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What To Do If Your Cat Is In Heat

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Is My Cat In Heat

How to Help a Female Cat in Heat?

If your female cat hasnt been spayed, she will eventually come into heat. Technically called an estrus cycle, this period usually occurs seasonally in the spring and fall. Your cat may go into heat several times during each season. If you suspect your feline is in heat, look for certain behavioral signs and learn how you can handle the situation.

Are Cats Ok Without Air Conditioning

Yes, most cats do alright without any air conditioning, and this is true even during the summer months. As long as you have air circulating with a fan or open window, then most cats will be just fine. Of course, short-haired cats may do a little bit better without air conditioning during the summer than long-haired cats do. However, if you have a long-haired cat and set up a fan for them, they should do ok.

The only exception to this is if your cat has a medical condition that makes them less tolerant to heat. If you suspect that your cat has a problem like this, then you should take them to the vet as soon as possible. If this is the case for your cat, then your vet will be able to provide you with some advice on what you should do for your cat to keep them cool during the summer months.

Where Can I Go For Spaying

There are many low-cost spay and neuter clinics, as well as regular veterinarians, who will spay your cat for you. In the United States, the ASPCA maintains a handy low-cost spay/neuter program finder page. All you need to do is enter your zip code, and the site will show you all the clinics in your area.

Keep those doors and windows locked! A cat in heat may try to escape to find a mate.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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Use Catnip Only If It Calms Your Cat Down

Catnip is a herb of the mint family. Some cats calm down and relax when given catnip but other cats react in a totally opposite way. It can cause some cats to become aggressive and energetic. Remember, this may also make the situation worse for some cats. So, it is necessary to note whether it is working for your cat or not. If it does, its great for you!

Above all, remember that heat in cats is a natural process and you can not do anything about it but to keep patience. It is easy to get frustrated but with these helpful tips, everything can get sorted out for some time.

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What About Dog Heat Cycles

6 Ways to Tell If Your Female Cat Is in Heat


  • Proestrus: vaginal discharge, males attracted to females, females unwilling to mate. Length: 4-20 days.Estrus: swollen vulva, yellowish vaginal discharge, mating occurs during this phase. Length: 5-13 days.Metestrus : period after estrus or mating. Length: 60-90 days. If pregnant, pregnancy lasts between 60-64 days in the dog.Anestrus: period of inactivity between estrus phases. Length: 2-3 months.

So you could be facing up to 123 days of a TOTAL heat cycle, which breaks down to about 17.5 weeks!Some general “rules of thumb” for canine estrus:

  • The first estrus cycle usually occurs by age 6-12 months for some small breeds, as early as 5 months, and for some large and giant breeds, the first cycle may not occur until 14 months of age or older.
  • On average, dogs have two cycles a year.
  • The estrus cycle lasts on average 12-21 days, but maybe be as short as a few days to four weeks. The estrus period length varies widely between breeds and individual dogs.
  • The length of a cycle varies widely, even for dogs of the same breed. If in doubt, assume the longer end of the range for the cycle length.
  • Bleeding occurs prior to a female being receptive to a male , but male dogs will be very attracted to the female in the proestrus stage.
  • Dogs can get pregnant during their first heat cycle, but this is not advisable as a 6-month old dog is not yet fully grown/mature, and complications for the mother and the puppies are more likely.
Adoption Center

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Cost Of Always In Heat

If your cat has an ovarian cyst, the cost of treatment can be approximately $750.If your cat has a tumor on the ovaries, it may cost $100 for a biopsy, and more for the removal, depending on the size and location of the ovarian cyst.

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Signs Your Cat Is In Heat

  • Increased affection: Immediately preceding estrus, your cat may seem friendlier than usual. She may rub her head and hindquarters against inanimate objects, other cats or her favorite human.
  • Loud vocalization: In an attempt to attract a mate, your cat may meow and howl extra loudly for several days while shes in heat.
  • Unusual posture: If your cat stands with her head down, forelegs bent and hindquarters raised with the tail up and held to one side, she is showing her readiness to mate. This posture, called lordosis, is accompanied by rhythmic stamping of the hind legs, as if your cat is marching in place.
  • Spraying: Your cat may spray walls, doors and other vertical surfaces with especially strong smelling urine. This contains extra estrogen and tells male cats shes ready to mate. She may then back up to the sprayed surface and raise her tail high. A quivering tail and rhythmic marching may accompany this action.
  • Licking the genital area: If you notice this behavior without the other signs your cat is in heat, she could have a urinary tract infection. Take her to the vet promptly to receive treatment for this serious condition.

