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Dr Marty Nature’s Feast Cat Food

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Dr Marty Natures Feast Ingredients

Dr. Marty Nature’s Feast Cat Food Review (We Tried It)

So, the carefully formulated recipe by Dr. Marty contains some protein-rich ingredients like Turkey, Salmon, Duck, Beef, and Eggs. They also make use of organ meat like Turkey Heart, Turkey Liver, Beef Liver, etc. which form a rich source of nutrients and multivitamins.

Natures Feast recipe has a range of fruits like apples, cranberries, blueberries, etc. which are rich in antioxidants and multivitamins. They help reduce inflammation and lead to a better coat and skin health.

It also has a good proportion of greens like spinach which too are rich in antioxidants like flavonoids, chlorophyll, and carotenoids. Pumpkin seeds are rich in Vitamin A, C, and E along with potassium and iron. They also have substantial amounts of soluble fiber for better and firmer stools.

The diverse range of ingredients proves that Dr. Martys Natures Feast Cat Food is a well-planned meal. The contents are chosen very carefully which makes it safe for even the most food-sensitive kitties who are absolutely delicate darlings!

% Money Back Guarantee

We work hard to formulate the most advanced, all-natural products for your lucky cat. Thats why every purchase is backed by our Happy Healthy Guarantee.

That means if you dont love what Natures Feast cat food does for you cat more energy, easier digestion, better coat simply return the bags within 90 days and well give you a full refund on your purchase price.

What Do Customers Think Of Dr Marty Cat Food

When shopping around for cat food, its a good idea to do your research before choosing a brand. In addition to learning about the brand and its ingredients and processing methods, you should check out customer reviews. Reviews can tell you a lot more than the brands website about their customer service and about how well the products are received by cats.

In researching Dr. Martys cat food, we found there were plenty of brand reviews and customer ratings online. The Better Business Bureau website had over 1,000 customer reviews and there were over 1,200 reviews on TrustPilot.

Lets take a look at a few customer reviews for Dr. Marty.

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Dr Marty Cat Food Exposed: The Recall History

In terms of record. No sound data has been kept to support the recall history of the product. It is no alien to have a product recalled from the market. Some issues will be technical other than quality compromises.

Yet it is better if the work done is foolproof before letting out the brand in the market. They claim to have the quality intact and unified. With their protein source being premium. Only extracted from three main animal sources. All being either whitefish, turkey, or salmon.

Dr Martys Food Manufacturing And Quality

Dr. Marty Nature

In our attempt to have Dr. Martys Cat Food Exposed. Let us have Dr. Martys take on the food preparation. And how they aimed at fulfilling the quality of the food package. In terms of any spec, sources of food material, process, and manufacturing techniques, he doesnt provide much.

The only thing that we can produce from the data already available is on the package. We know where the food is freeze-dried, a place somewhere in America. The address that can be extracted from the package is as follows: Somewhere in Woodland Hills, CA. Also termed as the companys headquarters.

Yet it never fails to bear the claim that they believe pets are their best friends. Believing them to be a source of constant happiness and fun. They claim they try their best to come up with satisfying quality. Promising unparalleled health outcomes.

While they do not provide any specs on sourcing or production of cat food. They do come confidently in terms of likeability. They claim to return all the money. In case the cat does not like the food. The offer holds for as long as ninety days of purchase. And that is the thing about packaged food. They never fail to satisfy the likability of the feline fellows. The smell and flavor never fail them. Besides all we have hand picked products and plan to get Dr. Marty Cat Food Exposed.

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Ingredient Sourcing And Manufacturing

Its important to know where the ingredients are sourced from. This can tell more about the freshness and the wholesomeness of ingredients.

Nevertheless, Dr. Marty claims that all ingredients are sourced Fresh.

That being said, most primary ingredients must be sourced from the United States only. On reading further information on the label, they have a company headquarters in Woodland Hills, CA.

The kibbles are freeze-dried and the process happens in their kitchens in North America. All in all, there is not much other specific information available on the sourcing of the ingredients.

Q: What Do The Natures Feast Review Posts Say

A: The majority of the Natures Feast Cat Food reviews had very good things to say about this product. Even customers with picky cats said their feline loved the taste of this food. In addition, pet owners noticed that their cats had more energy, seemed healthier, and had a visibly shiny-looking coat.

Dr. Marty Natures Feast Cat Food Review

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Dr Marty Cat Food Exposed

As a cat parent, feline food is always on ones mind. What to serve and how to keep the quality intact. No matter how healthy you want the cat to be. You end up buying commercial food. Homemade would not fit in your routine. While your hand pick some brands and like them. There are a few that stands out and few that fail. But we are all here to reveal the story of Dr. Marty Cat Food Exposed.

