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What To Do If You Find A Stray Cat

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How To Identify An Independent Kitten

SAFE Haven for Cats – What to Do If You Find a Stray Cat

An independent kitten will:

  • Be capable or urinating and defecating without assistance from their mother
  • Eat solid food
  • Be able to walk
  • Be able to play

If the kitten is not capable of any of the above, they’re deemed still dependent on their mother. If this is the case and the kitten is alone, please get in touch with us via our helpline on 0300 1234 999.

Attempt To Identify The Cat

If you can get close to the cat, your first goal is to identify it. Look for a collar that might identify the cat and could even provide a phone number. On longhaired cats, the collar could be buried under a lot of hair. If you cant find a collar, you might consider taking the cat to a vet to check for a microchip. Dont just assume that the cat is feral or stray. It might be someones pet thats simply lost.

Can You Keep A Stray Cat If You Cant Find Its Owners

Once youve taken every reasonable measure to locate the cats original owners and you cant find any sign of them, then you might think about adopting the cat. Many cats are abandoned by their families and some are just born feral. The cat youve found could be either, but if you wish to adopt it, theres no reason that you cant. That said, dont force a cat to stay with you if it clearly doesnt want to. If both you and the cat seem comfortable with the situation, then adoption is worth consideration.

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About A Feral Cat Shelter

Another recommendation that I like to make is providing shelter for them to sleep in at night.

Whether that be a makeshift shelter or a shed that they feel comfortable sleeping in, anything is better than nothing. It is something to keep them safe at night from predators, as well as build trust in you.

When we found Penny, my parents had a heated outdoor cat home that they would put outside.

. This kept her safer at night that out in the open, she was warm, and it also started to build the trust even more.

Finally, patience and kindness will be the biggest things for feral cats.

They have zero trust in humans.

It could take days, weeks, months for them to start to build up trust in you. You cannot get frustrated at them, or they will lose any trust they may have gained during that time.

Tell The Community About Your Lost Pet

What to Do If You Find a Stray Cat
  • Create a missing pet post on Petco Love Lost a free, online tool that utilizes facial recognition technology to scan lost and found pet listings nationwide.
  • Post and search reports on other online resources:
  • Tell your family, friends, and neighbors. Post fliers around your neighborhood.
  • Call your local animal control facility to see if a report filed matches the description of the animal in your care.
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    Lure Them Into Your Car

    If you are certain you can get help from animal control very soon, try to lure the animal into your car with food, close the door and wait for help. In most cases it isn’t a good idea to attempt to drive somewhere with a strange dog unrestrained in your car they may become frantic or aggressive. Cats may do the same, as well as lodge themselves under the car seat, and it can be dangerous trying to extract them.

    Taking Care Of The Stray Cat

    While you are hunting for the family, it is important to try and take care of the cat to the best of your ability. If it is not possible to have the cat in your home, do not worry. Try your best to create a shelter for the stray cat. A strong cardboard box should usually suffice. Provide the cat with food and clean water.

    Sometimes, the cat you have found may be injured or sick. In such cases, approach the cat with caution. They are likely to be wary and may be aggressive if they are scared. Try and cover them with a blanket before picking them upit protects you from their claws.

    If the stray cat is injured or sick, best practice is to call the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on 0300 1234 999. They have an agreement with the British Veterinary Association regarding care for sick or injured animals. If the injury is serious, you should take the cat to the nearest vet. Obtain prior permission from the RSPCA before undertaking any course of action.

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    Consider Keeping Stray Kittens Until The Kittens Weigh At Least 25 Lbs

    At 2.5 lbs, the kittens can be safely spayed/neutered and adopted into loving homes. Unweaned kittens without mothers are often called bottle-fed babies. A few organizations may be able to accept bottle fed kittens, or give you guidance on how to bottle feed kittens. To learn more about what to do if you find kittens, please see our “If You Find Kittens” web page.

    How Can I Help Mother Cat And Kittens While They Are Outdoors

    What to do when you find a feral or stray cat

    You cant do a mother cats job, but you can make her more comfortable as she cares for her kittens outdoors. Provide her with essentials like:

    • Regular food and water. A nursing mother cat can always use some extra wet food so she can keep providing necessary nutrients to her kittens. Find details to care for community cats, including mother cats, at
    • An outdoor shelter. Mother cats like to raise their kittens in nests, where they feel hidden and protected. An outdoor shelter is a perfect safe space. You can purchase one or build one yourself. We have options at
    • Peace and quiet. Keep an eye on mother and kittens, but dont approach or let dogs or other cats come near. Doing so will cause her stress.

