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Why Do Cats Arch Their Backs

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Do Not Touch The Cat If They Dont Like It

Why Do Cats Arch their Backs

If your cat continuously shows an aversion to being touched, its better to step back. If a cat has to merely tolerate being touched, it can result in a higher stress level.

Training your cat not to bite, is the first step in the right direction. But its more important for you to get to know your cats behavioral patterns.

Is Your Cat In Heat

Before you look for other reasons behind your cats back arching behavior, you should make sure your cat isnt in heat. According to Veterinary Centers of America, the most notable signs of estrus, meaning a cat in heat, are behavioral. To be precise, cats become very affectionate, and can even become downright demanding.

If your female kitty isnt neutered then you might find her searching for more attention, like rubbing excessively against you or other objects around the house. Not only could they become very vocal, but when petted theyll arch their back, especially when theyre stroked along their spine. So, before you look for more answers to the question, why do cats raise their backs when you scratch them, make sure theyre spayed!

Spaying and neutering a housecat is important for their own health. According to the Humane Society of the United States, neutered cats have a longer life span and the risk of certain types of cancers is reduced. They also support studies suggesting that intact female cats and dogs have a greater chance of developing pyometra and other cancers of the reproductive system. For male cats, theres a significantly smaller risk of getting testicular cancer and results in lower rates of prostate cancer.

When They Arch Their Backs And Puff Up Their Tails

Most of the time when we think of this cat stance, we instantly imagine the quintessential Halloween black cat. Cats do this as a means to make themselves appear larger to whatever is making them feel threatened at the moment. Kittens who are learning the ways of the world are much more likely to do this as opposed to mature cats.

Dr. Sharon Crowell-Davis writes on that, when a cat looks like this, he is basically saying, Im scared of you but Im ready to defend myself if you come any closer.

When your cat puffs up their tail, this isnt always a bad thing or should be seen as if your cat is scared. Cats can puff up their tails as a sign that they want to play. Pay close attention to your cats body language, specifically the direction of their ears. A classic sign that a cat is angry or threatened is when their ears are pointed down and backwards.

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Why Does My Cat Arch Her Back When She Sees Me

A cat may arch its back when it sees you because it scared of you at that moment, playing a game, or just stretching at the time. If its a one-off then its not likely to be an issue. But, if its happening every time you see your cat then there could be a real issue.

So, now you know. But, what is so special about a cat arching their back? Why would a kitten meow then arch its back? What about big cats, like lions, do they do this too? Keep reading for these answers, and much more

Why Does My Cat Sometimes Run At Me Sideways

Why Do Cats Arch Their Backs?

Iâve seen my cat charge at me from a distance while running sideways. He simply stops when he reaches me. Iâve read this is called âsidewindingâ and some say itâs to look intimidating, others say itâs just being playful, and perhaps itâs both, which I suspect is the caseâdo they do that in the wild with real opponents to intimidate them? I think heâs just playing, but Iâm curious whether itâs an instinctual defense mechanism in an untamed setting.

It is an attempt to look large and threatening and drive you off. In the wild, a cornered cat might do it, or a mother protecting kittens. Usually a cat will slink off and hide, though.

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How To Tell If They Dont Like It

Not unlike their positive behavior, cats have numerous ways to indicate discomfort. As mentioned above, they will arch their back and hiss at you if you come to close.

But what are some more obscure ways that they will use in order to ask you to back off?

Heres a list of some common ways a cat will display their displeasure that might not be as obvious as hissing at you.

  • Moving their body and head away from you
  • No kneading or purring
  • Licking random body parts
  • Audible sounds of displeasure, like aggressive meowing

No two cats are the same and they might only display less obvious signs of aggression or irritability. The best bet will be to leave the cat alone as soon as they show any one of these behaviors.

Some cats enjoy physical touch more than others, and its safer to keep your affections light until you get to know them and they get used to your presence.

This small act might even result in the cat trusting you a lot faster and they will ask for pets in no time.

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They Might Be Displaying Their Bum

A common reason why your cat is arching his back may be because he is presenting his bum thats right! Do not take this as a negative sign.

Cats display their bottoms to each other as a sign of friendly greeting, and they tend to do this to humans in order to ask for more pets. Its an indication that they feel comfortable and happy around you.

