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What Is A Domestic Shorthair Cat

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What Is A Domestic Shorthair

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Domestic Shorthair, or moggie in the United Kingdom, does not refer to an actual breed. These cats have mixed ancestry, which can vary from cat to cat, not unlike Mixed Breed dogs or mutts. While some Domestic Shorthair cats may look like a particular feline breed, any resemblance is more a coincidence than a genetic identification.

And dont confuse Domestic Shorthairs with the American Shorthair cat. This is an easy mistake to make, because they can have similar physical attributes, like a muscular build. However, the American Shorthair is a recognized breed and does not have the same genetic composition as the Domestic Shorthair.

Food & Diet Requirements

One thing that you should be cautious about with your Domestic Shorthair is the feeding schedule. These cats will act like theyre starving at nearly all points of the day. Dont give into their yelps for attention. Instead, only feed your cat on a consistent schedule.

We recommend feeding your Domestic Shorthair between 260 and 300 calories a day. This calorie count will keep the average adult Domestic Shorthair healthy. You may need to increase or decrease the calories depending on your cats age and current weight.

Examples Of Domestic Shorthair In A Sentence

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Things To Know About Black Domestic Shorthair Cats

Among popular pets raised by humankind, cats are preferred by their cuteness, friendliness and a bit stubbornness. When talking about one of the most popular cat breeds in the US, domestic shorthaired cats appear in the list of top. This breed comes in various fur colors, but black domestic shorthair cats seem to be the most favorable raised in households due to their demand for minimum care.

Are There Any Domestic Cats That Dont Shed

Fascinating Facts About Domestic Shorthair Cats

Although non-shedding cats are a rarity, several hypoallergenic cat breeds, which are also hairless cat breeds, are the exception. They include the Bambino, British Shorthair, Levkoy, Peterbald, and Sphynx. Some of the most popular short hair cats include the British Shorthair, Burmese, Cornish Rex, and Devon Rex.

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Types Of Domestic Shorthair Cats

Because of their mixed parentage, domestic shorthair cats come in an endless variety of colors, markings and eye color. Here are a few types that are out there. Just keep in mind that terms like calico and tabby have nothing to do with the breed . Rather, these terms describe the markings on the cat.

Domestic Shorthair Cats Are A Unique Breed

Dont mix these beauties up with the American Shorthair or the British Shorthair. These two breeds are separate and are not to be confused with the Domestic Shorthair. The American Shorthair is smaller in size than the British Shorthair typically, with the Domestic Shorthair falling somewhere in between.

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Domestic Shorthair Cats Like To Hunt

Even though you will keep your kitty safe and sound indoors, they will love to stalk a bird or a squirrel when they look out the window. Taking them outside on a leash? Be prepared for them to be on the prowl and enjoying the chase of a leaf or bug. Cats do like to hunt at night, so if you hear your furry feline roaming the house in the dark, know they are acting on an innate instinct!

Some Fun Facts About Domestic Short

10 Fun Facts About the Domestic Shorthair Cat

Now that you are adopting a Domestic Shorthair cat, you should know some of the most interesting facts about them.

  • Given their low-maintenance and robust nature, they make an ideal first-time pet
  • They love to chase and hunt anything that is moving. You can get them a cat window perch, as they love to stalk birds flying outside
  • They are prone to overeating. Be careful about their caloric intake
  • Domestic Short-hair cats are the most common cats roaming in neighborhoods or found in shelters
  • These come in a wide variety of colors and patterns
  • They have medium-length tails and round paws
  • They are close cousins of both British Short-haired and American Short-haired cat breeds.

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Domestic Shorthair Cats Are Special

We all love mixed breed dogs. In fact, they are top-notch when it comes to loyalty and affection. The domestic shorthair cat is the mixed breed of the feline world and is a very special combination of different cats, with their lineage coming from a long time ago. It is thought that these sweet four-leggers came over to America on the Mayflower!

How Should You Maintain A Domestic Shorthairs Fur

Video:Veterinary Hospital Grooming Domestic Shorthair Cat

Grooming a domestic shorthair cat is remarkably simple. There is a lot of advice on the internet that says to do this once per week, but I am telling you it will pay you dividends to brush your Domestic Shorthair cat twice a week.

Here are some tips for maintaining the fur coat of your Domestic Shorthair cat:

  • Bathe your cat. I give my cat a bath every two months.
  • Brush your cat twice a week.
  • If you have trouble grooming your cat, consult a cat groomer or your veterinarian.
  • Keep an eye on your cats skin and parasites .
  • Inspect and clean your cats paws.

Diet/nutrition plays a vital role in the health of your cats fur. When your cats coat becomes dry, the very first thing you should investigate is your cats diet.

