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When To Feed Kittens Cat Food

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What & How to Feed Kittens age 4 to 6 Weeks old

Pick up some wet kitten food, making sure that it says “kitten.” Kitten food is higher in calories, fat and protein that the kitten needs to help grow big and strong. Wet food is the healthiest choice for kittens to start off with, as the moisture content will help them stay healthy and hydrated. However, some kittens may prefer dry food, and thats okay as long as you choose a healthy kitten kibble. You’ll also want to pick up some shallow food dishes so the kitten can easily access the food.

Why Is My Cat Only Eating Wet Food

Sometimes a cat will eat wet food if it hurts. Attempting to crush the dry food makes you uncomfortable. It is possible that this is a sign of diabetes and other diseases, but other issues may also be present.

If you suspect your cat may be suffering from a urinary tract infection , you should see your veterinarian immediately. Your veterinarian will be able to determine the cause of the UTI and prescribe a course of antibiotics to treat the infection.

What Else Do Kittens Require As They Get Older

During the early days and weeks of your kittens life, mothers milk is a crucial source of nourishment, but as they grow older, its critical that they develop a healthy taste for solid foods and begin to wean. Most kittens will gradually wean themselves off of their mothers milk and onto kitten food.

The kitten loses interest in their mothers milk and instead shows an interest in her meals, stealing mouthfuls and preferring meat over milk. Weaning usually occurs around the age of four weeks, thus good quality kitten food should be offered at this time.

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What Is The Difference Between Kitten And Cat Food

Our cats are obligate carnivores, and once theyre off their mothers milk, theyll need a meat-based diet in order to survive and thrive. Taurine and protein are especially important for their development, while carbohydrates are not a good option since theyre not as easily digestible. As a result, the best cat foods typically have higher protein and lower carbohydrate content.

This rule that applies to the feline species, isnt the only thing we should pay attention to when it comes to our cats diet. Its also important to understand that each life stage of a cat requires different nutritional attention.

According to Ryan Llera, BSc, DVM Kitten, adult cat, senior, and geriatric cats are four significant life stages we need to address nutritionally. He also adds that diet is extremely important for a growing kitten.

For this reason, foods that are designed for kittens have the right nutritional value and requirements for a growing tiny ball of fur to develop into a magnificent adult cat, something an adult cat food simply cannot offer.

Is Commercial Cat Food Necessary For Cats

Feeding Your Kitten

We keep dry food as recommended by our vet available at all times to our cat. He greatly prefers the wet food, and most weeks doesnt even touch the dry food. Still, I dont want to have to worry that Im not giving him enough, so I do have a feeder for Bob that always has dry food in it.

I dont think that a little dry food here and there is bad for cats, but I would always want to have raw meat, including organ meats, as the main part of their diet.

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How Much To Feed Your Kitten

Once kittens are around 8 weeks old, they can start to eat wet food as they wean off their mother cats milk. Make sure whatever brand you choose is formulated for the growth and development stage. This means it will contain all the vitamins and minerals that your kitten needs to grow up big and strong. Kittens should always be fed wet food to start with because its much easier for them to eat and digest. Once theyre comfortable eating wet food, you can transition them to kibble. Add a little kitten formula to soften up the kibble as they get used to eating it.

We recommend the following amounts as a starting point. Always double-check the quantities advised by each individual manufacturer, and ask your vet for more advice if youre unsure.

150300 wet food or 5085 kibble 2

How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Meowing At Dinner Time

When your cat cries, stop feeding her because she may meow for food. She should be fed at least twice a day so that she learns not to ask for food at other times. If that does not work, you may need to purchase an automatic feeder that can be set up to open at a specific time.

How To Keep Your Cats Stomach Healthy

You should feed your cat two meals a day, but if they do not eat within 12 hours, their stomachs may become hyperacidic and nauseated. You can help your cats stomach stay healthy and her energy levels rise by changing the internal clock to play time in the evenings before bedtime or all day.

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How Much To Feed Your Cat

As your kitten approaches their first birthday, you can start to think about transitioning them to an adult cat food. These should be labeled as formulated for the maintenance stage. Use these quantities as a guide, but remember to adjust them depending on the activity levels and health of your cat.

We recommend the following amounts as a starting point. Always double-check the quantities advised by each individual manufacturer, and ask your vet for more advice if youre unsure.

Cat age
160365 wet food or

60105 kibble


As your cat ages, you may decide to switch them to a brand designed specifically to meet the needs of older cats. These are supplemented with ingredients like glucosamine and omega-3 oils, designed to help your cats joints. Your vet will be best placed to advise you about what will work best for your cat.

