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Kittens To Adopt For Free

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How To Find The Perfect Pet

Kent County Animal Shelter offering free kittens for adoption

Do you know what type of pet personality youre looking for? Finding the ideal pet for your home should start with understanding the personality that best fits your lifestyle, not necessarily a specific breed. Consider this, do you need a dog that is low key? Perhaps a cat that gets along well with others? The rescue professionals posting on our site are experts at matching you with the right pet. Our website even has a “New Pet Alert” feature to help you narrow things down. Simply tell us what you are looking for and well email you your matches!

Ways To Find Free Kittens In Your Area For Adoption

Nothing brings cat lovers more joy than raising an adorable kitten. While others can easily purchase any cat breed of their choice, others are only left to daydream about owning one. This is why many feline enthusiasts try to get kittens for free.

While you can easily google where to find free kittens near me with one click, actually finding one can be a lot more complicated.

After all, the best things in life dont always come easy. However, its also not impossible to spend zero dollars on your next pet.

If you want credible tips on how to find free kittens or adult cats near your area, you are definitely on the right page. Lets discuss them one by one!

Upcoming Adoption Events & Yard Sales

The ASAP Shelter is brimming with kittens and cats, so we’re hosting a few upcoming Adoption Events – each from 10am3pm! Our community is fantastic when it comes to helping us find these cats homes, so we’re hoping for a great turnout.

All adult cats are free, and kittens are adopt one, get a second free. We additionally have many foster opportunities available should you like to help find an adult cat their forever home, as well as several volunteer opportunities. Bring your friends, your family, or anyone you know who could use a new loved one!

PLUS we’ll be hosting a yard sale full of antiques and hidden treasures, including glassware, clothes, exotic masks, travel items, and plenty of cat toys and items. Find a new best friend in a cat and leave with some new trinkets and tchotchkes!

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Why Rehome From Us

Though there are many places you can find cats or kittens for sale, we recommend giving a rescue cat or kitten the chance of the happy life they so deserve. Every cat rehomed by us will come microchipped, vaccinated and neutered . And theyll come with a unique personality ready-made. What are you waiting for?

The Resource For Rescueadoption And Education

25 rescued kittens ready for adoption this morning!
Cat Depot is a free-roaming rescue, adoption, and education center recognized for excellence and leadership in finding homes for more than 19,000 homeless and abandoned cats and kittens.

Our cats are ready to meet you! They are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and ready to go home.

Help us help cats today! Please donate or volunteer.

Feline friendly products and related gifts are our specialty. We offer name brands at reasonable prices with all proceeds benefiting our cats.

2542 17th St. Sarasota, FL 34234

Open 7 Days A Week from 10am-6pm

Cat Depot is a free-roaming adoption and education center recognized for excellence and leadership in finding homes for more than 19,000 homeless and abandoned cats and kittens.

Our mission is to save lives, find loving homes, and provide resources and education to improve the destiny of homeless cats.

Cat Depot 501 ORGANIZATION 85-8013018541C-8

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Why Do Bloodhounds Have Long Ears The Better To Smell You With

Bloodhounds are champion sniffers, but how do all of those flopping folds and jiggling jowls function? Meet the dogs who smell with their ears! Bloodhounds are champion sniffers even by dog standards. Although every dog is certainly greater than the sum of its parts, there is some truth to the affectionate description of Bloodhounds as noses with dogs attached.

Where To Adopt Kittens For Free

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If you want to adopt a kitten for free, the secret is knowing where to look. Many shelters charge a fee, but there are still some little-known free resources for finding local kittens in need of homes. Use these resources to find free kittens and help save a life.

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Gravy: A Very Good Boy

Meet little Gravy! He lost his home when his owner had to go into hospice care. He is a 10-pound chihuahua/ dachshund mix.

Gravy is living in a foster home provided by a volunteer at Friends for Life Animal Rescue. His foster mom says he is the sweetest little guy and loves to be around her. He likes to sleep next to her, and when she’s not home he hangs out with his toys and waits for her. He is doing great with potty training, only going potty outside now.

Gravy loves being rewarded with “good boy”, and “good potty” which he loves. Gravy can be weary of new people, new situations, sounds, moves, and expectations. He will need a home that will be patient with him and give him time to get used to a new situation. He is most happy when given lots of attention, kisses, and hugs. Generally, he is a very happy dog who wants to love and be loved by people.

Gravy is neutered, licensed, microchipped, and up to date on his vaccinations.

