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Where Can I Take My Cat To Be Rehomed

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Where Can I Take My Cat To Be Adopted

How To Cope With Rehoming A Cat

You can take your cat to be adopted at a rescue organization or animal shelter, but a potentially less stressful option for your cat is to rehome him yourself. You can post your cat online and get him adopted without taking him anywhere. In fact, we think it’s the best and easiest way to find your kitty a new home if you cannot keep your cat any longer.

Rented Accommodation: No Pets Allowed

Another common reason for re-homing a cat is moving into a house or apartment with a clear NO PETS ALLOWED clause in the lease.

Let me tell you that this rule is often put there for the worst case scenario in which pets are making a mess or damage furniture. In my experience, you can often talk to landlords, especially if you explain to them that cats are incredibly clean animals, and show them your latest state of the art scratching tree.

Why scrape at furniture when there are seven mice, three furry balls and a fluffy heart dangling off your eight layers cat tree? All this while the top royal cushion is directing towards the window with amazing view?

You can also provide references from your last landlord, which will reassure the owner that there is no need to worry. Maybe even invite him/her after having moved in for a cup of coffee, and make your friendliest and most affectionate cat rub herself on her leg or even cuddle up to her.

Lease signed!

Have All Veterinary Records On Hand

You should have all vet records on hand before turning over your pet to anyone. Often, spayed and neutered cats are more likely to be chosen by a new owner since they require fewer start-up costs. Be sure to provide vaccination records as well.

If your cat doesnt have vaccination records, they will likely be re-vaccinated for their own safety. Most rescues and shelters wont simply take your word for it!

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Are You Looking For A New Home For Your Pet

If you are unable to keep your pet due to financial reasons, we do have programs here to help! Dog or cat food that is donated to us is placed in our Community Food Bank. If you are struggling financially, we would be more than happy to provide you with a bag of dog or cat food. We also have a low-cost Spay and Neuter Clinic and a low-cost Wellness and Vaccination Clinic. Grants are occasionally available through these clinics, and we would be more than happy to discuss available grants with you.

Here are several resources you can use to help place your pet in a new home:

On these websites, you can make a profile for your pet, and people interested in adopting him/her can send you adoption inquiries:

I Cant Afford To Pay For The Service Will You Still Help Me

35 Top Pictures Where Can I Take My Cat To Be Rehomed : Trang Cat ...

Our staff do our best to help pet owners and pets in need. If you are facing financial difficulty and need assistance rehoming a pet, we can provide basic services for a smaller fee. Please contact us and let us know your situation. Well be happy to speak with you and discuss options available to you.

Ready to rehome your pet? Get started here!

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Moving With A Cat By Plane

If youre traveling by plane, contact the airlines ahead of time about their requirements for accommodating pets and the associated costs. There are specific dimensions for carriers , which must fit under the seat. Be sure to include identification information and a jacket with leash if you need to remove your cat.

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Depending on the length of the flight, your cat probably wont need to eat or use the litter box shredded newspaper as a liner can absorb any accidents. Carry a small stash of treats or food and water to offer if theres a layover.

Ask your veterinarian about a sedative If your cat is overly anxious, but chances are that once the flight is underway, she will sleep the trip away.

Im Having A Baby Can I Keep My Cat

Welcoming a new baby is a wonderful time for any family, but you might find yourself worried that your bundle of joy and your feline friend wont get along – especially if this is your first baby.

Most cats make excellent companions for children, and with our helpful guide, theres every chance youll all be able to live in harmony.

You might be particularly concerned if you have a cat that bites. If youre considering rehoming a cat that bites or gets very anxious about change at home, do seek advice from your vet or a qualified cat behaviourist who will be able to help pinpoint and hopefully resolve the issue.

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Getting The Cat Ready

  • 1Have the cat spayed or neutered. If you’re trying to find a cat a home, it’s much easier if the cat is already spayed or neutered.XExpert SourceCarrie Seay, MS-CABAC, KPA-CTP, CBCC-KAFeline Behavior ConsultantExpert Interview. 1 March 2022. It’s one less hurdle that the new owner will have to jump over, making the cat that much more attractive. Most cities have cheap or free programs for getting animals spayed or neutered. Check with your local animal shelter for more information.XResearch source
  • 2Ask the vet to give your cat a clean bill of health. A healthy pet is a more attractive pet. Therefore, have your vet check your cat out to make sure she is in perfect health. Also, ask for papers showing she is up-to-date on shots and in good health. That way, when you ask people to give your pet a home, you can prove she is in good health.
  • 3Fix any problems she may have. If your cat has a problem, try to get it fixed before you rehome her. For instance, if your cat has fleas, ask for a flea medication to help stop the issue.Advertisement
  • Put Your Pet In Safe Caring Hands

    Rehoming Your Cat | Should You Feel Guilty About It?

