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Why Does My Cat Snore So Loud

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When To Seek An Emergency Vet

Cat Snores So Loud We Can’t Sleep

There are instances where you will need to seek an emergency vet immediately.

If you notice your cats breathing is short and quick, or their neck is extended and theyre breathing rapidly, you should seek a vet immediately. This could be a sign of laboured breathing, which is also known as dyspnea.

The snoring could also be the result of a dental issue. If you notice your cats face starting to swell, it may be an indication of a tooth root abscess. This can be very painful for your cat and requires immediate treatment.

Is My Cat’s Snoring A Sign Of A Health Problem


Cat owners are used to a lot of sounds coming from their furry friends. Meows, cries, trills and purrs are all everyday occurrences in most households. But one noise many pet parents dont always expect from their tiny furballs is snoring.

When your cat begins to snore, you may be concerned that theyre having trouble breathing. However, in many cases, cat snoring is just as normal as a dog or human snoring! While most kitty snores are perfectly normal, though, there are some instances where youll want to be on the lookout for signs of a breathing problem.

Your Cat Is A Brachycephalic Breed

Is your cat one of the brachycephalic breeds? These breeds have wide heads and are short in stature. These are breeds such as the Persian, Himalayan, Burmese, and the British Shorthair.; Due to the shortened bones in their face, the brachycephalic breeds of cats are more susceptible to snoring. These breeds also often have smaller nostrils which restrict breathing.

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Cat Snoring: Everything You Need To Know

We know we dont have to say this, but were going to anyway: cats are so cute when theyre sleeping. From their sweet little faces to their itty bitty toe beans to those soft snores, cat naps are just the best.

But what about when those soft snores turn into something more and you start to think, why is my cat snoring like that?

If youve started to notice that your cats snoring is loud enough to wake the dead, its possible something more could be going on.

When Is Snoring In Cats Not Normal

Cat Snoring: Why Do Cats Snore? Is It Normal? Are Snoring ...

Although, snoring can be normal for your cat, its important to know when to be concerned. If you notice your cat suddenly starts snoring, snoring becomes louder, or your cat is experiencing other symptoms along with snoring such as sneezing, coughing, and changes in appetite or behavior, you should contact your veterinarian.;If you ever notice your cat panting, wheezing, having difficulty breathing, contact your veterinarian immediately.;

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Feline Asthma And Other Breathing Problems

There are many possibilities when it comes to reasons why your cats breathing may sound a little different than normal. Some problems are more common than others, and many can look similar without further investigation.

Some of the more common causes of changes in breathing we see in cats include:

Cardiac problems A congenital heart condition or one that develops over time such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy can lead to fluid build up in the lungs. This can result in noisy or labored breathing and sometimes coughing or retching.

Feline asthma Just like in people, some cats lower airways can become inflamed when triggered by allergens, resulting in wheezing and difficulty breathing.

Laryngitis Infectious processes, trauma, and even tumors can cause inflammation in the back of the throat, resulting in breathing changes.

Lung disease A problem in the actual lungs such as pneumonia can certainly lead to heavy, noisy breathing.

Obesity Increases in weight can lead to increased respiratory noise and even apnea, especially in animals that may already have narrowed airways, such as brachycephalic breeds like Persians.

Nasopharyngeal polyps Any tumor growing in the back of the throat can lead to increased respiratory noise. In cats most commonly these are benign nasopharyngeal polyps.

Parasites Unwelcome parasite infections like feline heartworms and lungworms can wreak havoc on the lungs, resulting in breathing abnormalities.

When Is Snoring A Potential Problem

There are several examples of when your cats snoring could be an indication of a larger issue.

Signs to look out for include:

  • Youve noticed that your cat starts snoring suddenly and their behaviour begins changing
  • Youve seen a drop in your cats appetite
  • Your cat is more lethargic than usual

If your cat is panting, coughing, or breathing through their mouth, this could point to a nasal problem. This might be as a result of a respiratory issue, feline asthma, or even a tumour in their sinuses or nasal passage.

Similarly, if your cat has symptoms, such as discharge from the eyes and/or nose or you find sores on their nose, their snoring might be from a buildup of mucus due to an upper respiratory infection.

You should consult with your vet if you spot any of these signs in your cat.

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Why Is My Cat Snoring

Posted by Argos, , last updated October 1st 2020.

We all know that cats like to sleep for hours on end each day. During their catnaps, you may have noticed your cat snoring like a human. As adorable as it may be, youre probably wondering why does my cat snore and if its normal.

Well, if you notice your cat snoring every once in a while or theyve always snored and you dont suspect any illness, you probably have nothing to worry about. Here are some reasons why your cat might be snoring, and also how you can tell whether your cats snoring could be a sign of a more serious problem.

