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Why Do Cats Need A Litter Box

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Should You Move Your Cats Litter Box

Vet Guide | Why Do Cats Urinate Outside The Litter Box?

Moving your cats litter box is not ideal this is because it can confuse your cat and may unsettle its routine. Cats hate changes and it can sometimes cause anxiety for them. However, if the location change is mandatory then you have no choice.

A good to get away with this is to introduce the location changes discreetly. This may sound impossible but you can use a new litter tray in a new location and see how your cat responds first.

If it takes to the new location fine, then remove the old litter box or replace the new litter tray in the new location, if that makes sense?

Why Do Cats Use Litter Boxes Animal Instincts

If someone throws a punch at your face, youre not just going to stand there with no reaction. You will try to block the punch, move your head, or at least flinch. This is instinct.

All animals have instinctual behaviors and that includes your domesticated cat. Once upon a time, the ancestors of your cat successfully lived on their own in the wild. They could hide from predators, catch prey, and find food to live and reproduce. And you might be surprised to hear that the simple act of using a litter box is actuallyyep, you guessed itinstinctual.

Happy Cat Happy Owner

So, next time you see your kitty digging in the litter or quickly running away after their business is done and buried you know it is just their natural survival instincts.

If youre deciding on which kind of litter to use, remember the background of litter and find the one you think your cat will be most comfortable with using .

If your cat is not utilizing the litter box you can take these steps to help encourage their natural behaviours:

  • Make sure the litter box is clean.
  • Try a different type of cat litter, maybe try one that is more similar to what the cat would use if outside.
  • Move the litter box to a place that is more familiar and open, remember that your cat will want to feel safe and have quick escape routes from the area.
  • Need more options? Lay out several litter boxes with different substances so your cat can pick the preferred option. Once your cat is happy with one of the boxes you can remove the others.

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Do Cats Need Access To Litter Box At Night

Cats do need access to a litter box at night, yes. In fact, its often more important that they have access to a clean litter box overnight than during the day.

I say this because cats are nocturnal, or some people refer to them as being crepuscular, both of which means theyre more active during dawn to dusk hours.

These are the hours when were typically asleep, right?

So, if your cat needs a toilet stop in the night and is trapped in your bedroom, for example, you might not be aware that they need to relieve themselves.

This means youre risking waking up to cat pee or poop on your floor. Which, Im sure youre well aware if you own a cat is not pleasant to clean up.

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Should I Choose Clumping Or Non

What to Do If a Cat Is Laying in Its Litter Box

Cat litter comes in either clumping or non-clumping varieties. As the name suggests, clumping litter clumps together when your cat goes to the toilet on it. This makes it easy to scoop out small parts of the litter as necessary. Non-clumping litter simply absorbs urine, which means you will need to change the whole litter tray at regular intervals. Whichever you choose, if the tray starts to smell you may need to change the type of litter you use or clean the litter tray more regularly.

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Why Does My Cat Watch Me Clean His Litter

Home » Cats » Health & Care » Why Does My Cat Watch Me Clean His Litter?

Cleaning my cats litter box is a daily part of my life as a cat owner. If theres one thing that makes me wonder, its that my cat keeps watching me while I am cleaning his litter box. Im not entirely sure if this is normal behavior, but it somehow makes me conscious. Its like my cat is trying to check if Im cleaning his high-sided litter box correctly.

Curious about this behavior, I decided to find out more. Surprisingly, Im not the only cat owner who is experiencing this. If youre in this same situation, here are some possible reasons why your cat is watching you clean his litter.

Why Is My Cat Pooping On My Couch 7 Menacing Facts

Every moment of having a pet, there are always good and bad things. Theres nothing more annoying than cat pooping everywhere, including on our couches. To solve this particular problem, we must find out the reason for your cat pooping on couch.

Why is my cat pooping on my couch? If your cat is used to pooping in the litter box and suddenly switches on your couch every time they poop, some things that make your cat uncomfortable poop in the litter box. Or there are other problems when the cat cant control their poop, like diarrhea or constipation.

To prevent cat poop on the couch problems, you need to know how to discipline your cats and keep your couches clean. Are you curious about it? Lets find out in this article.

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Final Verdict Why Is My Cat Pooping On My Couch

Cats are smart animals and know where to pass urine or stool. Sometimes cats can do it just about anywhere, but theres always a reason why they do it.

Cats are pooping on your couch because their litter box is uncomfortable or something bothering them in that area. Or the cat doesnt like the location or shape of your litter box.