We Avoided Foods That Contained Animal By

Foster Kittens Trying Wet Food for the First Time (so cute)

Animal by-products are one of the most misunderstood ingredients in cat food.

Most people have responded to the AAFCO definition of byproducts with the same sort of nausea that you might feel if served a platter of these ingredients at a restaurant. And yet much of the products that fall into the definition of by-products are highly-nourishing parts of an animal carcass that your cat would love to eat. And theres nothing disgusting about that.

Digestibility and quality control are the real problems with animal by-products. These vaguely-specified ingredients may be produced from any number of animal parts from any number of different animals.

A former AAFCO president once emphasized how loosely regulated these ingredients are that You dont know if its cattle or sheep or horse or Fluffy.

Besides not knowing what type of animals contributed to the by-product stew, you dont know if it contains more wholesome liver or nutritionally void chicken feet. If you want to ensure maximum protein digestibility, avoid meat by-products and other vaguely-named ingredients like meat, poultry, and meat and bone meal.

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Can Kittens Eat Adult Cat Food Everything You Need To Now

We all as cat parents want the best for our kittens and grown-up cats for their overall well-being. Learning how to properly feed a kitten and training her to be around both humans and other household pets can seem daunting at first. With time and effort, it can become a part of your daily habit easily.

Balanced nutrition is essential for raising a healthy future adult cat, so dont skimp on your kittys food.

Being a pet parent can be difficult, but it can also be extremely rewarding. If you have a pet, especially a cat, you will appreciate the love and comfort they provide, even if they are only sitting on your lap. However, in order for them to survive and be healthy, you must supply them with the proper diet, which changes depending on whether they are kittens or adult cats.

Kittens are like infant children that have their own basic requirements to sustain life and for overall good health. Kittens nutrition requirements are different from that of an adult cat, and therefore you should avoid giving your kittens eat adult cat food as much as possible.

Kitten food is designed keeping in mind the requirements of your growing kitten, so a kitten diet is necessary to meet those requirements. However, if the food label indicates its created for all life stages, its fine to feed to both kittens and adult cats.

Why Should You Switch To Adult Cat Food Once The Kitten Grows Up

Kittens have a fast rate of growth and development, as well as being lively and energetic. Kitten food has additional calories, protein, and fat to sustain active, developing kittens.

It also contains DHA, which aids with brain and visual development, as well as vitamins and minerals for their growing immune systems.

Cats dont require the same amounts of those nutrients until they reach adulthood. Furthermore, because cats are frequently less energetic, feeding them high-calorie kitten food may result in weight gain.

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What Cat Personality Suits You

Cats offer a variety of distinctive personality types, ranging from puppy-like cuddliness to feigned disinterest. Some cats are constantly on the go, exploring and poking into this and that, while others are certified nap ninjas. Vocally, they can be chatty catties or more taciturn souls. In short, you have a wide spectrum of personality types to choose from which is what makes cats such fascinating and easy-to-love pets.

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First We Looked For Foods With Low Carbohydrate Content

Whatâs the Best Food to Feed Your Cats?

Cats use a process called gluconeogenesis to convert protein into glucose. Unlike in people, it is protein, not carbohydrate matter, which is the main type of fuel used to maintain a cats blood glucose concentrations.

Cats can metabolize carbohydrates instead of protein, but its not ideal. Cats are mildly insulin resistant, similar to a person with diabetes. And sustained carbohydrate intake could make your cat more likely to develop diabetes over time.

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Kitten Feeding Schedule: How Much Food Kittens Need

Just like human babies, kittens do a lot of growing in the first year of their lives. The kind of food and how much a kitten consumes directly affects their growth rate and development. By making sure a kitten is on a proper feeding schedule, you’ll be able to monitor your kitten’s growth and ensure they are receiving appropriate nutrition.

Six Months To One Year

Your kittens growth will have slowed and, although they are still growing and changing body shape, he will need far fewer calories. Whether they stay on kitten food or change to adult food varies depending on their breed and whether theyve been neutered your vet can help you decide.

At this age, two feeds a day is fine, and this frequency of feeding will continue right through your cats adult life. Having said this, wild cats eat several smaller meals each day, so if your cat is more of a grazer then you can do this too. The most important thing is to make sure his recommended daily calories are split between the meals so that you know, no matter how often he eats the number of calories per 24 hours is still the same.

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Placing Cat Food In An Elevated Area

The most humane and easy way for keeping slugs away is to keep the bowl away from the reach of slugs. Place your cat food in a tall place like over a flower pot and then spray the external surface of the pot with water or oil which will make it slippery. Due to this, the slugs wont be able to cling to the surface but your cat will easily get there. This technique wont harm anyone.

