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Best Litter For Allergic Cats

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Why You Need Low Dust Cat Litter

A Hypoallergenic, Dust-Free Cat Litter for Allergy Sufferers

If youre living with a cat, breathing silica dust in is really unavoidable because youre cleaning the litter box, touching your cat and spending time in a house where your cat has tracked excess litter.

So you may want to consider switching to a low dust or dust free cat litter even if you or your cat dont have asthma.

If youre concerned about breathing in chemicals, its also important to pay attention to any fragrances used in cat litter. Cats and humans can very easily develop allergies to fragrance.

An allergy-sensitive cat can be in really bad shape if a dusty litter box is also packed with artificial fragrances. Any one my list of best litters for cats with asthma make a fine choice.


Can I Be Allergic To Cat Litter

Yes, just like your cats, you can exhibit or develop an allergy to your cats litter and show the same symptoms I mentioned above, like coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, and redness among others.

These symptoms might be more intense when youre cleaning out the litter box and scooping their waste.

In some cases, the dust and fragrances used in cat litter can irritate you more than they irritate your kitty, if that sounds like you, look for a hypoallergenic litter preferably an organic one like the Petfive Sustainability Yours litter Ive mentioned on this list.

Can Indoor Cats Have Allergies

The outside world is filled with adventures but also with allergens like dust, pollen, and even air pollutants, but this doesnt mean that our homes are completely safe from these allergens.

An indoor kitty can develop an allergy even if they never leave the house.

The scent, dust, and certain chemicals in your cats litter can cause allergy symptoms that slowly develop over time, so switching to a hypoallergenic brand, keeping your house well ventilated and clean can help reduce these allergies.

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Best Cat Litter For Allergies Of Cats

Cat litter for allergies of cats can make it more comfortable to do its day-to-day life. Cats are like people they have allergic responses to different stuff.

The most frequent causes of a sensitive cat allergy are smell and dust. And related people are more susceptible to allergic reactions when they are young or have grown old.

It is why kittens and senior cats usually react more to specific triggers. Allergies result from dusty litter, litters with fragrances, and indeed natural things like pollen and grass. This is because the immune system works to delete allergens like dust, etc.

In remarkable cases, an overreaction happens, and this results in allergies. Allergies are bothersome because they can occur at any time. Even if your cat does not return to stuff right now, it might become allergic in the prospect.

Cat Allergy Treatments & Remedies

Best Cat Litter For Allergies of Cats
  • Designate your bedroom as a cat-free zone. Begin your program of allergen reduction by washing bedding, drapes and pillows. Better yet, replace them. Use plastic covers that are designed to prevent allergens from penetrating on your mattress and pillows. Allergen-proof covers are available from medical supply outlets. Dont expect results overnight. Cat allergens are one-sixth the size of pollens, and it may take months to reduce them significantly.
  • Restrict your cats access to designated areas inside your home. If you have a safe outdoor enclosure, allow your cat some time outside where dander will waft away in the wind. Brush your cat in the fresh-air enclosure to prevent loose, allergen-carrying hair from dispersing through your home.
  • Eliminate allergen traps such as upholstered furniture and rugs. Carpet can accumulate up to 100 times the amount of cat allergens as hardwood flooring, so replacing the wall-to-wall with wood will keep allergens from accumulating as much. If ripping up the carpet is not an option, have it steam cleaned as often as needed.
  • Vacuuming blows as many allergens through the air as it removes, so when you vacuum, use an allergen-proof vacuum cleaner bag or a vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency particulate arresting filter.
  • Get tested. An allergy specialist can determine the exact source of your allergic reactions by a simple prick of the skin on your arm or back.
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    Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litters With Our 2022 Budget

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    Cats can suffer from allergies, asthma and respiratory issues the same way humans can.

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    As you know, allergies can be extremely irritating and difficult to manage. Cats who suffer from allergies need extra care from pet parents, and its crucial to choose a cat litter that wont intensify their sensitivities.

    Hypoallergenic cat litter can play a tremendous role in keeping your cat healthy. Since your kitty uses the litter box several times a day, they need to use a litter that wont flare up their allergies. If visiting the litter box is causing your cat to sneeze or itch, they may become more likely to start eliminating outside their box. Avoid this unfortunate behavior by choosing a good hypoallergenic cat litter. In this article we bring you a list of our favorite hypoallergenic cat litters along with the benefits of using one.

    Can Cats Be Allergic To Litter

    Cats or generally the feline family has no difference with humans when it comes to allergy. An allergy is a reaction between the immune system with a foreign substance. Cats can be allergic to many environmental substances including cat litter.

    Cat litters are one of the common causes of allergic reactions in cats. Cat litters consist of various substances that can cause allergic reactions to cats. Some of these substances include fragrances, clay dust, sodium bentonite, silica, and other chemicals.

