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Why Do Cats Show You Their Butt

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Head Bumping And Head Pressing: Theres A Difference

Why Cats Show You Their Butt

Cats head press when theyre feeling severe discomfort in their head. This could be caused by hypertension, brain tumor, or other neurological problems.

They may walk up to a corner and push on both sides of the wall. Their face is wincing. Their head is throbbing. Its like us pushing into our temples when we have a headache. They may express excessive vocal irritability. They may howl like theyre disoriented, Johnson said.

If your cat has suddenly started pressing his head against walls or furniture, or if you notice any of these strange vocal behaviors, its a medical emergency situation and you should take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

Johnson-Bennett says the best way to differentiate between these behaviors is to know your cat and be aware of any change in its behavior.

Its those little things that pet owners discover about their cats behavior that can make a real difference in the relationship. If you misunderstand subtle signs it can have a huge impact on whether you have a close bond or not. We misinterpret cat communication all the time. We think we know what theyre saying or we think their behavior is like a dogs behavior. Head bunting is another piece of the puzzle to have a better relationship with your cat. Thats what we all want. We dont want a cat who hides under the bed and doesnt want to be near you, Johnson-Bennett said.

They Make Biscuits In Your Lap


Whats kneading all about, anyhow? When kittens feed, they knead their mothers teats to stimulate milk flow. As adults, cats knead when they feel safe and content. In other words, you are your cats human security blanket.

Kneading may also be a way cats mark territory, as they have sweat glands in their paws that release chemicals as they knead. So if youre the territory theyve chosen to mark, take it as a compliment. Cats tend to knead places where they feel safe. But be sure to keep your cats claws trimmed otherwise, being loved so hard can hurt!

Why Does My Cat Stick His Bum In My Face

When a cat displays its rear end, she wants you to know that she trusts you. According to UK-based veterinarian Joanna Woodnutt, BVM, BVS, “Presenting the bottom is a sign of companionship and trust. The bottom is a vulnerable area and turned around she can’t see an attack coming or defend herself.”

A cat who sticks its bum in your face might also be trying to mark you. “Cats presenting their tail to you can be considered to be a variation of allorubbing, the behavior when cats rub themselves against each other,” explains Alycia Washington, DVM. “They will often start cheek to cheek, then end tail to tail. This behavior, especially when the tail posture is upward, is considered friendly and is generally made towards others that are considered part of their group.”

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Which Cat Instincts Cause Them To Stick Their Bum In My Face

Believe it or not, sometimes cats stick their butts in your face to show you just how much they love you! This stems from biological instincts, according to Dr. Sievert. Mother cats clean their kittens by licking them everywhere, she explains. This doesn’t just keep the kittens clean though – it also bonds them to their mom. “When your cat receives lot of attention from you, it’s the natural way of asking for more,” she said. So how should you respond when your feline friend displays her bottom? Give her a scratch at the base of her tail. “Cats actually love being scratched on their rear end,” noted Dr. Sievert.

It’s A Common Misconception That Cats Are Not Affectionate Mainly Because Dogs Have More Explicit Ways Of Demonstrating Affection Whereas Cats Are Much More Subtle From Head

Why Do Cats Show You Their Butts? A Scientist Explains

Its often said that dogs are more affectionate than cats, but that isnt necessarily the case. Its true that dogs have more explicit ways of showing their affectionwith bounding body language and a big, slobbery tongue for kisses. This can, unfairly, seem as though they might naturally love their owners more than their feline friends.

However, while a cat wont wag their tail , that doesnt mean they dont feel love! Cats have more subtle ways of making their affection known, and just because theyre naturally more understated, doesnt mean the bond is any less strong.

Find out more about how do cats show affection with this roundup of our all time favourite feline gestures. It will have you purring with delight!

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So How Is Smelling Each Other’s Rear Ends Part Of Their Communication

What perplexes many pet owners is why cats would sniff this particular part of the anatomy. Why rear ends? The answer is anatomical. Inside the rectum are two small sacs called anal glands, which secrete a noxious smelling substance into the rectum through a pair of tiny openings. The glands are emptied naturally when the rectal sphincter muscles contract during a bowel movement. Pet owners are usually unaware of this occurrence, since the odor of the anal glands is masked by the odor of the cats stool however, cats can definitely tell the difference.

“When cats sniff rear ends as a greeting, they can determine a great deal of information about each other.”