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    Check For Id & Notify Your Community

    First, check to see if the animal has an identification tag with a name or contact information. Always use caution when approaching a stray animal and speak calmly. If you dont see any identification, or if the tag only provides the pets name, alert your neighbors in case someone has lost a pet in the area.

    Capturing A Stray Cat

    Whatshould you do if you find a stray cat? Your primary concern would of course behis safety–and yours. You cant predict how a lost animal will behave soremember to approach with caution. If youre driving when you see the stray,park on the safe side of the road and try to capture the stray cat by luring him into your car,preferably with strong-smelling food.

    Avoidmaking sudden movements and speak in calm, reassuring tones as you make yourapproach. Its better if you can find anything to confine him such as acarrier, a leash, a rope, or any piece of cloth to keep him in a safe area. Ifthe animal looks aggressive, you may seek the help of animal rescue incapturing him. Also,check If the pet has microchip. That way you can extract contact information

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    Ive Come Across A Stray Cat But I Cant Take It Home What Should I Do

    Unfortunately, you are going to come across many cats on the streets. No one knows exactly how many. But its estimated to be over 200,000. If the cat is in a safe area and happy, what you can do is leave it some water. Also, check if the cat has been neutered or spayed already by checking for an ear tip. If not, it would be worthwhile looking into TNR .

    The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says TNR has been shown to be the least costly and the most humane and efficient way of stabilising community cat populations.

    The other option would be to rehome the cat or look for someone to adopt it.

    Lost And Found Pet Resources

    What to Do If You Find a Stray Cat

    If your pet has recently gone missing, or you’ve found an animal that may belong to someone, it’s critical that you alert your neighbors as quickly as possible and take proper steps that may lead to a happy reunion.

    Below, you’ll find helpful tips on actions to take if you’ve lost a pet, or advice on what you can do if you’ve found an animal in your community.

    Quick action and personal involvement in the recovery process are key components of recovering your lost pet. These steps can help you locate a lost pet as quickly as possible.

    If your pet has a microchip, make sure it’s updated with your current contact information. Not sure how? Read more about microchip registry and database information.

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    Bringing Kittens And Mother Cats To The Local Animal Shelter

    Most shelters cannot accommodate the overwhelming amount of kittens and cats during this time. The best thing to do for the shelters and the cats is to leave them outdoors. A shelter can be dangerous for kittens because their immune systems havent fully developed and can stress out the mother cat and impact her health, as well.

    It is recommended to bring in stray cats when they are old enough to be spayed or neutered, then return them to their outdoor home. Counties offer spay and neutering programs to help reduce the animal population with little or no cost to the person who found the animal.

    Can I Rehome A Stray Cat

    You can decide to take on a stray cat yourself if no owner can be found. If you’re unable to keep the cat, a local animal rescue charity may be able to help. Try contacting your local RSPCA animal centre, Cats Protection or other reputable organisations. Some of these are listed on our lost and found contact list .

    Giving a home to a cat in need can be hugely rewarding but it’s also a responsibility and a long-term commitment. Consider carefully whether you have the time, space and money to help care for a stray cat. If the cat becomes ill or injured in the future you’ll be responsible for ensuring that they get the veterinary care they need.

    If after consideration, you’ve decided to take responsibility for a stray cat – thank you! There are so many benefits to doing so. Cats that come into our care will live in one of our catteries until we can find them a suitable ‘forever home’ – this can be stressful for many cats, especially those stray cats who have been used to the freedom to roam and live outside.

    Taking on the responsibility yourself means the cat can return to a place they know and feel comfortable. You will also be helping us to care for more cats who are victims of cruelty or neglect and have been brought in by our dedicated inspectors by freeing up a space in our centre.

    If you decide to take on responsibility for a stray cat, please make sure you get them microchipped and have your contact details registered so that you can be identified as the owner.

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    What To Do If You Find A Stray Cat In Uae

    Carol Ann Geldenhuys, founder of Dubai-based non-profit animal welfare group Kittysnip.


    What to do if you find a stray cat in UAE

    DUBAI What do you do if you spot a furry feline on the street?

    It is not unusual to find stray cats roaming the streets of the UAE. Unfortunately, there just are not enough homes for all cats on the streets.

    So what can you do to make their life a little better?