What Can I Do About Feline Snoring

Why Is My Cat Snoring and Grunting? – Dog Health Vet Advice

Once your vet has ruled out a medical condition, enjoy all the cuteness. If your cat indulges in an occasional gentle snore, why not take a video?Cat snoring videos are popular on YouTube. Gentle;snores can be one of the benefits of loving a cat.

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Final Thoughts On Snoring Cats

Overall, having a snoring cat is pretty common, even if it is elderly cat snoring. It is a natural sleeping habit in cats and nothing to be extremely worried about.

However, if your cat starts snoring suddenly, and if it is accompanied by changes in their behavior or other physical symptoms, then it could be an indication of an underlying health problem. In that case, a trip to the vet is in order.

When Is A Cats Snorting A Problem

While snorting is common and rarely cause for concern, it can be a sign of an underlying health issue. If you notice any of the following, seek guidance:

  • Snorting accompanied by congestion or cold symptoms that dont get better without treatment.
  • Snorting in specific areas of your living space might mean it is allergic to something in the area.
  • Excessive eye and nasal discharge that doesnt go away.
  • Your cat is snorting regularly and aggressively. A foreign object may be lodged in the nasal or throat passage.
  • The cat seems unwell, which could be indicated by tiredness, dehydration, or weight loss.

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How To Stop My Cat From Snoring

Your cats snoring should not be concerning unless, of course, there is an underlying condition that is causing the snoring.;

  • Treat any infection or other diseases that may be causing the snoring. The snoring will go away as the medical condition or illness is managed.
  • Switch his sleeping position if you think a position causing his airway to be partially blocked.
  • Put your cat in another room if the snoring is loud and keeping you awake at night. Whats worse than a snoring partner? A snoring pet! You can try a white noise machine if you dont want to separate from your cat at night.;
  • Watch your cats weight and make sure that he is not eating too much. He may be snoring because of excessive weight and this should go away once he has shed some pounds.;

Keep your cat happy and at a reasonable weight to avoid any medical issues. The sudden onset of snoring may or may not indicate something more serious or even a common illness. Always observe any changes in eating habits and behaviors that accompany the snoring. Consult with your veterinarian if you are concerned about anything. A happy cat makes a happy cat owner!

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Helping Your Cat To Stop Snoring

My Cat is Snoring: Is it normal? » Petsoid

Depending on why your cat is snoring, there are ways to help them stop. Foreign objects, tumours, and polyps can all be removed by your vet. Losing weight can also help your feline friend lessen their snoring habits.

As long as youre aware of the symptoms to look out for, snoring is rather harmless and pretty cute so try not to be overly concerned. However, as cats often dont show signs of illness until theyre very sick, its important that you monitor your feline friends snoring.

If youre looking for extra peace of mind, a cat tracker can identify any small changes in your cats behaviour like their sleeping and eating habits. It can also track your cat and monitor their activity. If youre trying to help them lose weight, youll know where to start!

Now you know a little more about your cats snoring, remember its important to protect your cat with Argos Pet Insurance provided by Pinnacle Insurance plc. Explore our cat insurance policies today.

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When Should I Be Concerned

Theres no need to run to the vet if you hear your cat snoring. But there are a few things to look out for that may indicate a deeper problem or medical condition. Consult with your vet if your cat displays any of these symptoms. Conditions like heart disease, nasal or throat tumors, upper respiratory infections, and asthma may cause your cat to snore.

You should speak with your vet any time your cat shows signs of decreased appetite. Make an appointment with your vet if your cat suddenly starts snoring and loses his appetite. When cats dont eat its a warning sign that something is possibly wrong. Its important to observe your cats eating habits and notice any changes.

  • Snoring noises while awake

Your cat may have a respiratory infection or condition if he makes snoring noises when fully awake. Observe where the noises are coming from. From his nose? Does it sound like wheezing coming from his lungs? The vet will make a diagnosis. Your cat may have asthma or an infection.;

  • Discharge from the eyes or nose

Any type of discharge usually means an infection. See your vet if your cat has discharge from his eyes or nose. This is probably a respiratory infection and can be treated with medication. The snoring may be caused by some mucus buildup in his nose and should go away when the infection is cleared.

  • Sneezing or coughing
  • Labored breathing
  • Panting

Cats sometimes pant when stressed but if the panting is excessive and ongoing you should speak with your vet.;

What Are The Causes Of Snoring Cats

Snoring can also be related to existing medical conditions. In most cases, snoring in cats is a symptom that they have a cold or are allergic to something. These diseases or allergies are not a bad thing in most cases.

If your cat is always snoring during sleep or often snoring abnormally, you should have this checked by the vet. The most common reason for unhealthy snoring in cats is a respiratory infection. Snoring is a problem if your cat sneezes while sleeping, regularly wakes up due to snoring, or has sleeping problems.

Another cause of cat snoring can be a blockage in the nasal canal, such as a tumor or polyp. Even strange objects, such as blade of grass, that stuck in the nasal cavity or in the back of the mouth, can cause cat snoring.

