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Why Do Cats Lick Your Face

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Disadvantages Of Letting Your Cat Lick Your Face

Why does my cat LICK ME? ð?± – 6 COMMON REASONS

1. Health Risks

Surely, there are a number of parasites and bacteria that live in your cats saliva. Obviously, when they lick your face, those will be transferred to you.

There are bacteria called Pasteurella which is housed in the mouth of your cat and this can cause lymph nodes and sometimes severe infections. Another one is bartonella henselae that causes cat scratch fever and can also affect humans.

These bacteria may cause infections to your face. However, no infections from these bacteria that are of the deadly kind have been reported. However, bacteria like campylobacter,clostridia,E. coli, and salmonella can cause serious intestinal diseases in humans.

There are also cats that have single-celled parasites or parasitic worms. When passed on to humans via licking, this can cause skin problems, blindness, brain disorders, and intestinal disease.

2. Unhygienic

Even if you have the most conscientious cat when it comes to cleaning herself, you are not 100% sure what her tongue and mouth came into contact with. She might have licked her anus before licking your face, which makes the transfer of feces to your face possible.

At the same time, when your cat goes outdoors, she might have eaten foreign things that also contain harmful substances. This may lead you to develop fungal infections on your face.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me To Greet

To show affection

For cats, licking is not only used as a grooming mechanism, but also to show affection. By licking you, other cats, or even other pets, your cat is creating a social bond. Part of this behavior may stem from kittenhood when your cat’s mother licked to groom them, as well as to show care and affection.

Cats May Lick Human Faces May Be Showing Dominance Over These Humans

When cats allogroom or groom one another when they stick together in a sort of pack the dominant cats are typically the ones who start the grooming sessions, and so theres definitely a dominance element to the act.

A subservient cat will sometimes groom back, but will really infrequently start off the grooming or participate in it as much as a dominant cat.

So who knows maybe your cats showing dominance over you when he or she grooms your face as well!

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Possible Reasons Why Your Cat Licks You

Although it may be impossible to say for sure, researchers, veterinarians, and cat behavior experts have suggested a number of reasons why your cat may lick you every now and again. Lets dig in

1. To show affection

For cats, licking is not only used as a grooming mechanism, but also to show affection. By licking you, other cats, or even other pets, your cat is creating a social bond. Part of this behavior may stem from kittenhood when your cats mother licked to groom them, as well as to show care and affection. Many cats carry this behavior into their adult lives, licking their humans to pass along the same sentiment.

Many cats carry this behavior into their adult lives, licking their owners to pass along the same sentiment.

2. To mark their territory

Although there are a number of ways that cats mark their territory, including cheek rubbing, scratching licking is another behavior that cats might use to claim something as their own.

In this case, if your cat is licking you, theyre trying to ensure that other cats or animals know who you belong to them!

3. To groom you

Even though your cat might not realize that licking you isnt actually helping you get clean, this behavior is completely natural to them. As we mentioned earlier, mother cats groom their kittens in order to teach them to do it for themselves, show them affection, and create a bond.

4. To taste something interesting

5. To get your attention

6. To cope with anxiety or stress

Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair

Why Does My Cat Lick Me? Looking at why your cat licks ...

Cats are mysterious beings, so they may act weird sometimes. They may start licking the hair of their owner for no apparent reason. If your pet is exhibiting this behavior, the following could be the possible explanation:

  • Its their way of showing affection

Your cat is most likely licking your hair to let you know that you are loved. This is rooted in a cats habit of grooming their kittens and those they consider part of their feline family. Its like being christened as a part of the clowder.

Moreover, cats will groom those they consider their favorite. This is the reason why your house cat may lick your hair and not the others. They use their natural grooming behavior to show their affection toward their preferred human.

Cats replicate the social behavior that they saw from their mothers. It comes out naturally, even if no one teaches the cat to do so.

  • Your hair tastes good

Another possible reason could be the taste of your hair. This is likely the explanation if youve switched to a new hair product, and your cat started licking your tresses. The hair product may have an attractive scent and taste that your kitty cant resist.

You must discourage this behavior as some hair products may cause stomach upset on cats. Also, your cat may swallow hair and gag in the process.

  • Getting your attention
  • Your cat is bored

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They Make Biscuits In Your Lap


Whats kneading all about, anyhow? When kittens feed, they knead their mothers teats to stimulate milk flow. As adults, cats knead when they feel safe and content. In other words, you are your cats human security blanket.

