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How Many Kinds Of Cats Are There

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Types Of Siamese Cats: An Overview

Types of Cats!

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest breeds in existence. Dating back hundreds of years in Thailand, there are hieroglyphic depictions of what researchers believe is the Siamese feline. If that was not enough to give this sleek and beautiful cat an air of royalty, the fact that they are revered as some of the best show cats in the world would put them over the top.

Siamese cats became popular in the United States around WWII. They gained a reputation for independence, gracefulness, and charm. It was in the mid-1950s that they started to be seen as snobby, mischief-making, even cold felines due to their depiction in the Disney film The Lady and the Tramp.

In actuality, these cute furballs are sweet, even-tempered, and loving. Below, we will look at the nine different kinds of Siamese cats and their traits.

How Many Cat Breeds Are There In The World


There are over;67 breeds of cats in the world.

The IPCBA recognizes 73 feline breeds, while the more conservative CFA gives the nod to only 41. Developing and registering a new breed of cats is a long, involved progress, and not every attempt is successful. For example, the CFA steadfastly refused to admit cats bred from wild stock, such as the Bengal, or the Savannah, although these breeds are both accepted by TICA and IPCBA.

Cat breeds of the world list

  • Abyssinian Cat breed Africa ;
  • American Bobtail USA;
  • Burmese Cats FE ; USA;
  • Burmilla Cat UK;
  • Cymric UK ; USA
  • Devon Rex UK ;
  • Egyptian Mau Cats Africa ;
  • Exotic Shorthair Cat USA
  • Korat Cat breed; FE
  • Kurilian Bobtail Cat Russia
  • Lambkins; USA
  • Manx Cats; Isle of Man, UK
  • Minskin Cat; USA
  • Norwegian Forest Cats; Scandinavia
  • Ocicat Cat USA
  • Oriental Shorthair Cat; FE ; UK
  • History of Persian Cats ME ; UK
  • Peterbald Russia
  • Russian Blue Asia ; Europe
  • Savannah Cats USA;;
  • Scottish Fold Cat; UK ;;
  • Selkirk Rex Cat USA;;
  • Types of Siamese Cats FE ;;
  • Siberian Forest Cat Asia ;;
  • Singapura Cat FE ;;
  • Symptoms Of Worms In Cats

    Each of the parasites that can affect a cat tends to cause a series of unique symptoms in that cat, often because they affect cats differently. This is why it is important to learn about the different types of worms in cats, but also to educate yourself on the general symptoms that cats tend to experience.;

    One of the most common signs of worms in cats would be visible segments of the worms in the feces of the cat. There may be cases where whole worms may also be present in the cats feces.

    In addition to this, the cat may also show the following symptoms:

    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Bloody stool

    Additionally, cat owners should also notice weight loss in their cat that cannot be explained. This should especially be concerning when the cat still eats the same amount of food they usually do.;

    There are cases where the worms may cause more serious symptoms.

    For example, roundworms in cats can cause a blockage of the bowel, as well as pneumonia. Both of these conditions can lead to the cat becoming lethargic, and can also cause the cat to die eventually.

    This is why recognizing the symptoms early on is very important, as this will ensure the worms can be detected, diagnosed, and treated with the right medication to eliminate the parasites from the cat.;

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    How Do Cats Get Worms

    The majority of cats contract worms during their time exploring the outside world. These parasitic infections are far less common among cats who prefer to stay on the inside.

    Why are outdoor cats more prone to infection?

    Because most of these worms are contracted in outside environments, where cats tend to pick them up from the feces of cats that have already been infected with a specific type of worm.

    In addition to a risk of contracting a parasitic infection that causes a worm to develop worms through the feces of an infected cat, note that these parasites can also be obtained from smaller insects.;

    There are insects, such as snails, that can carry the parasite. When a cat decides to feast on that insect, they can then contract the parasite and get worms. Other types of animals that may carry these parasites onto a cat include fleas, slugs, and some types of rodents.;

    In addition to these possible ways, kittens can also get worms from their mother . Close contact with the mother, such as when they are nursing, can cause parasites to infect the kittens, causing different;types of worms in cats.;

    How Many Cat Breeds Are There

    Cat breeds: information, characteristics and behavior ...

    Your cat is one of a kind, but her traits come from very specific strands of kitty DNA. Her tufted ears, her golden eyes or her loud meow may even come from a purebred ancestor. But how many cat breeds are there, anyway? While simply asking your veterinarian will yield answers about your own cat, there’s a lot more to know about cat breeds in general.