    Different cats will be affected by different substances and will react differently. Cats react to allergies in the same way humans do. To know your cat is experiencing allergic reactions, check for the following visual and behavioral signs: sneezing, coughing, running nose, scratching, biting, among others. In case the litter is the cause of the allergy, then these signs will persist and seem to increase every time the cat visits the litter box.

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    Common Cat Litter Dusty And Irritating

    Think of all the pouncing, shifting and moving of dust your cat does when shes in her litter box. Your cat is actually kicking up potential allergens if shes sensitive to dust.

    Whats more, that dust will stay on her fur to trigger an asthma response long after shes finished up in the litter box. Dont forget that your cat will also be consuming the dust whenever she licks her fur.

    What is it that makes dusty litter so irritating for cats? The big culprit is the crystalline silica thats found in mainstream clumping clay cat litters. This common litter ingredient is actually classified as a lung carcinogen for humans.

    Best Hypoallergenic Litters For Cats With Allergies

    Top 10 Best Cat Litters of 2021 (We Tried Them All)

    Before I go into my in-depth product reviews, here are all the features that the best cat litter for allergies should have. These features will help reduce cat allergies, as well as helping to ensure litter clean-up is as easy as possible.

    With all things considered, here are my reviews for the best hypoallergenic litters for cats with allergies.

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    Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Clumping Cat Litter

    You can buy six sizes, two styles, and pails, boxes, or jugs with Purina Tidy Cats litter. The Instant Action formula works well for households with one cat. And the Tidy Max Instant Action is better for people with multiple cats.

    There are moisture action power pieces blended into the clay that absorbs both odors and liquids on contact. This helps get rid of that ammonia smell that is so common in cat households. Since it locks it in on contact, it also makes it easier for you to clean out of your box.

    The formula clumps tight around your cats waste products to seal in odors. This prevents them from sinking to the bottom of the litter box and sticking. In turn, this makes cleanup faster, and youll be able to scoop out the box between full cleans without a problem.

    The litter will block odors for up to two weeks. And this reduces the amount of litter you have to buy. You get a 99.9% dust-free formula that is hypoallergenic and great for cat parents that are sensitive to it. It also deodorizes around the clock for a clean smell.


    Is Hypoallergenic Litter More Expensive

    If youve been using regular cat litter your whole life then you might be thinking that hypoallergenic brands are more expensive, but this isnt always the case. On this list, youll find a wide spectrum of different prices some more affordable than others.

    Try to keep in mind that the price isnt always indicative of a litters true quality and value.

    When comparing the prices you also need to look at the weight of each product, the longevity the brand and reviewers are promising. A hypoallergenic litter that might seem more expensive could be more absorbent and long-lasting while a cheaper one may require constant emptying, cleaning, and refilling.

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    Cats With Pollen Dust Mite Or Mold Allergies

    We all know how difficult it is to reduce dust in our environment, and it can come from a multitude of sources such as mold and mildew, grass, pollen, and cat litter as we have already discussed above.

    Start by washing your cats toys and bedding and ensure this is done regularly.

    This will not only reduce dust mites and other allergens for your cat but will also help reduce allergens in your home giving you some allergy relief too.

    You can also help reduce dust, pollen, and mold spore problems in your home with a high-grade HEPA air purifier, and by using a low dust producing unscented cat litter.

    Another great way to clean around your home is with a steam cleaner, as these are very effective at removing mold from hard surface corners, walls, and grouting in shower recesses and bathrooms.

    If you are a cigarette smoker, then the ash from cigarettes or ash trays can cause your cat problems.

    You may help reduce the problem by cleaning ash trays regularly or smoking outside more often or dare I say it, think about quitting ouch!!

    The 6 Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litters For Cats With Allergies

    Best Non

    If you or your cat have struggled with allergies associated with the litter box, it may be an indication that buying a more natural and hypoallergenic cat litter is necessary.

    Hypoallergenic cat litter has become increasingly popular primarily for being 99% free of dust that can quickly spread around the home. However, depending on the allergens being battled, theres a litter that can fit that need.

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    Why Cat Litter Allergies Occur

    The ingredients in litter can cause allergies in some cats. Clumping litters generally contain silica, which produces silica dust, an irritant known to cause allergies in some humans and animals. Fragrances can also be potentially irritating. While clay litters tend to be the most highly irritating, your cat can be allergic to any number of components in any litter.

    The way that your cat uses the litter box contributes to these potential allergies. Cats dig in the box, bury their business, and scratch at the box sides and at the litter. All this activity can stir up dust and irritants, making the issue worse.

    Hypoallergenic Cat Litter Buyers Guide

    Allergic reactions to cat litter happen when the immune system has an overreaction to everyday items. Your immune system tries to flush the allergens out of your system by making you sneeze, cough, itch, or have watery eyes. Both humans and cats can have allergic reactions to litter. And they can develop immediately or occur over time.

