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Advantage Ii Or Frontline Plus For Cats

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What Is The Difference Between Frontline And Frontline Plus For Cats

Cat Care: Fleas & Parasites : Comparing Advantage, Frontline Plus & Revolution for Cats

The original Frontline product contained only fipronil, which kills only adult fleas and ticks. Frontline Plus contains the additional insect growth regulator -methoprene, which targets fleas eggs and larvae. Frontline GOLD has a second insect growth regulator that reduces the time it takes to start killing fleas.

Around the year 2000, Frontline Plus was released and the original Frontline started to be phased out. Frontline GOLD was released just a couple of years ago. Currently only Frontline Plus and Frontline GOLD are available.

Advantix Is Toxic To Cats

Both ranges contain the insecticide Imidacloprid which can be safely metabolised by both cats and dogs.

However, Advantix containsPermethrinwhich is highly toxic to cats. Dogs can metabolise and make safe this insecticide, whereas cats cannot and it can quite quickly poison their body. So:

  • Advantage II Is a range of treatments with formulations for both dogs and cats.
  • Advantix II -Is a range of treatments formulated for use with dogs with only!

If you have a cat in your home, it might be best to avoid using Advantix unless you can absolutely assure yourself you will keep the substance away from them, including 24hrs separation after treatment of your dog.

For information on Permethrin toxicity, please see the following discussion.

Avoid Natural Flea Control Products

If youâre considering using natural flea control products that contain essential oils, exercise caution. Some essential oils can be toxic to cats.

All three veterinarians we consulted do not recommend natural products, which do not work nearly as well as veterinarian-recommended topical and oral flea control products. âThey are just not proven to be really effective,â Bourgeois said. âMy biggest concern with natural products is, even if theyâre safe, if theyâre not effective, thatâs not helping our pets. I get more concerned about the secondary ramifications for the pet if weâre using something that hasnât been proven to be effective, versus products that have been proven to be effective and well tolerated.â

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Which Is Better For Cats: Advantage Or Frontline

Both Advantage II and Frontline products have different combinations of ingredients, so they can have different applications. Instead of thinking about which product is better, consider which product is more appropriate to your kittys needs.

Advantage II kills adult fleas and also targets flea eggs and larvae.

The Frontline products Frontline Plus and Frontline GOLD contain fipronil, which kills fleas but also kills ticks, lice, chiggers, and even the sarcoptic mange mite. Both Frontline products also contain -methoprene, which targets flea eggs and larvae. Like Advantage II, Frontline GOLD also contains pyriproxyfen, making its effect on killing fleas more efficient.

In terms of the time it takes to kill fleas, Frontline GOLD starts killing fleas within 30 minutes, Advantage II within 2 hours, and Frontline Plus within 4 hours. Frontline Plus kills all fleas within 12-18 hours. Advantage II can kill all fleas within 12 hours and Frontline GOLD is likely comparable.

So all the products do very similar things as far as addressing fleas.

So when choosing between the products, consider the other things they bring to the table. If you live in a heavily tick-infested region and especially if you have a kitty that goes outdoors, a product with tick prevention would be higher on the list.

K9 Advantix Ii Vs Advantage Ii

Frontline Plus for Cats Green 6 Doses

There are many topical flea medicines for dogs available in the market. Including one of them is K9 Advantix ii VS Advantage ii. This medicine is one of the important concerns if people choose to take care of a dog in the house. Since there is always a possibility to dog experience this unpleasant thing. Before it ends to the worst condition for the dog, preparing suitable medicine earlier will be a good option to choose from. However, some people, especially those who get their first puppy recently, will get confuse on selecting the most suitable brands of the medicine. To get preliminary information and preview about this product, the following paragraphs will describe it further.

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Advantage Ii And Frontline Plus For Cats Ingredients

The most important part to know about any solution whether it is for humans or for our pet is what they can offer and this is based on the formulation of Advantage II and Frontline Plus for Cats. Starting from Advantage II, this brand is using a combination of imidacloprid 9.15% and pyriproxyfen 0.46% which both are insecticide and hormone growth regulator. On the other hand Frontline Plus is using fipronil 9.8% and -methoprene 11.8% in which one is an insecticide and the other is a growth regulator as well.

How Does Advantage Ii Work For Your Cat

Prevents and treats: Kills fleas at multiple life stages

Works for: Cats and kittens 8 weeks of age or older

Application type: Drops

No prescription required

Our Advantage® family of products can help arm you in the fight against fleas to treat your pet, home and yard.

Adult fleas can come into your home on peoples clothing or on other pets, and you may not even know it. So you might not realize that fleas may already be a problem on your cat.

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Which Should You Buy

When choosing between Frontline vs Advantage for cats, pet owners should consider their cats risk of exposure to pests. Those whose cats are exposed to ticks and lice may want to purchase Frontline Plus. Other owners may be less concerned about ticks or lice, in which case Advantage II, which has fewer ingredients, may be better for your cat.