Kneading may also be a way cats mark territory, as they have sweat glands in their paws that release chemicals as they knead. So if youre the territory theyve chosen to mark, take it as a compliment. Cats tend to knead places where they feel safe. But be sure to keep your cats claws trimmed otherwise, being loved so hard can hurt!

Why Do Cats Lick

Although, as we said, cats do not have a reputation for being affectionate animals, we do know them to be incredibly clean. Cats groom themselves through licking. They clean their mantles starting with the face, moving to the legs, the body and ending at the tail.

The texture of a cats tongue resembles that of sandpaper. Their tongues are covered in papillae, which are backward facing hooks made of keratin. This texture facilitates cleaning by removing dirt and keeping their fur in optimal condition. This thus ensures that it fulfill its functions of protecting and isolating itself from high and low temperatures. If for whatever reason its tongue doesnt manage to clean its fur fully,it will use its teeth to nibble and extract leftover residue.

This feline ritual is typically known as self-grooming. This self-grooming is also known as preening.

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Whats The Difference Between Play And Fighting In Cats

Play fighting involves rolling around, grabbing, kicking with rear feet , and quickly rising and chasing one another around your home or play area.

For the most part, no sounds of discomfort or anger are displayed. It is also common for kicking and grabbing to halt suddenly, and both cats are entirely relaxed and resting together.

Real fighting, on the other hand, is quite different. An altercation is far more aggressive, deliberate, fast-developing, and nearly impossible to break up. The cats will chase each other, tackle, and resume aggression. Screams and squeals are often the vocal byproducts.

The longer you own your cats, the easier it will be to stop a fight. While some play fighting can get a bit too rough, there is still a stark difference between the two types of behavior.

Although it is possible, two cats that have it in for each other will rarely engage in social grooming. If two cats are at odds, the last thing you want to do is be touched by the other cat.

If your cats are grooming and then begin fighting, you can feel sure that they are engaging in fun and aggressive play. If two of your cats are scuffling , never walk away while it is in progress.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explains feline aggression and how it can be managed.

Your Cat Licking You So Close To Your Mouth Likely Means He Or She Trusts You Considerably

why do dogs lick your face – what does it mean when a dog licks your face,#shorts

I definitely think cats realize we can eat them with our mouths.

Go up to a cat whos not used to it and pretend to eat his or her head by making om nom noises and eating sounds he or shes likely to squirm, scream out of fear, or run out of dodge completely.

If you do this over and over, a cat will realize youre only playing, but the reason its so terrifying is likely because cats know what being eaten sounds like, and obviously, they dont want to be eaten themselves.

If your cat is licking you or cuddling in any way next to your mouth, its likely a sign that he or she is comfortable enough around you to get close to your mouth in the first place.

Theres no way a cat would be happy to do this to a person he or she doesnt trust.

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Surprising Ways That Cats Show Affection

Cats have a reputation for being standoffish. But if youve ever lived with one, you know thats not true. Cats may not show affection as obviously and enthusiastically as dogs, but they express love in their own way. And sometimes, their way is downright weird.

Once you know what cat affection looks like, youll see it in every interaction with your feline friend. From head butts to butt-butts, these are some of the surprising ways cats show affection.

Why Does It Hurt When My Cat Licks Me

A question directly related to, Why does my cat lick me? is Why does it hurt when my cat licks me? When it comes down to it, the answer is simple.

As we mentioned earlier, a cats tongue is covered in little spines called papillae. These papillae are made of keratin, the same substance that makes up human fingernails. Because cats are self groomers, the makeup of their tongue is strong enough to get saliva down to their skin, as well as detangle their fur, remove substances like dirt, and redistribute oils.

Therefore, when a cat licks you repeatedly rubbing their spine-covered tongue on your skin its apt to hurt a little. Its for this reason that cats tongues are often compared to sandpaper.

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Purpose Of Grooming In Cats

Before looking at why cats fight, its necessary to address why cats groom. Quite a ritualistic exercise, all cats spend a large portion of each day going through their fur and cleaning every reachable part of their body.

While licking is the primary action associated with grooming, cats will also bite tangled fur and dig deep to locate fleas and various types of skin irritants. If you have ever watched a cat groom, you will realize that it is a long and detailed task to complete this process.

The Washington Post details the process of cat grooming and the social aspect of the behavior itself.

The act of grooming in cats goes far beyond the simple notion of using the tongue to clean. Like many aspects of the animal kingdom, there is often far more involved from a behavioral standpoint than meets the eye. Cats commonly groom for the following reasons:

Cats also know that when they have nothing else to do that they can always groom. Many times, grooming is a fixed exercise that cats can rely on to keep themselves occupied.

