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What Does It Mean When Your Cat Drools

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What Other Times Might A Cat Drool

Why Your Cat Is Drooling, and What You Can Do About It

Its important to note that a cat may also drool due to physical problems or other stresses not related to the car ride itself.;Dr. Mike Paul;mentions fear, oral cancer, and respiratory conditions, among others.

If you suspect your cat has a physical problem, a trip to the veterinarian is in order to rule out neurological disorders, hidden injuries, gastrointestinal problems, or other serious problems.

By far, the cutest reason a cat may drool is;that they are happy. Its rare, but some cats will be so relaxed and pleased that theyll begin to drool while being pet or just lounging in their favorite spot.

For these cats, its something they would have done their whole livessometimes even in the carso its nothing to be concerned about.

Normal Drooling In Cats

It’s common for some cats to drool while they are kneading or purring. Drooling is often a sign of relaxation and contentment that can be traced back to kittenhood. While nursing, kittens often knead their paws on their mothers to stimulate milk release. These behaviors result in a comforting and satisfying meal as well as a nurturing bond between mother and kitten. When cats reach adulthood, feelings of contentment often lead to kneading, which then stimulates drooling because of the connection to nursing. Purring often accompanies the kneading and drooling.

If your otherwise healthy cat is in your lap and starts “making biscuits” and purring, don’t be surprised if some drooling occurs. This is perfectly normal and likely even one way that your cat shows you love.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t commonly drool at the sight of food. However, it can still happen. If your cat drools at the sight or smell of food, but not at other times, then it’s probably nothing to worry about.

Stress or fear may cause a cat to drool temporarily, such as during car rides, vet visits, or loud events. If your cat seems extremely stressed;regularly, it’s a good idea to talk to your vet about options. If the drooling and stress are short-lived and stop on their own, then there is likely little cause for concern.

They Have Been Exposed To A Toxin Or Bad Tastes

Generally, but not always, cats exposed to a toxin will vomit it up. But if your cat ingested a very minor amount of a toxin it may result in drool. No matter what the situation, if you think your cat has had contact with a toxin do take it to the vet as soon as possible

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Some houseplants like tulips and azaleas can cause drooling and make your cat sick if eaten. There is quite a long list of plants toxic to cats on the ASPCA website.

If your cat tastes something they dont like they may drool to get rid of the taste from their mouth. Cats can also drool when they swallow medicine as they usually dont like its taste.

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Make The Crate Tempting

Many cats love to sleep on their owners clothing, so use this to your advantage! If your cat is being stubborn and still refuses to go in the crate with cozy blankets and pillows, you can try placing one of your shirts inside.

And if your cat is especially fond of clothes straight from the dryer, make a show of putting a fresh, clean, warm shirt in her crate and inviting her to try it out.

Your Cat Has Something Lodged In Her Throat Or Esophagus

Pet Place on Twitter: "Does your #cat drool? Learn why and ...

If your cat has access to houseplants or goes outside, she may have consumed a plant leaf, a blade of grass, or some other object that got lodged in her mouth or esophagus. A foreign body in these areas will make it hard for your cat to swallow, and she may drool in response. If you think this has happened, talk to your veterinarian.;

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Your Cat Is Happy And Relaxed

According to , Certified Cat Behavior Consultant in San Francisco and author ofNaughty No More: Change Unwanted Behaviors Through Positive Reinforcement, some cats drool when they are content. They may also be kneading as well, she notes. In some cats, drooling is part of happy behavior. Think of it as a reaction to the bliss of being around you, but if you dont like the drool, Krieger suggests placing a towel or washcloth under your cat while you are petting her so you arent drooled on. Dont try to change the behavior or be upset by it, she says. Some cats are just droolers.

Take Short Car Rides With Your Cat First

Start by sitting in the car with your cat in his carrier for just a few minutes, then go back inside and reward your cat with a treat. It might take a while for your cat to associate with the crate and the car with treats and toys. So, be patient until you can go on short trips. Later, your cat will get used to the sights, sounds and smell in the car.;

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Is Drooling A Sign Of Health Problems

There are many reasons your cat drools…so the answer to this is both yes, and no. Some of the more common reasons for drooling include:

“Happy drooling” – Similar to dogs, a small percentage of cats will actually drool in response to positive stimulation. So while you show your kitty some love, the purring and rolling over may be accompanied by a bit of drooling.

Mouth pain – An infection or foreign object caught in the mouth may cause your cat to drool. Schedule an exam with your veterinarian if you think something may be stuck in your cat’s mouth.

Heat stroke – If your cat is overheated, drooling can be a sign that he is experiencing heat stroke and needs immediate veterinary care.

