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Best Foods For Senior Cats

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Best Raw Turkey Formula: Boss Cat Complete & Balanced Raw Diet Turkey Recipe Freeze

10 Proven Senior Cat Care Tips That Actually Work (A Vet’s Perspective)

My cat loves turkey. Hell eat other proteins, but he dives into turkey with a gentle purr. For your turkey lover, the Boss Cat Complete and Balanced Raw Diet Turkey Recipe Freeze-Dried Cat Food is a complete meal with delicious protein and supplements like kelp, taurine, and salmon oil. It is also infused with 500 million probiotics per cup to support healthy digestion.

Real turkey, turkey necks, heart, liver, and gizzard, are the first five ingredients. The formula is free of corn, soy, or other fillers. Gently rehydrate the nuggets before serving them to your aging cat.

Why Should I Buy A Wet Cat Food For Older Cats

You can tell if you need or want a wet cat food for older cats by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you cant get go of the old one, you could sell it and use the proceeds to buy the new one.This is a fun and easy approach to finish your task.

Final Thoughts

Lets face it, we all want to feel good about our purchases. But there are so many! How can you know which is best? You need not be concerned because Aids Quilt has your back. Our trained staff is here to help you find what works for you. Before making a final decision, you can take advantage of our free consultations. Let us show you how easy shopping for home audio equipment can be when you have an expert on your side!

Mackerel Recipe For Senior Cats

Fish is an excellent source of fatty yet nutritional oils for cats. When we think of their love for fish, tuna might be the first swimmer to pop into our heads, but mackerel is a much healthier option. This recipe would be a great treat for a senior cat once or twice a week to ensure they get their fill of the healthy fats mackerel provides! Sardines are another great alternative if you are looking to swap mackerel occasionally.

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Homemade Cat Food Recipes For Senior Cats

Providing adequate nutrition for your senior cat will certainly help them live a long and healthy life. But with so many types of senior cat food on the market, how can you be sure that youre choosing one that fits your elderly felines dietary restrictions? Well, in short, extensive research! This is only one option though you might also opt for a few vet-approved recipes that you can create in your own kitchen.

Now, before making any sort of drastic switch in the food you serve to your cat, you should clear it with your veterinarian. Unfortunately, there isnt one size fits all when it comes to transitioning your cat to senior food. So, your vet will have a better understanding of the health of your feline and what they require as they enter their golden years!

A few additional things to consider before committing to learning how to make cat food for senior cats of your very own is that you must ensure you are properly storing the food you create and are dedicated to ongoing cooking so your little buddy has a steady and fresh supply of nutritious food.

As for the food itself, here are seven delightful recipes that your senior cat is sure to be excited about.

The Best Senior Cat Food: A Guide To Feeding Your Older Cat

Best Dry Cat Food For Senior Indoor Cats

Hootie, a 15-year-old shelter cat living in Salt Lake City, Utah, faced a tough road to adoption. Not only was he surrounded by younger, cuter cats, but the poor little guy looked sickly and unwell. His coat lacked luster, and he had no energy to greet prospective adopters. But thanks to veterinary care from Best Friends Animal Sanctuaryand the best senior cat food to meet his special needsthat road to adoption became a lot easier.

After moving from a city shelter to Best Friends, Hootie was diagnosed with age-related kidney disease and immediately was put on extra fluids and a diet to help manage his illness. He started to feel and look better. And when foster mom Amy Rohman Needham brought Hootie home to recuperate, his personality blossomed.

He came with a lot of burps and sneezes, but he was just the sweetest guy, she says.

With his kidney disease managed on the special diet, Hooties heath continued to improve, so he returned to Best Friends to find a forever home. Thats when Kelly Smith fell in love. With open arms, the graduate student and animal lover welcomed Hootie into her family, which included another rescued cat named Bonnie.

Hootie and Bonnie love me just because I exist, and they are happy to see me regardless of how my day went, Smith says. Its made my life so much better. I cant believe I got so lucky.

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How Much Should You Feed A Senior Cat

Just as your cats nutritional needs change with age, so does the amount of food they need. If you are unsure about how much to feed your senior cat, you should consult your veterinarian.

Sudden changes in a cats diet can be harmful and cause problems such as Hepatic Lipidosis. In general, the key to determining how much to feed your cat depends on their weight and activity level.

Indoor senior cats generally have a sedentary and inactive lifestyle. As a result, the amount of calories they need decreases with age. It is also important to manage portions as senior cats are especially prone to obesity. You should avoid giving them treats and feeding calorie-dense meals.

Outdoor senior cats tend to be more active and will need more calories than indoor cats. An outdoor cats needs a formula specifically designed for outdoor cats to meet their nutritional needs.

