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Enzyme Laundry Detergent For Cat Urine

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Defunkify Active Wash Laundry Detergent

Zyme-Attack Product Line :: Enzymatic Cleaners

This laundry detergent is made from eco-friendly, plant-based enzymes which are approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program.

While its specifically made for athletic wear, its superior ability to lift away dirt and strong odors means it also works well for removing pet smells.

Free from any kind of phosphates, dyes, chlorine, and artificial fragrances, you dont have to worry about you or your dog having an adverse reaction to it.

Also, the product is safe for all machines, creates minimal mess while youre using it and theres very little measuring involved, as one small scoop does a full load.


Laundry Detergent For Cat Urine: How To Buy

Heres what to consider or look for while you shop for these products.

Odor Control

Depending on the type of laundry detergent or booster you choose, there will be some kind of odor neutralizer included.

Stain Removing Power

Getting rid of the smell of cat pee is a big challenge, but what about the stain? Sometimes a product can take care of other issues. Other times, you might need a product that specifically targets stains.

Formula Effectiveness

When it comes to stubborn smells like cat urine, even effective formulas can meet their match. While its not always the case, usually formulas with chemicals are more powerful. However, those same items might cause irritation or trigger allergies.


Some laundry detergents that target cat urine are scent-free, serving as a neutralizer only. Others have fabric freshening scents that can come from natural or synthetic sources.

Because of chemical sensitivities or allergic reactions, some people might be reactive to certain scent additives.


Some products are terrific for removing cat urine smellsjust not in your washing machine. Make sure to read all labels before purchasing to make sure its safe for your washer.

Is Pretty Litter Dust

Pretty Litter does produce a fairly significant amount of dust when poured into the box. Note that it is made from super-absorbent silica gel, which means that it produces amorphous, rather than crystalline, silica dust. While still irritating, amorphous silica dust dust does not appear to be carcinogenic and doesnt have the worrying reputation that crystalline silica dust does.

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Natures Miracle Urine Destroyer Cat 32 Ounces Enzymatic Formula Pour

Features :

  • FOR CAT URINE MESSES: Begins to break down and remove stains immediately on contact.
  • POURABLE FORMULA: Just soak the affected area, allow to work for 15 minutes, then blot up stain with a clean cloth.
  • ENZYMATIC FORMULA: Continues working as long as any bio-based mess is still present.
  • TRUSTED BRAND: From the maker of Natures Miracle products, the pet stain and odor removing brand you trust because it works!
  • SAFE FOR PETS AND HOME: When used and stored as directed, this formula can be used around your pets and in your home.

Additional Info :

Removing Cat Urine Odor From Bedding And Clothes

Nature" s Miracle Laundry Stain and Odor Additive Bio

While it may feel like a spiteful insult, a cat spraying or urinating on your mattress, bedding or clothing is their way of letting you know they need your attention. Dont get mad get clean!

  • Put the urine-soiled items into your washer and wash separately in the hottest temperature recommended by the items care label. In addition to your detergent, add a quarter cup of a white vinegar to your washers bleach dispenser.
  • Use the natural power of baking soda to help neutralize cat urine odor in soiled bedding and clothes. Add a half-cup directly to the drum with your clothes, or use a detergent that has baking soda in it.
  • Optional: Use ARM & HAMMER Plus OxiClean 3-in-1 Power Paks, combining ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda with OxiClean Stain Fighters. You can also add a scent booster, such as ARM & HAMMER Clean Scentsations In-Wash Scent Booster with Odor Blasters for even more urine odor removal power.

Note: Use caution when cleaning delicate fabrics. Also, remember never to use chlorine bleach when washing items soiled with cat pee. Mixing bleach with the ammonia in cat urine can create dangerous gases.

To help understand why your cat might be peeing everywhere all of a sudden, read our resource about this frustrating, though not uncommon cat behavior. Follow these litter box tips and be sure to set up the litter box properly to help prevent future urine mishaps.

*When applied promptly as directed after an ordinary pet stain has occurred.

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Great For Businesses And Home Owners

With this product, you also have the peace of mind to know that you are donating to a cause. The reason for this is that the company gives about 10% of its profits to a variety of humane shelters and rescue efforts.

You are able to purchase this product in the sizes of 32 fluid ounces and one gallon. It gives off a fresh spring smell that replaces the odors of that your pet created.

Pet owners and businesses alike use this product to get rid of pet odors and stains. Whether you have fresh carpet, expensive rugs, antique furniture or sleek automobile upholstery, youll be in good hands with this spray. This product can also be used on exterior hardscapes, such as your driveway or back patio.

If youre looking for the best enzyme cleaner for cat urine, make sure that this one is kept high on your list.

This stain remover is not only incredibly useful, its also cost-effective. You can purchase it online in a 32 fluid ounce bottle or a one gallon bottle.