When cats sniff rear ends as a greeting, they can determine a great deal of information about each other. Is this cat a friend or foe? Is she going to be a good date? Is he aggressive? Is she feeling ill? And because the odor is unique to every cat and serves as a form of identification, two cats can quickly determine if they have met before.

The very act of sniffing rear ends can establish dominance and set the tone of the relationship. The dominant cat will usually initiate the sniffing, while the more submissive cat waits her turn. A submissive cat may end the sniffing and retreat. A dominant cat may stop sniffing and hiss to end the introduction. Some cats are shy and like to limit the information they give out, so they will simply sit down and clamp their tails over their rectums, reducing the odor they emit.

They Head Bunt Against You

A head bunt from a cat is the ultimate sign of affection, according to Parker. When they bump or rub their head against you, they’re saying “I love you” and attempting show you affection by their closeness to you. Not only that, but they’re also making sure the rest of the world knows too. By rubbing their head on you, they’re marking you with their scent, and telling the rest of the cat world that you are their “human.”

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They Will Also Do It For Other Reasons

Another reason cats raise their butts is because its a holdover from when they were kittens. This is how kittens let their mothers know that their butts are ready for cleaning, and its possible that cats see us as surrogate mothers .

Basically, cats raise their butts because theyre trying to tell us theyre happy and like what were doing. Its a compliment, and a request for more.

Why Cats Need To Smell Butts

Why do cats put their butt in your face?

Cats sniff butts is more important to recognize each other than vision.

You may have heard that dogs and cats have different senses, but the same can be said about their sense of smell and sight. As a pet owner, you will find it very helpful to train your cat to learn to sense smells and to recognize its own odor as well as the smell of others. It takes just a little bit of practice to make your cat stop sniffing your butt and to start seeking out other smells to mark its territory.

Cats and dogs both have a sense of smell that allows them to distinguish between the sense of their own kind and those of others. Their sense of sight enables them to navigate in a world where there are no shadows. They see everything around them in a different way than we do.

Dogs, on the other hand, have eyes that we do not have. They have a sense of hearing that allows them to find and mark their territory. In a way, dogs and cats are like explorers, trying to find their way home after being lost for a while. Dogs like to smell different things and may even have different personalities which may influence their choices of what they like to smell. However, dogs and cats share a common sense of smell.

A scent marking behavior can easily get out of control. If you allow your cat to keep sniffing your tail while youre not paying attention to it, you may attract cats to your home. This is another reason why you want to train your cat and teach it to recognize its own scent.

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Why Does My Cat Love Showing Me Her Butt

Okay, so, to start off, I need to declare that Marzipan is the queen of showing me her butt. She loves it. Cant get enough of it. Every morning, noon, and night, theres her butt. 90% of what is in my visual range throughout the average day is a close-up, HD view of her butthole.

To be honest though, I do sometimes encourage it. Show everyone your butt! I say to her when I have company over, like its some kind of neat party trick. She gawks at me, swooshes up her tail, and runs away. GUYS LOOK AT HER BUTT, LOOK AT MY CATS BUTT, LOOK AT IT, I scream, as everyone shifts uncomfortably in their seats. Wanna be invited to my next party?

Admittedly, I personally think its hilarious. But others may be left feeling confused and uncomfortable. Why is Mittens doing this, you may whisper to yourself, trying to shift your gaze to anything other than they eye of your cats butthole as she presents it to you, her head twisted around to stare unblinkingly into your soul as she does so. Well, good news! There is a reason, and Im here to explain away the mystery.

The Reason Your Cat Sticks Their Butt In Your Face Is Surprisingly Simple

Cats do a lot of strange things, but most all of their behaviors can explained. Have you ever wondered why you cat sticks his bum in your face? Yep, there’s a reason behind it. In fact, there might be a few reasons. POPSUGAR reached out to the experts to find out more.


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Nothing But Behinds: Why Do Cats Like Their Butt Scratched

When your cat cuddles up to you for some quality petting time, you may find yourself constantly scratching just at the base of their tail. This is basically because a concentration of nerve endings make your cats butt the best place for them to get maximum pet-age for their efforts. The sensation of being scratched or petting stimulates the nerve endings and helps your cat feel happy and relaxed!