    If you notice this with your cat, it may send you scrambling to find a hypoallergenic cat litter. After all, litter is necessary if you have a cat. They have to come into contact with it when they go to the bathroom. You have to touch it when you change their litter or touch something the cat tracked litter on. But what makes up a hypoallergenic cat litter?

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    The 10 Best Cat Litter For Allergies Reviews

    Most of the cat owners view cats as an extension to their families. Due to this affection, they want their feline companions to have the best care possible. Giving a comfortable life to your cat can be challenging mostly if your cat has allergies. This is the major reason that will lead you to search for the best litter for allergies. The allergies can be the source of disappointment and concern if it is caused by your cats litter.

    Apart from the hypoallergenic feature, your cat litter should allow you to scoop the waste easily, should tamp down odors and the litter should not track everywhere in your indoor space. If you want the best cat litter for allergies, this is the best place to be. The article will enlighten you about the best cat litter for allergies, the allergies that the litter causes and factors to consider when choosing the same.

    Best Hypoallergenic Organic Litter: Petfive Sustainably Yours Natural Multi

    Top 10 Best Cat Litter Boxes of 2021 (We Tested Them All)

    If youre looking for an eco-friendly litter you dont have to look any further because Petfive is the number one sustainable option.

    To quote Jackson Galaxy the ultimate cat whisperer, Petfive is the best cat litter Ive ever used in the big three categories: clumping, tracking and odor control.

    Not only that but this organic litter removes bad odors without using any chemicals or perfumes in their formula.

    If you and your kitty are experiencing breathing difficulties after pouring your current litter in the litter box or during their extensive litter box dig, then Petfives no-dust formula will help you breathe again!

    This litter is a great alternative to clay since it is just as good at creating unbreakable clumps, it doesnt produce any dust and its biodegradable. The smooth granules are also great for cats with sensitive paws that cant use pellets.

    This litter has received plenty of great reviews and one of the customers uses Petfive with an automatic litter box to help keep everything clean at all times.

    If you want to give it a go or !

    What I Love About It: The light litter color can help you spot differences in your cats urine, which is important for cats that may be suffering from conditions like urinary tract disease.

    What I Wish It Had: Since this litter is made from corn and cassava its best you dont keep it in your shed or garage. Instead, place the package in a dry area in your home where critters cant get to it.

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    What Should I Do If My Cat Still Has Allergies After I Switch Litter

    If you are suspicious that your cat has allergies or your cat has allergies even after changing the litter, then the best recommendation is for you to seek help from a licensed professional. Your veterinarian can confirm to you if your can is allergic to the litter or it is something entirely different. Allergy medicine or shots can be administered to help treat your cats symptoms. Before changing your cats litter, it is important to do thorough research to find out the best litter for an allergic feline.

    Things To Consider When Selecting The Best Cat Litter For Cats With Allergies

    When looking to solve your cat litter solution for your cat with allergies, it should be noted that a very simple solution for most cats is simply just clean out the litter box very regularly. When constant cleaning, there should be less mold, dust, and other allergens present along with other harmful chemicals.

    However, if your cat is suffering from allergies, its safest just to look for cat litter for allergies specifically.

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    Arm & Hammer Platinum Cat Litter

    This merchandise is made to reduce smells from your cats litter box while attending to your cats health. It is an entirely dust-free cat litter that is perfect for cats that are allergic to dust. Furthermore, it creates hard clumps when it gets in contact with moisture. The hard chunks wait on top of the litter box and earn it easy to scoop and clear. It does not adhere to the corners of the box. The cat litter highlights a technology that automatically locks in any smell and has baking soda, immediately eliminating odours. Arm & Hammer provides a 7-day guarantee of an odourless environment, after which the litter has to be changed.

    The Best Cat Litter For Allergies

    5 of the Best Hypoallergenic Cat Litter Brands: Goodbye ...

    The term hypoallergenic cat litter is a little misleading because theres no guarantee that a cat litter that doesnt trigger allergies in one cat wont for another. A cat litter is only hypoallergenic if it doesnt contain ingredients that cause a reaction. Keep in mind, however, that the triggers for allergies can vary from one cat to another. Because different litters may be hypoallergenic for different cats, weve included a variety of options in our list of the best cat litter for allergies.

    Here are our top picks for the best cat litter for allergies:

    Our 2022 Picks: Best Cat Litters for Allergies on the Market
    • 3 times as absorbent as clay
    • Price: $$
    • Completely free from fragrance and dye
    • Anti-microbial formula
    • Free from fragrance and dye
    • Price: $$
    • Specifically formulated to neutralize odors
    • Price: $

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