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Cat Peed On Sofa How To Clean

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So I Cant Just Use Soap And Water

How to Remove Cat Urine from a Couch! It Works!!

If soap and water are literally the only things you have, its better than nothing, but the problem with cat urine is that it lasts and lasts. Again, it has to do with cat pee chemistry.

In cat pee, chemicals like urea and urobilin, and pheromones arent a big deal to clean.

Your basic household cleansers like soap and water will clean them effectively, as will other homemade solutions like hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and baking soda.

In fact, youll probably hear how these homemade solutions work to clean cat pee. The bottom line, though, is they dont.

It doesnt matter. Ammonia, soap, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, or baking soda just cannot break down the uric acid.

These cleaners temporarily make your couch smell better, but the minute your couch is exposed to water, like on a humid day, the uric acid salts re-form.

Thats why the cat pee smell comes back: it was never gone in the first place.

Using An Enzymatic Cleaner

  • 1Find the soiled spot as quickly as possible. It can become extremely tricky to remove urine if your pet’s urine soaks deep into the upholstery and even into the wood frame. In most cases, you can spot the urine spot right away.XExpert SourceGuy PetersHouse Cleaning ProfessionalExpert Interview. 12 July 2021. If not, you can try:
  • Using your nose. Pet urine has a very distinct smell and often smells like ammonia.XTrustworthy SourceThe Humane Society of the United StatesNational organization devoted to the promotion of animal welfareGo to source
  • Using a blacklight. Because of its chemical properties, pet urine shows up under a blacklight, specifically its scent-creating chemicals even when the stain has been dried or are days old. Outline these area in chalk or mark then with a sticky note to help you clean then when you turn on the lights.XResearch source
  • 2Soak up the urine with newspaper or paper towel. Soak up as much urine as you can by pressing newspaper or paper towels against the upholstery with gloved hands. Press down hard and deep.XResearch source
  • You can place the soaked up newspaper or paper towel where you’d like your pet to urinate. This is a positive way to help let them know where to urinate as you’ll be transferring their urine smell to the appropriate location.
  • You may need to repeat this step again if the enzymatic cleaner doesn’t get rid of the odor or stain the first time.
  • House Cleaning ProfessionalExpert Interview. 12 July 2021.
  • Health Issues Can Cause Inappropriate Urination

    The first thing you need to do is rule out a medical problem, says Dr. Bruce Kornreich, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, and associate director of the Cornell Feline Health Center.

    Medical issues related to inappropriate urination can include urinary tract infections, kidney disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, and feline lower urinary tract disease. These can cause a cat to urinate outside the litter box, particularly if they associate the litter box with pain.

    If you believe your cat is suffering from any of these conditions, or is exhibiting additional symptoms, bring them to your veterinarian immediately. Untreated conditions such as urinary tract infections can become serious.

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    How To Get Rid Of A Cat Pee Smell In Bedding And Clothes

    Cats arent very picky about where they pee, so youll also want to know how to get cat pee smell out of clothes, bedding, and other laundry. Heres the cleaning process:

    • Blot up as much cat urine as you can with paper towels.
    • Use an enzyme cleaner specifically designed for urine and test it on a hidden area of the stained laundry .
    • Soak the stain with your enzyme cleaner and let it break down the uric acid for about 15 minutes.
    • Use paper towels to blot up the cleaner and let the stained area air dry.
    • Wash your laundry with the cat urine separately to avoid transferring the odors.
    • Use an enzyme detergent and a pound of baking soda and wash the clothing or sheets in cold water.
    • Line dry the laundry to ensure the stain, and odors, have been eliminated.

    After all of that, if you still have a lingering smell, wash the laundry again with a cup of white vinegar only and let it air dry.

    How To Clean Cat Pee Off Of The Couch

    Cat Peed on Couch Right in Front of Me (What Now?)

    The process to clean up cat pee from couches is similar to that of cleaning carpets, says Gibbons. Here are the steps she recommends.

    Step 1: Start by using a black light to locate the urine.

    Step 2: Thoroughly saturate the spot with an enzymatic cleaner that is safe for fabrics.

    Step 3: Dab the excess stain cleaner away.

    Step 4: Repeat until nothing can be identified by the black light.

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    How To Get Cat Urine Smells & Stains Out Of Concrete

    Normal cleaning with household detergents is good for getting rid of dirt and leaving your floor looking clean and fresh. But spots with cat urine smells and stains require a different strategy to eliminate the smell and stains.

    The normal washing detergent may not cut it. However, this is not to say that the task is impossible. There are some known products that you can use to leave your concrete wall or floor smelling fresh and stain-free.

    Use An Enzyme Cleaner First For A 1

    We already know an enzymatic cleaner is a good tip for how to get cat pee out of your couch, but it can help to bust up other cat smells too. Try the Angry Orange Odor Eliminator and Angry Orange Enzyme Cleaner together for ultimate cat odor elimination. Start with the enzyme cleaner. Once youve worked it into a lather and wiped it away, blast the area with your odor-eliminating spray.

