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When Should I Worry About My Cat Sneezing

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Why Do Cats Sneeze

My Cat Keeps Sneezing, Should I Be Worried?

Sneezing is a natural reflex mechanism that cats use to clear their noses in response to irritation of the nasal canal, just as humans do. This irritation could be caused by a foreign material entering the nose, such as dust, pollen, bacteria, or a piece of yarn. Alternatively, inflammation of the nasal canal or trauma can irritate the cells lining the nasal passage.

When irritated, the air and mucus are blown forcefully through the nasal passage to help clear whatever has caused the irritation. Therefore, sneezing acts as a line of defense against bacteria, pathogens, and bugs.

In most cases, sneezing is therefore a good thing. It helps to remove any potentially dangerous pathogens and objects from their airways. This reduces the chance of infection and keeps the airways clear so they can breathe easily.

However, if your cat keeps sneezing it could be a sign that theres a more serious problem at hand. Often, youll know that there is an issue as your cat will likely experience other symptoms as well.

What Are The Causes Of Sneezing Fits In My Cat

One of the primary causes that your cat is sneezing a lot is infection. Some other causes consist of inhaling irritants such as cigarette smoke, perfumes, cleaning agents, or dust particles.

At first glance, your vet will try to find out the issue with the description of your cats symptoms and suggest you several medicines or supplements that can help in treating your cat.

However, in a few cases, the vet may collect a test sample of nasal secretions of your cat, from the back of their nose and throat.

This is done to pinpoint the infection that is responsible for the continuous sneezing of your cat. Followed by the necessary treatment.

Dog Sneezing Explained: Should You Be Worried About Your Dogs Achoos

October 8, 2021 By Jack Davidson

Achoo! Catching your dog sneezing once in a while can be cute we cant help but be entertained by those adorable sniffles and funny facial expressions! Sneezing is fairly common in dogs, but in certain situations, you might wonder if excessive sneezing might be a cause for concern. Dogs mostly sneeze for the same reasons we do because small particles make their way into their nasal passages. They use their noses to explore the world, after all. But if your dog sneezes frequently, or wont stop sneezing, there may be more going on. If youre curious about your dogs sneezing habits, read on to find out if your dogs sneezing is something you should be worried about and why dogs sneeze in the first place!

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Theyve Just Had A Vaccine

Has your cat just had a vaccination? If so, this could also be the reason they keep sneezing but seem fine. Sneezing is a common side effect of a vaccine, especially those used to treat upper respiratory infections or those administered intranasally.

Usually, the sneezing will start between 2 and 5 days after your cat has received their vaccination. You may also notice other respiratory symptoms, such as a cough or runny nose. However, a few days after the onset of symptoms, they should resolve on their own. If their cough becomes severe or it is difficult for your cat to breathe, you should take them to the vet.

Moreover, while sneezing is a common side effect of vaccinations and nothing to worry about, there are some more serious concerns to look out for. These include persistent vomiting or diarrhea, bumpy and itchy skin, or swelling of their face. In some cases, your cat may collapse. Again, visit your vet immediately for help and advice.

My Cat Keeps Sneezing But Seems Fine

Why Does My Cat Keep Sneezing

So your cat is sneezing a lot but is eating well, drinking and playing like any other day? It may be time for an elimination game.

Cats can be sensitive to strong smells, cleaners, smoke and dust, and many other things. These irritants can cause damage to a kittys lungs as well as different allergic responses like:

  • Eye-watering
  • Eye-watering and sneezing can be a result of:

    • irritants & allergens
    • Upper respiratory infection

    The use of home remedies and elimination of possible irritation can clear these symptoms within a week. Consult a veterinarian if symptoms dont improve in a day or two.

    Cat reverse sneezing

    When animals sneeze, they forcefully expel air from their noses to blow out mucus or other irritants.

    A reverse sneeze is a forceful inhalation when a cat or dog sucks air into its pharynx and windpipe. The pharynx houses the tonsils, soft palate, and tongue.

    How can I reduce cat sneezing and cat cough in the home?

    • Keep cat at a healthy weight
    • Dont smoke near your pets
    • Avoid grains and encourage an anti-inflammatory diet
    • Dont use harsh cleaners
    • Stop using your fireplace.
    • Eliminate anything with a strong aroma

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    Cat Sneezing & Runny Nose Home Remedy

    Cats who suffer from sneezing and runny noses may have some underlying chronic inflammation that needs attention.

    Although these symptoms may require prescription therapy with anti-inflammatories and steroids, there are also some things a pet owner can do to aid in the recovery and maintenance of chronic cat sneezing and runny nose.

    Other Causes Of Your Cat Sneezing

    Continuous sneezing of cats could be associated with various reasons. One such factor of your cats continuous sneezing could be receiving a dose of intranasal vaccine. This type of sneezing will only last for several days.