Toxin ingestion – If they have a bad taste in their mouth or are about to be given poor-tasting medication, cats may begin to drool.

Other reasons cats may drool include: Stress, mouth ulcers, periodontal disease, oral masses, difficulty swallowing, or nerve damage..

If you notice unusual drooling behaviors from your cat then it is wise to consult your veterinarian to be sure there are no underlying health concerns.

When Is Drooling Normal In Cats

Why Do Cats Drool?

A cats mouth is continuously producing saliva to moisten food and prevent dryness of the mouth. Saliva also consists of antibacterial agents that help with wound healing and keeping your cat clean. Even healthy older cats may drool, and some kittens may dribble.

A small but significant number of cats also drool in response to positive stimulation. This is accompanied by purring, rubbing the head against you or nearby objects, or rolling over to expose the belly submissively.

In other words, some cats drool when they are feeling very comfortable. During brushing, massaging, or petting, your cats muscles relax, allowing its mouth to open and some of its saliva to drip down.

Its also normal for cats to drool when they are feeling nervous. Some cats may drool when they enter the vets office, while others may hypersalivate when theyre apprehensive during a car ride. Drooling in these conditions is often temporary.

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What Can I Do About My Cat Drooling

If your cat is drooling due to contentment, theres not much you can do to prevent it. However, do note that if normal drooling becomes frequent enough for you to see it as a problem, it doesnt fit the normal category anymore. As a result, put your cat insurance to use and visit your vet.

For abnormal drooling, the only solution is to treat the underlying condition. Cats do not just drool abundantly for no reason. Identify the cause, and you may be able to stop the drooling once and for all and your cat will likely feel much better too!

Purring Due To Sickness Or Fear

Surprisingly, purring isn’t always necessarily a happy thing either. The ASPCA states that a cat’s purr could also be a sign that she isn’t feeling well or is very frightened. The sound may be a means for the little one to cope and soothe herself — poor thing. If you suspect that your cat’s purring could be related to any type of sickness, get her checked out at the vet as soon as possible to be safe.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pets diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vets opinion.

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Why Is My Cat Drooling

Sometimes its difficult to tell if what your kitty is doing is normal cat behavior. For instance, you may wonder if your cats drooling is normal or something to be concerned about. Here are some reasons why cats drool and some signs to look for so you know when your cats drooling requires a vet visit.

Something Is Stuck In Their Mouth Or Throat

Why Do Cats Drool Excessively And Is It A Bad Sign?

If your cat has something stuck in its mouth or throat that it cant swallow it will drool. This could be anything from part of a plant to an element from one of their toys. If your cat is pawing at its mouth or trying to vomit these are other signs that this might be the case.

If you think this has happened do check in your cats mouth. If the item doesnt come loose with some gentle prodding do see your vet immediately.

Do be careful when trying to extract a foreign body from inside your cat. Firstly, your cat may damage you whilst you are trying to extract the item. Secondly, you may easily damage your cat so it is often best to visit your vet sooner rather than later if this situation arises.

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If you see a string coming out of your cats mouth do not pull it out. The string may well have gone further inside your cat and be interacting with its organs. Take it to the vet immediately.

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Why Do Cats Dribble

Cats absolutely love being stroked and brushed. They find it soothing and comforting and it almost sends them into a delirious state. When they are being stroked and massaged they go into a total state of relax.

When this happens they lose control of their senses slightly which causes excess saliva to leak out through its open mouth. This is especially prominent in cats that are prone to heavy purring.

The strangest part about it all is that not all cats do this. Some cats do not dribble no matter how much they are stroked or brushed. I have no explanation why some do and some do not. Let me know in the comments section if you have a cat that is a drooler or not, I would love to see how common it is!

Why Does My Cat Drool When Kneading

Your cat drools when kneading because she feels relaxed, comfortable, and secure. She may also be behaving that way as a remembrance of her kittenhood. Abnormal drooling in cats may occur when they have health issues like oral and dental disease, liver infection, toxin exposure, or ingestion of a foreign body.

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Heatstroke Can Cause Cats To Stick Their Tongue Out

If theres drooling, panting and the cat is red rather than healthy pink, your cat may be overheating. NEVER leave a cat in a hot car. It can get up to 120 degrees in just thirty minutes, slowly baking the poor cat alive.

While many people believe the axiom of You can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink applies to cats, you can entice a picky cat to drink water more by serving it in a little Kitty fountain.

Does your cat ignore her water dish but lap eagerly from the faucet? She might prefer to drink running water over still water.

Long haired cats;in particular;are susceptible to heatstroke. A cat with the early signs of heatstroke may groom excessively in;attempt;to cool off. The cat will restlessly try to find someplace cool.