    Some small animals have sensitivities to orange so be particularly mindful at first use! For Angry Orange Odor Eliminators and Angry Orange Enzyme Cleaners we recommend securing your cat in another room or outside before treating the area. Then, wait until the area is completely dry before bringing your feline friend back in.

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    Does Hydrogen Peroxide Get Cat Urine Out Of The Sofa

    A reason why hydrogen peroxide removes stains is that it can break down discolorations. If you have no cleaners at hand, you can also use hydrogen peroxide to remove cat urine out of the sofa. Saturate the stained area with hydrogen peroxide and allow it to bubble.

    Then, wipe off the residue and allow the sofa to dry. You can also scrub the discoloration with a mixture of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide before rinsing it off with cool water and wiping the couch dry. However, please be mindful of using hydrogen peroxide on some materials because it tends to lighten and bleach dark fabrics.

    Homemade Remedies To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell On Couches

    How to remove dog and cat urine from couch

    Some of the methods used are:

    However, you are missing the only true method.

    Vinegar and water

    This is one of the most effective ways to remove cat pee smell from fabrics. In addition, vinegar is quite a strong cat repellent, which will help keep the cat away and thus help stop the cat spraying. You actually do not need to rush to the store in order to clean off the urine from your couch.

    In order to be able to use this method, you should add vinegar to the water. Use the water to clean the surface with the cat urine. However, you will have to make sure that you clean off all the urine. This is because the smell may still be there when the smell of vinegar fades away.

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    This is a great product that you can use to get the smell of cat pee out of your house. However, you should be very careful as hydrogen peroxide may lead to discoloration of your couch. Therefore, first, try the method by applying it on a small portion of the couch.

    If you decide to use this method in order to remove the smell, pour a relative amount of hydrogen peroxide on the soiled surface. Target where the smell is coming from and apply the chemical directly. Blot with a wet towel in order to rinse. It is most effective if used right after using vinegar to clean the couch.

    Use baking soda

    Prevent your cat from peeing on the couch

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    Eliminating Cat Smells: Prevention

    Even though the methods outlined above can effectively remove smells, prevention is still the best with cat urine. Ensure that the litter box and its surrounding area are kept clean at all times, as cats will avoid an area if messy or unkempt. Also, check to ensure the cat isnât suffering from an underlying health issue, especially if it had been litter-trained, and the behavior seems to have begun out of the blue. Also, avoid leaving physical products like shed hair, hairballs, and litter around. Keep areas your cat frequently visits clean always as having their smell on a place can keep attracting them there. Other things you can do to avoid cat smells include

    Clean up urine as soon as it happens

    Donât wait whenever you find your cat peeing or having just peed in an area, clean it up immediately. Leaving the urine to stay there will only worsen the smell and make clean up and smell elimination harder later. Wipe down the area thoroughly with soapy water or water mixed with alcohol and dry with a vacuum cleaner or natural air. Repeat until the room or items are entirely free of the smell.

    Air cat litter area and other frequently visited areas

    Open the doors and windows to allow in the fresh air. Do these, especially after you clean the room to let in the fresh air and help the smell disappear entirely and the room fresh-smelling.

    In some cases.

    How To Find Hidden Cat Pee In Your Home

    As mentioned above, cat pee sprayed but gone unnoticed is what gives cat pee its reputation for smelling particularly offensive. If you get a whiff of cat urine but cant quite pinpoint its location, try using a black light to detect it and then treat with Vital Oxide to bust the odor-causing bacteria.

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    If Your Jerk Cat Peed On Your Clothes:

    Time for a new cat. So. Rude.

    But seriously, a common mis-cat-ception is cats confusing laundry baskets for litter boxes. Do not throw your cat pee clothes straight into the washing machine, no matter how tempting. If you do this, the odor will set and your clothes will be trashed. Think of the cat pee like itâs smallpox: The smell is super contagious and can be transferred to other clothes in the same laundry load and then youâll need a whole new wardrobe.

    Stop and breathe.

    Rinse the cat pee stain on your clothes with cold water and blot with towels, just like you would the floor or a piece of furniture. Remember to blot, do not scrub. Throw soiled clothes into a bucket with a ½ cup of oxygen bleach for 2-3 hours. Next, remove clothes and soak in a bath of vinegar and water . Add some baking soda directly to the stain, letting the mix sit for 10-15 minutes. Then and only then can you add the cat pee clothes to the washing machine, set to cold, and run without any detergent. Hang clothes to dry, as the heat from the dryer may still cause the odor to set.

    If this seems like a lot of work to get rid of a stain, youâre not wrong. We would reserve this sort of care and diligence for your most cherished articles of clothing, otherwise, it just might be time to go shopping.

    Why Are Urine Smells So Stubborn

    How to Get Cat Pee Smell Out of a Couch (Quick &  Easy)

    Just when you thought youd gotten rid of the stain, the smell returns, often days or weeks after.

    The reason urine stains emit such a formidable stench is because theres nothing wee about them.

    Urine is a waste-product, containing a number of ingredients, including bacteria. The problem child in this ingredient list though, is uric salts, which cannot be broken down by anything other than an enzymatic cleaner.