How much you feed on your cat also depends on whether your senior cat can maintain a healthy weight easily. Many senior cats struggle with maintaining a healthy weight and might either be over or underweight. If your cat is overweight, you should opt for a low-calorie food. If your senior cat is underweight, you should feed them a high-calorie food to encourage weight gain.

Feeding your cat the right amount of food is not only necessary, but can impact how long they live. The right diet plays an essential role in keeping your felines health at her best through every stage of life.

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food

If the reason your cat is throwing up is a sensitive stomach, this food is a great solution. This all-natural dry food will have your cat purring for more. Not only is it made from the finest ingredients but its chock-full of enhanced vitamins and minerals.

Sensitive bellies will be able to digest this food with ease, reducing any unfortunate upchucks. It also features FOS prebiotics that promotes healthy digestion. And the real chicken in the kibble will fuel your cats muscles.

The recipe also contains whole grains, vegetables, and fruit as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to ensure healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Shop USABlue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food

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Best Senior Cat Foods In 2022

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As cats enter their senior years, they become slower and less energetic. It is also more likely that they will suffer from maladies and illnesses. As a result, their diet must reflect their changing needs. To help you find a suitable choice for your feline friend, weve put together a comprehensive guide of the best senior cat foods on the market.

It is essential to select a recipe tailored for older cats. The best senior cat food provides the correct balance of fat, calories, proteins, and other nutritional essentials. When shopping for food formulated specifically for senior cats, there are many great options.

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An important factor that separates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to senior cat food is crude protein content. For wet and dry senior cat food, the crude protein is calculated differently because wet cat foods contain a higher moisture content.

How Much Does Fancy Feast Cat Food Cost

Best Cat Food for Older Cats – Senior Cat Food Reviews and Guide

Most of the Fancy Feast product lineup is inexpensive, but their product variety spans the price spectrum. Lets take a look at the typical daily feeding costs of several Fancy Feast lines.

Their wet cat food costs about $1.33 per day if you choose the Classics line. Fancy Feast Medleys and Gourmet Naturals are both little more expensive at closer to $2.00 daily. If you buy the Fancy Feast Purely Flaked line, the food will cost around $4 per day.

Fancy Feasts dry food is significantly less expensive at around $0.22 per day.

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Best Cat Food For Older Cats: Summary

What is most important in your older cats diet depends on their specific dietary needs and preferences. It may take some trial and error to find exactly the right senior cat food to satisfy all of their needs but once you find it, it will seem as if you have a brand new cat!

Overall, our best cat food for older cats is Iams Proactive Health Healthy Senior as it is a great way to feed your aging pussycat. It is high in protein, provides lots of energy for playtime and keeps your cat in good shape.

As a rule of thumb, stick to premium brands that offer foods specifically for older cats specifically. Youll be in safe hands providing you stick to well-known brands, and choose recipes that are dedicated to offering only the best cat food for senior cats.

The Best Foods For Older Cats Rated & Reviewed

Whats most important when choosing a food for your senior kitty? Heres the 5 things we look for in a food for kitties in their golden years:

  • Digestibility Your cats digestive system changes as they age. We look for foods with a high degree of digestibility or those that contain additional digestive aids such as probiotics.
  • Sufficient calories While some cats gain weight as they age, many kitties have the opposite problem, they lose weight due to insufficient calories.
  • High protein As your cat ages, their bodies need additional protein. After all, cats are carnivores!
  • High moisture content Without adequate moisture, kidney or digestive problems may develop in your elderly cat. For this reason, many cat owners add wet canned food into their kitties daily dry diet.
  • Avoid red flags In canned wet food, meat should be listed as the first or second ingredient . In dry foods, meat should be one of the top three ingredients.
  • Without further adieu, heres our top foods for aging cats:

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    What Senior Cats Should Eat

    As of 2020, there is no evidence that senior cats need different food to adult cats. There are also no AAFCO guidelines for what a senior diet should or shouldnt contain, leaving pet food companies completely in the dark.

    Therefore, while the companies are almost certainly trying their best, without established standards they can only use their own judgement. This is why many senior diets seem half-hearted and make fairly wishy washy statements instead of real promises.

    Most claims revolve around kidney disease and weight management. These are tricky areas worth exploring a bit deeper.

    Royal Canin Aging 12+ Thin Slices In Gravy Canned Cat Food

    The Best Senior Cat Food: A Guide to Feeding Your Older Cat

    When it comes to choosing a wet food for cats with teeth problems, this product from Royal Canin can make a great alternative. The thin slices in gravy are easier on cats teeth but deliver the same strong meaty flavor with lots of moisture.

    While the formula has been designed to appeal to the palate of older cats, it is made with a high portion of animal by-products, which has less of the high-quality protein that older cats need than muscle and organ meat.