    Currently the SPCA of Texas is only accepting returns of animals originally adopted from the SPCA of Texas. To request an appointment to return the animal you adopted from the SPCA of Texas, please email us at .

    To surrender a pet that was not adopted from the SPCA of Texas, we recommend connecting with your local animal control.

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    We Have An Allergy Problemi

    Allergies can be tricky, as there is so much variation between individuals . The allergy can be in response to fur, dander, or the proteins in pet saliva, and all of these can vary in individual dogs or cats of the same breed.

    There are some wonderful products on the market that will help keep you allergy-free, so surrendering your pet doesn’t need to be your only option . It certainly shouldnt be your GP’s first recommendation.

    Look for a GP who will be sensitive to your feelings and do everything possible, to help you keep your pet and stay healthy.

    Death Of The Cat Owner

    Sadly, it happens. Cat owners pass away unexpectedly, leaving their cherished pet with nowhere to go. Sometimes family or friends are able to offer the cat a good home, but this is not always the case. Cat rehoming when an owner dies is a much better solution than placing the cats in a shelter, where they will experience the profound loss of not only their owner, but their safe, happy and familiar home.

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    Relinquishing A Pet At San Diego Humane Society

    To relinquish your pet, please call our resource center at 619-299-7012. During your admissions consultation, a member of our team will discuss a variety of options with you that are most suitable for you and your pet. This may include alternatives to relinquishment including:

    • Utilization of our Rehome and Home To Home platforms to rehome your pet without them entering the shelter.
    • Exploring relinquishment with a San Diego Humane Society Rescue Partner, such as breed specific rescue organizations.
    • The possibility of humane euthanasia if your pet is found to have severe medical or behavioral issues that impact their quality of life or ability to be safely placed in a new home.

    There is a $25 relinquishment fee to help cover the cost of care .

    When you relinquish your pet, you are giving up all legal ownership rights to the animal. Legal ownership and responsibility are transferred to San Diego Humane Society. We take your animal’s well-being very seriously and have a team of compassionate and dedicated animal care professionals who will provide loving care.

    Making The Difficult Decision To Give Up Your Pet

    35 Top Pictures Where Can I Take My Cat To Be Rehomed : Trang Cat ...

    Sometimes giving up a pet is the right thing to do, but it can be distressing for you and them, so it needs to be done carefully. Give your pet the best chance of finding a happy home:

    • Contact the original seller to see if they would be willing to take your pet back.
    • Contact a charity or rescue centre experienced in matching each pet with the right owner.

    Many of our branches prioritise animals in need, so may not be able to rehome your pet. However, your local branch may be able to help, depending on the services they offer, so find your local branch.

    If your local RSPCA branch can’t help, other charities are often able to. There are many organisations that can help you rehome your dog or cat. They all have different procedures, so research carefully before giving them a pet you’re no longer able to care for.

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    Rehome A Cat Private Cat Rehoming Service

    Need to rehome a cat? Pet Rehoming Network cat help you find a good home for your cherished companion safely, and effectively. We locate and carefully screen potential homes for your cat, guide you through transitioning your pet into its new home, and provide follow up to ensure your cats well-being and your peace of mind.

    Questions about rehoming a cat through Pet Rehoming Network?

    Reasons for Rehoming a Cat | Why Choose Us | Cat Rehoming Services | Contact Us

    You Are Your Kittys Best Advocate

    1) If you or someone you know becomes unable to care for a feline companion and must rehome a cat, start by contacting your own networks. Try reaching out via email and social media to your family members, friends, neighbors, or co-workers. Your kittys new home may be closer than you think. Share, share, share!

    2) If you find that you are not able to rehome the cat by reaching out to people you know, try widening your search to include the public via online posting, flyers, etc. Share, share, share!

    • This guide to rehoming your pet from Best Friends offers tips for writing pet profiles and taking appealing photos, screening potential adopters, and more.
    • Neighborhood-specific social networks and cat-specific social media groups can be a great place to reach your local community.
    • You can reach an even wider audience by posting your kittys profile online. For example, Adopt-a-Pets Rehome database makes it possible to post a bio of your kitty for prospective adopters to browse.
    • Be sure to have your cats medical records available and make sure kitty is up to date on vaccines.

