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Why Do Cats Like Laser Pointers

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Why Do Cats Love Laser Pointers

Why cat laser pointer toy bad? Cat Behavior 101

Cats love laser pointers for the same reasons that they love any other toys: Theyre fast-moving and unpredictable and engage their natural-born predator brain. Unlike kicker toys, which your cat has to interact with to get it moving, the quick movement of a laser pointer can encourage even the most laidback cat to indulge in playtime. If your cat turns up their nose at most toys, a laser pointer is almost guaranteed to catch their interest.

Playing is a great way to encourage your cat to exercise and help them maintain physical strength. Play is also a great enrichment activity that helps keep your cat from getting too bored. Hunting that elusive red dot can engage your cats brain and keep them mentally stimulated.

Why Do Cats Like Playing With Lasers

Cats like lasers because they are predators and like to chase or hunt anything that moves fast around them, Fanucchi said. A zipping red light that quickly switches directions might have a similar motion to a mouse or other critter. The light sort of mimics an animal scurrying around to escape its prey.

Cat Laser Pointer By Fobserd

This durable, stainless steel pointer lasts approximately 3 hours. Depending on the mode, the laser colours are; red, black, and flash. Pet owners who purchased this laser pointer for cats have been satisfied with the quality, variety of lights, and comfort of using the toy. But most importantly, cats like the Fobserd laser, too.;

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Why Cats Chase Laser Pointers

Cats chase the laser pointer due to their vision and instincts.

Why do cats chase laser pointers? Well, cats and laser pointers go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Surely youve pointer a laser in front of a cat watched the antics ensue. If you arent familiar, cats will chase laser pointers to the end of the earth. It could be going back and forth and theyll be mesmerized by this little dot. A smallest of dots, yet their attention is captured.

While its fun to watch and only adds to the cuteness that is your cat, have you ever wondered why they go crazy for this light? Prepare to have your mind blown, because Catonsville Cat Clinic has the reason behind the madness!

Why Is My Cat Growling At The Laser Dot

Why Are Cats So Obsessed With Laser Pointers?

I have recently gotten a laser pointer to play with my two cats . The son is overweight and I thought the laser pointer would help with giving him a bit of extra exercise to help him lose weight.

I have noticed though that sometimes when playing he will stop then hiss or growl at the laser dot while sitting/laying still for a few seconds. Can anyone explain this for me please? I would hate to think that this is his way of telling me he’s had enough and I have been misunderstanding him.

  • As Far as I am aware he has not done this behaviour before.

Cats love laser pointers because they can see something you can’t – the dot never stops moving. Cats are attracted to movement, it stimulates them. So, within the dot the light is constantly moving and stimulating them.

For this reason you have to be careful. Some cats will chase laser dots to their detriment. They will exhaust themselves. In hunting, cats are sprinters, not marathoners and to chase something for a prolonged period is not really in their nature. When they do, they can exhaust and injure themselves.

So what is probably happening is that your cat is getting over stimulated. His particular response is to growl and hiss. HE may not think he’s had enough but it would be wise of you to treat it as such and let him calm down. Give him some positive reinforcement when the game is over.

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Laser Pointers For Cats Final Remark

Physical activity and mental stimulation is very important for kittens and cats as they stay in good physical form. By having regular playing time, a cat avoids being bored and enjoys their hunting instincts.;

Cat laser toys are an affordable alternative to other cat toys, keep cats occupied and consume their energy. Using the toy in a multi-cat household is an extra bonus for many cat owners.

Why Do Cats Love Laser Pointers So Much

Its undeniable that cats simply love to play with a laser light toy. It doesnt matter whether its a green laser, or red laser, or any other color light, they just cant get enough. Once they focus on that laser dot, nothing else seems to matter. Many cats could chase that light for hours.

Why the laser focus, so to speak? Well, a lot of it has to do with cats prey drive. When a beam of light dances around on the floor or on the wall, it looks like prey to your pet. Indoor cats dont get to actively hunt like their outdoor counterparts. A moving laser light stimulates their stalking and pouncing instincts.1

In the wild, cats will typically chase prey up to ten times a day. Even though your indoor cat has no need to hunt, the behavior is hardwired into your pet. For many cats, laser light is a good substitute to help satisfy their prey drive.2

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Cats And Laser Pointers: Does The Red Dot Make For Purrfect Prey

I get this question all the time: are cats and laser pointers a good combination?; Is it okay to play with cats using a laser pointer?; These are great questions because when you understand a few things about cats, youll know the answer.; And its always good to understand more about the tiny, adorable, carnivorous, semi-wild, predatory beastie thats living in your home, right?; So lets find out: does The Red Dot make a good prey item for your kitty?