How to adopt: His adoption fee is $250. Friends for Life Animal Rescue is located at 952 W. Melody Avenue, in Gilbert. At Friends for Life, animals are altered, vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed. Cats are also tested for FELV/FIV. For more information on Friends for Life, Gravy, or other cats or dogs looking for homes, visit, or call 480-497-8296.

Jannelle Cosgriff, Friends for Life

Norma: Sweet Senior Cat

Maryland 2,000 offers free adoption of cats, kittens

Norma is an absolutely adorable 15-year-old domestic shorthair kitty whose picture speaks a thousand words of pure cuteness. This senior girl was surrendered to the Arizona Humane Society in early September after her owner had to move and unfortunately could not bring her with. A heartbreaking situation for all involved.

While in AHS care, Norma has shown to be in great shape but will need regular veterinarian checkups to ensure she stays happy and healthy for the rest of her golden years. Everyone who has been around this cute girl gushes about how sweet and friendly she has been while in the shelter even while undergoing medical exams!

With adorable chompers that hang out from under her whiskered cheeks and bright yellow eyes, Norma might be mistaken for a mini panther if it wasnt for her docile nature. And although not much is known about her past, AHS recommends a slow introduction to the family including other pets as she has undergone quite a bit of change recently.

Normas adoption fee is waived thanks to a generous donor who is covering adoption fees for all adult black cats one year and older throughout the month of September. This adoption special is in honor of the donors late kitty and AHS alum, Jean Valjean.

Kelsey Dickerson, Arizona Humane Society

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Dog Rehoming How To Rehome Your Pet

Rehoming a dog, in the first place, is not abandonment as a matter of fact, its humane, mature, and responsible. Secondly, while there are various problems that can potentially cause pet parents to consider giving away their dog, comparatively there are also solutions. Dog Rehoming Issue and Solution Board I got a new job and theres no

Join Facebook Groups Dedicated To Cat Adoptions

For more chances of finding a cat, use the power of social media. Many Facebook groups and pages are dedicated to putting up kittens, adults, and senior cats of all breeds for adoption.

Just type in some keywords such as cat adoption near me or free cats for adoption to filter the results.

You might be surprised by the number of people wanting to give their kittens up without any adoption fee.

However, you need to be quick because most of the available cats posted are given on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Ask Your Local Shelter

Animals are taken in by the dozen every minute in pet shelters. Sadly, approximately 5,000 cats and dogs are euthanized each day.

While most animal shelters require an adoption fee, others can let you adopt a kitten without charge.

However, you should proceed with caution because you may end up getting a kitten that has underlying illnesses due to old age or complications from poor health. You will need to shoulder any medical expenses needed to treat them.

Best Cat & Cute Kitten Names

Free Maine Coon Kittens For Adoption Florida

Are you looking for just the right name for your new cat? Weve got all the inspiration you need to pick a pawsitively pawesome cat name. So you have a new cat, but you want to find a name that suits her to the nines. Youve come to the right place! Cat names can convey a cats personality, behavior,

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Take The Competibility Quiz

Get started by taking the ComPETibility Quiz and completing the Adoption Application. You will receive your personalized ComPETibility scorecard by email to help pair you with pets. Look for animals on our website and in our Adoption Centers whose scores generally match yours.

Where To Adopt Kittens For Free In Your Area

Home » FAQ » Where to Adopt Kittens for Free in Your Area

Many families are looking forward to having a pet. Felines are among the most demandable companions for people around the world. The idea to adopt a kitten is great if you have children.

Most cats are very calm, friendly, and well-socializing. Your kids can play with the bewhiskered companion, feed it, and care about your new fluffy family member.

But how to buy a kitten locally? Usually, kitties for sale are available in each state. There are many local breeders and catteries to take into account.

The most reputable ones offer purebred cats with all the documentation in the context of the pedigree and the felineâs health. Additionally, there are animal shelters and adoption centers near you. Here, you can count on a kitten for free or cats at the most affordable price.

Explore all the local variants and take a closer look at the most popular American pet adoption services. Note that among reputable websites with charge-free kitty males and females are craigslist and websites of animal shelters. Here, you can find free cats and bewhiskered buddies at the most attractive adoption fee.

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Cons Of Getting A Free Kitten

As they say, there are two sides to every coin. So before you get a free kitten, consider the following disadvantages:

1. You can get a cat with several diseases

There is very little to no guarantee that the free kitten you will get is healthy. Its likely that the owners havent taken them to the vet or that their parents might have suffered from a grave illness.

