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Why Does My Cat Sleep By My Feet

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Cats Seek Warmth When Sleeping

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me? – 5 Reasons Youll Love to Know

Cats do love any form of heat and have an uncanny knack of seeking out warm places to hang out. Im sure our cat has the house heat mapped.

The dip between your legs generates plenty of heat as there are major blood vessels that transport blood to the area. This is the main reason the cat likes to sleep between your legs.

Plus the cat can settle in and make himself comfortable. He doesnt like to be unsettled from this spot as he will need to seek out another place of warmth.

What Does It Mean When A Cat Rubs Their Head On Your Feet

Your cat head-butting or nuzzling your face deposits scent from glands in their cheek area. Their weaving through your legs, usually as you prepare to feed them, transfers scent from their sides and tails on to you. This behaviour is also an effective way of making sure that they have your full attention.

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Sleeping A Lot More Than Usual

Haveyou noticed your cat sleeping more or deeper than usual? An average cat sleeps12-16 hours in a day. The number goes up to 20 hours for kittens and oldercats. Its different for every cat, of course, but basically, your cat wouldspend about 2/3 of its life sleeping or napping. Cats sleep a lot, to say the least. However, changesin sleeping pattern along with other symptoms to watch out for could indicatethat your cat may need some medical attention. So, is your cat sleeping a lotmore than she should be? Here are the possible reasons why your pet kitty maybe sleeping a lot more than usual.

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I Dont Want To Get Hurt

Unless youve got one of those large cat breeds, such as Main Coon, you are a lot bigger than your cat.

As such, its easy for you to roll over while sleeping and accidentally crush your cat.

That was one of my concerns when Ronnie started sleeping in my bed.

Usually, most kittens love to sleep on your chestbecause they can listen to your heartbeat.

It relaxes them because it reminds your kitty of their mother and how protected they felt around her.

However, kittens learn to adapt when they learn that humans tend to toss and turn in bed.

They arent stupid and understand that sleeping on you can be dangerous.

Not to mention that your movements disturb your cats sleep because they have to move to avoid getting crushed.

So, your kitty might prefer to sleep at your feet or next to your pillow. Its a safer spot than your chest or belly.

My Ronnie usual sleeps next to my feet, but she leaves enough distance for me to turn comfortable.

If I happen to kick her accidentally, she quickly moves to her cat bed. Yours probably does the same.

These Reasons Not Really Cutting It Could It Be One Of These

Why does my cat sleep on my chest?

Basically, Im going to run you through a few of the reasons why cats sometimes bite fingers, as this may explain why your cat is sometimes biting your toes if none of the other more common reasons seem to be doing the trick explaining:

  • Your cat enjoys the sensation of biting your toes.
  • Your kitten is teething.
  • You got a bit of food on your foot and your cat cant resist a nibble.
  • Your cat is giving a love bite showing affection.
  • Your cat is giving a warning bite telling you he/she is overstimulated.

Any of those explanations seem like theyll fit?

Head on over to my article on why cats chew on fingers to learn how to test & stop the biting from happening with any one of those explanations.

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Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Backs Toward Us

Some cat owners are miffed by this behavior. But your cat isnt being rude. Hes showing trust.

As the cat behavior expert and best-selling author Pam Johnson-Bennett puts it: Since a cat is an animal that is both predator and prey, he wants to position himself in the safest place. If he turns his back on you as he settles down, hes showing he trusts you and maybe even that hes going to watch the environment for both of you.

Why Does My Cat Rub Its Face On My Feet

Your cat has scent glands on the sides of its head. These glands contain pheromones that capture your cats unique scent. If your cat smells unfamiliar scents from where youve been outside with bare feet, it will rewrite them and reclaim its territory by rubbing its face and body against your feet, transferring its unique scent back to you.

However, when a cat rubs its face on your feet, its not just a territory-marking exercise. Its a sign of comfort, too. If your cat loves you and wants you in its pack, it will leave its scent on your feet and other parts of your body as an invitation. Other cats will be able to smell this and accept you as part of the pack, too. A cats scent is also designed to last and continues to communicate, even when your cat is elsewhere.

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There Is More Room In Their Humans Bed

Cats will often walk around the location where they want to sleep and knead the cushions of a sofa, chair or their bed. Because a humans bed is bigger, that means more room for her to knead around before settling in.

Cats still need a bit of space between themselves and their humans, and there is more space at the foot of the bed to move around while still being in close contact with you.