    In Dubai, feeding stray animals is actually a violation and invites fines of Dh200. The Dubai Municipality said that the rule is aimed at preventing the risk of humans catching disease. Although the rule has been in place since 2003, it hasnt been strictly enforced.

    Expat Media talked to Carol Ann Geldenhuys, founder of Dubai-based non-profit animal welfare group Kittysnip, on her tips to caring for stray cats.

    Heres what the expert says:

    What Do You Do If You Find A Stray Cat 4 Steps To Take

    What to do when you find a lost cat – Tips – Examples

    Experts estimate that there are more than 70 million feral cats in the United States. As such, its certainly not rare for you to run into a stray cat. You might even have one thats staying near your house that you repeatedly notice. It could even be coming straight to your home. Of course, that might be due to the fact that youre leaving food for it on the porch! But even if youre not leaving food out for it, stray cats can appear out of nowhere and might even be frequenting your property.

    So, what should you do if you find one of these many stray cats? Can you just keep it? Should you avoid it altogether? Are you supposed to provide some care, or should you call the authorities? In this article, were going to provide the answers you need so that you know exactly what you should and shouldnt do if you happen to find a stray cat.

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    How To Help Stray Cats

    If you find a stray cat, the best advice is to:

    • Safely trap or confine them.
    • Immediately take them to an animal shelter or veterinarian to check for a microchip implant that will have their caretakers contact information on it.
    • If there is no microchip, and you cannot find the guardians after a few days of searching bring them to a cat rescue, sanctuary or animal shelter, where they will be looked after until forever homes can be found. If you intend to keep the cat, have them examined by a veterinarian, spayed, or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped in case they ever get lost again.

    Or: Help Find The Cat A New Home

    When owners dont come forward to claim lost pets, it can put the rescuer in a difficult position.

    If you decide that you can take on the responsibility of caring for a new pet and would like to keep the cat, check to make sure it is legal for you to do so. If there are no restrictions on keeping found cats in your area, be sure to bring the cat to a veterinarian for a thorough examination. The vet will be able to tell you the cats gender, approximate age, whether she has been spayed or neutered and if she is up-to-date on vaccinations. Once the cat is given a clean bill of health, you can start preparing your home for your new pet!

    If you are unable to commit to housing the cat full-time, contact local rescue groups and shelters that can help match the cat with the right home. This may be an emotionally difficult decision, but ultimately it will be best for both you and the cat.

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    Where Can People Go For More Information On Spaying And Neutering

    The ASPCA provides a nice overview of why spay/neuter is so crucial here. As indicated in the article, there are many medical and behavioral benefits. Its a no-brainer! For Hoboken and Jersey City residents, there is the low cost spay/neuter clinic that can be found here. says Mary of Pad Paws Rescue.

    Bring The Animal To A Shelter Or A Vet

    What To Do If You Find a Lost Stray Cat? » Petsoid

    Depending on the situation it can be also a good idea to bring the animal directly to the vet. After an car accident an animals life often depends on how fast it will get professional help.

    If you choose this option you have to be aware that most probably you will have to pay the bill yourself and afterwards it will be necessary to find a foster home or an organization that will take care of the animal at least during the recovery process.

    There is always a way to find help. You can try to bring the dog or cat directly to an organization or a shelter, but remember to call them first and ask if thats ok they usually have limited resources and place!

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    Taking Your Stray Cat To The Vet

    While food and shelter are important, Phillips says that the number one priority, especially if you have other cats, is confirming that the stray cat is healthy. You have to ensure that their basic veterinary needs are being taken care of, so if you can, try to catch the cat and bring her to the vet.

    It is important to have a cat carrier when transporting your new cat to the veterinarian. The vast majority of veterinarians will require you to use a cat carrier when bringing any cat to the vet. This helps ensure safety and security for all involved.

    Phillips recommends putting food in the crate or cat carrier. First, just let the cat eat in the carrier for a few days. Then, start closing the door a bit while hes eating. Then, close it all the way. Then, try latching it. The key is to do everything gradually, she says. Then, after you visit the vet, keep the carrier out. Keep putting food in it. You want the cat to stay used to the carrier.

    For feral or stray cats that may not be familiar with cat carriers, your veterinarian may ask you bring them in a trap.

    At the vet, the cat should receive basic vaccinations and be spayed or neutered if she or he isnt already, Phillips says.

    Fernandez says that by working with rescue organizations, you can usually find a veterinarian who will do vaccinations and spay/neuter procedures at a reduced cost, or even for free. They may also test for feline leukemia, FIV and parasites, and offer low-cost microchips.

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