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Why Is My Cat Being So Needy

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A Needy Cat Vs A Demanding Cat: What’s The Difference


Needy cats feel insecure and nervous if they aren’t around you. Demanding cats, on the other hand, feel almost too secure. They take the idea of an independent and precocious cat to the extreme.

Here are a few signs of a demanding cat:

  • Your cat is super vocal and will yowl or yell at you when it’s meal time.
  • Your cat always wakes you up in the morning by yowling, mewing, or even kneading you with her paws.Come on, wake up time! If I’m up, you’re up.
  • Your cat frequently jumps on you, furniture, the counters, or other areas in your home without asking your permission, even if you’ve tried to discipline her in the past.
  • Your cat will paw and meow at you until you pick her up.
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    In other words, a demanding cat is overly confident while a needy cat has low self-confidence. Demanding cats have somehow found a way to wrap you around their little paws and manipulate you so that you’re always at their beck and call.

    Needy cats, on the other hand, aren’t actively trying to manipulate you per se. But their general skittishness and insecurity may manipulate you by default, since you find yourself tolerating and reinforcing an undesirable behavior.

    While they seem similar, demanding vs. needy cats require different approaches when it comes to dealing with their behavior. Knowing which description fits your kitty will help you help her become a healthier and independent creature.

    Your Cat Is Getting Old

    It is common for cats to develop new emotional needs as they age. Whereas they may have been happy to be relatively independent previously, their old age could mean they are craving extra love and attention. All of a sudden, they may not want to leave your side.

    In most cases, this is nothing to worry about. As cats age, their sense of sight and sense of hearing deteriorate. This could mean they just prefer to stick with who and what they know. Being with you all the time gives them an extra sense of safety and security.

    However, senior cats are more prone to developing a range of health conditions, and illness is another cause of cats becoming suddenly affectionate, which I will talk more about later. Therefore, if you do notice your older cat is suddenly clingy, you should take them to the vet for a general check-up just to make sure nothing major is wrong.

    Consider Adopting A Friend

    If all else fails, consider adopting another cat for your furry friend to play with. Two cats can keep each other company. Chances are your cat will soon be spending most of his time with his new friend and allowing you to get work done.

    A clingy cat may seem like a problem to some owners. When you get a cat, you almost expect an animal that is going to be okay doing his own thing. Thankfully, there are things you can do to retrain your cat to be less clingy and less of a needy cat.

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    Three: Help Your Cat Be Independent

    Alongside practicing social distancing with your healthy cat, make your cat realize that they can enjoy their life without you by their side every minute of every day. Your kitty may feel insecure when left alone, so give them an enriched environment full of interactive toys or adopt a new kitten to be their friend while you arent home.

    Why Is My Cat So Clingy 5 Potential Reasons For This Behavior

    Why Is My Cat Being So Clingy All Of a Sudden?

    Cats are often praised for being incredibly low maintenance pets. Besides feeding them their meals, cats practically do everything on their own, including bathing, going to the bathroom, and relaxing. Despite the normalcy of cats being independent, there are times when they can become overly needy.

    In most cases, an overly clingy cat is a sign that something is wrong, but the exact issue will differ from cat to cat. This article will look at potential reasons why your cat is so clingy and some things you can do to reduce your cats clinginess. Let us get started.

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    Theres A Baby In My Bed

    Ever shared your bed with a baby or a toddler? Its a nightmare, isnt it? Cats are infinitely worse because evolution has designed them to be light sleepers at night, just in case they need to wake up and kill something to eat. So theyre up and down, all over the bed, treading on your face, your hair, your pillow and generally making a nuisance of themselves!

    My Cat Only Wants Attention At Night

    A cat that is needy after dark is more concerning. The biggest issue is obviously one of frustration for you. A cat that verbalizes and claws after dark will disturb your sleep. This can leave you feeling resentful toward your cat.

    If your cat is growing older, be mindful of the risk of cognitive decline. Felines aged fifteen or over can start to become senile. Clinginess and reversed sleep-waking cycles are key symptoms of this issue. Veterinary Clinics: Small Animal Practice also recommends looking out for the following behaviors:

    • Inappropriate elimination
    • Changes in interactive behavior, i.e. not recognizing owners
    • General disorientation in movement
    • Staring into space and at walls for seemingly no reason

    If you feel that your cat is experiencing cognitive deficiency, seek professional advice. There is no cure for feline cognitive decline. The progress of the problem can be slowed with medication and lifestyle changes, though.

    Its also possible that your cat is anxious in the dark. Cats like to guard territory by looking out of the window after dark. If the cat saw a predator, it will understandably be frightened. It will seek protection from you.