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How Many Heat Cycles Per Breeding Season

Typically, a house cat will go into heat a few times a year. Because house cats enjoy safe, healthy lives with plenty of available resources such as food and water, they are fertile and naturally go into heat more often .

Feral cats go into heat less frequentlyusually around twice per year. In colder climates, it tends to occur when the seasons change to spring and fall and in warmer climates, it tends to concentrate around the summer months.

Your Cat In Heat: What You Need To Know

How to know when your cat is in heat

If your cat’s already been through a heat, you won’t forget her howling and the constant demands for attention. If your cat isn’t able to mate, then her heat is going to be a frustrating and uncomfortable time for you both. If your cat is able to mate, then you need to be prepared for potentially two litters of kittens a year! Unless you’re planning on breeding, the best cat care would be getting her spayed. It will be easier on her and it will be easier on you.

When your cat is ‘in heat’ she is in the fertile period of her reproductive cycle and is looking to mate. A cat will usually go into heat in the spring and autumn and a heat can last from a few days all the way up to a few weeks. A cat usually has her first heat at around 6 months of age, but some can have it as early as 4 months old.

During a heat your cat may be more affectionate, rubbing up against furniture, walls and her favorite people. She’ll probably rub with her hindquarters in particular and may frequently display the mating position with her hindquarters and tail raised. The most problematic parts of a heat for an owner are the vocalization and spraying. Cats in heat will howl loudly and constantly as they try to attract a male to mate. They may also spray walls or furniture with strong-smelling urine also in an attempt to indicate their availability to a male. If you have an indoor cat, they may try desperately to get outside, even going as far as attacking windows or doors.

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What To Do If Your Cat Is Always In Heat

If your cat is in heat consistently, make an appointment with your veterinarian. He will perform a complete examination, including laboratory testing such as urinalysis, blood work, and biochemistry profile. This will give the veterinarian much needed information about the cat& rsquo s organ functionality and will check for various conditions.

Your veterinarian will also ask you questions about your cat& rsquo s heat cycle. He will want to know the precise age of the cat, if your cat has given birth to a litter, ad whether your cat has had a false pregnancy. The veterinarian will want you to describe in detail your cat& rsquo s behaviors when in heat.

Once the laboratory results have come in, your veterinarian will take a close look at what could be going on with your cat. He may want to check for any ovarian abnormalities by performing specific tests such as radiography and an ultrasound. These tests will take a closer look at the ovaries and determine if your cat may possibly have a tumor or a cyst, both of which could cause persistent estrus.

If your cat has a cyst on his ovary or has a tumor, your veterinarian will explain to you in detail the treatment plan. He may also recommend, once treatment is complete, that you spay your cat in order to prevent her going into heat and thus, removing her chances of becoming pregnant.

Q: How Can You Tell If A Cat Is In Heat

A: Signs to look for include excessive vocalization , and agitation .

Your cat may seek extra attention, requesting lots of touching and petting. She might roll around on the floor, stick her hindquarters up in the air, tread her back legs, and spray urine.

Finally, these symptoms may be accompanied by a loss of appetite.

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Should You Spay Your Cat To Keep Her From Going Into Heat

If you want to avoid the extra cat pee appearing around your house , the inquisitive male cats looking for a mate, and the expense of an unplanned litter of kittensyes, spaying your cat is a good idea. In addition to the issues that crop up around your house if your cat is not spayed, consider the implications on a larger scale. Overpopulation is already an issue, and the rapid ability at which cats are able to reproduce makes spaying your cat well worth the cost of the procedure.

Vahrenwald points out that unaltered cats can have up to three litters a year. That’s a lot of cats, but it quickly leads to even more. Cats have no qualms about incest, so litters of kittens can result in even more kittens without spaying and neutering. According to the Spay and Neuter Action Project, two “unaltered” cats mating can end up with 400,000 descendants in six yearsand that’s why animal advocates point to TNR programs as a way to help reduce feral cat populations.

Cats who are not spayed “Really can create a population explosion,” Vahrenwald says. Talk to your vet for more information about how and why spaying and neutering can help your cats live happier, healthier lives.

Q: Do Cats Stay In Heat After Mating

Cat In Heat: Signs, Symptoms, &  What To Do If Your Cat Is ...

