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Why Do Cats Run Around After They Poop

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When Your Cat Gets The After Poop Zoomies

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Why Does My Cat Get The Zoomies After He Poops

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Often times when we think of animals getting the zoomies, its typically canines. But as us cat keepers know, our feline friends can get the zoomies, too! Cats are known by all for their quirky antics, but there is a science behind this funny scurry that our cats do that we appropriately call the zoomies.

You know how it looks, your cat suddenly starts racing around the room as if they are controlled by a crazy motor or acting like they would should they be feeling the catnip vibes. A lot of times, this behavior occurs after your cat has made a deposit of the #2 kind in their litter box. Lets take a closer look at why this silly and adorable behavior occurs.

Cats are also known to do the zoomies at random, and sometimes after eating, but most often we see this funny behavior happen post-poop.

Here are our theories on why your cat gets the zoomies after he poops

Urinary Tract Infections And Obstructions In Cats

Urinary tract infections, cystitis and obstructions are health problems our pets face frequently. Indoor cats, and cats who are overweight are more prone to suffering with these problems, so recognising the symptoms of a urinary problem helps get on top of the issue quickly.

Indoor cats and cats who are easily stressed may show signs of feline interstitial cystitis. Just as in humans, this is a painful and irritating condition. You might notice your cat heading in and out of the tray, straining and passing small amounts of urine frequently. There might even be small amounts of blood present in the urine! This cystitis can be sterile, with no bacterial infection present, or can happen in combination with a urinary tract infection.

Cats who have experienced changes in their environment or living situation often get this problem. So if youve recently moved house, brought a new pet or family member into the home or even just moved some furniture, you might see your cat struggling to pee. Luckily this condition is easily treated, but needs a vet check to rule out any other urinary issues. Managing your cat’s stress levels with pheromone diffusers, providing them with lots of hiding places and maintaining a routine is helpful in preventing this developing.

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What Should You Do If A Cat Meows When Pooping

For most cats a quick song following or during a poop is relatively normal behaviour. It might not be something humans do, but for cats it’s not usually something to worry about. If you’re concerned this poop-meow isn’t normal for them, it’s time to check the tray .

Have a look at the tray. You might need to do some digging, but looking at the product of this noise can give us some clues as to what’s going on. Is their poop hard, too soft, is there any blood? If there are any abnormalities in their stool, it’s time to get them checked out at the vet. Next, have a look at your cat’s bottom. Lots of cats happily hold their tail up and already give us too much information about their nether regions, but have a closer look. Does their anus look normal? Is there any redness, swelling or does anything look odd?

If you notice anything wrong with the poop or with the cat give a vet a call. But if everything is normal, keep an eye on the situation.

Your Cat Is Having Health Problems

Why Do Cats Run Around After They Poop

If your cat bolts away in discomfort after letting out a stool, there might be a high chance that they have underlying health issues. The cat might be in pain, feel itchy or have a hard time pooping in general.

This is caused by possible inflammation and infections at their rectum. The zoomies are to help them poop easier. Theres also a possibility that your cat is having worms. Check their stool for any unusual sign, such as diarrhea, blood or constipation.

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Why Does My Cat Run Away After Pooping

Here are some of the basic potential reasons why a cat may run away after they poop:

  • Survival instinct
  • Renal problem
  • Dirty litter

Below we look into this reasons and provide a little more context. You may find there has been a hidden issue which you never suspected before, maybe even requiring a trip to the vet.

Why Does My Cat Go Crazy Before Pooping

If you notice your cat going crazy or energized before pooping, there are two possible reasons for it, either vagus nerve stimulation or an underlying medical problem. The former is a momentarily existing stimulation caused by the bowel movement. Or, the latter, which could be an issue like an intestinal problem.

So, now you know. But, should you be concerned about this? How can you prevent this? Why do some cats cry while pooping diarea? Keep reading for these answers, and much more

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Why Do Cats Freak Out After They Poop

Experts finally revealed why so many cats frantically run away from their litter boxes after pooping.

The real reason for cats acting this way is believed to link back to their animal instincts before they became domesticated house pets.

Although cats are found at the top of many food chains, they are also the prey of many larger animals.;Since cats are just as commonly predators as they are prey in the wild, sometimes it makes these cat phenomenons hard to read.