    The formula also contains grains, which can be problematic for cats with sensitive stomachs. Added essential fatty acids are good for their joints, and reduced sodium and phosphorus protect their kidneys. Overall the formula is also pretty low-calorie, so no need to worry too much about your older cat putting on too much weight.


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    Best To Support Your Cats Joints And Bones: Wellness Complete Health Age Advantage Chicken Pate Wet Cat Food

    Wellness Complete Health Age Advantage is scientifically crafted wet cat food to support healthy aging and overall well-being in your aging cat. Added glucosamine and chondroitin nurture your pets joints, and omega fatty acids benefit his skin and coat health

    Wellness makes their food in North America. The recipe is 100% free of grains, carrageenan, or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, and the wet formula helps keep your cat hydrated.

    Why Is Your Senior Cat Throwing Up

    More often than not theyve just eaten too quickly or ingested too much grass. But other times throwing up can be a sign of something more sinister. Throwing up is a symptom of a variety of illnesses.

    One of the most common causes of frequent puking is a chronic small intestinal disease. This can be caused by chronic inflammation or cancer.

    If your cat is vomiting on a daily basis, its worth taking them to the vet to get them tested. Your vet will probably put your cat on a prescription diet and suggest other options.

    Another disease common in senior cats is hyperthyroidism. This is caused by a tumor in the thyroid gland which causes the metabolism to speed up, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and vomiting. This condition can be managed with the assistance of a vet and the right food.

    Kidney failure can also cause vomiting as well as a number of other worrying symptoms. When your cat gets older the kidneys stop working so well. Cats are tough little creatures but kidney failure can knock even the strongest feline.

    You should test your cats kidney and thyroid function once a year. Picking up kidney insufficiency early on can help manage potential kidney failure.

    Throwing up in older cats can also be caused by viruses, parasites, or ingesting foreign objects. Its no secret cats like to eat plants and then consequently throw them up. But this isnt as common in older cats as in younger cats.

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    The Best Cat Food For Senior Cats Supports Kidney Health

    With renal failure being the most common condition affecting senior cats, a kidney-friendly diet is essential.

    While you dont want to put a healthy senior cat on a prescription renal diet, all senior cats can benefit from a kidney-friendly diet. Perhaps most importantly, senior cats should eat a controlled-phosphorusthough not necessarily low-phosphorusdiet.

    Manyperhaps even mostcat foods have several times the minimum requirement of phosphorus. While excessive phosphorus is generally thought to be harmless, research done in 2018 suggests that excessive dietary phosphorus may hasten damage to a cats kidneys.

    Keeping phosphorus close to AAFCOs minimum required amount will help to prevent and control kidney damage.

    How Much To Feed Senior Cats

    Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth

    When it comes to older cat diets, follow the feeding guide on the back of the pack. But remember, the guide is only there to give you an idea. Every cat is individual, so the most important thing is to feed your cat enough to maintain a lean, healthy body condition.

    Give them plenty of clean, fresh water in a large metal or ceramic bowl. Some cats like to drink outside, so a bowl in the garden might be a good idea too.

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    What’s The Right Mix Of Protein Phosphorus And Sodium

    Protein is a critical nutrient for maintaining good physical health in the face of aging. In healthy mature cats, providing the same high protein/low carbohydrate option fed to younger obesity-prone cats is just fine. Once kidney disease is diagnosed, however, a kidney support diet with a modified protein component optimizes longevity and quality of life.

    Excessive phosphorus should be avoided in senior cats.

    Excessive sodium in the diet can contribute to kidney disease and hypertension, both of which can be present for long periods of time before clinical signs emerge. Some have argued that providing excessive levels of sodium in order to increase thirst would increase water consumption and decrease the risk of lower urinary tract disease. However, the risks to cats with subclinical kidney disease and hypertension outweigh the benefits to bladder health.

    What Is The Best Food For Senior Cats

    Senior diet and foods for older cats are so well-established that nearly everyone uses them. But do they help?

    Here are some of the claims:

    • Reduced strain on the kidneys
    • Maintenance of optimum body weight and muscle mass
    • Additional nutrients important for ageing

    Are they correct? Could these diets be harmful instead? Lets look at the evidence.

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    The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Dehydrated Grain Free Cat Food

    Made with all-natural ingredients, this dehydrated meal* contains cage-free turkey. This means all the nutrients are intact so your furry pal enjoys a less processed food thats still delicious and balanced.

    Cat owners feeding their kitties with Honest Kitchens food reported seeing their kitties put on healthy, shiny fur and gain energy! Some people have seen major improvements in their cats vomiting due to sensitive stomachs.

    It comes in powder format and you only need to add warm water to rehydrate before feeding it to your kitten.

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