Cons Of A Cat Laser Pointer

Are Laser Pointers Good Toys for Cats?
  • The laser beam can damage the eyes. You should not look directly at the beam, and above all, not allow your cat to do. Cat eyes are far more sensitive than those of humans. The focused laser beam can damage the eyes. It would be best if you did not look directly at the beam, and above all, not allow your cat to do. Cat eyes are far more sensitive than those of humans. You must be well aware that the laser pointer can damage your cats sensitive eyes. This radiation can even reflect on floor coverings such as laminate etc.
  • A cat gets no satisfaction. As I explained before in this post, cats are predators. They want to hunt and to get their reward. A cat cannot catch the laser beam, and that could be frustrating. Cats dont catch their prey at every attempt in nature, but in the end, they catch the prey.
  • Destructive behavior. Your cat can be anxious by chasing a red dot with no result. This can cause your cat to destroy the carpet or furniture. If your cat is very anxious, it can even bite or scratch you. Make sure you end every game with a laser light that points at a physical object that can be caught. Such as a toy or hidden treats so that your cat can win.

Cat owners who are aware of how to use a laser pointer can use it to play with their cat. Otherwise, it is too dangerous for the cat and human, and they have the risk of irreversible eye damage in the worst case.

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Why Do Cats Go Crazy For Laser Pointers

Cats instinctively chase those bright red laser dots simply because theyre moving; stimulating their natural prey drive. The laser beams incessant moving taps into this prey drive and the cat cant help himself he has to chase it. Even in the wild, a hunting cat will catch the prey now and then.

Are There Any Psychological Results Of Taking Part In With Laser Pointers

If laser pointers arent used considerately, then theyll trigger psychological results in your cat.

Cats within the wild observe a pure six-stage cycle all through the day:

  • Hunt

Mimicking this in a home state of affairs might help your cat.

Throughout the looking a part of your cats cycle, there are an extra 4 steps:

  • Gazing their prey
  • Pouncing and grabbing
  • Biting and killing

The issue with laser pointers could be that when the hunt ends, your cat cant truly pounce on or catch and kill the purple dot.

This could result in frustration on your cat they dont perceive why the hunt didnt finish with them catching one thing of their paws!

After all, cats within the wild dont catch their prey each time, so additionally they should take care of the frustration of not finishing a hunt.

However in the end, they may get to the catch and kill stage! In the event you solely play with a laser pointer along with your cat, then the constant lack of finishing their hunt could make them pissed off.

You would possibly assume that your cat is having enjoyable as they fight tougher and tougher to catch that dot, when actually, theyre getting an increasing number of pissed off at by no means with the ability to catch what appears to be proper beneath their paws.

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Laser Pointer By Doloedy

This high-quality and durable, stainless steel laser pointer is ideal for indoor and outdoor activity. The toy is very comfortable to use so that pet owners will have quality time with their kitty even sitting on the chair. Cat owners love the variety of colours and patterns .; The pointer is light, lasts for a long time, and reaches a pretty good distance, so a cat can enjoy chasing little red dots.

Are Laser Pointers Bad For Cats Or Good For Play The Pros And Cons Of Playing With Laser Pointers

Why Do Cats Like Laser Pointers? Laser Hunting Explained ...

by Ultimate Pet Nutrition Team | May 5, 2020 | Cat Wellness |

You might have seen a cat transfixed by one of the many laser pointer toys on the market. They seem to love to chase that beam of light, and they get great exercise doing it. But is it really good for your pet? Are laser pointers bad for cats?

It turns out there are pros and cons when it comes to laser toys. You should really consider both sides when deciding whether to let your cat play with them. Heres a look at the advantages of laser pointers and some of the potential safety concerns.

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Cats And Laser Pointers: Why They Like Them And What To Know

Friend or foe?

There are a few things that most cats can agree onnaps are good, dinner is great, catnip is nice, and lasers must be chased at all costs. While humans can understand the joy of naps and dinner and even catnip, what is it about lasers that cats seem to find irresistible?

Part of the reason that lasers are so alluring to cats has to do with their eyes keen ability to sense motion. The feline retina is perfectly designed to maximize the chances of catching quickly moving prey at dusk and dawn when cats most like to hunt, write the experts at Their killer vision pairs perfectly with their killer instincts. When you bounce the laser across the floor and walls, it taps into a cats predator reflex and instantly puts your cat on the prowl, stalking the lasers slight movements and pouncing on the prey. Its fun for your cat and fun for you as your cuddly kittens animal instincts kick in as it stalks and attacks the laser beam. Plus, chasing a light around the room is great exercise, which is as important for cats as it is for humans.

