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Homemade Food For Cats With Urinary Problems

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How to Prevent Urinary Issues in Cats

The most common causes of urinary tract infections are bacteria commonly found in cat faeces. If a litter tray is dirty, your cat is more likely to transfer bacteria to their paws and fur when using the tray. As they groom, they may then transfer this to the entrance of the urinary tract, increasing the risk of infection. Regular cleaning of the litter tray is advisable to reduce risk of urinary infections, as well as for good general hygiene.

Recipe : Chicken Brown Rice With Vegetables

The first one chicken brown rice with vegetables, is one of the most nutritional recipes for kidney disease that will keep your kittys kidney health in good shape. This recipe includes healthy constituents, which are perfect for cats that weigh five kilos.

You can make this food in small proportions for the first time and see how it goes and how you can add it to your cats diet regularly.

1 tablespoon


  • First off, brown rice along with the vegetables carrot/peas, you can choose either of those. You can also add sweet potatoes. Moreover, you can also use exchange brown rice with other cereals such as barley or quinoa. However, the cooking method with those cereals remains the same as well.
  • Next, boil the chicken. After it is cooked properly, shred it into smaller pieces. Do not leave behind any big chunks of chicken pieces. Likewise, if your cat does enjoy beef, you can use it in exchange for chicken in the same amount.
  • After cooking rice, vegetables, and chicken, you can mix these ingredients with olive oil, calcium carbonate, and taurine. You can consult your veterinarian regarding how much taurine your cat needs, as the taurine intake varies for individual cats.

You can give this food to your cat along with normal cat food or separately in small proportions for the first time.

Even If Your Cat Has Some Problems With The Kidney Or Urinary System This Natural

Not sure what to feed your cat? Learn how to make your own dog food at home. Offer your cat a drop on a plate or your . Let’s look at such a simple raw cat food recipe with chicken. Learn to make your own healthier, safer cat repellent. A cup of water is sufficient to keep the urinary tract unobstructed and healthy. Discover what ingredients and supplies you’ll need, starter recipes, and common mistakes to avoid. If your cat has any medical problems, such as kidney disease, urinary tract issues, or . We recommend the 10 best cat foods on the market. Even if your cat has some problems with the kidney or urinary system, this natural . For a comment about feeding cats with chronic kidney disease , please see this. During a uti, add a little extra water to homemade meals. He’ll make his preferences clear. Including inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, struvite crystals, oxalate stones, lower urinary tract infection, kidney disease & obesity. Homemade cat food recipes for urinary problems · a cup of cooked chicken ·¼ cup of steamed broccoli ·¼ cup steamed carrots ( .

Bland diet recipe for dogs and cats with tummy problems from

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Wet Vs Dry Food For Urinary Problems In Cats

In general, experts recommend a diet of wet food for cats in order to resolve or prevent urinary problems. The reason for this is the fact that wet food goes through much less processing. So from the actual animal sources such as chicken or fish, wet food retains much more of the nutritional value of the original meat. This is unlike kibble which tends to go through quite a lot of processes in order to reduce the original ingredients to a dry, biscuit form.

Whats more, wet food doesnt cause a cat to lose hydration once its ingested. This helps guarantee optimal levels of fluid that wont cause urine to concentrate in the long run.

Cooked Vs Raw Homemade Cat Food

Homemade Cat Food For Urinary Tract Problems

If youre not just thinking homemade, but raw homemade cat food, you have a few extra concerns to address.

The contamination rate of raw animal parts deemed fit for human consumption is truly shocking. For example, the US Department of Agriculture estimates that approximately one-quarter of raw chicken parts in human food production facilities are contaminated with Salmonella and/or Campylobacter bacteria.

While healthy cats may be able to fight off many foodborne diseases, young, old, or sick animals often cant. Additionally, pets who appear healthy can act as carriers and spread infections to people.

Some raw food proponents also advocate for the inclusion of whole raw bones in homemade cat foods. While raw bones are less likely to shatter than cooked bones, chewing on any large bone puts cats at increased risk for broken teeth and gastrointestinal injuries.

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What Is The Best Food For Cats With Urinary Problems

Special urinary diets are restricted in certain minerals to reduce the risk of stone formation. They may also alter the pH of the urine to reduce the risk of stones. Increasing the water content of the diet by feeding wet food, or adding water to the food, also helps to dilute the urine to reduce the risk of stones and make the urine less irritant to the bladder. If your cat is overweight, they will be more prone to urinary problems, so a lower calorie diet may be needed to help with weight loss. Some urinary diets also contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which may help to reduce inflammation in the bladder. Substances such as L-tryptophan and milk thistle are associated with reduced stress levels these may sometimes be added to urinary foods to help if stress is a component.

What To Consider In A Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health

Plan to carefully read labels when deciding which brand is right for your cat. First, pet parents should work with their veterinarian on what their cat specifically needs, says Dr. Bernal. A veterinarian will be able to provide the key attributes that the cat parent should look for to support their cats urinary tract health.