It is not uncommon for a cat to use grooming to ignore the request of an owner. Grooming can be used as an act of busy work and a stalling tactic. Yes, cats really are that smart.

They Follow You Into The Bathroom

Why do cats lick themselves after you snuggle your face on ...


Does your cat stare at you while youre on the toilet? Dont worry, your cat isnt a freak. In fact, this is one sign of affection cats and dogs share. Dogs follow people into the bathroom out of curiosity, anxiety, and attachment. For cats, its pretty much the same thingthey like you so much, they just want to be near you at all times!

If your cat follows you around the house, its a sign theyre attached to you. For some cats, its a matter of protection: after all, theyre small and vulnerable, and youre big and safe. On the other hand, they might just be curious what the heck youre doing in that weird room with a big, noisy water fountain. Either way, your cat is showing an interest in the things you do, and thats a major sign of affection.

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Discourage Bad Behavior And Be Patient

As you are redirecting their attention, there will be a learning curve. Expect your dog to continue licking your face in the beginning. Be patient with them but discourage the bad behavior. Discourage the bad behavior simply by not giving them what they want.

From there, continue to be patient. Do not hit or do anything that could scare or harm your dog to discourage the behavior. Simply recognize that there is a learning curve and that they will start to listen once they understand the behavior is unwanted.

Here’s Why Your Cat Licks Your Face

Furry friends are truly like part of the family, as 67 percent of homes in America have pets, according to the American Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey from the American Pet Products Association, Inc. Over 40 million of these households specifically own cats.

Felines are known for their purring and pouncing, as well as for their papillae. Their tongues are covered in these backward-facing spines, and Cats Protection states that this is good for basic needs such as pulling meat from bones when eating and when drinking water, since cats stay hydrated by lifting their drinks up and down quickly with their tongues.

These unique tongues are also very rough, with a feeling like sandpaper. Due to how much pets are loved and adored, owners tend to put up with the roughness pretty well, if or when their fur babies are licking all over them! Why do cats lick us at all, though?

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Why Does My Cat Lick My Face 6 Reasons For This Behavior

Kitty kisses can be cute and endearing. But being incessantly licked by a tongue that feels like sand can be uncomfortable and irritating.

In order to correct this bothersome behavior, its important to understand exactly why your cat is constantly licking you. Here are six of the most common reasons behind your cats tongue baths.

Again When Holding Him/her: To Prevent You From Giving Kisses If You Do And Your Cat Dislikes Them

ðºWHY Does Your Cat Lick You? Discover The Truth

I also found this reason listed online somewhere, and likely never wouldve thought of it until it was mentioned.

Our first cat, Avery, loves kisses. He understands theyre a form of affection, will never wince or run away when we kiss him, and will even rub his face on the edges of our glasses if were holding him and kissing him, and thus hes within reach of our specs.

That being said, our second cat, Bjorn, absolutely doesnt like being kissed most likely because he still hasnt grown used to them, as over the past few months, hes not recoiling like he used to to being kissed on the head.

He was also terrified of being eaten and would run and cry if you made om nom noises near his face.

Again hes getting used to this type of play, so sooner or later, were guessing hell be completely un-phased and not even budge at any of this, just like Avery. He nearly is already.

But in the meantime, if hes already being picked up, and he is not the biggest fan of kisses, I can see him wanting to keep Thomas face at a little distance in part to prevent the potential for kisses, which do happen quite often when cuddles are being delved out.

Hopefully, this wont be the case for long, and hell grow to see kisses as a form of human affection as Avery firmly does.

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The Licking Means The Cat Loves You

One main answer to your query about why the kitty licks you is that it has a love for you. The cat recognizes the fact that you take care of it and love it just as your other dear ones. When they become accustomed to you, they have completely safe feeling with your existence. Besides, the kitty may also prove its affection by cleaning your face with tongue.

A mother cat is also seen to lick the kitties after the birth:

  • In order to pat the little body carefully
  • To remove afterbirth liquid
  • To rouse the breathing of kitten

As you care for your cats, they also want to do same thing.

Introduction: What Is Your Cat Trying To Tell You

Cats are known to lick their human friends as a form of affection. They might also do it to show you that the litter box needs cleaning or another pet is too close. Cats can also use licking as a way to request a meal, a drink, or a toy. The cat may be trying to communicate something specific to you.

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