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How To Build A Cat Tower

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+ Classy Diy Cat Tree Tower Plans

How to Build a DIY Cat Tree | The Home Depot

If youre looking to indulge your cats with a fun cat tree, weve got you covered.

Weve compiled a list of the best DIY cat trees below. All of the cat furniture plans are free- just click theView Plans button to check out the step-by-step instructions.

While there are a lot of cat trees that you can buy online, these custom-built options are often more attractive and can be custom-constructed to complement your homes aesthetic and your cats particular needs.

There are lots of cool styles to choose from: #4 is a rustic, outdoor option #12 is a Star-Trek-inspired design #14 is a hollow cat column and #7 is an ultra-comfy, padded option.

Whatever your preference, theres a lot of designs you can pick from!


Adorable Cactus Post Is A Kind Of Cactus Tree

It is a tree and it is for cats so it is safe to assume that this is in fact a cat tree and of-course, an awesome DIY decor project, you can change the design as you please, a platform can definitely be included, possibly in the shape of cactus flower, beautifully colored to complement your design piece.

Want To Give Your Cat A Place To Play And Lounge With Your Own Creative Flair Learn What You’ll Need To Create A Diy Cat Tower

Photo: Stock Photos from Natalia Tretiakova/Shutterstock

This list is by no means exhaustive, but these are some materials you will probably use as well as might use .

Regardless of the design, youll want to have the following handy:

  • Small saw This will allow you to cut wood, piping, and more.
  • Staple gun This will come in handy for securing any carpet or other bells and whistles.
  • Sandpaper We dont want any rough edges on your cat tree.
  • Wood glue There might be some instances in which it’s easier to glue wood rather than nail it together.
  • Plywood To be used as the base and any platforms on the tree.

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Scrape Sand And Finish The Branches

The first step for my DIY cat tree using a real tree wasto find a real tree and prep the branches! Once our branches were sufficiently dry, we stripped the bark off and then finished and sealed them.

This is actually a lot of work, so I broke those steps out in to their own detailed post about how I stripped, stained, and sealed my branches! You can see my full post on how to finish branches for decor here.

But heres a glimpse at the very messy and very frustrating but very rewarding process:

After we stripped the bark off, we leveled the branches as best we could. Some people recommend a laser level, and while Im sure that would have been 1000000% times easier, we leveled the tops and bottoms of the branches by eyeballing and then sawing off very small portions at a time.

Tall Cat Tree With A Cat House

How to Build a DIY Cat Tree

Is your cat the kind of little critter who loves being up high where they can see the whole room, watching what everyones up to from the top of a cupboard or the space on top of the fridge? Then perhaps youd be better off making something like this awesome extra tall cat tree with a little cat house at the very top thats perfect for keeping watch from. Instructables nhas a full guide for you to follow. `

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Brilliant Diy Cat Tree On Instructables

You can make wonders, you can basically construct an unique playground for your little friend, scratchy surfaces all around, numerous platforms, all you need is some time and the space to install it.

This particular craft has been designed with cardboard tubes to reduce costs, if you have a chance to salvage these from a neighboring Plot Shop, give them a call.

In the link below you will find the Instructable tutorials that includes photos, material list, diagrams, tips & tricks, absolute everything you will need to realize this piece feel free to use the amount information to improvise and create your own awesome reinterpretation.

Add And Cover The Top Platform

Center and screw the top platform to the post, using the predrilled holes. To cover a 24-inch-diameter round top with carpet, find the center of the carpet square and draw circles 12″ and 24″ from the center. Mark the circles into 16 segments . Cut along the outside circle, then cut out the triangles between the circles, stopping your cuts ¾” from the 12″ circle.

Center the carpet on the top platform. Fold a flap around the edge to the underside, pull it tight, and trim off the tip where it meets the post. Tack the flap in place and repeat for the remaining flaps .

If you’re making a square top platform instead, center the second carpet scrap on the platform and tack it in place around the edges. Fold the overlap around the edges and trim it as you did on the bottom platform. Then tack the carpet in place on the underside.

For a happy cat, place the scratching post in front of a window where your sleepy fur-friend can catch some rays when they’re not scratching up a storm.

Project designer: Robert Wilson

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Attach The Vertical Components To The Base

The vertical parts will hold the platforms in place. When attaching them you can use wood glue, nails and or screws to attach the posts to the base. If using glue, you may want to also use screws just to be sure it will hold.

Turn the base upside-down and drill the holes you will need through the underside at the exact locations where the support posts will be. Wrap with carpet or sisal rope. Attach the vertical posts by driving screws or nails into the supports through the holes.

Plan : Create A Kitty Ladder

How to make a Cat Tower DIY

Cats like climbing over heightened arrangements. Hence, a cat ladder is no bad idea to give her the amusement she deserves. Moreover, this fun design can easily be made at home.

Steps to Make a Kitty Ladder

For this easy project, you will require an old styled ladder. A small baby ladder will also do. Other essentials are sandpaper, wood polish, towel, wood adhesive, sisal rope, tapestry, scissors, staple gun, and a cat bed.

