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Will Neutering A Cat Calm Him Down

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My Cat’s Neuter Surgery | How to Calm down Male Cat aggressive behaviour

Ive had 2 male cats live in peace in the past. But one was willing to be submissive to the other. The 2 neutered males I have now are often in conflict. But it is not very serious as they dont hurt each other. They get along most of the time and can often be found napping on the same bed, but not cuddling.

Reasons You Should Spay Or Neuter Your Cat

Spaying offers many health benefits for both male and female cats. There are many advantages from being more cost-effective, to helping reduce the amount of homeless cats. Female cats that are spayed tend to live longer and healthier lives, and male cats are less likely to develop diseases such as testicular cancer and prostate problems. Some of the main reasons you should spay your cat include:

1. Reduces Cat Homelessness

2. Breaks The Reproduction Pattern

3. Helps Behavioural Problems and Personality

Spaying and neutering your cat will change their personality, but it will ultimately be for the better. Unfixed cats are driven by their hormones. Female cats in heat are restless, anxious, very loud and attract every unneutered male in your vicinity. Unneutered males can also become frustrated and aggressive and are more likely to become territorial by spraying around the house. They’ll most likely fight any male that they encounter. To help with the transition, exercise and diet are also very important. However, there isnt a need for them to become overweight, though. Many foods are made specifically for indoor cats. For exercise, a laser pointer to give them a good workout will do just the trick. When you spay your cat, they become more relaxed and calm, less likely to roam from your house and overall, are better pets.

4. Health Benefits

  • ASPA Resource https://catbehaviorassociates.com/why-you-should-spay-or-neuter-your-cat/

  • No Major Personality Changes

    After neutering, a cat will become more affectionate and less active,but his personality will remain the same. If the cat is independent, hewill be the same after neutering. A happy cat will not become suddenly gloomy after neutering he will remain the same happy cat, but perhaps alazier cat.

    Neutering is a simple procedure that involves removing the testicles or the ovaries of the cat. The procedure has a lot of health benefits and will also reduce the number of unwanted kittens.

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    What Happens If You Neuter A Cat Too Early

    Actually, early neutering delays closure of the bone growth plates making for a slightly taller cat. Early neutered kittens will have a narrowed urethra which will predispose them to urinary blockage. This has not borne out, either. Urethral dimensions in male cats do not vary based on the age at neutering.

    How Does Castration Affect Behavior

    Will neutering calm my kitten down? and other neutering FAQs

    The only behaviors affected by castration are those under the influenceof male hormones . A cats temperament, training, and personality are the result of genetics and upbringing, and are generally unaffected by the presence or absence of male hormones. Castration is unlikely to calm an overactive cat or decrease aggression toward people. Since the male brain is masculinized by the time the kitten is born, castration will reduce some, but not all of the sexually dimorphic male behaviors. If performed prior to sexual maturity castration will help to prevent the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as penile barbs, large jowls, and glands at the dorsal part of the cats tail.

    “The only behaviors affected by castration are those under the influence of male hormones.”

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    Teach Them To Play Nicely

    As Ive discussed, kittens love to play. Its the best way they can burn off some energy and fine tune their balance, hunting, and other skills they develop as they mature into adults.

    As well as providing a space they can call their own as discussed in the points above, you need to get involved and play with them 1-on-1.

    Not only is it loads of fun playing with kittens, you need to teach them how to play nicely. They need to be taught to respect boundaries, what hurts, and when to calm down.

    This will help reduce the amount they are scratching you, which is always nice. As well as teaching them not to damage your furniture.

    The interaction you give a kitten is vital to their development and the habits they form over their formative months of development and socialization.

    Use this time well to direct their attention to their toys and focus their energy. Teach them to play nicely with people and youll have a much easier time going forward.

    In The Absence Of Testosterone A Cats Masculine Behavior Is Not Inactive Simply Less Active

    Sexual behavior by cats is a pretty gnarly business. A male waits for his moment and then darts after the female, pouncing on her from behind, biting her in the neck and pinning her to the ground, while he intromits his barbed penis. As he withdraws, the backward-pointing spines on his penis lacerate the females vagina, causing her to scream and roll away, and she may smack him if he doesnt get out of range quickly enough.

    All in all, a pretty unpleasant sounding experience though, surprisingly, the female will tolerate such ravishes multiple times from multiple suitors when she is at the peak of estrus. Most of us dont want this type of behavior going on in our homes, and neither do most pet owners want an intact male cat around for other reasons notably, intact males are generally more aggressive, frequently engage in objectionable marking and mounting behavior, and have a constant eye for the door, particularly when a neighboring queen is in heat. Thats why most cat owners who are not specialist cat breeders gladly accept neutering, in addition to birth control reasons.

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    Do Cats Get Calmer After Neutering

    Another positive aspect of neutering your cat is that neutering can result in a calmer, and sometimes cleaner, home. Without the drive to mate, your cat may be quieter and not prone to cat calls and an incessant need to seek out a mate. The neutered cat no longer feels the need to seek out and serenade females.