If you are concerned about your cats snoring behavior, you can, of course, always visit the vet.

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Cat Snoring: Why Do Cats Snore Is It Normal Are Snoring Cats Sick

December 20, 2017 –

Snoring is;very common in the human world. It would never be odd or out of place to hear a wife complaining about her husbands snoring keeping her up all night then to hear her husband complain back right back that his wife snores equally loud!

Snoring isnt just an adult-limited thing either: my experience bunking with other 10 and 11 year olds at camp proved this to me years back-;youd be surprised how loud some kids can snore!

But what about cats? Have you ever wondered whether those cute little furballs in your home could snore up a storm? What would cat snores even sound like? Would cats snore loudly, like some humans do? Or quietly? Would you even notice a kitty snore?

Ever suspected your own little cat at home to be snoring.. if only you knew if it was possible and how you could identify a kitty snore? Ever wondered, if a cat did snore, whether it would be normal or maybe some kind of symptom of a health problem?

All this and more is what well delve into today!

Your Cat Is Overweight

Why does my brother snore so loud

Your cats weight has a lot to do with their quality of sleep. Sometimes, overweight cats do not get the sleep they need because their extra weight leads to fat accumulation in the tissues surrounding their upper airways. This added pressure on your cats nasal passages causes them to snore. Reducing your cats weight can help their sleep quality incredibly.

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Was Your Pet Food Recalled

The bony case is flattened at the front in brachycephalic breeds. But, sadly, the soft tissue structures remain the original size.

This is like moving from a 5-bedroom mansion in a 1-bedroom apartment and expecting all the furniture to fit in. It cant happen.

Our flat-faced fur friends have a long soft palate that vibrates with each breath, as it gets sucked in and out of the windpipe. This constant vibration also causes inflammation, making the palate even thicker and more of a problem so a vicious cycle develops.

2. Infection

What happens when you get a sore throat?

The glands in your neck swell. This is because your immune system is fighting the infection and flooding the lymph nodes in the throat with cells to fight infection.

Exactly the same thing happens with dogs.

And if the glands in the throat swell, this narrows the larynx and entrance to the airway, causing dog snoring.

3. Allergies

Some dogs develop allergies, which show up as sneezing or snoring. This happens if the allergens are breathed in and cause local inflammation in the nasal cavity.

These types of allergies are actually less common than you might suppose. This is because canine allergies are more likely to show up as itchy skin rather than the hay fever signs we humans suffer from.

4. Irritants

Unfortunately, this large surface area also makes the canine nose especially sensitive to inhaled irritants.

5. Lumps, Bumps and Blockages

6. Medications

Common chemical culprits include:

Is It Normal For My Cat To Snore

Its no secret that cats love to sleep, they do it often, and they do it best.

Many people will be familiar with the sound of their cats gently snoring whilst cuddled up on the couch but is it actually normal for your cat to snore?

Petplan looks at reasons why cats snore, and some of the more common cat health issues associated with snoring

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When Should I Be Concerned About My Cat Snoring

There are some symptoms which accompany snoring that could be a cause for concern. If your pet is experiencing any of the following issues, and youre worried about its health, its always best to schedule a check-up with your vet practice.

  • A drop in appetite or feeling lethargic these signs are the most common symptom that your cat isnt happy, and should always be investigated by your vet
  • Snorting air quickly, coughing, or breathing with their mouth open these are all signs of a respiratory problem which could be causing/worsening your cats snoring
  • Discharge from the eyes or nose, or sores on the nose if these symptoms are present, it could mean that your cat is snoring due to mucus in the nasal passage as a result of a respiratory infection
  • Sitting with an extended neck and breathing rapidly this is a sign of laboured breathing and you should consult your;vet immediately if you see this behaviour

For the most part, hearing your cat snoring away as it sleeps shouldnt be a huge problem and can even be quite cute! If you keep your eyes out for the symptoms weve mentioned and monitor your cats eating habits, you can ensure that any issues dont become serious.

Why Does My Cats Breathing Sound Like Snoring

I Caught My Cat Snoring

If your cat is awake and making snoring sounds, it likely has difficulty breathing due to a health issue.

In Veterinarians by Veterinarians, a stertor is described as a low-pitched snoring or snorting sound that results from turbulent airflow caused by a partial obstruction of the upper airway. It will occur from somewhere between the nasal passages and the back of the throat. As well as a snoring sound, your cats breathing may sound like nasal congestion.

A stridor is a higher-pitched wheezing sound. Its likely caused by a blockage in the larynx or windpipe and can be heard when your cat breathes in. Stridors can also occur due to bacterial infections.

Wheezing or a continuous high-pitched whistling sound that can be heard when your cat breathes out is likely to be caused by a narrowing or obstruction in the lower airways.

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