    Sneezing in cats could also be a sign of cancer. However, this is only applicable in extremely extraordinary cases.

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    How To Stop Your Cat From Sneezing

    If your cats sneezing is not severe, the best way to stop your cat from sneezing is to take steps to prevent the irritation causing the sneeze.

    • Make sure your cat is up-to-date on its vaccinations
    • Be aware of the scents in your house Candles, air fresheners, certain laundry detergents, or cigarette smoke, may be the cause.
    • Check out the litter box Some types of litter tend to kick up more dust when being used and may be the source of irritation.
    • Be careful when cleaning It is important to keep your home clean, but it is also essential that you are careful with the disinfectant used around your cats space. The chemicals and any fruity scents may cause discomfort.

    What Is The Medicine For Cat Cold

    Coughing cat: should you be worried when my cat coughs?

    Stenske said that when cats get the feline versions of the common cold herpesvirus and calicivirus supportive care is often the best medicine. This can include keeping their nose clean, steam therapy, warming their food it makes it smell tasty and adding an amino acid supplement called lysine.

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    How Can I Help My Cat With A Runny Nose And Sneezing

    They may be signs of an illness or condition that needs veterinary care. Treatment depends on the cause of the sneezing. In mild cases, the vet may suggest taking steps to simply help your cat be more comfortable like using a humidifier. In other cases, antibiotics, antihistamines, steroids, or fluids may be needed.

    Does My Cat Have Something Stuck In Its Nose Causing It To Sneeze

    There is a very high chance of your cat inhaling an unwanted object. This could range from cloth particles and food items when your cat is indoor to small parts of soil and dust when your cat is present outdoors.

    Cats tend to sneeze whenever a foreign object enters their nasal cavity as a reflex action to get it out as soon as possible.

    In the majority of the instances, it would take just one or two quick sneezes from your cat to get the unwanted material out of their noses. However, some objects will not be ejected as smoothly as compared to others.

    If the object is not ejected and gets stuck in the nasal cavity of your cat, then they will sneeze continuously in hopes of getting it out in one of those tries.

    If this happens then you need to book an appointment with your veterinary as soon as possible, as this could cause unwanted troubles for you and your cat.

    The vet will diagnose your cat and the treatment will start accordingly, providing much relief to your cat.

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    My Cats Sneezing Is Not Going Away What Could Be The Cause

    There are a range of possibilities

    Post-viral or idiopathic rhinitis.

    Some cats suffer permanent damage of the lining of the nasal cavity, or even the bone, after viral infection, leaving the nasal cavity susceptible to recurring bacterial infection. This post-viral rhinitis , is the most common cause of chronic nasal disease and sneezing. It can happen without viral involvement but is less common and poorly understood.

    As the damage is permanent, the aim is management not cure. This can be frustrating, with frequent vet visits and poor long-term quality of life. Antibiotics for bacterial infections are used but these infections can recur very frequently. Nebulisation can help to loosen secretions and allow more effective sneezing. In non-viral cases corticosteroid medication may help. Regular bathing of the face and nose, and warming food to make it more appealing, are basic considerations but important.

    Nasal tumours

    Tumours are the second most common cause of long term nasal disease. There are several types of tumours, but 50% are lymphoma. Adenocarcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas and fibrosarcomas make up most of the rest. More research is needed to explain how cats get nasal lymphoma. Exposure to tobacco smoke is implicated but evidence is lacking.

    Cats may sneeze, have noisy breathing, a snotty nasal discharge that can be bloody, and have nasal swelling.

    Nasal foreign body

    Fungal infections


    Dental disease


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    Some Of The Causes Of Sneezing In Cats Include:

    Why Is My Cat Sneezing A Lot? What Should I Do?
    • Environmental Factors A bit of household or litter box dust, pollen, candles, perfume, cigarette smoke, mold and cleaning products can cause the occasional reflexive sneeze.
    • A foreign object Foreign bodies like a piece of lint, grass or a hair can get stuck in the nasal cavities. Most of the time, a cats sneeze will expel such objects safely. If the object isnt sneezed out there is a likelihood that the foreign object will result in a nasal infection, so its best to get this checked out.
    • Respiratory Infections Sneezing is often associated with a viral infection, or sometimes bacteria infections of the upper respiratory tract. More on this below.
    • Dental Disease Inflammation or infection of a tooth, especially on the upper jaw, can affect the nasal passages/sinuses and trigger the sneeze reflex.
    • Cancer Some forms of cancer develop in the sinuses, nasal passages or bones around the nasal passages and these may present as sneezing as the initial symptom.

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    Do Cat Colds Go Away On Their Own

    In most cases, cat colds are harmless and will go away within 1-2 weeks. You do need to monitor their health however, and if there is no sign of improvement by the fourth day, you should make an appointment with your vet as a persisting cold that does not get treated properly may develop into pneumonia.