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    Getting Out The Cat Urine Smell

    Even if youve removed the cat urine stain itself, despite your best efforts the smelly evidence may well remain. If so, youll need to take additional steps to get the cat pee odor out once and for all.

    For starters, you may want to try enzymatic cleaners. These are often used to break down cat stains and remove the stains when water-based methods arent quite cutting it.

    That pungent cat pee odor we all know and loathe is due to uric acid, and enzymatic cleaners specialize in breaking this down so as to better eliminate it once and for all.

    Simply soak the stained area with an enzymatic cleaner and let the solution sit for at least 10 to 15 minutes. That being said these cleaners can lighten dyes or leather, so you want to be careful with how you use it.

    Test it on a bit of material first to make sure it is safe for the furniture in question before using it to get out the cat pee smell.

    In addition, the baking soda and peroxide method mentioned above can also help remove cat urine odors from fabrics.

    If you want a more long-term solution, you might consider a vacuum with wet extraction capabilities. These vacuums can soak the stains and then suck the moisture and particulates of the stain and the accompanying odor right back into the unit.

    This can be a highly effective way of getting rid of large stains, or several stains at once, which may happen if you have several cats getting in on the act.

    Why Do Cats Urinate On Furniture

    The smell of cat pee can be so stubborn that removing it on plush surfaces is a big chore. The fluid will seep deeply, which is also the reason why it will continue to smell even after you cleaned the surface.

    But the question is this: why do cats urinate on the couch? Well, theres a myriad of possible reasons, but the following are the most common:

    Cats mark their territory through scent, and nothing is more efficient than doing it through their urine. If youve owned a cat for a few years now, youll know how stinky cat pee can be.

    Remember that most indoor cats dont find the need to mark their territories unless a threat is present. It could be a new cat in the house or a friends cat s/he brought in.

    Both male and female cats spray or mark their territories. They can also exhibit this behavior when changes occur in the household, which causes them stress.

    Medical problems

    If you have re-trained your cat and its still having accidents on the couch, your pet may be suffering from a medical problem. Bladder stones, for one, will cause a cat to develop UTI, which can lead to frequent and sometimes unpredictable urination.

    Also, conditions like kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid problems, and diabetes will make your cat urinate more frequently than normal. Worse, they may not make it to the litter box in time. If your cat loves lounging on the couch, the furniture might suffer from the uncontainable pee.

    Dirty litter box

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    Enzyme Cleaner To Remove Urine

    Youll use a cleaning agent with enzymes in it to help break down the enzymes in your cats urine. Not only will this help get rid of the smell, but itll also help get rid of the resulting stain. Youll need:

    • Paper towels or a soft cloth
    • Enzymatic pet odor neutralizing cleaner
    • Saddle soap
    • Olive oil

    Step OneTake your paper towels and soak up as much of the urine as possible, and wipe away any excess urine that may have ran down the sides of your leather item, the inside, and wipe around the general stain as well. When you have all of the excess urine soaked up, get rid of the towels. Step TwoTake your enzymatic cleaner and spray the stain, making sure that you get just over the edges of the stain to help break the entire stain down. Let it sit for five minutes before you take a damp cloth and gently work the cleaner into the leather by rubbing it in a circular motion. Step ThreeAllow it to dry overnight until the leather isnt damp to the touch anymore. Take your saddle soap and get a soft cloth damp with warm water. Work the saddle soap into the leather to condition it and to get rid of any lingering stains, and make sure to go just around the outside of the edges of the stain. Step FourThe final step is to add moisture back into the leather to help prevent discoloration and cracking in the area that your cat urinated in. Take two or three drops of olive oil and apply it to a clean cloth. Gently apply it to the dry leather, and take another cloth to buff it out.

    How Do I Clean My Couch Though

    How to stop cats from peeing on a couch

    One of the best weapons in the scent war that you can use on carpets, cushions, mattresses, and yes, your couch, is an enzymatic cleaner.

    These can be found at pet stores everywhere. The enzymes in the cleanser essentially wage a chemical counteroffensive against the components in cat pee.

    The big offender is uric acid, which bonds to fabric and has a half-life of six years. The only thing that gets rid of it is an enzymatic cleaner.

    The enzymes essentially unzip the molecules, breaking them down into carbon dioxide and ammonia gas.

    Directions on the individual enzymatic product will definitely vary, but most of them direct you to spray the cleaner right on the stain and this is crucial let it air dry.

    Air drying is essential because the enzymes are turning the uric acid into harmless gases and letting them evaporate.

    Its also not enough just to spritz a little cleaner on the stain and hope it will work. Cat pee is pretty pervasive.

    No, for your poor couch to smell like new again, you need to follow some pretty easy steps.

  • Blot up as much of the urine as you can before applying anything.
  • Soak the area with lots of enzyme cleansers.
  • Let it sit for at least 10-15 minutes.
  • Blot up the cleanser and leave it to air dry.
  • Bear in mind that if youre dealing with an old stain, you may have to repeat this process.

    A thick cushion like the ones on your couch may require more than one treatment as well.

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