    The best way to manage nocturnal neediness is through routine. Play with your cat late in the evening, then feed and groom it. This will leave the cat ready for a long slumber. The later this is, the likelier the cat will sleep all night and leave you alone.

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    Signs You Have A Needy Cat

    Verily, there are few things in this life sweeter than the affections of a doting cat. But when you find yourself more often annoyed than enraptured, you could have a needy cat on your hands. Here are a few telltale signs:

    • Kitty follows you everywhere. You have to be careful about making sharp turns because you might accidentally kick her in the face.
    • Kitty positions herself directly on top of, or in front of, whatever you happen to be using.
    • Kitty stares at you constantly. Usually from close proximity sometimes from dark corners.
    • Kitty refuses to be left aloneattempting to spend a few solitary minutes in the bathroom leads to yowling and scratching at the door.
    • Kitty seizes any opportunity to rub against you or cling to your body.
    • Kitty may not eat unless youre home.

    This is not to be confused, however, with

    Sita, our resident DAK

    Your Cat Is The New Kid

    Why Is My Cat Affectionate All Of A Sudden? (3 Reasons!)

    We are sure you noticed that we like metaphors by now, so brace yourself for another one: Did you ever walk into a room full of humans you didnt know at all? A scenario like this can become a bit uncomfortable, especially if you are not the outgoing, extrovert type of person.

    When you introduce a cat to a household with other members, it can feel the same way. Who is my friend? Who is my enemy?. Your kitty unconsciously thinks about that.

    You, as its caretaker, radiate a sense of security that your kitty will hang on to. Its a smart move. It stays in the safe zone while analyzing the environment, slowly getting to know its hierarchical structure and other aspects.

    If this applies to your situation, you can rest assured that it will solve itself within the next few weeks. As sad as it may sound, your kitty will get more confident and move out into the world more often, sitting less and less by your side. Oh, how fast they grow.

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    Why Does My Cat Want So Much Attention Lately

    Why does my cat want so much attention? Your cat may be trying to get your attention constantly just because he or she knows you will give him or her food. Your cat may be bored, and using you as entertainment. Your cat may have too much energy and may be asking you to engage him or her in playtime.

    Signs Your Cat Is Clingy

    If you are a new cat owner, it can be challenging to know the difference between a typical cat and a clingy one. Here are some common signs of an overly clingy cat:

    • The cat follows you everywhere.
    • The cat meows loudly or scratches when they are not allowed to follow you.
    • The cat always rubs against you.
    • The cat sits on objects while you are using them.
    • The cat will not eat or drink without you being present.

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    First Things First: Talk With Your Veterinarian

    If it is a medical issue, often addressing the underlying cause will help. If it is a behavioral issue, veterinarians often have many suggestions on how to keep your kitties calm, says Gibbons. Ask your veterinarian if it would be beneficial to work with a veterinary behaviorist or certified cat behavior consultant.

    Q: Why Is My Cat Clingy Today

    Why Is My Cat Being So Clingy All Of A Sudden

    A: Ask yourself if anything has changed in your cats environment that may have scared them or made them feel stressed out. Some cats who suddenly exhibit clingy behavior with their human may have experienced a shock or been startled. Not all cats hide away when theyre scared. If your cat is suddenly seeking comfort, give it to them.

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    Tricks Older Cats Use To Get Your Attention

    Another trick cats use to get attention is to reach out and push something off the countertop with their paw. Cats usually do this when we are there to watch it happen. If your attention is focused elsewhere, your cat may just reach out with its paw and swipe at an item, pushing it off the table to the floor. This is your catâs way of saying, âHey, look at me! Play with me!â

    Cat Talk: Your cat will tell you what he needs through vocalization.

    If your cat wants attention, he will find a way to show you. Your cat may become more clingy as he ages, wanting to be with you every moment of the day or night. If your cat has lost some of his sensory perception, being with his human companion may be a stabilizing influence in his daily life. To learn more about caring for a senior cat go to How to Transition to Managing Old Cat Behavior.

    If your senior cat still likes to play, you should engage in play as often as he is willing. This is a great way to give your cat the attention he seeks and the activity will help to keep his aging body healthy.

    While some older cats become more aloof and less interactive, others become more needy. They seem to crave more attention. If your senior cat wants attention, make sure to give it to her. Give her plenty of lap time and talk to her sweetly. Show her that she is important to you. If she still likes to play, get one of her favorite toys and play together. Show your older cat plenty of love and affection and she will be happy.

    Finally Ease Your Cat Through Life Changes

    This is especially important if you know your cat has a tendency to become anxious, says Bennett. In general, cats dont like change, so unless its something that cant be avoided, take baby steps when it comes to helping your cat become comfortable with new pets, new people, and other changes in the home.