A: No. If a female cat breeds during her heat cycle, she almost always becomes pregnant. This is because cats are induced ovulators and the act of breeding stimulates their body to ovulate .

Ovulation generally will occur if a female cat mates three or four times in a 24-hour period. The symptoms of the estrous cycle will subside within a day or so.

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What Is Heat Like For Cats

While it’s logical to assume that a cat in heat will have the same physical symptoms as a woman having her period, the reality is very different. First, cats do not shed the lining of their uterus. So contrary to popular belief, heat should not involve vaginal bleeding. If your female cat is bleeding, contact your vet. Since human females shed the lining of their uterus every month, cramping, bloating, and related symptoms can be present. Cats do not experience cramps or other physical symptoms, despite their howling and need for attention during this time. Instead, a surge of hormones will make your cat extraordinarily eager to mate. She may rub against you, pace back and forth, and assume a mating position if you pet or stroke her. You may notice your cat loses her appetite during this period, as well, or she may lick her genitals often and mark her territory by spraying. She may also attempt to run out the door, escaping to find a mate. This is all normal behavior during heat.

How To Stop A Cat In Heat From Meowing And Yowling

Cats in heat display a range of behavioral changes. They undergo mood swings, become determined to leave the house, and become extremely vocal. A female cat yowling all day and night is most likely to be in estrus. She is announcing her availability to local tomcats.

Your cat has a biological drive to mate, and her inability to do so defies her basic instincts. You can distract your cat with play, fun activities, and affection. You can also keep your cat calm with scents and music. However, do not deviate from routine as cats in heat can become distressed.

The only ways to cease a cats heat cycle are spaying and simulating mating. If you choose not to do this, vocalization is something youll have to tolerate. Do what you can to make your cat more comfortable during these hormonal surges. This, in turn, will reduce the noise your cat makes.

  • Inability to settle
  • Desperation to escape the home

A cat in heat must be kept indoors. It does not take long to find a tom and mate, which often results in pregnancy. Unfortunately for owners, this means a prolonged period of meowing and yowling.

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How To Deal With A Female Cat In Heat

This article was co-authored by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS. Dr. Elliott, BVMS, MRCVS is a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in veterinary surgery and companion animal practice. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in 1987 with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 26 testimonials and 86% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 511,999 times.

An unspayed female cat comes into heat every three to four weeks, and she’s not usually quiet about it! This period, when she’s most receptive to getting pregnant, can last for up to seven days. This means you might have a highly hormonal cat on your hands for one week out of every three. The best solution, if you don’t want her to have kittens, is to get her spayed by a veterinarian. However, if you do want to breed her, you’ll have to deal with the behaviors that go along with being in heat, like loud meowing and flirty antics. You also need to keep her from getting pregnant when you don’t want her to.XResearch sourceReproduction in the Dog and Cat. Christianseen. Publisher: Baillierie-Tindal

Hot Town Summer For The Kitty

How to calm a cat in heat

When temperatures start to rise, your cat might be more comfortable than you think: according to The Washington Post, her average body temperature stays around a toasty 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Since her ancestors evolved in the desert, she can also get most of her moisture from food.

However, this doesn’t mean she’ll be safe and comfortable locked in a warm house. Cats can’t sweat as humans do. Instead, your feline friend needs to release heat continually by laying on cool surfaces, panting, and drinking cold water.

Make sure your kitty is comfortable by doing a few precautionary things around the house:

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Q: Can You Spay A Cat In Heat

A: Yes, you can spay a cat that is in heat, but its not preferable to do so. Many veterinarians will ask you to wait until your female is out of heat, then bring her back to be spayed.

When a cat is in heat, theres a lot more blood flow in her reproductive organs. This can make it harder for the veterinarian to perform the surgery. There is also a higher risk of bleeding issues when spaying a cat during a heat cycle.

Its best to wait for a week or two after signs of heat subside before spaying your cat. But dont wait too long or the cat may go into heat again before she can be spayed.

New To Having A Pet Or Just Need More Knowledge

About heat cycles in cats:fourth or fifth month of a kitten’sYou can see then, how a female cat may almost always seem to be in heat.

  • Heat, oestrus, and estrus all refer to heat cycles in cats.
  • The breeding season in cats lasts almost year-round.
  • Heat cycles can start as early as four or five months in a female kitten.
  • Heat cycles in cats last from several days to two weeks or more
  • Heat cycles in cats repeat every two to three weeks until the cat is spayed or becomes pregnant.
  • Heat cycles may cause pain or discomfort in cats.

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