Also, make sure to ask your vet which product they would recommend for your particular cat and their lifestyle. Let your vet know if your cat is an indoor-only pet, as less frequent treatments might make sense. Also be sure to discuss any health conditions your cat may have, and whether a spot on treatment like Advantage II or Frontline Plus might affect them one way or another.

Whichever product you chooseAdvantage II or Frontline Plusyour cat will surely be happier for it!

About Frontline For Cats

Comparing Advantage, Frontline Plus & Revolution for Cats

Fipronil is the primary active ingredient in all Frontline products for both dogs and cats. As per its indication, it kills fleas, kills ticks, and targets chewing lice. It can also kill mosquitoes. While not labeled for it, it has also been successful in treating for chiggers and the sarcoptic mange mite that causes scabies.

Fipronil is a phenylpyrazole antiparasitic agent, and is technically classified as a pesticide. In invertebrates , it interrupts GABA-regulated nerve channels, causing neurologic overexcitement, disruption and death.

Frontline spot-on products are applied to the surface of a small target area or spot of the skin, usually at the back of the head or neck.

Fipronil collects in the oils of the skin and hair, allowing for continual release, lending to its 30 day period of efficacy. Per the product label, it takes about 24 hours to spread throughout surface oils on skin and hair to provide complete protection.

It is important to note that while these pesky pests are affected by Frontline by coming in contact with the skin and dont have to actually bite a kitty to die, Frontline products do not provide true repellency that would prevent fleas or ticks from coming in contact with a pet.

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Any Effect On Other Parasites

Advantage II can control lice.

Frontline Plus can control lice and is also reported to help with mange.

Advantix II has the edge in this category by repelling lice and a good number of other biting flies as well.

Therefore, Advantix II is the more potent and complete treatment, fighting against the highest number of parasites.

Compare Advantage Multi Spot

Advantage Multi and Advantage II, both from Bayer, are trusted spot-on parasite treatments that are available as dog and cat formulas.

Both Advantage II and Advantage Multi use the active ingredient Imidacloprid to provide month-long protection against adult fleas. Advantage II also includes Pyriproxyfen to kill flea eggs and larvae, providing extra protection.

The key difference between these topicals is that Advantage Multi is a broad-spectrum treatment that includes the active ingredient Moxidectin. It protects against heartworm, roundworms, and hookworms in dogs and cats, and whipworms in dogs.

Advantage Multi may be used on dogs from 7 weeks and cats from 9 weeks. Advantage II may be used on dogs as young as 7 weeks and cats from 8 weeks of age. Please ensure you have the correct product for your pets body weight.

Top tip: Fleas and ticks can carry nasty diseases, but protecting your pet doesnt need to be difficult. Use our comparison chart to weigh up the pros and cons of the most popular products.

Kills Flea Eggs and Larvae â Treats and controls lice infestations Safe for Pregnant or Nursing Pets When does it starts working Kills fleas within 12 hours Kills fleas within 12 hours Application

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Frontline Plus For Cats Review My Honest Opinion

Once a furball is invited into your home, the issue of fleas and ticks is bound to present itself. It doesnt matter if your cat sneaks outdoors or sticks to your couch. And it doesnt matter how much you clean and how many showers your cat suffers through. Its a curse!

In this Frontline Plus for cats review, Ill tell you how I outsmarted the little bloodsuckers and broke the curse.

This article includes:

  • Step by step instructions on how to use this product
  • An explanation of how Frontline Plus works
  • A detailed list of the pros and cons
  • An answer to all the concerns you might have about this product

If youre looking for an immediate solution to your cats constant discomfort and fight against parasites, youre in the right place. Now lets get to it!

When it comes to our fur babies, its usually tough to trust any product. Thats why I wont just tell you why I recommend Frontline Plus, but Ill also break down every feature in detail, so you can judge for yourself.

Should I Use Revolution Or Advantage Ii For My Pet

Frontline Plus Cats 8 Week or Older

The following table helps you to see a side-by-side summary of some of the information discussed in the previous sections

Flea, ticks, ear mites, sarcoptic mange mite and heart wormFleas and lice
3, 6 or 12 dose packs4, 6 or 12 dose packs

There are a few clear differences between the products. The number of parasites that Revolution covers is greater than that of Advantage II and the product is also safe to use in pregnancy and lactation which can be useful if you are breeding your pets. The product can also be used in younger and smaller animals.

However, it does require a veterinary prescription to obtain it and it is also usually a bit more costly but then you are getting more protection against a wider array of parasites, so that seems reasonable.

Revolution may take a little longer to kill off existing adult fleas but on balance it does seem like the better product. However, there are pros and cons with both products and the decision will depend on your own circumstances as to what you are looking for in an anti-parasite treatment.

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Frontline Plus Vs Advantage

Frontline vs Advantage is a battle that comes up all the time when people are shopping for pet flea treatments for dogs & cats. Frontline and Advantage have both been around the the longest time and are therefore the most well known flea medications. Although these 2 products are often grouped into the same category, they do have differences.