You may feel your cat kneading your legs too while kneading the mattress and covers. When she finally settles down, she may actually lay on top of your legs instead of on the bed. Whichever position makes her feel the most comfortable and secure is where she will be.

Do not be surprised, though, if your cat ends up near your head at some point during the night. She may just need a little extra warmth.

I Want To Protect You

Why does my cat bite my feet when I’m sleeping?

Sometimes cats like to sleep between your legs because they want to protect you.

Your kitty stays close to you so that they can react in case of danger.

People often think about dogs as mens best friends, but cats can also be loyal and protective of their owners.

While cats might be tiny, they have sharp claws/teeth, and they wont hesitate to use them to scare intruders.

Moreover, you are your cats source of food and attention.

Its not so strange to think that your cat might want to make sure that nothing happens to you while youre asleep.

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So What Can You Do About It Without Offending Your Cat

Well, you can move your feet every time they lay on them. Cats dont like to be disturbed, I havent met many cats that will put up with being shuffled around a lot when they want to sleep.

Or, you can try and fool them by placing a pillow or something rolled up near your feet. Most cats are pretty clever though, theyll figure out what youre up to and shuffle over to your feet.

Ease Of Getting In And Out

It is no secret that cats hate being confined in a specific space for too long because they love the freedom to move around whenever they feel like it. Does it get any better than lying down at the foot of the bed?

These creatures love to get in and out of bed especially at night when theyre supposed to be sleeping. Hence, basing themselves at the foot of the bed unlocks the ability to move as and when necessary without feeling too shackled.

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Your Thoughts On Cats Biting Feet

Have you ever had a cat bite your foot, ankle, leg, or toes?

Did you ever figure out why your cat was doing this? Ever figure out how to get him or her to stop?

Do you have any tips for those in this boat?

Did you head over here because its a behaviour your cat actively engages in, and if so, do you have an idea of which reason explains why your cat is biting your feet?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Elises Favourite Tip

One of the most frustrating problems Ive had to deal with as a pet parent is staying on top of my cats desire to play. While this is typically hard to do, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves make the job one heck of a lot easier.

The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & kick sticks. I have a slew scattered around the house, so when my cats get bored, even if Im busy or not even home, my furries are able to actively play.

What Do Different Cat Sleeping Positions Mean

Why Does My CAT SLEEP on My FEET? ð¦¶ð?»ð?±ð¤ 5 Reasons!

Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews stated that lethargy and depression is the most common warning sign of sickness. If a cat is withdrawn and sleeping more, it could be attempting to hide pain or illness.

Monitor your cat during sleep as the position that your cat adopts can reveal a source of discomfort. Sleeping positions are a useful barometer of health when considered in conjunction with other physical symptoms.

The table below details common sleeping positions in sick cats and what they may mean:

Curled in a Ball Low body temperature as this position keeps a cat warm. Significant pain is also a possible explanation.
Fetal Position Low body temperature. The cat could also be protecting a sore or injured body part, such as the front paws.
Lying on Stomach Vulnerability means that your cat doesnt want to fall into a deep sleep. It may need to move quickly.
Lying on Back Feelings of insecurity. This position offers fast access to claws and teeth for protection. Sick cats feel more vulnerable.
Lying on Side Difficulty breathing or muscular pain. This position makes breathing easier and reduces pressure on the joints.

Also, look out for other changes in your cats sleeping routine. If your cat always slept alone but now looks for company, it may be feeling unwell. The cat is seeking comfort and protection while it rests.

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Why Do Cats Lay On Your Legs

They Just Want To Be Close To You Much like humans enjoy the feeling of their loved one nearby, cats do too, and that loved one is you. Often just the feeling of being near their human can make a cat feel snug and content. Sleeping on your legs allows them to feel your presence while theyre peacefully napping.

Proximity To The Door

Cats are endowed with some of the sharpest survival instincts which pushes them to always be on their guard even in the comfort of their home. In most bedrooms, the foot of the bed is closest to the door, and laying down there gives felines the ability to escape quickly should any danger pop up.

Sleeping at the foot of the bed also means they can react swiftly should an intruder enter the bedroom in the middle of the night when youre both in Dreamland. Thus, sleeping at the foot of the bed simply gives cats some sort of security assurance to be able to hit the hay peacefully.

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Reason #: Your Cat Is In Play Mode

If your cat is biting your foot in particular, theres a really, really high chance he or shes hunting you.

Why your cat is hunting you can be broken down into a couple of sub-explanations these are:

1. Your cat is actively trying to tell you he/she wants to play.

My first cat, Avery, has done this in the past, though luckily my new second cat, Bjorn has not. At this point, Avery really infrequently if ever, since I trained him out of it.