Another possibility is that the cat is having diarrhea or constipation. They cant control their stool before it reaches the litter box and ends up pooping on your couch. Do not punish your cat for this, look for possibilities that caused the cat to do that.

Where Should I Put The Litter Boxes


Placing the litter boxes next to each other is a common mistake that many owners make.

Thats because the cats see the two boxes as one, not separate toilets.

One of the cats might claim both boxes and block the second cat from using them.

You want to place two litter boxes on opposite ends of the house to give your cats privacy.

The third box should be somewhere in the middle so that neither cat can guard it.

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The Litter Box From Your Cats Point Of View

Lisa A. Pierson, DVM

Urinating and defecating outside of the litter box, also known as inappropriate elimination, is one of the most common reasons for a cat to be relinquished to a shelter or, in some cases, abused. Sadly, in most cases it is the fault of the human in charge of the litter box duties making this an appropriate elimination issue because who would want to walk in their own urine and feces?

The fault usually involves a dirty box or one that is too small and it is perfectly appropriate for a cat to seek out a cleaner place to do his or her elimination. Wouldnt you consider doing the same thing if you were not offered a clean bathroom?

Punishing these cats is not only inhumane but is ineffective and will often make things worse.

When someone is asked how often they flush their toilet, the answer is usually, every time it is used, of course! We all know how repulsive porta-potties are and we are not even asked to walk around in our own waste like humans often ask of their cats!

So why do we expect our cats to use dirty litter boxes instead of just going some place else?

Humans seem to forget that a cats sense of smell is infinitely more sensitive than our own. Add to this the instinctive nature of the cat to be clean and it is easy to see how a dirty litter box often spells disaster.

Please click on the links below to read more about the key issues concerning litter boxes.

***Inappropriate elimination***

Can Cats Poop On The Couch Due To Behavioral Reasons

Several factors can cause a cats habit to change from being accustomed to defecating on a litter box to pooping on your couch.

Check your cats behavior when looking at their litter box. If cats dont want their litter box because of its size, color, or location, they will never poop in that box.

The second possibility is that your cat is under stress. If your cat is stressed out after a fight with another animal, or theyre in a new environment, your cat will do whatever calms the cat down.

Third, because they want to mark their territory. If you put a new cat in your home, your old cat will poop on your couch to ensure their territory is not taken over by the new occupants.

Why is my cat pooping on my couch? It is often a behavior problem that is a little harder to understand. Cats that poop on furniture or the couch may not be able to hold their bladders.

When your cat has diarrhea or constipation, they cant hold their stool and can get out wherever they are.

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Your Cat Disliked The Type Of Litter

Your cat may dislike the type of litter. Revisit our section on types of litter and give each type a try.

Kittens can be particular about the way the litter feels on the feet. This can lead to them missing slightly as they try not to stand on the litter. Or, your kitten may outright avoid the offending litter box altogether.

Can You Have A Cat Without A Litter Box

Automatic Kitty Litter Box Reviews

Having a cat in your home without a litter box is a big no-no. Without a litter box in your home, you can expect your cat to pee and poo all over your house. And if you know anything about cats, youll know that their poop and urine smell very awful and will most likely leave your home smelling bad.

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Do Cats Like To Be In The Dark

Cats do like the dark but they are classified as crepuscular. Meaning they are known to be more active at dusk & dawn hours of the day. These hours are not night time so they cannot be classed as nocturnal like an owl.

But, domesticated cats have really adapted to their owners schedule and may not be noticeably active during these hours for that reason.

What Kind Of Litter Do You Need For A Kitten

There are plenty of good choices for kitten litter, but theyre not all the same litters that you can use for an older cat. You need litter with larger granules to help prevent them from sticking to their paws. Additionally, kittens have more sensitive paws, so a softer litter is a good choice.

Common litters that work great for kittens include paper litter, coconut litter, non-clumping clay, or crystal litters. These litters are soft on paws and non-clumping, which makes them excellent for kittens.

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What Type Of Litter Tray Should I Use

Every cat is an individual with their own likes and dislikes, but most cats prefer to use a litter tray that is easy to get into and large enough for them to turn around in with ease.

The majority of litter trays are plastic and rectangular but there is a wide variety available, from simple cardboard disposable litter trays to elaborate, automatic devices.

Automatic, self-cleaning litter trays are a popular idea for many owners, but the motor noises and vibrations caused by the self-cleaning process can be disturbing for cats and may even deter them from using it.