Q: How Do I Serve Natures Feast Cat Food

First try on Raw cat food (Dr. Martys nature feast)

A: Check the feeding chart on the back of the bag for the serving size, based on the size and weight of your cat. Put the correct amount into a non-toxic, heat-safe dish. With a fork, break apart the pieces and then add warm water. Wait 3 minutes for the food to absorb the water, and then mix it up with a spoon until you get an even texture. Then feed your cat!

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What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Dr Marty Offer

Dr. Marty offers a very limited selection of cat products including one recipe for freeze-dried cat food, one recipe for cat treats, and a single digestive supplement for cats. Both their food and treats are freeze-dried in a process that helps maximize the nutritional content.

The only cat food formula Dr. Marty has to offer is made with multiple sources of premium animal-based protein. The recipe begins with salmon, turkey, and whitefish then goes on to include several organ meats and an assortment of superfoods. This recipe is freeze-dried for freshness.

What Do Cat Parents Think Of Dr Marty Cat Food

When it comes to your cats health, you look forward to checking reviews of the products you want to purchase. Thats absolutely necessary because you cant build your opinions for a particular product by just listening to what one person has to say about it.

We checked for reviews on the official Dr. Martys website and saw happy verified customers views on Natures Feast. They are talking about how drastically it changed their pets life. Well, its obvious that they will put up only positive reviews on their own website.

But we also went through Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot. Overall, cat parents are happy about all Dr. Martys pet products.

The most unhappy pet parents mentioned how their pets didnt like the taste, didnt improve their health, or worse yet, made them sick. Well, this can happen with any pet food brand. Not all foods are absolutely suitable for all pets.

The fundamental reason behind cats getting sick after eating food is their allergy to a particular protein and other ingredients present in the food. Please check all the ingredients on the label and dont feel shy to ask for your vets opinion.

However, Dr. Martys excellent support team responds to all negative reviews and provides any assistance needed. If you, like many other cat parents, wonder whether Dr. Marty is a scam, dont worry, its not.

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About Dr Marty Natures Feast

As one of the worlds leading veterinarians for over 40 years, Dr. Marty Goldstein has been a trailblazer for pet health and nutrition. He has combined the best of both traditional medicine and alternative therapies to create pet food that yields maximum results. Thus, Dr. Marty Natures Feast Cat Food, a premium freeze-dried all-natural cat food formula was born.

Dr. Marty is driven to help your cat achieve a healthier and happier life.Through Natures Feast, cats are able to get as close to what they would eat raw in the wild. The recipe is 100% natural and contains feline-friendly fruits, veggies and mixed protein to support energy, good digestion and smooth skin. Overall, its a high protein, complete and balanced diet that is abundant with the vitamins and minerals your cat needs to thrive.

Even better, their products contain no harmful fillers or bad ingredients. All ingredients, especially the meat ingredients, are sourced fresh and then gently frozen to ensure they have optimum flavor and nutritional value.

Currently, Dr. Marty has a very limited range of cat food options, but the most popular freeze-dried product appears to be food of premium quality. To help you better decide on whether its the right fit for your feline, weve reviewed Dr. Marty Natures Feast Freeze-Dried Raw Cat Food below.

Q: Is Dr Marty Natures Feast Legit


A: Yes, theres no doubt that Natures Feast Cat Food and the entire Dr. Marty brand is legitimate. The company started almost 5 years ago, and it has had a lot of attention in the market. Dr. Martin Goldstein is a vet that is a pioneer in the area of combining medical and holistic practices to develop pet nutrition. There are numerous Natures Feast reviews online that attest to the legitimacy of this product.

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What Our Cats Think About Dr Marty Natures Feast Freeze

The freeze-drying process actually draws out all the moisture at low temperatures and controlled pressures. The end result is a product with far more shelf life without any nutrient loss during the process.

The freeze-dried raw food mimics the food a cat would eat in the wild. So, cats would love it without a doubt.

When I started feeding Dr. Marty to Lucy and my new rescue, Lily, both were showing pretty high energy levels.

However, Lucy was a bit hesitant to eat it in the beginning but then after four days, she accepted her new food wholeheartedly. I realized that she liked the kibble without the rehydrating whereas Lily liked it when I rehydrate it a bit.Rehydrating the food with a little water will restore the food to its original raw form and brings back the texture. Some cats like to have their food that way. All in all, our cats approved the food.

Scientific Efficacy Of Freeze

Freeze-dried pet foods are becoming more and more popular. However, the veterinarians at the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University have done a considerable amount of research in this area.

Theyve concluded that raw-food diets have their pros and cons but, in general, arent necessarily a healthier choice for your pet.

No scientific studies have shown benefits of raw diets. Their appeal is based on word of mouth, testimonials and perceived benefits, the universitys pet nutrition team wrote in a post about raw diets for pets.

