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Wellness Core Cat Food Amazon

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Wellness Complete Health Pt Chicken Entree

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Review

Unlike many canned cat foods that come in tiny little 3.5-ounce containers, Wellness Complete Health Pâté is a giant, 12.5-ounce can like a can of wet dog food.

Thats both good and bad, as it allows you to feed your feline however much you want but that could lead to overfeeding. Be careful not to let your cat get chubby on this food.

Fortunately, that should be relatively difficult to do, as the ingredients label shows chicken, chicken liver, and turkey as the first three ingredients. That means your cat will get plenty of the protein they need to function at peak health.

Of course, as with most canned foods, the overall protein, fat, and fiber levels are low . You should pair this with suitable dry food, which will increase your pet food costs.

However, you shouldnt have to deal with a bunch of wasted food, as most cats will tear right through this stuff. Chicken broth is the fourth ingredient, and it gives the food a tantalizing aroma, as well as adding moisture.

Part of the reason the food is so appealing is that its high in salt, however. Youll need to watch your cat to make sure theyre drinking enough water .

As far as wet foods go, Wellness Complete Health Pâté is about as good as youre likely to find in this price range.

What Do Customers Think Of Wellness Cat Food

While many other brands garner complaints around the web, Wellness has a good reputation among consumers. Most of their products receive four and five-star reviews.

One of their leading recipes, Wellness Complete Health pate, has a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Chewy based on 521 customer reviews. 90% of these customers say theyd recommend the food to a friend.

Reviewed Wellness Cat Food

First on our list is Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain Free Deboned Chicken and Chicken meal dry cat food. This formula features a full balanced blend of protein, fat, fiber, and nutrients that support health in every aspect of your kitty’s bodyfrom her skin and coat to her immune system.

Made in the USA, it features real deboned chicken as its first ingredient and also contains other healthy animal-based ingredients like salmon oil and chicken fat.

This dry cat food also contains healthy probiotic ingredients that can optimize your kitty’s digestive health. This makes it easier to absorb all the important nutrients from her foodnot to mention boost her immune health, too, since an organism’s digestive tract and immune health are strongly linked.

Guaranteed Analysis:

This food is probably one of the more unique options on our Wellness cat food review list because it contains tidbits of 100% raw freeze-dried turkey liver. You read that right! Liver and other types of organ meatscollectively known as offalare known for being rich in nutrients and enzymes.

In their raw state, they really pack a potent nutritional punch and retain more of their beneficial compounds than if they were heated or more heavily processed.

Guaranteed Analysis:

This dry food also features up to 5% fiber to promote healthy digestion and keep your animal feeling full and satisfied.

Guaranteed Analysis:


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Is Wellness Good Cat Food

In our opinion, Wellness cat food is a good product for kittens, adult cats, and even senior felines. The entire line features a wide variety of flavors, textures, and real natural ingredients that can appeal to even the pickiest kitty eaters. Manufactured almost exclusively in North America, Wellness foods are free of soy, corn, and wheat, as well as artificial ingredients like flavorings and colors.

What Kind Of Cat Food Products Do They Offer

WELLNESS CORE Air Dried Natural Grain Free Dry Indoor Cat ...

Wellness offers a wide variety of cat food products divided between two product lines. The CORE line of products features grain-free, natural cat foods that are rich in animal protein and nutrient-dense.

Choose from an assortment of traditional kibble, raw-infused high-protein kibble, traditionally canned foods, and wet meal toppers.

The Complete Health line of products combines natural, premium proteins to deliver a healthy and balanced diet.

This line includes a variety of dry foods for kittens, adults, and indoor cats in both grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes. Youll also find a variety of canned foods, meal toppers, and treats in this product line.

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Wellness Complete Health Pate Chicken Entree Grain

When it comes to Wellness canned cat food range, their Complete Health range offers the best choice. It is high in protein, garnered from high-quality chicken, turkey, and chicken liver. Never make the mistake of thinking of organ meat as filler. Organ meat, especially liver, is full of nutrients that cats need. The recipe has some added cranberries and carrots to provide antioxidants and support immunity and eye health, but the level of carbohydrates in this dish is low.

The recipe is held together and thickened with guar gum and xanthan gum and delivered in a kind of mincemeat texture, which cats like, and humans also generally find appealing to handle.

It is enriched with a variety of added vitamins and minerals designed to support a lustrous coat, healthy stomach, bright eyes, strong teeth and gums, immune health, and provide a lot of energy. The list of added nutrients is so long that it is difficult to untangle what does what , but pet owners do generally report that their cats are healthier and happier on this food. However, it is lower in fiber than I generally like to see.