    Blink Slowly Towards A Cat

    Neutering a Tom by Dr. Ali (suture – less)

    If you only take one thing away from this post, this point should be the one. Its amazing how many cat-lovers that I know have never heard of this technique!

    We love this particular technique so much. It is the one thing that helps all owners bond with their cats too.

    You will notice if you watch out for it carefully, that when you look at your cat, it may blink slowly and possibly then look away.

    This is your cat telling you that you shouldnt see them as a threat in any way. If you have a cat, go and try this now.

    So, what you want to do is quite simple really.

    When a nervous cat looks at you it will try to determine whether you are a threat or not.

    If it has any doubt, it will assume you are a threat. What you need to do is convince it that you are not. So, when a cat stares at you, do the following:

    1. Slowly close your eyes whilst still facing it and keep them closed for about 2 seconds.

    2. Open your eyes as slowly as you closed them.

    3. Wait a couple of seconds and divert your attention to something else, but do all of this slowly with no sudden movements.

    Repeat these steps every single time your cat looks at you and remember to keep things nice and slow.

    As I said above, if youre going to take just one thing from this article or just dont have time to read anymore,just take this one point on-board.

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    Medication Can Help Sexually Aggressive Cats

    An array of pharmacologic interventions are available that may be effective in reducing a neutered males inclination to assert sexual dominance. However, advises Dr. Dodman, before trying any of these pharmaceuticals, it would be worthwhile to have an offending male cat examined to make sure that the neutering operation that he underwent was performed properly.

    It is possible, he says, that, during the operation due to an oversight by the surgeon only one of the cats testicles was removed. If that is the case, an injection of a hormone called gonadotropin-releasing hormone ) will reveal the presence of any residual testicular tissue by causing a surge in testosterone. This is very rare, Dr. Dodman notes, but it does happen. Sometimes, for example, one testicle was in the normal location but the other was in the abdomen, inaccessible to the normal neutering procedure. Ultrasound can also be used to make the diagnosis.

    If it is determined that a cat was successfully castrated, the pharmacologic substances that may be helpful in curbing his persistant sexual aggression include clomipramine and fluoxetine, which can reduce the obnoxious behavior.Although such drugs are gaining popularity for the suppression of unwanted sexual drive, they must be used only under the careful supervision of a veterinarian.

    How Long Does It Take A Male Cat To Recover From Neutering

    It takes about 24 hours for the cats to fully recover from anesthesia and regain the ability to regulate their body temperature. So it is important that the recovery location be temperature-controlled to keep the cats from getting too hot or too cold. Ideally, the room should be kept to about 70 degrees.

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    Monitoring Cats During Tnr Spay/neuter Recovery

    TNR colony caretaker Mike Phillips checks on recently spayed/neutered cats in a postsurgical TNR recovery area.

    Postsurgical Checklist

  • Prepare carefully before leaving the clinic. Discharge from the clinic can be rushed and stressful, so prepare to be focused and calm, and make sure to do a complete check of everything before you leave. Confirm that you have all of the exact same cats and traps that you brought in although rare, mix-ups can happen. Check that all traps are securely hooked or fastened shut, using zip ties for added security if necessary. Each trap should be lined with clean newspaper or absorbent pads. Be sure all cats have been eartipped if requested and that clinic ID collars and e-collars have been removed. Be sure to collect medical records, including rabies vaccination certificates, and put them in a safe place. By the time you are ready to leave the clinic, the cats may be sitting up but they are not yet fully recovered from the anesthesia. This means the cats will be unable to regulate their body temperature, so it will be important that they are not exposed to extreme temperatures during transit from the clinic to their recovery space.
  • Put safety first. Keep the traps covered to reduce the cats stress. Never open trap doors without inserting a trap divider first, and never allow the cats out of the traps. Do not stick your fingers through the bars or attempt to handle the cats.
  • Can A Neutered Male Kitten Bicker With A Kitten


    Sometimes even neutered male cats bicker with each other. A second kitten of the same age, size, and temperament can often provide a target and playmate and help teach a feisty kitten some bite and claw inhibition. Be sure to properly introduce the pair. If you suspect your pet is sick, call your vet immediately.

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    When Should I Have My Cat Spayed Or Neutered

    If youve acquired your cats from a shelter or a breeder, they should already have been de-sexed. If you adopted the cat through other channels, however, this may not have been done. While very young kittens shouldnt be neutered or spayed, many vets offices are happy to de-sex cats from twelve weeks. Some prefer to neuter at fourteen weeks.

    De-sexing should be done as possible. Do not delay the operation arrange to have your pet de-sexed as soon as your vet will perform the procedure. Some cat owners mistakenly believe that de-sexing a kitten will impair the cats future growth or health. In reality, the opposite is true. Cats who are neutered at an early age enjoy the same growth and development as entire cats, while potential health issues are reduced.