How Can I Stop Recurring Urine Odor In My Carpet

Mostly the recurring smell results from superficial urine treatment. This happens when people are misled by the size of the urine spot when cleaning. Often what you see on the surface is much bigger under the carpet as it might form a puddle under the spot.

So, unless you do a deep cleaning that includes carpet backing and padding, the smell may continue wafting from under the carpet.

Hi, Tor here. Im the creator of this website and Small Space Organizing on YouTube. I write and make videos about my favorite subjects laundry, folding clothes, and organizing homes to save space. You can learn more about me here.

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Out Prowash Workwear Odor Eliminator Detergent

You might love this laundry detergent for its ability to get deeply rooted smells out of your own clothing and activewear, but youll be surprised how well it works on your dogs laundry, too.

Its safe for use on all kinds of fabrics and in both regular and high-efficiency washers. Plus, it quickly removes dirt and even the deepest-seated stains caused by pets, food, cosmetics, etc.

Lightly scented and without phosphates, you can use the product alone as a detergent or as a booster, and while its relatively small in size, its also very reasonably priced.


Urine Gone Stain And Odor Eliminator

The Life Changing Magic of ENZYME CLEANERS! ð?± Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell!

Urine Gone Odor Eliminator truly lives to its billing of making urine disappear. Its active ingredient penetrates deeper into the surface you are cleaning, releasing the soil stain and the urine smell.

That aside, it can act on any surface, be it on carpets, pet beddings, upholstery, sofas, furniture, or floor. This is all due to its fast-acting urine soil digesting enzyme. And when it comes to its application, it is quite user-friendly. All you have to do is spray the surface and let the enzymes sink deeper, and break down the odor-causing soil.

Ive also written up a guide on what to do if you wet yourself in public that could be really useful to familiarize yourself with

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Question: What Can I Use Other Than Bleach To Remove Urine Odors From Clothing

I have just bought a house with a septic system and I don t know much about them.

We have a special needs adult who lives with us , who wets himself daily.

Because I can’t use bleach in the washing machine his clothes always smell like urine even after they’ve been washed.

Can you make any suggestions as to how I might remedy this? Is there a product I can use to cut down on the odour on his garments? — K.M.

Answer: Septic System Maintenance & urine odor removing products

Regarding use of bleach in homes served by a private onsite septic system, using normal amounts of household bleach is not a problem.

Page top photo – our grandson Chase P. flushed his training underpants down the toilet –


Things To Watch Out For

What not to use. Donât use ammonia-based cleaning products, as it smells like cat pee and will attract your cat to keep urinating there.

Health problems. When a cat pees outside the litter box, this could be a sign of health issues or behavioral problems. Urinary tract problems such as kidney stones and bladder inflammation can be painful and make your cat urinate more. Kidney and liver diseases can also be a possibility as cats feel the need to drink more and pee more. Other possibilities include problems with your catâs joints, nerves, or muscles, which can make it hard for them to climb in and out of the litter box. See your veterinarian to rule out any health problems.

Age issues. Older cats, especially those 10 years or older, may have age-related cat dementia or cognitive dysfunction. One of the behavioral problems associated with cognitive dysfunction is peeing and pooping outside of the litter box. See your veterinarian to rule out any age-related problems.

Check the litter. The litter box could be dirty or your cat may dislike the litter in it. Change the litter more often. You can also experiment with different types of litter. If you have several cats, the more dominant one may have marked it as their litter box, leaving the others to find someplace else to use as a toilet.

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Laundry Detergent Or Laundry Additive

On our list, we examined both laundry additives or boosters and laundry detergents because each serves a specific purpose.

Cleaning cat urine involves both odor control and cleaning power. Some products are more suited to one than the other.

Consider one of the combination detergent and odor fighters if you like to reduce the amount of products you use in your laundry.

A laundry additive may be a better option if you need a more targeted odor control treatment.

What To Look For In A Laundry Detergent For Pet Odor

Enzymatic Cleaner for Cat Urine

Effectiveness: Ideally, look for a product thats specifically geared towards pets, but most detergents that are meant for activewear will work well.

You want something that will attack the odor at its source and completely get rid of it rather than something full of artificial fragrances that will simply cover up the smell.

Safety: Laundry detergent can be harsh and irritating to your dogs skin.

Find something made from natural, plant-based ingredients thats free from bleach, parabens, hydrogen peroxide, or brighteners.

Compatibility: Be sure the laundry detergent you select will work with the kind of washing machine youll be using.

While its okay to use high-efficiency laundry detergent in a regular washing machine, using regular detergents in a high-efficiency washer is not recommended.

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Still Smell Cat Urine

If your laundry has come out smelling fresh, but you still detect the lingering odor of cat urine in your home, you’ll need to perform some detective work. It’s possible the pet has marked floors, furniture, or other areas in your home.

Arm yourself with a blacklight. Most blacklights work better in complete darkness, so work cautiously. Use the light to scan walls, floors, baseboards, furniture, and any other surfaces. Hold the light close to the surface for best resultsurine stains will glow fluorescent white. Use chalk or sticky note paper to mark the areas where the blacklight reveals stains.