Running from the litter box could mean Urinary Tract Infection , kidney stones, inflammation in the colon or rectal area or the scent glands in the anal area called anal sacs, or it could be related to food allergy or sensitivities.

But if your cat has no other symptoms besides running away from their poop, veterinarian experts agree that its your cats way of reverting back to the wild feral behavior of their ancestors.

Scientists explain: Although we are used to our domesticated cats covering their fecal droppings, things are different in the wild, where they defecate to mark their territory,

These markings are used as a sign of dominance in wild cat colonies. So, in the wild, cats will cover their feces to prevent other animals being attracted and possibly attacking the wild cat.

In conclusion: When your house cat uses the litter box and then runs like crazy through the house, he is simply trying to escape the fecal dropping and any animals that might attack him because of the scent.

Why Does My Cat Run Around Before Pooping

How to Help Baby Kittens Pee and Poop!

This should not get you worried. It is very typical for a cat to run around before pooping. Some people will call it a poop derby. Lets say they are happy to know that they are well fed and will relieve their digestive system in a few minutes to come. I bet you are also pleased to take a long-awaited bathroom break when you need it most.

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Cats And Litter Box Behavior

Cats have many curious habits. One of the most curious feline quirks is the tendency to bolt out of the litter box with lightening speed and run around for its life. Not all cats do this, but many cat owners have noticed this habit and wondered what in heaven’s name the ball of fluff is doing when it runs around after using the litter box. Several theories have come up that try to explain this puzzling phenomenon.

The prevailing theory among observant cat owners seems to be that their cat simply feels better after relieving itself. People can certainly identify with this reason. As everyone knows, such relief can be a jubilant feeling. To be able to successfully alleviate a weighing discomfort can make us feel on top of the world after leaving the bathroom.

After all, why should it be any different for cats? It’s not unreasonable to suppose that cats are simply experiencing a bit of euphoria and expressing their elation in a jaunt about the room. Indeed, they probably feel that a weight is lifted off them and they feel lighter in body and in mood.

Additionally, Wilbourn and Dr. Rodan both suggested from personal experience that cats with digestive problems like diarrhea and constipation want to bolt out of the litter box as soon as possible, distancing themselves from the problem.

But yet another theory might satisfy those who appreciate an evolutionary explanation.

It May Be An Indication Of Stress And Anxiety

If your cat gets the crazies when she previously does not show any indication, your feline may probably be stressed or anxious.; There may have been current changes in your home or there was a new addition to the family like a new pet or family member. Cats hate sudden changes because they thrive on routine.;

You can help alleviate your cats stress by keeping her busy through interactive playtime. Also, try to calm and relax her further by using synthetic pheromones like Feliway Classic Diffuser in your home.

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Why Is My Cat Meowing Like Hes In Pain

As I said above, some cats meow just for benign reasons, but it may be that your cat is in pain. On top of some of the conditions above, your cat may have other underlying health conditions.

Perineal Hernias can make it more difficult to poop, which may cause your cat to have to strain frequently. Bowel movements may also feel uncomfortable as they pass by the perineal hernia.

Your cat may also be constipated due to dehydration. Dehydration is really common in cats because they tend to knock their bowls of water all the time.;If this is the case, be sure your cat always has access to a clean water source. Your vet may suggest adding a little Pedialyte or other electrolyte balancing liquid, but be sure to check with your vet before you do this.

Another way you can ensure your cat always has water is to invest in a good water fountain system. Make sure to get something sturdy that your cat cant knock over.

Cats dont get hemorrhoids in the same way humans do; however, they do get similar conditions. These can include proctitis, rectal and anal prolapse, an anal sac infection, impaction, or an abscess. All of these can cause painful bowel movements.

If your cat has had previous issues using the litter box, they may develop this habit because they associate it with a previous painful bowel movement issue.

It May Be Your Cats Way Of Releasing Pent

Why Does My Cat Run Around After Pooping?