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Cat Food For Urinary Health

Urinary health cat food carefully balances the protein and minerals in the diet to help reduce the risk of bladder stone formation. It has been shown that one particular type of bladder stone called struvite stones can be dissolved by strictly feeding a prescription urinary diet. These stones tend to form in urine where the pH is too high . If you’re able to reduce the pH of the urine, struvite stones may be able to be dissolved without surgery, demonstrating how critical nutrition can be in addressing urinary tract health.

A veterinary diet cat food is often the best choice for cats with recurrent urinary tract disease. Such foods include Hills Prescription c/d, Royal Canin Urinary s/o and Purina UR. Veterinary diets are often recommended as they can more adequately control the complex factors surrounding your cats optimal urinary health. Because a veterinarians prescription is needed to purchase these foods, consult your veterinarian to determine if these would be helpful for your kitty.

Putting The Recipe Together

What is the right cat food for urinary problems?

Here is a video that my friend, Anne Jablonski of fame, put together. Please note that Anne uses a plate that creates a very coarse grind whereas I prefer a more finely ground product. Anne has never had any problems with her cats eating larger bone pieces but I have. You will see that her grinding process goes much faster with the plate that she uses.

See Annes Pictorial here.

I prepare food for my cats in two basic ways depending on if I am using pre-ground rabbit or chicken/turkey thighs from Whole Foods Market:

1)Ground rabbit : The ground rabbit is shipped to me in a frozen state in 3 lb packages. I thaw it and mix in the ground and chunked chicken/turkey thigh meat and skin as discussed above.

The supplements are added to the water and, once they are all dissolved, this supplement slurry is added to the meat/bones/skin/liver/eggs. Since I make so much food at one time , I find it easiest to use my hands to thoroughly mix the food. After the food is mixed well, it is portioned into containers and put into the freezer.

Note that for this preparation, either a grinder or a food processor is needed to grind the boneless poultry meat and skin.

2) Chicken/turkey thighs: The second way that I make food is to:

  • Remove the pre-determined amount of skin.
  • Bake the chicken/turkey thighs leaving ~50% of the thigh meat raw. I add all of the fat drippings to the ground meat/bones/skin/liver/eggs.
  • Remove some of the raw meat from the bone for chunking.

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The Benefits Of Homemade Cat Food

Youve heard the saying, If you want something done right, do it yourself. For many cat owners, thats the primary motivation behind switching to homemade cat food. If you really want to know what youre putting into your cats body, the best option might be making the food yourself.

Homemade cat food could be a good option for cats who:

  • Suffer from food sensitivities or allergies to specific ingredients
  • Have specific food and flavor preferences, aka picky eaters
  • Have digestive problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease
  • Could benefit from a higher level of moisture in their diet
  • Experience skin problems related to diet or digestive issues
  • Are sensitive to artificial additives and chemical ingredients

The truth is homemade cat food isnt perfect, but neither is commercial food. As a cat owner, its your duty to make a responsible decision regarding your cats diet. Whether you choose homemade cat food, a fresh cat food delivery service, or high-quality commercial food is up to you.

We simply want to help you understand the options so you can make an educated decision.

Is Homemade Cat Food Healthy

However, homemade cat foods are not necessarily healthier than commercial diets.

Its possible to get most of the advantages mentioned above by being a discerning consumer and offering your cat only high-quality commercial cat foods.

For example, a natural canned cat food will be free from artificial colors, flavor, and preservatives, and it can also be grain-free and made from the types of ingredients youd use in a homemade cat food.

Organic cat foods are also widely available through online and local pet food suppliers.

With the wide range of unique cat foods available , its also quite easy to find options that will meet the needs of cats with dietary sensitivities. Commercial veterinary diets are made under the strictest quality control standards to avoid cross-contamination that can lead to symptom flare-ups.

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Making Cat Food Quick Summary

Making cat food is not difficult. I am a walking disaster in the kitchen and it is my least favorite room in the house. If I can make cat food, anybody can. I wont lie it can be a bit time-consuming but it is definitely not difficult or complicated. If you can follow a simple recipe, you can make cat food. I usually prepare enough food for 3-4 months at a time but I have also used food that has been in my freezer for up to 1 year.

I was afraid that the 1 year old food would be freezer burned but I rinsed the top ice crystals off and my cats were fine with it. Andthey are normally very picky cats.

All that said, aim for no more than 4 months in the freezer since nutrients do degrade over time even when in the freezer.

The time that I spend making cat food is much less time than is involved in caring for cats that become ill from poor nutrition.

In a nutshell before I go into more detail below I grind up meat, bones, skin, and liver. I then make a supplement slurry by adding vitamin B-complex, vitamin E, fish oil, taurine, and iodized lite salt to water.

