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How Many Words Do Cats Know

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What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Ragdoll Cat

How many Characters of the Musical Cats do you Know?? (Quiz)

When my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags was around 14 years old, I remember Googling what the average lifespan of a Ragdoll cat was. I found out that the average lifespan of a Ragdoll is 9-15 years. Of course, with Rags being 14, I wasnt crazy about reading that! Of course, Rags died at 19.5 years old, so he helped that average grow a little bit. How do they come up with those averages anyway?

Something to remember about averages is that they are taken from a large crop of numbers in other words, you have cats that die before 9 years of age and you have cats that die when they are older than 15 years old.Regardless, I would always estimate around 15 years old if you are considering adopting a kitten because that kitty will be with you a long time and if you dont see stability in your life, then it might not be the right time to adopt a cat. Of course, you can never predict the future, so you might also think your life will be stable and something can happen that alters everything. Theres not an exact to anything in life, but I believe it is important to consider the life expectancy of a kitty when you are adopting one.

You can learn more about grooming in our ebook Grooming the Fluff: Tips & Tricks for Grooming Ragdolls and Other Long-Haired Cats eBook

Do Ragdolls Like Baths

It depends. Each Ragdoll is different in traits and personality, but generally speaking, compared to other cat breeds, Ragdolls will be more tolerant of baths and may in fact even enjoy them. Its important to note they are very clean cats by nature, so bathing them too often is not necessary. Many Ragdoll owners have claimed their furry friends love running water, as it actually draws their curiosity. In order for you to successfully bathe your Ragdoll cats, its important to start out when theyre young, so they can get used to the entire process. They also need to be gently accommodated to the bathroom environment. When you prepare their bath, make sure you use lukewarm water with which you can rinse your Ragdoll for a couple of minutes before applying the shampoo.

Do Ragdoll Cats Need A Companion

Cats are usually not the kind of pets you can leave alone for indefinite amounts of time and Ragdolls are certainly not any more tolerant of solitude than other cats. In fact, their affectionate nature makes them long for the human companionship they enjoy so much. They love playing, following you around, or simply cuddling with you, so be sure to be able to offer them enough quality time spent together. Its not indicated that you get a Ragdoll if you know youll be away most of the day and theres no one else that can stay at home.

Ragdolls get along just as well with kids and even with other pets, so companionship actually comes in many shapes and forms for them. Whenever you are away for too long, your Ragdoll may show symptoms such as marking, vomiting, vocalizing or aggressive behavior. Having said this, Ragdolls are a great fit for people with inconsistent and flexible schedules.

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Can I Teach My Cat Words

Most owners inadvertently teach their cats words by repeating words in certain contexts. For example, saying food,dinner, or something similar while feeding your cat means your cat is more likely to associate those words with eating.

If you start while your cat is young, and pay careful attention to the language you use around your cat, then its more likely youll be able to expand its vocabulary.

One tip is to use simple language and condense your vocabulary into as few words as possible. Its not reasonable to expect your cat to understand that food,eat, and kibble all mean about the same thing. Instead, choose one word, and repeat it whenever its relevant.

Another tip to keep in mind is varying your tone and body language. Since cats tend to only recognize words in the same tone and context, bringing more variety can help broaden your cats understanding.

More recently, a speech-language pathologist named Christina Hunger has taught her dog, Stella, to communicate by pressing buttons. She recorded her own voice saying a variety of words, including eat,walk, and even emotions like mad, or concerned.

Through hundreds of videos, Stella has shown to use different combinations of buttons to ask for different things, demonstrating a much more complex understanding of language than we ever thought possible for dogs!

Still, if youre determined to turn your cat into the next Einstein, it cant hurt to try it out yourself!

How Do I Know If My Ragdoll Is Happy


As with any other cat breeds, its quite easy to tell if your Ragdoll is happy. Youll need to watch and interpret its body language and the way it communicates to you. First of all, you can see your Ragdoll is happy whenever its high energy, in the mood to play or simply following you around, ready to engage with you and other members of the household. Apart from this, your Ragdoll is also happy when relaxed and you can tell this by looking at the way it holds its body. If your Ragdoll sits or sleeps next to you, then it means its comfortable enough and feels safe in your presence. If its eyes are half closed and its paws tucked snuggly underneath the body, then it means your Ragdoll is absolutely relaxed and happy. Another way to tell if your Ragdoll is happy is by looking at how vocal they get. When they are happy, they will delight you with their sounds. A Ragdoll may also bring you gifts and may jump in your lap to ask for affection. This is a surefire way to know its happy.