    Theres a six-month window at the beginning of a young cats life in which it is critical to have them neutered or spayed. In the case of male cats, the removal of the testes is a simple operation but really needs to be done in kittenhood if you want to avoid spraying, fighting and another unwanted behaviour.

    After six months of age, not only are the procedures more complex but recovery is harder on the cat. Adult cats take longer to come out from under the anaesthetic than kittens do. They can also take longer to recover from the operation, risking infections and complications.

    How Long Does It Take For Testosterone To Decrease After Neutering

    Activity levels may be reduced in both males and females after spaying and neutering, but this is by no means certain in all dogs. Its important to note that males may still engage in full-testosterone male behaviors while their male sex hormone levels diminish after surgery. This can take up to six weeks.

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    At What Age Do Kittens Calm Down

    This largely depends on what you call calming down, the breed of your cat, and of course their individual personality.

    As a rule of thumb, you should see some major differences in your cats energy and activity levels between the ages of 9-12 months.

    This is when kittens are maturing into adult cats. They will start sleeping a couple of hours less, but definitely be more calculated with their actions and relax a lot more.

    Its a gradual change that you may not notice day-to-day, but if you look back and really think about it I bet your cat is calming down month after month.

    Outdoor cats are a lot less hyper indoors as they have a huge playground outside to burn off some of their energy. So if youre going to be letting them outdoors from 6 months or so you can see a change in sight.

    In the cats Ive had over the years almost none still exhibit that crazy kitten hyperactivity from around 6 months or so.

    Additional Benefits Of Neutering

    Alaskan Malamute Buddy Neutered | Will He Calm Down

    Aside from the significant benefits associated with calming tomcats down, neutering is also recommended for a variety of other reasons too and chief among these is population control. Put simply, a neutered male cat is unable to successfully breed with a female cat and will lose the desire to do so, preventing unwanted litters of kittens. While this benefit is most significant with outdoor cats, it is recommended even if your cat stays indoors.

    There are a number of problems caused by overpopulation, including an increase in the total number of unwanted cats. This can result in issues where more cats end up homeless, or in cat shelters. Unless your cat is a pure breed, there is no real need for them to mate, as there are already too many cats and not enough homes for them. Some people are reluctant to neuter their cat, feeling it is unnatural or unnecessarily cruel. In reality, it can be argued that neutering your cat is actually good for society as a whole and good for other cats.

    Another major argument in favour of neutering a male cat is the health benefits linked to the operation. Indeed, neutering a cat can significantly reduce its chances of getting a number of serious illnesses, diseases and conditions, with testicular cancer being one of the most notable examples of this.

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    Will My Male Kitten Calm Down After Being Neutered

    Unneutered males can become frustrated and aggressive, are more likely to become territorial by spraying around the house, and will fight any male that they may encounter. So yes when you have your cat spayed or neutered they calm down, become more relaxed, better pets, and their activity level will go down.

    Here Are Some Of My Favorite Products For Cats

    Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you found it helpful whether you own a cat or are considering it. I thought Id share a few of the cat products I love which you might find really useful too.

    The following are Amazon affiliate links, and if you decide to use them, Ill earn a small commission from Amazon at no cost at all to you.

    An indoor cat tree: This is an excellent item to satisfy a cats urge to climb and scratch. There are several sizes to choose from so you can pick the right height for your home. Our cats love this with multi-levels, scratching posts, and a little hideaway.

    Drinking fountain: Cats love to drink from flowing water. Many dont seem to drink enough so a fountain is a good way to get them interested. This Orsda Fountain is quiet, has a large capacity, and looks stylish too.

    Scratcher Lounger: The more cat scratching posts you have the better. Many cats like to claw horizontally which is why we chose the PetFusion Ultimate cat scratcher. It has seen quite a bit of action from 4 Maine Coons but still looks great.

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    Pros & Cons Of Spaying & Neutering Cats

    Its time to start thinking about spaying or neutering your cat. But, you are not quite sure if it is the right thing to do. If youre wondering whether you should just leave your cat as nature intended, consider the positive and negative aspects of spaying and neutering before making your decision.

    Spaying The Positive Side

    Spaying removes the risk of pregnancy.

    Pet overpopulation is a serious problem and by allowing your cat to have litters, you are adding to the problem. Finding homes for your new family additions is not as easy as you may think. Even if you choose to keep the kittens, you will have the additional cost of vaccines, parasite control, toys and food for several pets. In addition to costs, the health of the mother can be in jeopardy during delivery. Some new mothers can have serious complications delivering kittens and can even develop health problems during nursing. All these potential problems can be avoided by spaying your cat.

    Spaying makes for a calmer cat.

    Without the drive to mate, your cat may be quieter and wont be prone to cat calls and the incessant need to seek out a mate. The spayed pet no longer attracts males and their annoying advances and serenades. Spayed cats are also easier to get along with. They tend to be more gentle and affectionate.

    Spaying keeps your cat healthier.

    Spaying The Negative Side

    Spaying means sterilization.

    Spaying may cause weight gain.

    Neutering The Positive Side

    Neutering removes the risk of pregnancy.

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