Cats are extremely sensitive creatures, and have a way more specialized nervous system than humans do. For this reason, if you continue to pet your cat without paying attention to his or her moods, you may find your cat quickly growing overstimulated. No matter where youre petting your cat, make sure you look for signs that theyre no longer having as much fun as you are.

They Show You Their Butt

Why Do Cats Show You Their Butts? A Scientist Explains in ...

Nothing says I care like a face full of cat butt. Friendly cats greet each with a lateral walk-by, rubbing alongside one another from front to rear. This sideways greeting is another form of scent transferrence, used to build community among cats. Butt-up body language can mean, lets get to know each other.

A butt in the air can also signify, pet me, please! Either way, if your cat sticks their butt in your face, take it as a sign that they really, really like you!

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Why Cats Show You Their Butt According To Science

While cats showing their bums might seem strange to us, it’s actually your cat’s way of being nice. According to cat researcher Mikel Delgado at the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, it’s very normal for cats to sniff each other’s butts. They do it as a way to confirm another cat’s identity or just to say hello. Cats have glands all over their little furry bodies. This includes the base of the tail and each side of the anus. A cat’s glands contain scents that are unique to each feline, rather like the human fingerprint. These scents can communicate many things about the particular cat such as their health, age and sexual status.

Our feline friends don’t consider flaunting their rear as anything aggressive or even disgusting. When we are petting our cats and they show their butt, our cats may be inviting us to check them out or they just want to say a friendly hello.

Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Put Her Rear In My Face

As humans, we have some societal restrictions with exposing our rears to other people, both new friends and old. For us, it is better to shake hands with new people and reaffirming bonds does not include asking your friends to scratch your rear. But if you were an animal, you would see things differently.

We know that cats are tuned into certain smells and their environment gives them much more information in scents than ours does for us. She is not trying to be offensive by walking up to you and placing her butt in your face. She is doing what is natural to her and allowing you to gain information about her. Because of her anatomy and her ability to learn from olfactory clues, she is very comfortable with presenting her rear to you and assumes that you are comfortable too. She trusts you or she would not show you her vulnerable back side so easily.

For cats, rubbing is a sign of affection as well. They are able to release pheromones that label you as safe when they rub on you and as they rub, they just naturally also present you with their back half.

Even if your cat does not have fleas or flea allergy, cats seem to like being scratched, rubbed or petted in this tail head area. So if your cat puts her butt right in your face, dont be offended. Just know that she is treating y0u like she would want to be treated. She is merely following the Golden Rule!

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Related Questions And Curiosities

Here some funny things to know about cats showing their butts:

  • Why does my cat sleep with his bum towards me?

One of the reasons for this behavior is that he trusts you, and he doesnt have to guard his back since you are there.

If you have observed your cat, he always tries to sleep with his back against the wall, where he cant be attacked, and he rests from where he can see the room, either from a tall place or a corner.

Basically you are his wall and his security guard!

  • Why do cats put their bum on you?

Same as above, you are supposed to sniff it and socialize. Deep inside, arent you a cat? Or at least you should behave like a cat.

  • Do cats butt holes touch the ground when they sit?

Well, pretty much, yes. Some cats have longer fur, so it is not a problem, some other cats are not that lucky, and they do touch the floor with their rear end! It doesnt seem they mind at all.

  • Do cats bums spread bacteria when sitting on a table with their butt flat on it?

Unfortunately, since they use it to poop, that area is not really cleaned. Cats usually are clean creatures. They spend most of their day cleaning themselves up. But for sure, their bum has had contact with poop.

If you are worried about it, just make sure you clean often and disinfect surfaces before eating or cooking. It is a small price to pay for our babies.

  • Why do cats act weird when you scratch the base of their tail?
  • Why does a cat lick another cats bum?
  • Why does my older cat lick my kittens bum?

When He Was A Kitten

Why Cats show you their butt according to science?

But scent communication isn’t the only reason kitty might give you the rear-view. When your kitty was a small kitten still nursing from his mother, she would groom him with her tongue. This grooming was soothing to him, and as a domesticated cat he’s still very kittenish as an adult. He enjoys being pet on the rear because it reminds him of this affectionate grooming he received from his feline mom. He now goes to the litter box on his own, but when he was a kitten his mom had to help him out. She would lick his anus to encourage him to use the bathroom. While you see this as gross and probably have no intention of licking kitty’s bum, he will instinctively show you his rear as a learned behavior from kitten-hood.

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