Once you’ve identified the soiled areas, use an odor-removal product to clean the area. After thoroughly cleaning, you can enjoy a freshly-scented home once more.

Why Its Important To Clean Cat Pee

Before I get into the technicalities, I want to point out the fact that about 10% of felines have problems related to litter box use. It means that their health issues or behavior problems force them to litter outside the litter box, at least once during their lifetime, but more often, it is a recurring manifestation. On the other hand, cats urine contains proteins, and those very amino acids are used by cats to mark the borders of their territory in the wilderness.

As the domestication process took place, it becomes obsolete for cats to display such behavior, but the given evolutional trait is here to stay for a while. The key reason why it is important to clean the cat pee is the acid it contains. It is quite a potent chemical that can push through the material and mix with it, thus leaving dire consequences in terms of unpleasant odor. Furthermore, untreated cat pee can lead cats to think that they need to mark their territory more often, and it leads to a myriad of recurring problematic behavior.

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How To Get Rid Of Cat Pee Smell Once And For All

As much as we love our furry little friends, they can stink up the house if were not careful. When it comes to cats, they do their business in the house as well, which can cause odors in the air.

Well show you the best way to get rid of cat pee smell in your home. Well walk across multiple surfaces, including hardwood flooring, carpet, mattresses, and more.

If youre keen to have a fresh, odor-free home while still hosting a bunch of cat buddies, then keep reading.

Sweat X Sport Extreme Laundry Detergent


One of the best products to eliminate persistent odors from gym clothing and other activewear, this concentrated laundry detergent is also perfect for tackling pet smells.

Using NANOVASIVE technology, it scrubs away body oils, sweat, and hard-to-lose pet stains that are built up over time without causing damage to fabrics.

Its also compatible with all types of washing machines, including high-efficiency models.

The product is non-toxic and biodegradable and there are no dyes or harsh perfumes, so its not only good for the environment, but for everyone in the house.

My only complaint is that it has a watery consistency.


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What Can I Do If My Laundry Still Smells

Laundry detergents are used to remove stains and odors from fabrics, and if youre willing to select the best products, these might work well on their own.

Laundry boosters are a more concentrated formula thats used in addition to detergent in order to add extra power to the load.

However, you can also use some natural products to help freshen up your laundry.

These include baking soda, which is a natural odor absorber, and white vinegar, which also works to lock onto and whisk away unpleasant smells.

There are harsher, more chemical-based alternatives you can try, such as borax, but these are not advisable for anything that will come in close contact with your pets skin.

These Are The Best Enzyme Cleaners For Cat Urine In 2022

  • These Are the Best Enzyme Cleaners for Cat Urine in 2022
  • This post may contain affiliate links to our partners like Chewy, Amazon, and others. Purchasing through these helps us further the A-Z Animals mission to educate about the world’s species..

    Best for
    Natures Miracle Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo

    Unlike dogs, cats dont have to be potty trained. If you make a clean litter box available, even kittens will use it.

    Cats are often called fastidious, and they are. A healthy, happy cat who is not marking its territory and is not under stress will use the litter box or go outside 100% of the time.

    Unfortunately, there are still many reasons your cat might pee inside the house. They may be telling you they are sick, under stress, or that the litter box is inconvenient to use or too dirty. They may be marking their territory.

    Regardless, once your cat has peed, the best thing you can do is get rid of the smell, so they dont make a habit of using that spot. As you probably know, cat pee has an intense odor that is made to last.

    Fortunately, enzyme cleaners break down the molecules of cat urine and remove the smell even for your cats super-sensitive nose. Here, we updated our 2022 reviews to bring you the most effective products in todays market.

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    What Kinds Of Litter Does Pretty Litter Offer

    Pretty Litter currently offers one type of litter a silica crystal litter that comes in very fine, lightweight silica gel crystals.

    This cat litter was developed by a team of veterinarians and scientists specifically for cats. It is made of highly absorbent silica gel combined with a proprietary formulation of pH-detectors to help cat owners monitor their cats urine for acidity and alkalinity levels outside of the normal range.

    Overall Rating 9/10

    My one-month supply of Pretty Litter arrived within a week of order and came in a surprisingly small cardboard box. It also included a printed insert that explained how the product worked and provided useful tips for how much litter to pour, how to get my cats used to it, and how to maximize odor control.

    The first test of Pretty Litter came when I poured it into my litter box. I found the litter a little less dusty than other crystal cat litters Ive tried, but it still produced a noticeable cloud of dust. I also found it to be a little dusty later on when I was scooping the cat litter, so it definitely isnt a dust-free litter.

    In addition to being a little dusty, Pretty Litter did cling to my cats paws a little bit. I found myself having to clean up the area around my cats litter box a few times a week.

    After filling litter box, my cats Wessie and Forrest took to the Pretty Litter right away.

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