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    Categories For Ethernet Cables

    A variety of different cables are available for Ethernet and other telecommunications and networking applications. These network cables that are described by their different categories, e.g. Cat 5 cables, Cat-6 cables, etc, which are often recognized by the TIA and they are summarised below:

    • Cat-1: ; ; This is not recognized by the TIA/EIA. It is the form of wiring that is used for standard telephone wiring, or for ISDN.
    • Cat-2: ; ; This is not recognized by theTIA/EIA. It was the form of wiring that was used for 4Mbit/s token ring networks.
    • Cat-3:;; ; This cable is defined in TIA/EIA-568-B. It is used for data networks employing frequencies up to 16 MHz. It was popular for use with 10 Mbps Ethernet networks , but has now been superseded by Cat-5 cable.
    • Cat-4:;; ; This cable is not recognized by the TIA/EIA. However, it can be used for networks carrying frequencies up to 20 MHz. It was often used on 16Mbps token ring networks.
    • Cat-5:;; ; This is not accepted by the TIA / PTA. It is a widely used network cable for 100Base-T and 1000Base-T networks and allows data transmission over Ethernet at 100 Mbit/s and above . The Cat 5 cable replaced the Cat 3 version and became the standard for Ethernet cable for several years. Cat 5 cables are now obsolete and are not recommended for new installations.

    Cat 5 cable uses twisted pairs to prevent internal crosstalk, XT, and also crosstalk to external wires, AXT. Although not standardized, the Cat 5 cable normally uses 1.5 2 twists per centimeter.

    What Are Worms In Cats

    First, lets consider what exactly worms are and why you should be concerned if your cat has them. Worms is a term generally used to describe a parasite manifestation in the digestive tract of a cat.

    These parasites do not only affect cats, but can also affect other animals, including pet dogs, and some parasites may even work their way into the digestive tract of human prey.;

    Different types of worms in cats have been identified, each causing specific types of symptoms and calling for appropriate treatment to expel the parasites from the cats digestive tract.

    The most common cat parasite; is most certainly the Roundworm, which may include the parasites Toxocara Cati and Toxocara leonine.;

    Other types of worms that a cat can become infected with include:

    • Tapeworms
    • Hookworms
    • Heartworm

    Heartworms are much rarer than the other three types of worms that we mentioned here, but owners should still be wary of them as they can cause life-threatening complications in a cat.;

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    Ethernet Cable Maximum Lengths

    Often it is necessary to use long Ethernet cables, however there are limits to the distance over which the data can be reliably carried. When long Ethernet cables are used, additional noise is picked up, and the data eventually becomes distorted by the cable.

    A summary of Ethernet cables and their maximum operating lengths is given below:

    Maximum Lengths for Long Ethernet Cables
    Unshielded twisted pair 220 metres

    Lengths provided are those generally accepted as the maximum, but are not included in the IEEE standard.

    Check out the Electronics Notes: Essential Ethernet Equipment List.

    A variety of different cables are seen connecting different Ethernet elements together – Ethernet routers, Ethernet switches, computers, network severs, etc. Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6 are all seen. The cables use the cost efficient but effective RJ45 patch connector and using this, these Ethernet cables are able to link or patch multiple items of Ethernet based equipment together. On some occasions where specialised connectivity is needed crossover cables may be required – these sold be clearly marked as such as they may get used elsewhere unknowingly and cause the connection not to work. Apart from this using Cat 5, Cat5e and Cat 6 Ethernet cables is very easy and there are normally very few issues.

    Wireless & Wired Connectivity Topics:

    Types Of Worms In Cats And How To Recognize Them


    Approved By: Dr. Sara Ochoa, DVM

    Certified Content. This article has been fact checked and verified by our veterinary adviser.

    The worms your cat needs to worry about are a parasite that resides in the intestinal system of your pet. They absorb the nutrients of the food your cat eats, nutrients that would better go to nourish your cat.

    Parasitical worms can cause a well fed cat to gradually die of malnutrition. Generally, it is cats that go outdoors that contract worms but even indoor cats cat be infested with them.

    There are four basic types of parasitical worms. Each worm has a different symptom, a different way of contraction, a different physical appearance and a different method of treatment. In all cases, veterinary assistance is recommended.

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    The 5 Tabby Cat Patterns

    People sometimes call the average domestic cat a tabby, but tabby is not a cat breed it is actually the pattern of kittys coat. And it happens to be the most common of all the feline coat patterns. Technically speaking, no matter what colors or markings you see on your cat, all felines possess the tabby cat gene. Other cat colors or patterns may hide those tabby markings, but theyre always present.

    Colors Of Traditional Siamese

    While Siamese cats, in general, can have a variety of colorings, Traditional Siamese cats always have light fur with dark-colored points. These dark-colored points include their face, ears, tail, and paws.

    In other Siamese cats with dark extremities , the points can be of various colors, including blue, seal, and red. However, Traditional Siamese always have seal points.

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    All 40 Species Of Wild Cats And Where To See Them In The Wild

    From the tiny Rusty-spotted cat of;Sri Lanka to the massive;Siberian tiger;of the Russian Far East, there are 40 species of wild cats in the world, and each of them is as beautiful as it is unique.

    Most of us know lions, tigers, jaguars and leopards, but what are all the other types of wild cats out there? If you consider yourself a cat person or simply curious about these charismatic animals, read on to meet the family.