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How Much Is A Polydactyl Cat Worth

It may come as a surprise, but a cat with extra toes is worth the same as a cat with the normal number of toes. Extra toes provide a cat no benefit and no real downfall .

Some unscrupulous people purposely breed polydactyl cats and claim them to be rare and worth a lot of money. Dont be duped into paying a lot of money for a cat with extra toes.

Many polydactyl cats and kittens are available for adoption through animal shelters and rescue groups, often for minimal fees.

What Can Cats Read From Human Body Language

Of course, cats have many ways of interpreting our facial expressions, emotions, and intentions. They can see us with their observant eyes, smell our bodily chemicals, taste us with their overworked tongues, listen to our voices, and even touch us with their paws, claws, and hands.

When talking about cats watching us, thats actually when they read human behaviour. As mentioned earlier, they understand many forms of body language. They can also differentiate between facial expressions showing happiness and those showing anger. Cats also understand their owners voice and will pay attention when theyre spoken to. However, how you speak those words is really important. Cats can read into your mood just by the tone of your voice. They are very sensitive and often feel safe or threatened by the tone and loudness of your voice. They are more inclined to socialise and respond in a friendly manner when you use a soft and calm voice.

Over time, your cat will learn to read what certain human body language and communication sounds mean. There have been very few scientific studies done on the ability of felines to read human behaviour and communicate with humans. Theres so much about cat abilities that we dont understand yet and can only guess based on our own observations and anecdotes.

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Do Cats Understand When You Talk To Them

Yes and no.

Cats almost certainly understand that you are interacting with them. They can probably also tell what youre feeling based on your tone of voice, body language, and even your scent.

But even though your cat may understand you when youre talking to them, its unlikely that they understand much of what youre saying.

Why Cats Know Their Names

Answers to How many Characters of the Musical Cats do you Know?? (Quiz)

Part of the problem with determining how many words cats can actually learn is that they are notoriously uncooperative when scientists try to research the subject. In contrast, dogs can understand at least 75 words, and possibly as many as 165-250 words, depending on which study you go by.

Japanese researchers were able to design a study that concluded that cats most likely do recognize their own names when you speak to them. However, while they may be able to recognize the specific word used as their name, cats dont necessarily understand that its their name they are hearing.

Instead, they connect hearing their name with something excellent happening to them, whether it be food, treats, cuddles, or playtime. This also helps explain how cats can be trained to recognize other words. If they can make the connection between the word and some kind of reward, cats may expand their vocabulary.

However, just because your cat knows their name, dont expect that to always result in them coming when called!

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Are Ragdoll Cats Hypoallergenic

Unlike other cat breeds, Ragdolls do not have an undercoat, which is typically the cause for excessive shedding in cats. The Ragdoll cat will still shed. They are also not hypoallergenic cats.

The other advantage of the lack of undercoat is that a lot of people that are usually allergic to cats can have a Ragdoll. Most people are either allergic to cat saliva or to their undercoat. Of course, the people allergic to cat saliva will also be allergic to a Ragdoll, however, those allergic to undercoats could not be allergic to a Ragdoll. Unfortunately, there is not an easy way to know which allergy that you have. It would need to be tested by a dermatologist. Furthermore, Ragdoll coats dont typically mat like other longhaired cats tend to do. Therefore, Ragdolls dont require the regular grooming nearly as frequently as other longer haired cats.

Do Cats Know Their Name

Yes, your cat probably understands when you’re calling its name, a new study finds. But it may just choose not to listen. A team of researchers found domestic cats respond more strongly to their own names than to other words in a series. In a previous study, Saito found cats can recognize their owners’ voices.

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How Many Words Can A Cat Learn

. Regarding this, do cats understand when you talk to them?

Over time a cat will learn to understand whatcertain human communication sounds mean. They respond to inflectionand cadence more than the words themselves. They do,however, recognize certain words they hear frequently. Catshave no trouble distinguishing between angry and friendly tones ofvoice.

Furthermore, how long does it take for a cat to forget you? But as any cat owner knows, felines are moreselective, and remember what they think is useful to them. Shortterm memory for a dog is about five minutes cats remembermuch longer, up to 16 hours. Long term memory is harder todetermine.

Similarly, you may ask, can cats understand human meows?

In fact, meowing is something that catsonly do to get attention from humans. When they’rewith other cats, they will not meow to eachother, but instead use a myriad of different noises, movements andsilent body language to get their message across.

Can cats understand dogs?