It did used to happen every so often when he was hot and bothered enough about needing to get some of his aggressive hunter energy out and couldnt figure out how else to tell me the song-and-dance whining hes done for a hot minute had been about wanting some play time right this instant.

2. Your cat sees your foot as a moving target, and cant help attacking it.

Again, same sort of idea, because in large part, when your cat gets this crazy burst of energy, he/shes typically seeing your foot as a moving target the he/she cant resist attacking .

Thus, at that particular moment, your cat really wants to play/hunt.

Fewer Disturbances Than At The Top Of The Middle

Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me? 4 Reasons Your Cat Treats You Like A Plush Bed

You do not like being disturbed in the middle of the night and neither does your cat. If your cat notices that you move around a lot during the night, she knows she will have fewer interruptions to her sleep if she sleeps at the foot of the bed.

She can position herself far enough away from your feet in case you have restless leg syndrome yet close enough to feel she is still protected and able to protect you.

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Membership Of The Same Clan

The cats are territorial, exclusivist and sociable. All in this particular order.

Its territory is the whole home, to the last limit. For this reason from puppies are dedicated to patrol and explore our home to the last nook. It is normal for an animal to know its lair perfectly, and cats do it thoroughly: it is their territory.

In a family of several members, the usual thing is for the cat to empathize with all the people, but there will always be a chosen with which the cat will be more affectionate than with the rest of the inhabitants. This only person will be with whom the cat will sleep at his feet exclusively.

The sociability of the cat will be shown to be courteous and even affectionate to all the members of the family, as they are their herd, clan or group. Therefore, well-educated cats, and most of them are, are empathetic with the members of this family clan. The cat plays, it is allowed to caress, or it forces to caress it and it communicates, with all components of its familiar herd. Even during the day she will doze next to someone on the sofa, or rest on Grandmaâs legs in front of the television. But sleep at the foot of the bed, only he will do it with his favorite human.

Feline Survival Instincts: Escaping

Kitties of all sizes, shapes, and ages feel the desire to be close to the one who provides the most for them.

Felines tend to favor the person who feeds and waters them, cleans their litter box, and gives them the most affection and attention throughout their day.

Being near their caregiver at night gives them a feeling of security and safety.

But this only goes so far, as your cats survival instincts also kick in they also do not want to be rolled on in the middle of the night or caught up in blankets that they could not escape from.

Because of this innate survival instinct, your cat will most likely curl up at the foot of the bed near your feet the area with the greatest chance of escape in an emergency but still close enough to you to be a protective shadow

which leads to the next reason why your cat may be sleeping at the foot of your bed.

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Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me

Cats sleep an average of 15 hours a day, and some furry felines can sleep up to 20 hours in a 24-hour period. That’s a lot of snoozing, and while much of that sleeping might be done on a favourite perch, bed or cozy couch, your cat might also opt to sleep on you sometimes. Find out some reasons why your cat might choose to snuggle up and sleep on you.

Your Cats Nocturnal Patterns

5 Reasons Why Your Cat loves to sleeps on your feet

While innocuous, or even flattering, these habits may prove disruptive to your own sleep. A cats after-hours restiveness can be thanked to its ingrained inclination to be constantly on the prowl for potential meals. According to the Indoor Pet Initiative of the Ohio State Universitys College of Veterinary Medicine, cats do not have the daily sleep-wake cycle that we and many other animals have and instead sleep and wake frequently throughout the day and night. Cats in the wild need to hunt as many as 20 small prey each day and must be able to rest between each hunt. Though domesticated cats dont eat this way, they maintain the same internal clock as their wild relatives.

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Cat Sleeping Flat On Back

Leaving paw pads and belly exposed does not come naturally to cats. This suggests that your cat trusts you and feels secure.

This is not always the case. Cats roll onto their back when feeling threatened or vulnerable. This provides the cat with access to all four claws, in addition to teeth. If the cat needs to protect itself, it is easier to do so.

If your cat is affectionate during the day then sleeps on its back, it is no concern. The cat is demonstrating its trust in you. As long as you do not betray this trust, youll be fine.

If the cat is acting off in other ways, be mindful of this sleeping position. The main warning signs are uncharacteristic aggression and prolonged periods of hiding. This suggests that the cat feels the need to be on high alert at all times.

This vulnerability may be due to a medical illness or physical pain. Arthritis is another explanation here. If sleeping on its back, a cats legs will be in the air. While not ideal, this is preferable to placing weight on the joints.

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