After I am sure that all of the supplements are thoroughly dissolved in the water, I mix the slurry into the ground up meat/skin/liver and then portion it into containers and put it in the freezer.

Very simple.

I also cut some of the meat into chunks for dental health when I am not being lazy.

See the Dental Health section below.

freeze the food in ice cube containers

What To Feed A Cat With Urinary Problems

Homemade Cat Food For Urinary Tract Problems

Although it might be unpleasant to think about, urinary issues are a major concern for pet parents, estimated to affect 4 to 8% of cats visiting veterinarians. When their urinary system is not at optimum health, a cats overall well-being can quickly become compromised. Because your cats diet impacts what they eliminate, nutrition can play a critical role.

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Best Custom Cat Food For Urinary Health

Best custom cat food for urinary health: Just Food for Cats.


  • Formulated for your cats specific needs
  • Veterinarians and formulators on staff
  • Premade and shipped to you or DIY option

Just Food for Cats will work with you and your cats doctor to come up with a food that works for your cats individual needs.

Consider the natural remedies below as well .

Dangerous Homemade Cat Food Mistakes + How To Avoid Them

Making your own cat food can be cost-effective and very healthy for your cat, but and this is a BIG BUT, friends only if you do it right: otherwise, it could potentially be life-threatening to your cat.

Dr. Karen Becker writes about a kitten fed only raw chicken muscle meat until he was 5 months old. He became critically deficient in several important nutrients, which caused metabolic bone disease, rear leg lameness, and central retinal degeneration! Dr. Becker said that shes seen an increasing number of pets with skeletal problems, organ failure and endocrine abnormalities caused by dietary deficiencies of essential nutrients.

Ive made a lot of homemade cat food and researched it enough to know how easy it is to get certain things wrong. Ive been wanting to write this post for a long time, as I see a lot of confusion and mixed messages out there.

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Hills Science Diet Hairball Control & Urinary Dry Cat Food

If youre one of the millions of cat owners who need to leave their cat at home while they go out to work or run errands, then you probably already know that leaving out a serving of wet cat food is like asking for disaster. Wet cat food cant stay out for longer than 20 minutes, so its likely to turn bad just a few minutes after you rush out the door. For that reason, wet cat food might not be the best choice if you find that you need to leave your cat at home for more than a few hours.

Fortunately, there are some choices that help maximize urinary health despite being in dry kibble form. One of the best options in this category would have to be Hills Science Diet Urinary & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food.

Although dry kibble isnt recommended for urinary health, this specific formulation features the same blend of ingredients found in the wet food variation. Its also a lot cheaper than its wet formulation counterpart, which makes it a great investment for pet owners who want the benefits of Science Diet without putting too much of a dent on their wallet.

Ingredients To Prevent Cat Urinary Problems

Royal Canin Urinary S/O Cat Food Review (for cats with FLUTD, bladder stones, kidney stones)

Several ingredients in cat food can further prevent cat cystitis and bladder crystals. Cranberry juice and herbs such as Cantharis, Uva Ursi and Staphysagris help prevent bacteria from building up in your cat’s bladder. In some cats, a deficiency of Vitamin B-6 and Vitamin C contributes to the formation of bladder crystals. However, consult your vet before introducing any vitamin supplements to your cat’s diet. A high quality canned food, especially one that is formulated for urinary tract health, will have all of the vitamins your cat needs. Foods such as bananas, apples, broccoli, squash, and most fruits and vegetables help to keep the urine alkaline.

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Cats Kidneys & Urinary Tract Infections

Kidney disease and urinary tract problems can be deadly for cats, but most people are unaware that the food they may be feeding could actually be causing these horrible, debilitating problems. Thirty years ago, I thought that the food I was feeding my cat was healthy because all of the veterinarians promoted that product. Of

How The Right Cat Food Can Help

Keep in mind that much like our bodies, a cats system needs very precise nutritional requirements to guarantee optimal health. One main thing to consider is the fact that a cats body is mainly acidic, so you need to feed it food that helps maintain this pH balance.

The problem with most cat food choices is that they lack the ingredients that help achieve this balance. The ideal content would be fresh meat like chicken, fish, and beef. However, because many manufacturers seek to cut costs by using synthetic ingredients, most of their foods omit these natural food sources.

Another reason why some cat foods fail at meeting a cats specific dietary needs is because many use plant based ingredients. These sap the feline system of important moisture that helps maintain proper functioning. So when the urine becomes too concentrated, it causes the formation of crystals which can result to a blockage and kidney disease.

As a pet owner, you should make sure to take your time when choosing cat food for your pet. As a general rule, foods that are made mostly of organic meats are best. Thats why many choose to make their own homemade cat food from fresh meats. Its also important to make sure the food youve chosen doesnt contain too much plant-based ingredients that could cause dehydration in the long run.

You may also like to consider a high protein diet as this study has shown that this may assist cats with dissolving urinary crystals more efficiently and with more ease.

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