Other ways dogs and cats communicate arewith growls, shrieks and yips. These noises indicate aggression,fear and pain across both species. The sounds may be different, butthey understand one another’s meaning. So when a dogand a cat gaze at each other, they are communicating affection forone another.

cats dokissescatyouyou kiss himheyouhim

Joakim Mrugala

How Do I Show My Cat I Love Him


Why do cats like to sleep with their owners? Many cats like to sleep with their owners because they’re vulnerable at night. In the wild, they were prey to larger animals and sought coverage and protection. They probably feel safe and secure in your presence, so it’s not surprising that they want to sleep with you!

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Adopting A Ragdoll Cat

Another option is to adopt a kitten directly from a breeder, but be aware that it does take some research to find good Ragdoll cat breeders. Even breeders who are hardworking and invest a lot of time and energy into their business can still have quite a few problems. Some ways to evaluate a breeder are to check and see if their cats look healthy and happy in pictures, find out more about their reputation, for example, whether they were raised in the breeders home and if they were exposed to children and/or dogs. If you have children or dogs, a cat bred in this environment might be better prepared for your home. Look into multiple breeders so that you can compare these and other factors.

The breeder will present you with the official documents of the parents, including their medical background . Another way to get your very own Ragdoll cat is to adopt one from a cat shelter. Even if this breed is one of the most popular ones in the world, pet abandonment is still a big issue. This way, you can save the life of a Ragdoll in need. You will be getting a companion in return.

If youre looking to adopt Ragdoll kittens, you might be interested in our book, A Ragdoll Kitten Care Guide: Bringing Your Ragdoll Kitten Home.

Tips To Teach Your Super Dog New Words

  • Be patient and make your learning session fun. Although some dogs will learn faster than others, always provide lots of repetition, reward, and praise.
  • Be consistent. Make sure that everyone in the household uses the same word/words to refer to the object or action. If not it will get confusing and make learning more difficult.
  • Along with your verbal cues use hand gestures. This is especially important if youre teaching your dog safety commands. Dogs respond well to body language and hand gestures. For example: If I am teaching wait then I will always put my hand up in clear vision of his/her face so they know I mean stop.
  • Dont give up on senior Fido. Old dogs can definitely learn new words and new tricks and hell appreciate the extra time and attention hed get with you.
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    How Many Words Can A Dog Understand

    Do you ever talk to your dog? Of course, you do! I mean, dont we all? And if youre anything like me then you probably have entire conversations with your pooch. But how much of it does he understand? Some? All? None? Keep reading to find out how many words a dog can actually understand.

    Can Cats Recognize Their Owners Voices

    How to Tell the BREED of Your CAT

    Cats have been cohabitating with people for about 10,000 years. In that time, it would make sense that theyve learned to communicate with us to some degree. According to a 2013 study, cats can recognize their owners voices, though they often choose to ignore them. Anyone whos owned a cat is unlikely to be surprised at this. Cats tend not to respond to their owners voices by communicating in response. Rather, they were able to pick their owners voices out of a mix of random voices, indicating the recognition by orienting behavior such as ear and head movement.

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    Cats Can Recognise Their Own Names Say Scientists

    Researchers claim domestic cats can pick out their name in string of words

    Tibbles and Tiger might not let you know it, but they appear to recognise when their name is being called, research into human-cat relationships has claimed.

    The researchers said previous studies had shown that other animals, including dogs, dolphins and parrots could show some understanding of human vocalisations, but it was unclear whether felines could too.

    Now for the first time research appears to suggest domestic cats could pick out their name in a string of words.

    Dr Atsuko Saito, first author of the research from Sophia University in Japan, said: There are so many studies about dog ability to communicate with humans. We think it is important to show cats ability.

    Saito added the findings were not surprising. Many cat owners know that cats understand their own names, she said, although she added that until now, scientific evidence had been lacking.

    The team chose not to attempt to test cats abilities by asking them to retrieve named objects they had previously been shown as is often used in experiments with dogs. The authors said: the training of cats to perform on command would require a lot of effort and time.

    Instead they took a different approach, playing a voice saying four words followed by the name of the cat all in the same intonation and noting the animals responses and movements through video recordings made in the cats normal surroundings.

    Do Cats Feel Love 5 Ways We Know Cats Feel Love

    Every cat owner knows that cats feel love, but wheres the proof? Read on to learn more about all the ways we know how much our cats love us.

    Do cats feel love? Any cat owner will tell you they do, but could we be exercising wishful thinking, projecting our own emotions onto our cats, or do they feel love like we do? In the spirit of Valentines Day and our own desire to settle the question weve compiled a list of anecdotal and scientific evidence to prove once and for all that cats do feel love.

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