    3) Try going back to the person or organization who originally gave you the cat. Even if they are not able to take the cat back, they may be able to reach out to their own networks and help spread the word.

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    Joining A Support Group

    If you feel overwhelming guilt from rehoming your cat, then consider joining a pet-owner support group. This gives you a chance to connect with other people who have experienced the same guilt you are feeling. You can talk about your feelings in a safe setting and help others overcome their guilt as well.

    Read Our Intake Policy And Faqs

    Rehoming My Dog || I never thought this would happen

    Our core mission is never to turn away a dog or cat in need of our help. However, for the wellbeing of your pet we may need to make difficult decisions. It is important that you fully understand our policies including those around no reclaim of ownership or your pet being put to sleep.

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    How To Cope With Giving Up A Cat

    We know that giving up a cat is difficult, and as much as we hope you can make the transition easier on your cat, we also know that you need to be taking care of yourself at the same time.

    Consider taking extra photos of your cat in the days leading up to rehoming them. Make a photo album or scrapbook to remember them.

    Some cat owners will even take videos of their cats playing, or of them purring, or even sleeping, to help remember their cat and to have something to hold on to.

    Try to keep your cats life as healthy as possible, leading up to rehoming them. It will help both of you. Dont try to withdraw from your cat to make their transition more comfortable, it will just stress and confuse your cat, and youll likely regret not getting those last precious days together.

    If possible, ask your cats new owners if you might be able to visit your cat. You can even consider video calling your cat if youre giving them to a willing friend or family member. Your cat might not be able to see you clearly on the video, but they can often hear and recognize your voice.

    Just be careful, visits and video calls can help some people and their rehomed cats, but they can also make the process harder for others.

    Mostly, do whatever feels right to you. Give yourself extra time and attention after rehoming your cat, and listen to what your heart says it needs.

    What Is The Best Way To Rehome A Cat

    When you need to rehome your cat, you must do everything you can to make the process as easy as possible.

    The first consideration is finding a home that is a good match for your cat. You need someone who can love and take care of your cat, but you also need a home that works well. If you are rehoming multiple cats and they get along, you should try to rehome them together.

    You should also consider whether your cat is a good match for a house with children or other pets, or whether they would do better as an only pet.

    Once youve found a good home, ask your cats future owners to give you a towel or blanket. Pet your cat with these items to help them get used to the scent of their future home and associate it with a positive experience.

    Suppose your cats new owners are planning to change your cats diet. In that case, you should also ask what brand of food they are considering and starting transitioning your cat over as soon as possiblerehoming it hard enough without adding digestive problems into the mix.

    Offer to buy pheromone dispensers for your cats new home. The pheromones will help reduce their stress and make the transition easier. Chances are, after the first dispense charge is done, your cat wont need it anymore.

    Theyll be comforted by having something to remind them of you, even if you cant be with them.

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    How Does Rehoming Affect A Cat

    Every cat is a little different when they are rehomed. Many cats dont realize what is happening initially, and rehoming involves a lot of change quickly. The whole process can be intimidating and frightening for your cat since you take them out of their territory and away from their home.

    You can expect your cat to behave a little oddly, like they are frightened or, more commonly, like they arent very confident. If your cat gets anxious about going to the vet, you might see similar behavior when they are rehomed.

    Need To Give Up Your Pet

    35 Top Pictures Where Can I Take My Cat To Be Rehomed : Trang Cat ...

    Facing the decision to give up your pet can be devastating and we know it’s not easy. We understand that there are sometimes circumstances that may prevent you from being able to keep your pet, and San Diego Humane Society is here to help.

    • Consider using the free websites Rehome by Adopt-a-Pet or Home To Home to find a new home for your pet yourself, rather than taking them to a shelter.
    • If youre interested in keeping your pet, youll find our alternatives and resources below that can help you address medical, behavioral and other concerns.
    • If you need to bring your pet to San Diego Humane Society, please call 619-299-7012 to make a pre-admission phone appointment so we can provide you with instructions for how to give up your pet safely.

    Have questions about giving up a pet? Email for assistance.

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    Reach Out To Family Members And Friends

    They may be willing to take on full guardianship of your pet. If your pet is already familiar with them, it may make the transition to a new home easier.

    Discuss your pets personality and needs with them to make sure its a match. If it is a match, its a good idea to create a pet re-homing contract for each party to sign. Make a copy for them and keep the original.

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