Stray cats, especially, may have acquired infections, injuries, and life-threatening diseases.

2. You might end up spending more money on medical needs

If you adopt a free kitten, you dont have the advantage of getting a cat with complete vaccinations and preventive medications. You will also need to pay for neutering or spaying services out of your own pocket.

If they have any form of sickness as Ive mentioned, you need to spend money on treatment. As these expenses add up, you may find that the money you spent is almost equal to the price of a kitten from a breeder.

3. You might need to deal with a feral cat

Aside from medical concerns, you also need to observe the cats behavior. For instance, if you adopt a feral cat, you may have trouble dealing with aggressiveness.

Because they are not used to humans, they have a tendency to hiss, claw, or even bite when approached. You need to be very patient in taming them.

4. You can get scammed by people on the internet

Since anyone can post anything online, you cant be sure that the free kitten ad you see on Facebook or Instagram isnt a scam.

Why Do Some Cats Like Water

Adopt a cat or kitten for free through the weekend at Indy Animal Care Services

Cats are notorious for hating water, but did you know that some cat breeds love to get wet? Find out which breeds, and why. Does your cat love getting wet? Statistically speaking, probably not! Most cats are fascinated by running water even if they dont want to play in it but some cats not only tolerate water, they

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How To Choose The Best Cat Name For Your New Cat

Are you looking for just the right name for your new cat? Weve got all the inspiration you need to pick a pawsitively pawesome cat name. So you have a new cat, but you want to find a name that suits her to the nines. Youve come to the right place! Cat names can convey a cats personality, behavior, or

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Where To Find Free Local Kittens

Animals will delight you and make your home cozy. But cute cats for sale is your new responsibility! Most abandoned kittens need extremely much care and love.

If you are ready to surround your pet friends with enough caring and loving feelings, here are 7 hot-topic tips to take into account.

This way, you will be able to try other alternative variants to get cats for free locally.

The best match could be at the armâs distance. Donât wait and start to act.

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Ask A Friend Who Is Expecting A New Litter

If you have a friend, relative, or even a neighbor who is expecting a new kitten litter, you can pay them a visit to ask if you can have one of the newborns.

If its an unexpected pregnancy, theres a high chance that they might agree to give you one for free.

Reassure your friend that the kitten will be given proper care and attention. Then, when the kitten is old enough for you to take home, you can offer them a free drink or better yet, cook them a good meal as a way of saying thanks.

Most Popular Pet Names

25 rescued kittens ready for adoption this morning!

Whether you looking for something trendy or a perennial favorite, weve got a guide to the 20 most popular pet names. Naming dogs and cats is one of the many joys of adopting a new pet. The names can reflect our interests, while other names just seem to fit a pets personality. The most popular names for male and female

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How Does It Work

  • Most animals who are not yet adoptable are available for pre-selection. Pre-selection must be completed in person at the shelter no phone or email holds will be accepted. The pre-selection fees are the current adoption fees.
  • You will have an opportunity to do a Meet & Greet with the pet.
  • If the pet is not claimed during the stray hold, the potential adopter who has pre-selected the pet is required to return to the shelter on the due out day or surgery due out day to process the adoption. If the adopter does not return to claim their new pet, the pet is then placed back up for adoption to the public.

Find The Perfect Match

First, well meet with you to find out more about you and your pet preferences and answer your questions. Our goal is to help you find the pet that best fits your lifestyle and living situation so we want to make sure you have a realistic understanding of the time and resources necessary to provide training, medical treatment, and proper care for your new pet. This can take time so please allow at least one hour for the adoption process.

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*kitten Application Process Update*

Now that kitten season is in full swing, we are gearing up for one of our busiest times of the year. And with pandemic restrictions lifting, we are also changing our process, meaning we are now operating both in person meetings by appointment, and pick-ups.

To connect as many adopters and kittens as possible, you are now able to add your name to the list with one single application. This saves your place in line and when contacted, you will be invited in for an appointment to meet a selection of kittens.

Alternatively, we are still offering pick-ups, which has been popular and successful during the past year. If you select this option, you will be called and can select kittens via photos or virtual meetings. Once you have chosen the kitten, you will be given a time to come and collect your new family member. This has proven convenient for many clients who are able to speak with staff at a good time, select from the comfort of their own home, and then come pick up their kitten.

We ask that you please only apply for kittens when you are ready to adopt, as when contacted, appointments and pick-ups typically happen within a day or so.

8am 12pm , Sunday FridayCLOSED Saturday

San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a 501 non profit organization. EIN: 94-0836580

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