Best For Indoor Cats: Iams Perfect Portions Indoor Adult Grain

How to Wean Kittens

With so many options to choose from , it can be hard to pinpoint a best overall pick for canned wet food. However, Dr. Nelson thinks this variety pack from Iams is an excellent choice if you want to support your indoor catâs overall well-being: Itâs soft, easy to chew, and made without any grains or artificial preservatives. Each easy-peel tray also comes in convenient portions, so you can give your pet a balanced meal without worrying that you might be serving them too much food.

Buy it:Chewy

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Why Its Crucial To Calculate How Much Food To Feed A Cat

You might wonder why its important to determine the exact amount of wet cat food you should give your cat? As of 2017, an estimated 60 percent of cats in the US are classified as clinically overweight or obese. Thats about 56.5 million cats who are too heavy, and extra weight has a dramatic, negative effect on feline health.

Overweight cats are at an increased risk for congestive heart failure, skin disorders, infections, diabetes mellitus, complications associated with anesthesia and surgery, hepatic lipidosis , and some types of cancer.

Feeding cats wet food is never as simple as just opening up a can and letting them eat until theyre full. Indoor cats, in particular, tend to burn few calories throughout the day, and they become bored, which we all know can lead to excessive eating and weight gain. Pet parents need to take a strategic approach to measuring out cat food to prevent or deal with weight gain in cats.

How To Switch From Kitten Food To Cat Food

Transitioning from kitten food to adult cat food must be done gradually. A cats digestive system is home to lots of bacteria and yeast that aid in the digestion of food, fight off potential pathogens, make vitamins and other nutrients, and bolster the immune system. These microbes must be kept happy!

When the diet is abruptly changed, gastrointestinal microbes may not have time to adjust, which can lead to signs of digestive upset including vomiting and diarrhea. Further, when suddenly faced with a new food many cats will refuse to eat.

Slowly transition your kitten to an adult diet over seven to 10 days as follows:

  • Days 1 and 2, add ¼ of the new diet to ¾ of the old diet
  • Days 3 and 4, add ½ of the new diet to ½ of the old diet
  • Days 5 and 6, add ¾ of the new diet to ¼ of the old diet
  • Day 7 to 10, complete transitioning to adult cat food

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The Best Cat Food On The Market: Our Top Picks

At the top of the list is Smalls Cat Food. Its hard to beat this wet foods combination of outstanding protein content, emphasis on animal-sourced ingredients, and exclusion of additives that might harm your cat over time.

Though it satisfies our requirements for the best wet cat food, this product isnt perfect for everyone. Our product roundup includes options for cats and people of all kinds.

Youll find raw foods, products well-suited to cats with sensitive stomachs, and options that will help your cat lose weight.

Adolescence Stage: 6 To 12 Months

Kitten Feeding Schedule

As kittens approach adult size, their nutritional requirements begin to change again. Their rate of growth begins to slow, activity levels may decline and they can start eating fewer, larger meals each day. During this stage, kittens begin to look like adults, but they are still growing and need the special nutrition found in kitten food. Continue feeding your adolescent kitten a high-quality kitten food, such as Opens a new windowIAMS ProActive Health Healthy Kitten with Chicken. During the adolescent growth stage, many cat owners are tempted to change a kittens food for variety. But cats do not get bored with a consistent diet of high-quality dry food, and giving a kitten human food and table scraps can lead to undesirable behaviors, such as begging or stealing food.

Additionally, feeding homemade diets, food formulated for adult cats or supplementing an already complete and balanced diet with vitamins could cause nutritional disorders. You can, however, supplement your kittens dry food with a nutrient-dense Opens a new windowwet kitten or all-life-stages food for a nutritious and tasty

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Rapid Growth Stage: 2 To 6 Months

After kittens are weaned, they enter a stage of rapid growth, which lasts until theyre 6 months old. They need a high-quality, balanced diet with every bite packed with the nutrients and energy needed to sustain such rapid development. The best choice is a premium kitten food with animal-based proteins. It should be highly digestible, nutrient-dense and designed to meet kittens unique nutritional needs, such as .Kittens require twice as much energy as adult cats on a per-pound basis. But their smaller mouths, teeth and stomachs limit the amount of food they can digest during a single meal. Its best to divide the total daily food amount recommended on the kitten food packaging into three or four smaller meals.

There Is No Cause For Alarm If Your Cat Poops As Many Times Because The Moisture In This Food Helps Fasten Digestion

But always check with your veterinarian to ensure that youre providing the best possible diet for your furry friend. And the dry cat food has averaged 10 percent of water. You should remember that an individual cats needs may vary by as much as 50% from these calculated values, and that it is always necessary to modify feeding quantities depending on how a cats body weight changes over time.

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