If you want to help your cat get in touch with its inner animalor are worried that your furry friend is getting frustrated by chasing a laser pointera veterinarian at suggests trying other toys like feathers or a stuffed mouse tied to a string or anything that will let your cat stalk, pounce, and catch or providing a food-filled toy to end hunting sessions with a reward.

Why Are Cats So Obsessed With Laser Pointers

Not much in this world is quite as amusing as watching a cat freak out over the little red dot of light produced by a laser pointer. While you sit chuckling on the couch, twitching that $6 device around in your hand, your cat is experiencing real moments of heroic desperation as she leaps over the ottoman and scrambles up the wall after that tiny speck of light she’s never able to catch. It’s great exercise for indoor cats, but why do cats find this activity compelling?

For starters, cats are attracted to anything that allows them to stalk prey, even just for play.

“The laser simulates the movement of prey so it attracts the cat’s attention, and gets the cat to chase and pounce on it,” says Dr. Stephanie Borns-Weil, an animal behavior specialist at the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University. “It is certainly a play behavior in young cats and may be in older indoor cats as well. However, it may also be an aberrant expression of the predatory behavior that is, if you will, hijacked by the laser movement.”

Wild cats, feral cats, and even your sweet, spoiled indoor-outdoor kittums who sleeps under the covers with you, are single-minded, solitary predators. They’re wired to spend a significant portion of their waking outdoor hours stalking their food, and since indoor cats are often woefully understimulated in this regard, playing with a laser satisfies the predatory urge.

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Can Laser Pointers Hurt Your Cats Eyes

Yes, but the good news is that most laser pointers are of a low level and are approved as safe to use in a domestic situation. Laser pointers sold as cat toys will usually have power between 1-5 milliwatts, which is too low to cause serious damage.

Even so, you should never shine a laser pointer directly into your cats eyes or into the eyes of anyone else! The reason that laser pointers designed for use with cats are red is that this color is less powerful. Never use a laser of another color, even if the wattage is low. They can still be powerful enough to damage your cats eyes.

Laser pointers manufactured and sold as pet toys within the U.S.A. should usually be within the safe range, but take care if purchasing from abroad. These laser pointers may not be subject to the same strict regulations, and you could end up inadvertently purchasing a stronger laser that could damage your cats eyes.

Laser Pointer Safety Tips

BIG CATS vs Laser Pointers!

Provided that your cat seems to actually enjoy chasing a laser and isnt just caught in an endless loop of hunt-pounce-disappointment, theres probably nothing to be worried about. Chasing a laser is a fantastic way for your cat to get some physical and mental exercise, and also lets it tap into its kitty instincts for a bitsomething that indoor cats dont get to do quite as often as they might like to.

Of course, you should still make sure to follow proper safety tips to avoid harming your cat during play. Here are two big ones to note.

Dont shine the light directly in your cats eyes. Even toy lasers emit an incredibly bright light, so you mustn’t shine it directly at your cat . If you do, you could cause vision problems and/or eye injuries.

Provide your cat with plenty of other toys. If the laser is your cats only outlet for play, its more likely that frustration will start to build up. Make sure that it has access to a lot of other objects for hunting and playing with, including catnip toys and wands.

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Strengthening Your Bond With Your Beloved Pet

One of the most important benefits of a laser toy is that it presents another opportunity for you and your cat to bond. It doesnt take a lot of effort on the part of a pet owner to play in this fashion. Even if youre tired after a long day of work, all you need to do is move the light around the room while you lounge on the couch.

So, to recap, heres a quick look at the pros and cons of letting your cat play with a laser pointer toy.

Are Laser Pointers Safe For Cats Eyes

One last thing.; We all know that its not a great idea to shine lasers into anyones eyes, .; But if the laser ranges from between 1 and 5 milliwatts , theyre fairly safe .; Please do look for the safe for pets label on any toy with a laser on it and for the power of the laser because countries outside of the US may have different standards for safety . Its always better to be safe than sorry!

I hope this answers your questions about whether cats and laser pointers are a good match.; Bottom line: if your cat likes them, use them! But always supplement their use with a physical object that your cat can use to complete the prey sequence.

If you want, heres a short video that explains the prey sequence and includes my favorite laser pointer for cats . Have fun playing with your kitty! marci

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