Increases The Chance Of Finding Symptoms Of Illness Through Poop Inspection

How to Train Your Cat to Use a Litter Box (Petco)

There are a number of symptoms from diarrhea to worms that can easily be seen if youre scooping your cats poop out of a litter box. These could be the first indications of a sick cat, and they could also be a useful hint amongst other possible symptoms that might help your vet be able to diagnose an ill kitty.

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As Your Cat Ages He Or She May No Longer Want To Go Outside As Much

Cats get old just as we do, and while a lot of them maintain quite a reasonable level of activity and continue to behave like slightly calmer versions of their older selves when they get old, there are cats who become very anxious around other cats and very stressed about going outdoors in general as they hit their elder-years. Early litter training by always having at least one litter box inside may make life easier when your cat gets old, as the transition wont be so difficult if you dont have to teach an old cat a new trick.

Two Boxes Promote Good Bathroom Habits

As I already said, the litter box is a sacred place for your cat.

If something isnt right with it, the cat will start to avoid the litter box and do their business elsewhere.

It might be that youre not cleaning the box often enough, it smells funny or is occupied when your cat has to go.

The result would be that your cat will have a negative experience with the box.

If that happens, your cat might develop a surface preference and will keep using the carpet, bathroom tiles, or another spot as a bathroom.

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Top Reasons For A Cat To Stop Using The Litter Box:

  • Dirty litter box
  • Poor choice of litter form
  • Poor location of litter box
  • Blocked from the box by a dominant feline housemate
  • Unable to relax and get to the box, or use it, due to fear of a strange human, dog, active child, loud noise, etc., in the house environment
  • Box size is too small
  • Too few boxes
  • Medical problem This should always be a serious consideration.

Many medical issues such as diabetes, cystitis , bladder stones, and a partial urethral blockage can cause a cat to stop using his litter box. Please see Feline Urinary Tract Health for more information.

Please also note that most urinary tract problems can be avoided by feeding canned food not dry food. The increased water content and the decreased carbohydrate content of canned food are healthier for your cat than dry food. Please see my Feeding Your Cat and Feline Diabetes articles on this site.

  • Punish your cat for not using the litter box.
  • Put a child in charge of litter box maintenance.

Scoop litter boxes at least twice daily removing both feces and urine.

It is critical to be able to remove both the feces and the urine each time the box is cleaned. Clumping litter is the only type of litter that allows for this to be done completely. Complete removal of the urine is not possible with the non-clumping clay litters, the white pearl litters and any type of pelleted litters such as newspaper or pine.

Choosing A Litter Box

Why Do Cats Bury Their Waste?

A litter box should be large enough to provide a cat with ample room to eliminate its waste. A well-stocked pet store will have many sizes to choose from. Consider the size of your cat when selecting a litter box. For example, kittens may be fine with a smaller box to start but a very large breed of cat, such as an adult Maine Coon will need a much larger box. If a box is too small, a cat may leave its waste matter next to the box since its hind end hangs over the edge of the box during use.

Along with litter box size, your cat needs to be comfortable getting into and out if its litter box. Some boxes have very high sides that older, arthritic cats have difficulty climbing into. If you have an older cat or cat with mobility issues that is suddenly not wanting to use the litter box, make sure it’s not because it’s too difficult for your cat to climb into it.

Finally, avoid enclosed litter boxes. Enclosed litter boxes are dark, hold in smells, and are not inviting for a cat to eliminate inside of. These qualities make a cat less likely to want to use a litter box and instead encourages them to go outside the box.

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How Often Should You Clean Litter Box

How often to clean litter box? As soon as you become aware of the dirt. If there is any evidence of pee or feces on the plastic, simply wipe them away with a moist wipe. Allowing them to dry will make them more difficult to remove.

If you are unable to wipe the dirt away, empty the box and wash it with soap and hot water.

Check the box while youre changing the litter if youre using non-clumping litter. Is there any evidence of urine or filth on the bottom, or anywhere else? That would be an excellent time to fully clean the box.

Keep an eye on the litter box if youre using clumping litter. How often to change clumping litter box? Its feasible to just keep topping up the box if you dont notice any unclean spots or odor concerns. You may conduct a full thorough wash every few months or even once a year.

When its time to change your cats litter, clean the litter pan first. This will help you avoid odors and upset cats. The safest alternative is to clean your cats tray with hot water and mild dish detergent. Youll be able to add fresh litter to give a clean toilet to your cat after complete cleaning and drying.

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