    A few years ago, I set myself on an ambitious quest to see;all wild cat species;in their natural habitat. This quest is likely to take a lifetime some wild cat species are so elusive that they are hardly ever seen. So far, I managed to track down 17 cat species. Below I offer tips on the best tours and destinations for anyone wishing to follow in my footsteps of watching wild cats in their element.

    Some of the best books about the Felidae family

    First, some FAQ about wild cats

    How many species of wild cats are there?

    While the total number of recognized species of wild cats varies, the eight lineages that make up the Felidae family are widely accepted. As of November 2017, the Cat Specialist Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature recognizes 41 species in the family Felidae .The family Felidae is made up of two subfamilies: Pantherinae that constitutes the 7 big cats, and Felinae that represents the 33 small cats.

    What are the 7 Big cats?What is the rarest wild cat? What are the most endangered wild cat species?In this post

    Are Cheetahs Big Cats

    Pin on CATS

    Although cheetahs are not in the Panthera genus and are smaller in size and weight than all cats in Panthera genus they are sometimes referred to as a type of big cat.

    Unlike all other species in the cat family, cheetahs do not have retractable claws, rather they are more dog-like, and are only semi-retractable. As the fastest land animal;cheetahs need super traction while running, and their protruding claws act like running shoes.

    Learn more about cheetahs.

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    How To Diagnose Worms In Cats

    The diagnosis of worms in a cat is an important part of the treatment process. Consult a vet to take a closer look at the cat, who will be able to tell the cat owner what type of worms the cat has developed.

    Understanding the type of worms that affect the cat ensures that the treatment provided would target the specific parasites, ensuring that treatment is more successful.;

    Popular Cat Breeds For Many Types Of Households

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    Several types of cats consistently rank among the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s list of top breeds. These cat breeds tend to be quite friendly, affectionate, and playful. And many can adapt to a variety of household situations, including living with children and other pets. Some of these breeds are more active than others. And some need more social time than others. So you’re sure to find one that suits your individual lifestyle.

    If you are looking for a tried-and-true companion, here are 10 of the most popular cat breeds for all types of households.

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    Traditional Applehead Siamese Cat

    The Traditional Applehead is the stocky version of the Siamese cat. They have a very round apple like head with a nose that points downward. They have larger frames than their counterparts, and they have smaller ears. They tend to stand taller, as well.

    These adorable cats are very friendly, they love people, and enjoy cuddling while sitting on your lap. They also are quite vocal and will let you know if they want or need something. As far as care, this feline has short fur so grooming is minimal. They also rarely require baths. That being said, they can obsessively groom themselves and create bald spots. This is typically due to stress though.

    The 10 Cat Species Of Africa

    How many cats are there?

    For the most part, the big cats of Africa need no introduction, but it is not necessarily common knowledge that seven other cat species call Africa home. Most of these are small, secretive and seldom seen, even by the researchers attempting to learn more about their behaviour and ecology. They may not be as well-known as the big cats, or indeed as easy to see, but these medium-sized and small cats are equally beguiling. They also face the same threats habitat loss, deforestation, bushmeat poaching and indiscriminate snares are sweeping threats to wildlife regardless of size.

    These are the ten cat species of Africa :

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    Similarities And Differences Between Stp And Utp Cables

    • Both STP and UTP can transmit data over 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps, and 10Gbps.
    • STP cables are more expensive than UTP cables because they contain more material.
    • Both cables use the same RJ-45 module connector.
    • STP provides more noise and EMI resistance than UTP cable.
    • The maximum length of the two cable segments is 100 meters or 328 feet.
    • The two cables can accommodate a maximum of 1,024 nodes per segment.

    The following image shows both types of twisted-pair cable.

    Are New Cat Breeds Ever Accepted

    Generally, the breed lists accepted by registries often stay the same. However, new breeds are occasionally developed and aim for recognition. The CFA introduced two new breeds to their accepted list for the 2018 season: the Lykoi and the Khao Manee.

    Cat breeds are also often developed from a few cats that shared a certain genetic trait. If that trait is poorly understood or connected to a genetic tendency for a certain disease, breeding can become controversial. The CFA and other organizations maintain strict rules for breeders to ensure that purebred cats are healthy and not predisposed to inherited disorders.

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    Colors Of Siamese Cats

    Apart from the shape and differentiation of Siamese cats, the different types of Siamese cats are mainly distinguished by their color. Both Traditional and Modern Siamese cats have the ability to develop the same colorations and patterns of fur. Specifically, they both share the seal-point coloration gene which partly gives them their distinctive appearance.

    The colors of their coat can range from creamy white to dark brownish-grey. However, they always display a particular characteristic in their face, ears, feet and tail which makes them stand out from other breeds of cat. This is what is caused by the seal-point gene. The body temperature in the extremities is lower, and the hair of Siamese cats is much darker in these places, ranging from almost black to solid black. This, combined with their blue eyes, clearly sets them apart from other breeds.

    Seal-point variations are not visible in many other types of cat. The Himalayan is a breed of cat which has seal-point patterns, but only because they derive from a crossing of the Siamese with Persian cats.

    Here we’ll explain the different colorations of Siamese cats:

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