Another probable reason why your cat gets the crazies is to express and release pent-up energy. Indoor cats, for instance, have very limited environmental stimulation. They have restricted abilities to exhibit natural cat behavior.;;

Cats normally run at a speed of more or less 30mph if they are given ample space to do it. However, since an indoor cat stays inside most of the time she cannot do this. As a result, cats resort to running around like crazy to express their frustration.;

You can help your cat to divert the zoomies by providing interactive play sessions. Give her fishing rod-style toys such as the PURRfect Cat Toys that will encourage her to chase, jump, and unleash her predator instincts. You may also provide a puzzle feeder like Catit Senses Cat Treat Maze to mentally challenge her.;

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Is My Dog In Pain Whenhe Has The Poop Zoomies

Now some of you might be asking whether;poop;zoomies;are safe or does it hurt when dogs get;them.

Well, there is nothing wrong if your dog is getting;zoomies;and in most cases, it does not cause pain and are completely safe. Most dog owners get a little scared when they see this behavior for the first time. Zoomies are nothing but just energy bursts and it may look like that your dog is possessed or has gone mad. Fast running, spinning, and jumping back and forth are some symptoms of;poop;zoomies.

Our English bulldog gets the zooming before pooping, at first, we were very concerned. His behavior was so erratic and seemingly random that it looked like he may need an exorcism! We eventually realized the behavior was helping him with his bowel movements. We now watch him closely to make sure he doesnt bang his head into anything hard and encourage him to finish his business.

Depending on the levelto which your dog acts out you may need some training to tamper down the levelof zoomies. If he is just;crazy;running,then its not a bad thing. However, if the zoomies are violent and starttugging and doing destructive things, this will require behavior modification.

Why Do Your Cat Gets The Zoomies After Pooping

January 04, 2021


Ever notice that your cat sometimes goes crazy when they just finished taking a poo? Do they ever suddenly dash from their litter box to other rooms at 3 in the morning and freak the whole family out? If so, they might have caught the cat zoomies after pooping.

Cats are well-known for a few particular bathroom habits, such as burying their stool after taking a dump or using their urine to mark their territory. These are things all cats do, so at least have a clue that these habits are instinctive. But some cats get hyper after they poop and some dont, which leaves you wondering what causes the weird action.

If your;cat runs around after pooping, there are a few possible reasons to what makes them do so. Lets check them out with Hyperfavor to really see whats happening in your cats head.

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Why Do Cats Poop On Rugs

Out of all the places in a home, it seems that rugs are popular targets for inappropriate elimination. There’s something about the fabric that attracts cats. Perhaps it’s the fact that rugs are easy to knead and paw at like litter, or maybe it’s the scent. The absorbancy is likely a factor as well. You may never know for sure why your cat seems to prefer the rug, but many cat owners report this same issue.

Cats are often mysterious, so getting to the bottom of the problem will take careful observation. You’ll need to eliminate the potential causes one at a time.

No matter where your cat is pooping, if it’s outside the litter box, there are a few possible explanations for it.

How To Know If Your Cat Is Doing The Zoomies

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? – 5 Reasons Youâll Love to Know

To understand more about what causes this weird behavior, lets look at what exactly is a zoomies.

What we commonly referred to as zoomies are quick, random bursts of energy. A more scientific name for this is Frenetic Random Activity Period, or FRAP for short.; Youll recognize a zoomie in action when you see one your cat unexpectedly flashes pass you out of nowhere.;

These zoomies dont last very long, and youll probably find it amusing and funny. You might even want to put that weird moment of;your cat on a T-shirt – its just so hilarious.

There is no set time in the day when every cat will experience zoomies. Your cat can decide to roam around the house all of the sudden, despite you trying to sleep. As said, these are very random energy blasts, and maybe your cat doesnt even know why they do it.

Watch: What are zoomies?

However, owners also point out that there are certain occasions that zoomies are more likely to happen. Cats can zoom after a long nap, when something excites them, or when they see another cat also do the zoom. Kittens are more likely to experience this explosion of stamina than older cats.

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How Can You Tell If Your Cats Poop Is Unhealthy

Any kind of cat poop that looks different than the usual may be unhealthy. You should especially check for the below signs to know whether the poop is unhealthy or not:

  • Poop that is too hard is often painful as your cat will have difficulty while pooping it.
  • Dark or blackish-colored poop often indicated the presence of blood in stools. In this case, contact a vet immediately.
  • Liquid poop that indicates diarrhea may cause dehydration in cats.
  • Strained pooping and small hard balls of poop repeatedly indicate an obstruction or even a neurological issue in some cases

So, always make sure that your cats poop looks soft , is of a medium-brown color, and is of the correct size and shape.

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