Overall Is Wellness A Good Choice

Wellness cat food is one of the better brands on the market. The Wellness CORE line stands out with a great selection of high-protein foods made primarily from animal ingredients. Their Complete Health line is also a good option, particularly if you choose their canned recipes rather than the dry foods.

Though Wellness has been recalled several times in the past, the company reacted promptly to reports of problems and very few customers complain about the food making their pets sick. Overall, the brand has a good reputation among both cats and people.

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What Is The Healthiest Brand Of Cat Food

What are the most nutritious cat foods?

  • Best Dry Food For Cats.
  • BLUE Wilderness Indoor Chicken Dry Cat Food.
  • Hills Science Diet Indoor Dry Cat Food.
  • Purina ONE Urinary Tract Health Formula Dry Food.
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Dry Cat Food.
  • Purina Cat Chow Naturals Indoor Dry Cat Food.
  • Blue Freedom Grain-Free Adult Dry Food.

Final Thoughts On Wellness Core Cat Food

Wellness Core Divine Duos Cat Food Review

As a responsible cat owner, I make sure that my cats eat the best. Wellness CORE cat food just makes sense. Its a brand I can trust. I dont even have to think about whats in the food. Seeing my cat thrive every day is proof enough that CORE is great. You can always check the price and get a test order on

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Feeding Wellness Core Dry Cat Food

Grain Free Goodness. Protein Powerhouse.

This dry cat food is formulated for adult, non-reproducing cats over one year old. Kittens and pregnant or nursing mothers may have special nutritional requirements. See special flavor formulations for kittens in the CORE products chart below.

Your cat may tend to eat more of CORE grain free, dry cat food.

Watch to see if you need to adjust regular eating patterns. Give your cat access to clean, cool fresh water at all times and feed Wellness CORE cat food in combination whenever possible to increase the level of water in your cat’s diet. Nutrition is the foundation of well-being, but in addition to CORE grain free, all natural cat food.

It is important to slowly transition to a new diet.

It takes a few days for your cat’s body to adapt to the new nutrient levels in CORE cat food. To transition, gradually mix in CORE cat food over a 5-7 day period, increasing the amount each day, so that you are feeding 100% Wellness CORE by day 7.

Allergen Statement

  • CORE cat food contains high quality meat-based proteins.
  • Most CORE cat food formulations contain poultry and/or fish protein.
  • Many CORE cat food formulations contain omega fatty acids from fish oil.
  • Some poultry-free and fish-free CORE cat food formulations are available
  • For a detailed ingredients list, see the specific CORE cat food flavor product page.

About Wellness Cat Food

The Wellness pet food brand was founded over two decades ago in 1997 by a team that included animal nutrition experts, veterinarians, and scientists. Wellness was initially a part of WellPet LLC, a company that’s been around since the mid 1920’s back when the companies Old Mother Hubbard and Eagle Pack merged. Interestingly, WellPet’s first product Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats, whichamazinglyyou can still buy today!

Today, WellPet LLC is now a subsidiary of the Berwind Corporation, which is a private investment management company based out of Philadelphia, PA.

The Wellness company has also created an organization called the Wellness Foundation, whose mission is to ensure that every pet on the planet is born, bred and raised with love. Through this foundation, they promote pet adoption, ethical breeding practices and environments that always put the well-being of every pet first.

The Wellness Foundation supports and works with other organizations that promote animal well-being, including the Human Animal Bond Research Institute , Best Friends Animal Society, The Pet Sustainability Coalition, TerraCycle®, and the Great Dog Rescue New England .

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Wellness Core Hearty Cuts Natural Canned Grain Free Wet Cat Food : Wellness CORE Tiny Tasters Grain Free Smooth ...

This highly recommended cat food by veterinarians is not to be taken for granted. It can offer so much nutritional content your cats health and active lifestyle can be sustained.

First, the heart it allows your cat to improve its hearts health through the essential nutrients it contains. Next, your cats digestion cats insides can be so complicated, thats why we want a food formula that will not go against this the ability to absorb minerals is developed if not improved.

Don’t forget your cat’s skin and coat this cat food formula has the right ingredients that allow your cat to have a soft and shiny coat. Lastly, for your cats overall health, its muscles and joints are strengthened as well.


  • Specially made for cats who are always on play mode.
  • Great for adult cats lifelong health maintenance.
  • Brings about a lot of health benefits.


  • There is quite a few varieties and if your cat doesn’t like a certain one, it will go to waste.

