyes and ears pulled back. If you wait for the inevitable tail lashing, you’ve waited too long, and you may be rewarded with a bite. The rule here is to watch the cat’s signals and stop whatever you’re doing to prevent an escalation. Once you know what your cat’s triggers are for aggression you can limit these interactions or prevent them entirely. For some cats the trigger may be petting them on the belly, petting them for too long, or being too ruff when petting them near the base of the tail. Learn what your cat enjoys and doesn’t and follow their lead when petting them.

Can You Stop Your Cat From Scratching

Is it possible to prevent a cat from scratching completely? The truth is you cannot prevent your cat from scratching. And even if you can, that would be cruel to your pet.

Even if you let your cat go outside his urge to scratch will remain when he stays inside your home. The better option would be to provide your cat with an acceptable outlet for this instinct. Without an acceptable outlet for scratching, your pet will turn his attention to surfaces that are readily available in your home, including your pricey pieces of furniture and your curtains.

This is where a scratching post comes in handy. Apart from providing your pet with an acceptable outlet for scratching, a scratching post can be used for playing and exercising your pet. And when your pets mind and body are engaged and stimulated, he is less likely to exhibit bad behaviors.

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Make The Posts And Pads More Attractive Than Your Furniture

Having plenty of posts and pads for your cat to scratch is extremely important, but so too are taking the simple steps to get your cat scratching those instead of your furniture. Heres what you can do to make your cats scratching posts and pads most attractive to them:

  • Location, location, location: Just like in real estate, where you put your cats scratching posts and pads is important. After all, if theyre in a place your cat rarely ventures to, theyre not likely to be used. Put the structures and surfaces you want your cat scratching in the spaces where they hang out most and itll be far more likely that your cat will use them.Similarly, if theres a particular piece of furniture you dont want your cat scratching, put an attractive post or pad right next to it so your cat has a better choice .
  • Spruce up their pads and posts: Many people don’t have enough scratching posts and pads around their home simply because many of the posts and pads out there aren’t exactly the nicest things to look at.But it doesn’t need to be this way, there are actually plenty of nicer, more upscale, more stylish cat scratching pad and post options available for you. Here are a few that can fit into even the nicest, most minimalist home decor.

There are even some great, more modern-looking cat towers and “kitty condos” that will give your cat some fun perches and hiding spaces, along with some important and attractive scratching surfaces. Check out the options below.

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