Cats need healthy fats and carbohydrates to help maintain their fur and body. I personally like to mix in a sardine or a little tuna into my cats food a couple of times a week for the fish oils.

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Everything You Need To Know About Domestic Shorthair Cats

By Grace Park

  • Domestic shorthair cats will steal your heart in no time
  • Do you have a busy lifestyle but would like to have a furry companion to share your home? The domestic shorthair cat may be just who you are looking for.

    Low maintenance, friendly, and wearing a perpetual smile, the domestic shorthair cat is a breed that fits in just about anywhere. Wag! will tell you everything you need to know about domestic shorthair cats and help you decide whether this feline is your next furever friend!

    Domestic Shorthair Cat Colors

    Domestic Shorthair Cat: A Complete Guide

    Domestic Shorthair is a domestic, shorthaired cat that does not belong to any particular cat breed. They are different from other shorthaired breeds, like the British Shorthair and the American Shorthair, because these cats are not recognized by any particular cat organization and do not have a breed standard.

    These cats are some of the most common in the United States. They are typically known as the generic cat breed because there isnt anything particularly different about them. If youre adopting a cat that is simply described as a cat, the likely fall into this category.

    Since this cat does not have a breed standard, technically any color is allowed. There are no restrictions on how these cats may look, as long as they have short hair and dont belong to any particular cat breed.

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    Appearance Of A Domestic Shorthair

    The variety of the domestic shorthair knows no bounds. Big or small, white or black, calico patched or tabby striped, the short-haired American domestic is diverse and outnumbers the domestic longhair approximately 10 to one. Coat type, pattern, and color vary from place to place, and certain areas often have a greater number of, say, tabbies, calicos, or solids, or the ever popular tuxedo cat, with her black and white formal wear. Nothing is remarkable about this. Cats choose mates from their immediate vicinity. If that area has many cats with tabby coats, those cats will pass along their dominant tabby genes to their offspring.

    Body type also varies depending upon area as well. Cats from colder climates tend to have stockier bodies and denser coats, while cats from warmer regions have slimmer bodies and thinner coats.

    Sometimes, a domestic shorthair looks like a particular pedigreed breed. For example, a domestic shorthair can possess the color-point pattern of the Siamese, or may possess the short, solid blue coat of the Russian blue. However, usually these cats merely resemble their pedigreed cousins, and are random-bred domestics rather than purebreds that somehow found their way into the domestic cat population.

    Are Domestic Shorthair Cats Affectionate

    By: Author Sarah Davis

    The term domestic shorthair covers a multitude of different cats. Its an umbrella term covering all cats that have short hair but dont belong to a specific breed. This can include everything from moggies of no known heritage to mixed-breed cats who have a known breed or two in their ancestry. A domestic shorthair could have the traits of any shorthair cats need plenty of attention from their humans to be happy. Remember, this is the same breed, from the stolid British Shorthair to the lively Siamese. Its a bit of a gamble what kind of personality any given domestic shorthair might have. On the whole, the key to an affectionate cat is proper socialisation and care when theyre young.

    On the whole, theyre likely to be quite friendly and affectionate. Much depends on the cats history and the level of socialisation he or she received during those important formative months. You can encourage a more affectionate nature through proper care.

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    Why Does The Sphynx Cat Shed The Least

    You will not really get shedding with the Sphynx, because this cat only has very fine hairs. This cat does have a lot of exposed skin that does need care. It is important for owners to groom a Sphynx since their naturally occurring oils will need to be spread around. With all that exposed skin, the Sphynx can be at risk of skin infections, so cat owners need to keep a close eye on this cats skin.

    Where To Get A Domestic Shorthair Kitten

    10 Interesting Facts About Domestic Shorthair Cats

    Are you looking for a Domestic Shorthair kitten? Well, you have made a great choice. Domestic Shorthair cats are among the lowest maintenance cats, making them an excellent family pet as they get along with children very well. But where are you going to get your Domestic Shorthair kitten from? From a nearby pet store?

    Try not to buy a Domestic Shorthair cat from a pet store or anywhere else. Instead, it would be best if you adopted a Domestic Shorthair kitten from a nearby cat shelter. There are hundreds of Domestic Shorthair cats roaming around on the roads, and many others are waiting in shelters for loving cat parents like you to adopt them.

    While considering Domestic Shorthair cat adoption, you should keep in mind that adopting a cat from the shelter does not mean that you will be getting a mangy cat. In fact, many of the cats at shelters are left there by cat parents who just couldnt take care of the kittens. Adopt and provide a sweet home and loads of love that these cute little fur balls deserve. If you are not sure about adoption, you can try fostering a kitten first.