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They Wont Disclose Where Their Wet Food Is Manufactured

If you go on the about page of Wellnesss website, youll be bombarded with all sorts of reassuring talk about how seriously it takes food safety, how it only uses premium ingredients, how its manufacturing plants are top-of-the-line, etc.

Theres one little problem, though: It never tells you where their wet food is made.

We can assume that its not made in the U.S.A., or the company would likely disclose that up front, as its a strong selling point . The fact that its hiding the information could mean its made in someplace like China, which has a reputation for shoddy safety practices when it comes to pet food.

This could be a situation where theres simply a bunch of smoke and no fire. However, its an issue that the company could nip in the bud simply by disclosing the location of its wet food plants, so the fact that its not willing to do so has our hackles raised.

Wellness Core Cat Food Reviews

A lot of cat food in the market today sells itself as formulas that contain only the best combinations of vitamins and minerals that address your cats needs. It is rather difficult to select just one cat food, everything seems so appealing and appropriate for your cat! We look at only the very best Wellness Core Cat Food and review them.

Well, our job as human parents is to help our cat get the right nutrition it needs to sustain its lifestyle. There is a number of good cat food out there that may probably be appropriate for your cat, you just have to know what to look for. Here are some of the cat food that you will see in the market. Look them up yourself and see if your cat will like it.


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Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Cat Food

One first Wellness Core Cat Food review is this hot cake. Whats good with Wellness Core food products is that they have different formulas depending on your cats needs and preferences. These formulas vary from fat, protein and calories content percentages differ because not all cats have the same needs. These things are what led Wellness Core into creating quite a flexible food formula that will cater to a particular cats needs.

Just take note of your cats needs and preferences and match it with Wellness Cores pre-made formulas. If you are not fully decided on which formula to get your cat then maybe you can consult with your vet.

One thing is for sure here, though: this cat food has been certified by Wellness Guarantee. So theres the great quality stamp you should be looking for in any cat food. It may not have that approved therapeutic claims but its premium on health is commendable.


  • There will be no problem with including it in your cats everyday diet.
  • It is guaranteed, 100% sure grain free.
  • It is a complete and balanced formula of cat food.
  • Meets the nutritional needs of your cat .


Kinds Of Wellness Cat Food

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Review

One of the integral philosophies to Wellness cat food brand is to use simple and natural ingredients that will satisfy cats at mealtime and promote long, healthy, happy kitty lives.

They pledge to create food that supports what they call are five essential pillars of feline wellness:

  • Skin and coat healthimportant for avoiding skin issues like allergies and hot spots
  • Energyessential for keeping your little lion moving, strong, limber, and trim!
  • Digestive healtha must for her to be able to absorb nutrients properly
  • Eyes, teeth, and gumsto help her engage in her world and maintain good dental health
  • Immune functionif your kitty has a strong immune system, she’ll be less likely to fall ill with infections and many chronic diseases including cancer and diabetes

To this end, all Wellness foods are free of corn, wheat, and soy. These are fairly commonly filler ingredients you’ll see in lower-quality brands. They offer no real nutritive value to cats. If anything, corn, soy, and wheat can actually harm a kitty’s health if she’s sensitive to one of them.

Wellness also pledges to manufacture foods that are free of junk like preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. Within the brand, you have several food options to choose from! Here are two of the most popular Wellness food lines:

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Full Stomach For Your Cat Full Wallet For You

We independently pick all the products we recommend because we love them and think you will too. If you buy a product from a link on our site, we may earn a commission.

Cat food costs can really add up, which is why its always so exciting when cat food goes on sale.

Luckily there are tons of great cat food sales going on during this year, including some serious savings on top vet-recommended brands.

And whether your cat prefers dry food, wet food or a little of both, you can definitely find deals shell love. But these deals will be over before you know it, so you should definitely stock up ASAP.

To make things easier for you, The Dodo rounded up the best cat food deals from Prime Day 2021.

Iams Proactive Health Indoor Dry Cat Food

With chicken as its first listed ingredient, this kibble from IAMS fuels your cats energy and helps her live her best life. Not only is this dry food healthy and tasty, but it also benefits your cats teeth by removing built-up plaque.

IAMS ProActive Health Indoor Dry Cat Food

An affordable and healthy option for your cat, this IAMS dry food packs a punch with prebiotics, fiber, and Omega fatty acids.

This grain-free wet food leads with salmon and trout and includes fruits and vegetables. Its made in the U.S. and is available in 3-ounce or 5.5-ounce cans.

Taste of the Wild Canyon River Canned Cat Food

Salmon and trout combine for a protein-rich and flavor-rich meal that wont challenge your budget.

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