    What Do I Do If My Cat Is Coughing And Sneezing

    An occasional sneeze or cough from your cat is common, but when does a simple Bless you! suffice and when should you be concerned? How can you tell if the strange noise coming from your cat is even a sneeze or a cough at all? Its not always easy to tell, so take a video of your cat during an episode to help your vet with their diagnosis and read on to learn more about the number of reasons why your cat may be wheezing, coughing or sneezing.

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    Why Does My Cat Sneeze Multiple Times In A Row

    Imagine this, you are relaxing on your bed scrolling through your phone. Your lovely cat is right beside you giving you company as always. Suddenly they let out several sneezes one after the other.

    If its just a one-time thing then watching them can be quite amusing. Most of the time there is no reason to worry as its normal for humans also to occasionally sneeze in a row. Although, if this occurrence is repeated several times, then this is more than a laughing matter. You have a serious issue on your hands.

    The reason which can cause your cat to sneeze multiple times in a row could be as minor as some foreign object getting stuck in their nasal cavity to even having cancer in some extreme cases.

    In this article, we will answer all your questions and concerns. So, lets get started.

    How Can I Stop My Dog From Sneezing

    Is cat sneezing serious? Can cat sneezing infect humans?

    Sneezing is a normal reflex, so its impossible to prevent it or stop your dog from sneezing completely. Vacuuming regularly and avoiding spraying aerosols can help minimise the chance of irritation. Its also a good idea to regularly check your dog to make sure nothing has got stuck in their nose. Finally, visiting the vet will help pick up on any issues or underlying causes of sneezing as quickly as possible.

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    How Can I Cure My Cat Who Is Suffering From Feline Calicivirus

    Unfortunately, there is no treatment to stop Calicivirus. However, the next best thing you can do is offer supportive care for your cat while its immune system fights the virus.

    Most of the cats suffering from Feline Calicivirus can be treated at home, but in some odd cases, they might need intensive nursing care.

    Is Cat Sneezing Serious

    It depends on whether the cause is environmental or a disease.

    Sometimes the irritants that trigger the sneeze reflex are environmentallike dust, mold, or pollenwhich the cat inhales, causing them to sneeze. In these cases, sneezing is usually not serious, especially if seen in an isolated episode.

    More often, though, cat sneezing is caused by one or more disease processes.

    Most commonly, a viral infection is the initial problem, with subsequent inflammation and bacterial infections causing damage to the architecture inside the nose, perpetuating the problem.

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    Other Cat Sneezing Symptoms To Look For

    Often, sneezing isnt the only symptom when there is a larger underlying condition. Dr. Lee suggests pet parents and pet sitters who notice frequent sneezing look for pawing at the nose, bloody discharge, loss of appetite, hiding, fever and lethargy, as these additional symptoms may indicate a serious condition that will need to be treated immediately.

    The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine also cautions pet parents to be on the lookout for bad breath in addition to frequent sneezing, as this may indicate dental abscesses or gum disease, which can both be painful and pose a serious risk to your cats health.

    When Is It Time To See A Vet

    Excessive Cat Sneezing: When Should I Worry?

    Since many of these conditions are uncomfortable or painful, its never a bad idea to take your cat to the vet as soon as you notice a problem, even if sneezing is the only symptom.

    However, these signs are more serious and require a vet visit sooner rather than later:

    • Loss of appetite

    • Persistence of symptoms beyond a few days

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    Cat Sneezing Why It Happens When A Vet Trip Might Be

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    What Can I Give My Cat For Sneezing

    2) Change to a low-dust cat litter bigger granules dont clump as well, but they give off less dust. 3) Add moisture to the air, with a vaporizer, steam from a hot shower, or boiling kettle of water. 4) Apply saline nose drops to help thin mucus in the nasal passages and relieve irritation that may cause sneezing.

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    Cat Sneezing: Causes And When Its A Concern

    Have you noticed your cat sneezing often? If so, you might be concerned that theres a serious underlying problem causing this symptom. The good news is that most cat sneezing causes are not fatal ones, and that they can mostly be treated or managed with proper vet care.

    Read through the article below to find out more about some of the most common causes of sneezing in cats and when these causes might require a visit to the vet.

    What To Look For

    When to worry about your Dog Coughing and Sneezing!

    In addition to monitoring any excessive sneezing, you should also pay attention to your kitty’s nasal discharge. “Sneezing and nasal discharge can appear together or can occur as separate problems. They are associated with disorders of the nasal cavity, nasal sinuses, or both,” explains VCA Animal Hospital. “While an occasional sneeze is perfectly normal, repeated bouts of vigorous sneezing suggests irritation of the nasal cavity.” In addition to sneezing and nasal discharge, symptoms including eye discharge, loss of appetite, lethargy and coughing may indicate your kitty is suffering from an infection.

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