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    Choosing A Domestic Shorthair

    While the domestic shorthair is not considered a breed as such by the cat associations, it always will be best of breed in American homes and hearts. And since an estimated 95 percent of all domestic cats in North America are random-bred, our ordinary everyday short-coated house cats win the popularity contest paws down. Theres nothing ordinary about them. Random-bred or mixed breed short-haired cats, with their healthy mix of genes and diverse personalities, colors, patterns, and body styles, make champion companions. The smallest domestic shorthair deserves just as much love, quality care, and respect as the finest grand champion purebred.

    Domestic Shorthair Cat Breeds

    But if you do cross paths with a domestic shorthair tabby or domestic shorthair black and white, dont confuse him with the similarly named British Shorthair cat or American Shorthair cat.

    The latter two felines are standardized breeds distinctly different than the loveable feline mix affectionately known as an, alley cat.

    The always inquisitive domestic shorthair cat is found in all corners of the world. And as such can be counted on to be a distinctive mix of that locales feline inhabitants.

    These cute kitties are natures happy accidents, a domestic cat that is produced when two non-purebred felines take a liking to one another.

    Are you considering bringing a domestic shorthair into your family? In this article we are going to take a look at the captivating domestic shorthair.

    Including their origins, temperament, and needs.

    Maybe you already share your home with a domestic shorthair grey tabby? Or a domestic shorthair black cat, as I do?

    Its never too late to learn more about your BFF!

    We have some fascinating insights about the domestic shorthairs personality. As well as facts about important issues such as weight, life span, etc.

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    Do Domestic Short Hair Cats Shed A Lot

    Domestic shorthairs arent a specific breed, so their characteristics can vary quite a lot. A domestic shorthair with a particularly dense coat might shed more than one with a less dense coat. Theyll both shed less than a longhaired cat, such as a Persian. Cats shed more at certain times of the year.

    Adopting A Domestic Shorthair

    Free Images : fauna, whiskers, vertebrate, tabby cat ...

    One thing you should definitely know about Domestic Shorthair cats is that there are lots of them out there in shelters waiting for loving homes. If youre thinking about getting a cat, consider visiting a local shelter to find your new feline friend.

    And please, please, please spay or neuter your cat. It not only cuts down on unexpected litters, it can also protect your cat from serious diseases, like ovarian and testicular cancer.

    Visit the ASPCAs website to find a shelter in your area. Also, find out what you need to know about bringing home a new kitten from the adoption process to basic kitten care.

    *Source: ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Claims Data, 1/1/15 – 12/31/15


    *Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions visit Preventive and Wellness Care reimbursements are based on a schedule. Complete Coverage reimbursements are based on the invoice. Levels 1-4 reimbursements are based on usual and customary eligible costs. Products, schedules, and rates may vary and are subject to change. Discounts may vary and are subject to change. More information available at checkout.

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    Domestic Shorthair Health Problems

    These felines tend to be a healthy lot as I talked about earlier. However, they may be prone to overeating, which can lead to obesity and the constellation of health problems related to carrying extra pounds. Obese or overweight cats can suffer from joint pain, back issues, liver and kidney problems, heart disease, and illnesses, like diabetes.

    Feed your cat a healthy diet and measure out portions to help avoid giving too much at one sitting. It can also be useful to feed your cat at set times rather than leaving food out to be grazed on whenever she feels the urge to eat. Keep an eye on those treats too! They can contain a lot of sugar and unhealthy fats, which can pack on the pounds before you know it.

    Domestic Shorthairs Come In Varieties

    Due to their mixed parentage, domestic shorthair cats come in different variety of colors and markings. You might have heard of terms like tabby and calico- these terms do not have anything to do with the breed they only describe the markings on the cat.

    So basically, the types of domestic shorthair cats include:

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    Where To Find A Domestic Cat

    Domestics make wonderful pets and sadly there are always more cats needing homes than there are homes for them. If you are looking to bring a domestic into your home, your local shelter is the best place. They will be able to show you around and match the perfect cat for you.

    Its always important to consider your home situation when choosing a cat.

    • Are you out of the house for long periods? If so, an older and independent cat is better suited, or better still two cats to keep each other company.
    • Do you have young children? A laid back cat is best for families with kids.
    • Are you looking for a cat who likes to talk? Some people love a talkative cat others prefer the silent type.

    Wherever you obtain your domestic, he should have had at least two vaccinations, have regularly been treated for fleas and worms and in Australia, the cat must be microchipped .

    Where possible, adopt a domestic who has stayed with his mother for a minimum of ten weeks. I know tiny kittens are adorable, but those extra few weeks with their mum and siblings are so important in regards to learning social skills. Another option to consider is an older cat. These cats are often overlooked and have so much to offer. What you see is what you get, you know how large he is, you know his temperament, and they have outgrown the crazy kitten period.

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