Late stage heatstroke symptoms include lethargy, rapid pulse;and;breathing, red tongue, vomiting and stumbling. Eventually, an over high body temperature will cause the cat to collapse.

If you come across a cat passed out from heatstroke you can soak her with cool water to revive her. Put an ice pack against her underside and get her to a vet right away. If a cat is conscious but showing signs of heat exhaustion take her someplace shady or better yet indoors.

Soak her if shell stand for it, but a wipe with a cool rag might be enough. Get her to drink some water then get her to a veterinarian. In any case, always make sure your cat can get to shade and has fresh water.

Certain Types Of Illnesses

Why do Cats Drool

Certain types of feline illnesses and diseases can cause drooling too, and this is a generalised symptom that lets you know something is wrong but that may not provide any pointers as to what.

Again, if the drooling is out of character, sudden in onset, or accompanied by any other symptoms, talk to your vet straight away, as your cat may need to be seen quickly.

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Other Reasons Why Cats May Drool

A cat drooling other than when kneading may have quite different reasons compared to when it happens when kneading:

1. Your cat is stressed.;

Your cat may be excessively drooling due to stress and anxiety.; Cats may get stressed during vet visits, car rides, loud noises, or sudden changes in the household. Consult your vet at once for a thorough assessment.;

2. She may have oral and dental disease.

Issues with their oral and dental health may be the culprit why your cat is drooling excessively. These may include tooth injuries, misaligned teeth, lesions, gum disease, and mouth ulcers. A prompt examination by your vet is in order and he may recommend dental procedures like tooth cleaning and extraction.;

3, She may be nauseous or vomiting due to certain health problems.

If a cat feels nauseous or vomiting, she may also be drooling excessively. She may also throw up food but act normal otherwise while she drools. Nausea and vomiting in cats may happen due to certain health conditions like kidney and liver disease, gastrointestinal inflammation, or parasite infestation. A prompt consultation should be done with the vet. He may recommend the necessary laboratory tests so that you can get the cat proper treatment and medication.;

4. Due to toxin exposure

These are some of the things that are toxic to cats:

5. Due to trauma and injuries in the mouth

6. Due to foreign object ingestion;

Other symptoms of foreign body ingestion in cats:

  • loose stools
  • lethargy or weakness;

How To Give Oral Medication To A Cat Which Does Not Want It

Something which worries cat guardians when giving them liquid medication is whether or not they ingest the correct dosage. This is particularly the case if we see the cat drooling afterwards. Many medications are absorbed transmucosally, meaning they are absorbed through mucus membranes such as those present in the mouth. As long as the cat keeps the medicine in their mouth, it is being absorbed. For this reason, the amount of medication expelled through drool is usually much less than it seems.

Here are some helpful tips to facilitate the process of giving your cat oral medication:

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We Asked 2 Vets Why Cats Drool And The Answer Is Very Simple

While it seems like it’s super common to hear about dogs drooling, believe it or not, cats drool, too, it’s just less obvious and generally not as often. Cats sometimes drool when they’re being held or pet, largely because they’re so happy you’re giving them attention! Don’t sweat it, though, if your cat doesn’t drool, because not all of them do. If you’ve noticed your cat drooling in other situations, though, it could very well just be a normal reaction. We spoke with two vets to get their take on why cats drool when you pet them and if drooling is ever a problem.

Treatment Options For Cat Drooling Excessively

Why Is My Cat Drooling?

The following are the various treatment options for hypersalivation in cats depending on the primary problem causing it.;

  • for dental disease or oral mass dental cleaning or surgery;
  • foreign object removal ; endoscopy, administered with sedation or anesthesia;
  • for oral infection or inflammatory conditions antibiotics, systemic medication;
  • nausea supportive therapy like fluids and dietary adjustments;
  • for liver and kidney disorders proper identification through various laboratory tests should be made before any therapy is given;

If your cat is drooling excessively suddenly, you may do a quick visual inspection to assess if it was due to oral trauma, injury, or a foreign object. However, you should do it with great caution as your cat may become aggressive. Observe her attitude and behavior and if the drooling becomes worse. She may become agitated, reclusive, and may lay next to the water bowl.;

If your cat is not vomiting, try to give her water to drink. If the signs of the sudden excessive drooling are resolved in a few hours,; you may not bring her to the veterinary clinic but make sure to inform your vet about the incident.;

You can prevent hypersalivation by making sure that your cat is vaccinated for rabies, having regular oral exams, and practicing dental hygiene. Make sure to keep toxic items like insecticides, detergents, and harmful chemicals away from your cat.;

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