This conclusion doesnt mean that your cat wont benefit from eating Dr. Marty Natures Feast, though. The foods multiple types of meat give it a higher fat content than the average dog food, which results in positive changes to your cats coat and digestion.

Furthermore, the foods lack of fillers benefits your cat, as cats are natural meat eaters and need as little filler as possible in their food.

Finally, Natures Feasts omega-3 fatty acids are most important for young cats, particularly to protect against brain abnormalities. EPA and DHA are an important part of an adult cats diet, too. Theyre proven to aid in growth and reproduction.

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Overall Is Dr Marty Cat Food A Good Choice

Theres no doubt about its wholesomeness and quality. But the only downside we see is the price of this product. We have gone through the negative reviews and most of them talked about pricing.

We, as pet parents, always want to provide the best life our pets deserve. But if replacing your cats current food with Dr. Marty puts you under a lot of stress, its not worth it. This becomes even more crucial when you have more than one cat.On the other hand, if you have a bigger budget, dont hesitate to switch to Dr. Marty Natures Feast kibbles.

The Were All About Cats Standardrating Dr Marty On What Matters

3 Easy Steps to Start Your Cat on Natures Feast

Weve rated the brand on six key criteria for quality. Heres how it rates in each of these six crucial areas.

  • Recall History 8/10

Overall Score: 6.33/10

In total, we give Dr. Marty cat food a 42 out of 60 rating or a B- grade.

As part of our review process, weve submitted samples to an independent lab. You can see the full report here.

In addition to performing our own qualitative analysis of the brands reviewed here, we submitted samples for analysis at an ISO 17025 certified food testing and analysis lab.

We bought the products at full retail price, and the entire testing process was funded by All About Cats without direct input or influence from the companies involved.

Analytical testing in a food chemistry lab gives us the exact macronutrient and micronutrient content of each recipe. The tests also look at microbial content, yeast, mold, and heavy metals, helping you ensure that youre only putting the best in your cats bowl.

To access the lab reports for each food reviewed here, click the view lab report link in the product review.

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Dr Marty: A Brief Insight

The creator, the guide behind for. Marty Cat food is Dr. Marty a.k.a Dr. Martin Goldstein. He happens to be a renowned veterinarian having a tremendous experience in his field. With almost more than four decades of work with animals, and is known as a pet specialist.

He undertook a mission long ago. That is all with the idea of supporting pets and bettering their health. Animal nutrition was key to his undertaken mission. He began formulating some recipes. The main drive behind it is integrative medicine. Implying all mix and best of both traditional and alternative medicine. He tried coming up with products that could yield the best results.

If you wonder what made him so concerned about the cats health. It came from a personal space. He was weak at the early age of twenty. Always felt the pain of an aching body and low energy. While he was suffering, he put into use all his knowledge of medicine. While he tried a couple of things. Nothing worked out for him. Until he tried his luck with the Macrobiotic Diet. He was dazzled with satisfying results. This brought it into use for the pet diet. And has been using macrobiotics since then.

He aims at restoring the health of not-so-healthy pets. He claims that you can have a fresh start and a healthy life. Starting just now and today.

Q: Where To Buy Natures Feast Cat Food

A: Natures Feast Cat Food is for sale from many retailers, both online and offline, as well as on the official website. At the moment there is a special discount offer for new customers. Here are the prices on the official site:

  • 12 ounces $29.95
  • 48 ounces $113.80
  • 96 ounces $219.60

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About Dr Marty Cat Food

Dr. Marty Natures Feast Cat Food is a freeze-dried premium quality diet with the goodness of 100% raw and natural meat varieties along with a balanced proportion of fruits and vegetables to make it a perfect kitty meal. It has everything for your felines optimal health.

Natures Feast offers premium quality ingredients as they are freeze-dried which keeps their nutrition intact. The cat food along with their other limited range of products has been approved by people and doing quite well across the U.S.A.

As a pet expert, this got me intrigued and brought me to review Natures Feast Cat Food by Dr. Marty. Here is my honest take on the feline diet blend.

My Felines can get picky with food and are moody eaters. What excites them most is chomping onto their raw and wild ancestral form of the diet, including protein-rich meat. And that is exactly why I am writing this review after a satisfactory experience with Natures Feast Cat Food by Dr. Marty.

Which Type Of Cat Is Dr Martys Natures Feast Best Suited For


Dr. Martys Natures Feast cat food is appropriate for most cats. It may be difficult for kittens to eat due to the size of the kibbles, so you may need to soak this food to soften it for feeding to smaller kittens. Make sure to discuss feeding this to your kitten with your vet since this food is not formulated specifically for kittens.

Otherwise, this food is suitable for adult and senior cats that dont require a reduced protein diet. Some medical conditions, like kidney disease, may require a lower protein diet to support health.

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