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Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Arch His Back When He Is Afraid

When we think of cats arching their backs, often Halloween black cats come to mind. Scary black cats assuming this posture are featured on posters and banners everywhere in October. Even cupcakes can bear plastic black cats looking like this. We have all seen our own cats respond this way when startled.

Have you ever thought about why a scared cat arches his back and fluffs his tail?

The act of raising the hair in response to fear is called piloerection and occurs involuntarily under the influence of adrenaline . When a cat becomes frightened, there is an automatic release of adrenaline and the tiny muscles around the hairs respond by contracting and making the hair stand erect. A similar reflex makes him arch his back.It is believed that the raised back and hair have evolved to make the cat appear larger to his enemy, but he does not have to decide that he wants to look larger. It just happens. Some other effects of adrenaline are increased heart rate and dilated pupils.

When the adrenaline is metabolized in the cats body as the stressful stimulus resolves, the hair will start to lie down and the cat will lower his back. The effect does not hurt the cat and does not differ much from the goosebumps that people get when they are watching a distressing movie or hear stressful news. When you see those Halloween posters, you can truly know that although the cat in the picture looks horribly affected, the affect will pass and he will be none the worse for the wear.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Arches Its Back

Why do cats arch their backs when you pet them?

Under normal circumstances, a cat arching its back is a warning sign. This is the pose of a frightened cat that is preparing to attack. If you see a cat initiate this stance, never attempt to initiate petting, especially if its a stray.

An arched back during petting may have a different meaning, though. This pose can be a sign of contentment. The cat is enjoying the physical attention and is stretching to provide you with easier access to key parts of its body.

To confuse matters, an arched back can have the opposite meaning. The posture can denote pain and fear. Also, you may get bitten or scratched if you pet a cat against the grain of its fur.

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Cat Stretching Its Back Muscles

After a long sleep, a cat needs to stretch out its body. A cat needs its muscles to be supple for hunting or to escape predators. By arching its back and stretching, the cat unlinks any tight muscles in its back.

Some cats arch their back when being petted. The behavior will invariably be accompanied by purring.

Felines have scent glands in the anus and are releasing their scents on you. Your cat is marking you as a source of pleasure and inviting you to exchange scents.

Your Cat Is Stretching

If your lazy kitty just got up from a nap, they might arch their back and stretch their bodies as a means to straighten out their muscles and get all their blood flowing again. A big yawn might accompany this if youre lucky.

Stretching is one of the most recognizable archesand its pretty self-explanatory. Dont we all like to stretch out our bodies after we wake up to refresh ourselves?

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They Conform To Certain Standards

Once upon a time, a roach or arched back among German Shepherds was a fashion statement.

Take note, though. The ancestors of present-day German Shepherds did not have a roached back.

So why did it suddenly become a fad?

Blame it on excessive inbreeding and the popularity of dog shows. These dog shows focused more on the beauty of German Shepherds rather than their utility.

This was a far cry from the motto of the breed: utility and intelligence.

In addition, some breed authorities promoted the extreme angulation of the back. Many of these dogs won, making other breeders copy the look without question.

Perhaps the most recent example of a German Shepherd with a roached back is Tori. Tori was 3 years old when she won Best in Breed at the 2016 Crufts.

Here is a video of that particular win:

However, her win was met with a public backlash. The backlash centered on two things:

  • Toris banana back.
  • The possibility that she might be crippled.

Note: If youre planning on getting this breed, go to licensed breeders. They can give you a puppy that is healthy and has a soft temperament.

The Science Behind A Cat Arching Its Back

Understanding How &  Why Cats Arch Their Backs

You may have noticed that a high arch isnt the only strange position a cat can get into. We regularly observe our feline companions forming themselves into all kinds of seemingly impossible shapes. If you dont believe us just take a look at some of the hilarious photos from faux-conspiracy internet trend Cats Are Liquid.

Without a doubt, cats are one of natures top contortionists and this is all down to their super flexibility. The average cats spine has as many as 50 vertebrae, while the human body has a spine consisting of only 30 vertebrae.

These extra bones extend all the way down a cats tail and give them the incredible ability to pull off such feats as arching their backs, fitting into weirdly shaped spaces , taking cat naps in completely abstract positions and, famously, flipping their whole body in mid-air to land safely on their feet.