To be clear the 2 products we are comparing in this report are Frontline Plus and Advantage II. There are variants of these product such as Frontline top spot and Advantage Multi .

How Effective Are They For Ticks

The most important thing of note here is Advantage II does not kill ticks! So if its flea and tick treatment youre after, you must choose Frontline Plus or Advantix II.

When it comes to repelling ticks, Advantix II is the only treatment of the three to do so.

However, it is toxic to cats and this should be factored into your decision making.

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When In Doubt Ask Your Vet

The right treatment depends on your location, your activities, and your pets medical history. Pet owners who hike with their dogs have different needs than those who have house cats. Avoid just grabbing any box off the shelfinstead talk with your vet, who will be aware of recent pest outbreaks in the area, product recalls, and your pets medical history. All pesticides have risks, from skin irritation to seizures. We recommend only FDA-approved or EPA-registered treatments that both kill and protect against pests. All are regulated to ensure safety and efficacy, said Dr. Jennifer Welser of . Treatments that both destroy and defend against pests ensure that your pet is protected 24/7.

If your pet has a minor reaction to the flea and tick product, such as application site discomfort, dont freak out. I do see topical site reactions and its not common, but some animals just have more sensitive skin than others, said Dr. Tierra Price, whos a shelter veterinarian and the founder of the BlackDVM Network. She added that its best to consult your vet before switching to a different flea and tick treatment if youre worried about side effects.

Our experts said pet owners shouldnt dismiss these products entirely. Its possible there were multiple factors that could contribute to problems, noted Jennifer Gervais, a pesticide specialist with the National Pesticide Information Center, an EPA partner. We just dont know.

Revolution Vs Advantage Flea Treatment 2022 Comparison

Comparing Advantage, Frontline Plus & Revolution for Cats

Your poor pup. Somewhere, it picked up a flea and now theyre everywhere. The itching is driving you both crazy, and something needs to be done.

30% Off at

Maybe its your indoor/outdoor cat. Roaming cats are highly susceptible to pests even if you confine them to your own yard. During the summer months, your cat may love that warm sunshine, but know what else does? Fleas.

Whats the solution though? Something over the counter or something more drastic? A one-off treatment or something comprehensive? Your pet needs a flea treatment and possibly something more comprehensive than that, but it can be really hard to know where to start. One famous product, Advantage, is available right in your favorite store. Your veterinarian may have suggestions for something called Revolution. Both could be the right choice, but you may need more information.

Well compare Advantage, a brand considered to be a milder option for sensitive pets, and Revolution, one of the broadest forms of protection for both internal and external parasites. Lets figure out which should be your solution.

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What The Users Say

So far, weve looked at these two treatments based on the clinical literature and our own experiences, but we find its often helpful to see how other users have fared with the products. After all, its hard to replicate every single variable, so it becomes essential to see what issues other users have encountered.

There are pitfalls with this approach, however. If you look up either product online, youll see many users complaining about how they do nothing to repel fleas or ticks. This is true because they werent designed to. While this is a limitation, we feel that its one you should be aware of when making your purchase, so we dont ding the products on that basis.

Since neither contains any repellent, they might not be suitable for dogs who spend a great deal of time traipsing through the woods in rural areas. If that describes your dog, you might be better off finding a different treatment altogether that being said, if you had to choose one of these, Frontline would be better, as Advantage II doesnt kill ticks at all.

Reviews were largely split in terms of ease of application many people appreciate that you only have to target one spot with Frontline, but they feel its generally messier and greasier as well.

Dogs with sensitive skin seem to have fewer reactions with Advantage II, so thats something to consider when making your purchase.

Advantage Vs Frontline: Our 2022 In

Fleas are a pet owners worst nightmare. The parasitic pest is nearly microscopic, easy to contract and can spread from pet, to surface, to human in no time at all.

30% Off at

Frontline and Advantage flea treatments are one way to prevent fleas from infesting your pet and your home.

Pets, especially dogs and outdoor cats are susceptible to parasitic bloodsuckers like fleas and ticks.

Its bad enough that fleas make your pet uncomfortable, but its worse that fleas can infest your entire home and everyone who lives inside it.

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Which Treatment Is The Best Priced

Advantage is about $20 cheaper on average for six treatments. One thing youll also have to consider is the vet visit required to get a prescription for Revolution. Its going to cost a bit more, but overall, Revolutions price includes far more treatments than Advantage. With Advantage, youll also need to have treatments for other types of pests.

Revolutions extended treatment may cost more, but it is going to cover more, which may end up being cheaper in the long run. If you dont need any other treatment, it could really cut down on long-term costs.

How Does My Dog Get A Tick

Frontline Gold for Cats, 3 Month

Your dog can acquire ticks from exposure to highly wooded and long grass areas populated with dense shrubbery where ticks like to reside.

Ticks latch on to your pets by burrowing their head beneath its skin and lodging in place. From there it begins to drain the dogs blood until eventually falling off.

Even though ticks will eventually fall off, they are still dangerous to your dog, and you.

Ticks spread debilitating diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and tick paralysis.

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