    It may not happen overnight, but with patience and consistent reinforcement, you can help a clingy cat feel secure enough to develop a healthy sense of confidence and independence.


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    Reducing Your Cats Clinginess

    Happily, theres actually a lot you can do to help even the clingiest cat develop a healthy measure of independence and resilience. Lets start with what not to do. Because clinginess stems from insecurity, avoid anything that will make your cat feel more insecure. Pushing your cat away, yelling at him, locking him away from you and the rest of his family, punishing him all these can make an unfortunate situation worse. Often, the best response isto give in.

    Many times, a short, intense burst of interaction will satisfy your cats immediate need for reassurance. Indulgence, paradoxically, actually fosters independence. So, rather than pushing your cat away, stop what youre doing and give him your full attention for a few minutes. Here are some other ways to help your cat:

    1. Stop making a big fuss when you leave the house. Keep departures and arrivals low-key.

    2. Ignore behaviors you want to discourage, while rewarding behaviors you want to encourage. If his constant yowling appears to have no effect on you, chances are that your cat will stop doing it.

    3. Always be patient and gentle with your cat, no matter how busy you are or how persistently he annoys you. Try not to yell at him.

    4. Rather than trying to stop a particular behavior, be ready with an enticing distraction .

    Needy Cat Needy Cat: Its Not Your Fault

    Why is My Cat DROOLING So Much? – Main Causes

    Of all their endearing qualities, its their independence that causes us to fall in love with felines. As a group, cats dont need their owners in the same wayother popular four-legged friends might . But what happens when an otherwise unfettered feline suddenly starts to follow you around, begging for attention? A needy cat may not necessarily set off every alarm, but any swift changes in behavior can definitely signal that somethings amiss.

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    Your Cat May Have Been Mistreated

    An outgoing cat can show signs of stress and may become clingy if it feels abused. If it acts differently when certain people or pets are around, this could indicate that the person or pet makes the cat feel uncomfortable or fearful of them.

    It could also have had a rough experience. Adopted cats from a shelter may have been rescued from a household where it was abused. Cats from these situations tend to be very clingy, especially towards people who show them affection and care.

    What Causes Seizures In Cats

    A recent study has shown that up to 41 % of cats have epilepsy from an unknown cause, however, seizures in cats are not always related to epilepsy. Seizures will occur in cats of all ages, and all breeds, however, it is more common to occur with older cats. Here are some of the reasons behind seizures in cats:

    • Tumors
    • Loss of consciousness

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    Why Is My Independent Cat So Clingy All Of The Sudden


    A lot of cats like their independence. Unlike dogs, these aloof furballs are praised for being low maintenance and taking care of themselves. Aside from mealtime, cats bathe, use the litter box and do pretty much everything else without the help of humans. Its hard to imagine such proud felines acting clingy, which is why a suddenly clingy kitty can raise some suspicion.

    If your cat has suddenly begun acting clingier than usual, you might be tempted to dismiss the behavior as bizarre and not give it a second thought. However, drastic changes in behavior one way or the other are not only strangetheyre usually cause for concern.

    While a trip to the vet is necessary to make sure your furry friend is okay, here are some common reasons why your independent cat is suddenly following at your heels.

    Why Is My Cat Being More Needy Than Usual

    My Cat Is So CLINGY

    Some of the things that can cause an independent dog or cat to feel insecure and become clingy are: a new baby, a child leaving for college or moving out of the home, the death of a human or animal family member, bringing another pet into the home, a change in their feeding or walking schedule, a change in your work

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    Things That An Overly Clingy Cat Do

    Do you find yourself asking this question: why is my cat being so clingy all of a sudden? If so, your cat is probably doing the following things:

    • Following you to the bathroom every single time
    • Scratching the door if you lock them out
    • Staring at you for long
    • Sitting in front of you, even on your computer
    • Not eating unless youre around
    • Too much rubbing and demanding to sit on your lap

    Why Is My Cat Being Clingy Study Your Own Behavior

    Despite your best intentions, theres a chance you could be contributing to your cats clinginess inadvertently by constantly rewarding their behavior. Cats may find the only relief comes from being in physical contact with their human, and in most cases, they get rewarded by getting the much-needed attention, says Bennett.

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    What If Its Separation Anxiety

    People with separation anxiety disorder feel extreme fear and discomfort when being away from loved ones. In many cases, they experience panic attacks and sadness.

    According to this clinical study, cats can also feel separation anxiety. However, they may experience it more when they are extremely clingy and needy with their pet parents. As a result, when you are away, your kitty may feel so insecure that she resorts to destructive behavior.

    If your cat is dealing with separation anxiety, the bond that you share may suffer irreparable damage.

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