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What Is So Special About A Cats Arched Back

The cats arched back is so special because of the tight angle they can achieve with it. If you havent seen it before, it can arch into a tight upside-down U shape. This displays how flexible their spine is, and their body is in general.

This is one of the reasons why cats are so nimble and able to scale large fences without an issue. If you compare their flexibility to us humans then you will see there is no real comparison.

Recognize Why Your Cat Is Arching Their Back

While cats cant actually talk to us, they have plenty of ways to communicate, and arching their backs is one of the most useful ones. Pay close attention to when your cat arches their back, as well as other behavioral clues theyre giving you, to figure out what theyre trying to say. Whether they want you to back off, comfort them, or play, your cat will use their body to speak to you. If you listen, you can keep your cat happy, safe, and feeling loved.

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Dog Arching Back And Shaking

Something your dog ate

If your dog is arching their back and shaking, its best to immediately see a vet. This is an uncomfortable situation for your dog.

Shaking can be associated with something your dog ate. Look for additional signs such as stomach bloat and lethargy.

As to the curved back, monitor whether your dog has difficulty getting on and off furniture. An indication of pain would be yelping.

Bear in mind that if your dog has ingested something they shouldnt have, theyd probably vomit or have diarrhea.

Be on the lookout for all these signs so you can report what youve noticed to your vet. If you cant go to emergency care, you can try giving your dog something for the pain.

Warning: One baby aspirin could do the job. But dont give anything such as Ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Muscle disorders that affect certain breeds

Some dogs experience muscle disorders specific to their breed.

Scottie cramp

Lets take Scottish Terriers, for example. Exercise or excitement causes what is known as the Scottie cramp. This results in an arched back and stiff legs. The dog looks very uncomfortable.

Paroxysmal gluten-sensitive dyskinesia

This condition used to be called canine epileptoid cramping syndrome. A.k.a. Spikes Disease.

Signs of this condition include:

  • Tremors.
  • Being unable to stand.
  • Muscle contractions of the limbs.

Such episodes could last from minutes to hours. The symptoms are commonly seen after excitement or exercise.

How To Make Your Cat To Stop This Behavior

Why Do Cats Roll Over On Their Backs? #Shorts

Now, listen carefully we eat, sleep and do things that come naturally to us. Arching back comes naturally to cats. Its their way of defence as well as playfulness. You should not suppress a natural urge by any means. It is not good for them. If you love your cat just let him have his natural behaviours. If you try to make him stop arching back it may start to get aggressive with you. It may attack you.

When a cat gets scared it will naturally arch his back showing his aggressive side, it is because doing this makes them look a bit bigger and fierce and harmful. It often scares away their potential enemy. So this behaviour is a lifesaver for them.

And when they play with you they arch their back to show that they want to be with you, isnt that such a nice feeling when your pet loves you back. He will start pouncing and hopping on you and that will make you more joyous as you see your cat playful and happy. He will listen to you in this mood as he is saying he loves your company.

From my personal experience, keep your environment as calm and pleasant as possible. In consequence he will not become aggressive and as a natural result he will not arch his back being all defensive and fierce.

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Cats Arch Their Backs As A Sign Of Affection When Petted

Although it is possible to pet your cat in areas that they are not fond of, such as their tail, whiskers, underbellies, and paws which could possibly trigger an unwelcome arched back response, most likely when your cat arches their back while being petted, this symbolizes contentment.

It means that your cat is enjoying being petted and is pleased by your touch.

Ideally, cats prefer being scratched under the chin and behind the ears. They also enjoy being stroked along their backs.

Although some cats may like the base of their tail to be scratched, this is not a welcome gesture for many cats.

In most cases, when your cat arches their back when petted, chances are that you are touching a spot that feels good to them and they want to continue being petted.

How Cats Arching Their Backs Has Helped Humans Stretch

Joseph Pilates based many of his exercises on the way a cat stretches. Theres even a myth that his entire exercise regime was based on his observation of the movement of animals. Nor would the traditional Indian flexibility exercise regime yoga be complete without its own take on the cats fabulous contortions. Morning yoga wouldnt be the same without the popular stretch Cat Position.

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