  • If yours is a wooden ladder, then scrub and polish it to get a smooth surface. However, a plastic ladder will be ready to use.
  • Cover the legs of the ladder with sisal rope. Wrapping till 3 feet would be enough. Stick the rope using adhesive and let it dry.
  • Make a hammock at the bottom of the ladder with a towel. Make sure the staples you use to attach the hammock do not extrude else your cat might get hurt. Tap the staples with a hammer if needed.
  • Use tapestry to cover the steps. Stick it nicely with the adhesive and allow it to dry.
  • Stick a cat bed over the platform on the top of the ladder. If the platform is too small, you can make a bigger one using a ply and attach it onto the top.
  • Make sure the ladder is sturdy and does not fall when your cat climbs.
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    Create And Attach The Center Post

    From the 2×4 studs, cut 4 post pieces of equal lengthsequal to the height you want your post to be. We cut ours 31½” long, but you can adjust them to suit your needs.

    With the ends flush, use wood glue and screws to attach the face of one piece to the edge of another. Repeat for the remaining pieces to create a square post .

    Center the post among the 3½” marks on the bottom platform and screw the post to the base, through the holes you created in Step 1.

    Feet Tall Cat Tower Plan

    If theres one thing every cat owner is worried about, its how to get their furry friends down from those tall spaces, they keep jumping on! The fear is relevant as for inside cats, you cant really say if they can make it safely down. But, with 6 feet tall DIY cat tree is ideal for both you and your pet. They can jump on and off easily while not giving you a heart attack every time! imgur

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    Plan : Create A Cat Tree From Natural Branches

    Using real branches and a tree trunk to prepare a cat tree is one of the best ideas. This piece of art would be amazingly beautiful to enhance your interiors along with giving your cat a splendid tree to play on.

    To prepare such a cat tree you will require

    • a real tree with branches that fits in your space
    • a small saw

    Steps to Make a Cat Tree with Real Branches

    To begin making the cat tree, you will first need to find a real tree. If you have one in your garden then use it. Else you will have to get some fallen branches from the woods. Once you have all the tools and decoratives available, follow the given steps to make the cat tree.

  • Make sure the tree and branches are completely dry. If they arent put them aside to dry for some days. Strip off the barks once the tree is dry and rub it with sandpaper to get a smooth surface.
  • Attach the bottom of the tree using screws and adhesive, to a base made of ply. Polish all of the wood with semi-gloss or clear gloss polish.
  • To make the scratch post, take one or two branches of wood and finish them by scraping and polishing. A 4 feet high scratch post would be ideal. Now wrap and stick using glue, the sisal rope onto the branches. Let it dry.
  • Attach the scratch posts to the base in a similar way as you attached the tree. Now make two or three platforms with the ply. Finish polishing and attach those on the top of branches at different heights.
  • Ultimately The Decision Is Yours

    Build a Cat Tree With These Free Plans

    Time is money, so they say, and it does take time and money to make your own Cat Palace. I am thinking very seriously about restringing the old one, maybe adding an extension module or two. The question is always time.

    The decision ultimately comes down to time rather than money, as it was all those years ago. However, at least we know it can be done!

    I find it is obviously easier to buy the new Cat Palaces than make my own , but I am disappointed by the flimsy construction and poor balance of the last expensive commercial tower I bought. Perhaps you agree or disagree. What do you think?

    This article is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

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    Best Materials For A Cat Tree

    You can use any number of materials to build your cat tree: real tree limbs, dimensional lumber from the hardware store, or even cardboard. The most important things to consider are stability and using materials that won’t harm your cat. For example, if you plan to paint or stain dimensional lumber, be sure to choose nontoxic coatings because your cat will scratch those surfaces and potentially create flakes that might be ingested. While pressure-treated lumber might be important for building outdoors, its weather- and pest-resistent qualities aren’t needed inside so you can forego wood that’s been treated with those additives.

    If you install cat shelves instead of going for a more traditional cat tree, “make sure that the surface of the shelf is not slippery,” Novak says. A carpet remnant makes a secure and snug cover for spots like that.

    No matter the materials your DIY cat tree employs, but sure the list includes surfaces to scratch. “If there are multiple types of surfaces for scratching, even better,” Novak says. Corrugated cardboard, fabric, and sisal are all appropriate for scratching.

    An Update About Our Tree Branch Cat Tree & More Trees From Readers

    I published an update post two years later to let you all know how the cat tree is holding up. Check out the .

    I have also had a few readers reach out to let me know they used this tutorial to make a tree for their kitties. They graciously allowed me to share them to help inspire you all to create your own!

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    Cat Tree Against The Wall Project

    This DIY kitten tree house project is fairly easy to follow and doesnt require a whole lot of materials.

    Using plywood or medium density fiberboard, square edge timber, screws, wall plugs, angle brackets, a power drill, and carpet underlay, you can make a ladder tree with steps against the wall.

    To secure the carpet to the wood, this builder used double-sided tape and stapled the carpet to the underside. This tree is on the taller side and requires a long post and good amount of sisal rope to be wrapped around it.

    This is a great solution for those lacking space your cat can play and have its own space without taking up half of your living room.

    Cut The Cat House Pieces

    How to Build a Cat Tree Complete with Scratching Post and Tower

    It’s finally time to build the cat house!

    The cat house is composed of 5 pieces:

    • the bottom is 50 x 36cm and one of its shortest sides is roundish. That round part won’t be part of the “box” so consider 38cm from the other side .
    • the 2 sides are 38 x 23cm . These pieces will end up closing the box so the side would be 20cm instead, but I considered it 3cm longer because the thickness of my wood pieces is about 1,5cm .
    • the top is 38 x 36cm , which is exactly like the bottom without the round side.
    • the back is 36 x 20cm
    • the front is just like the back piece with a round “door” in the middle, as you can see in the drawing.

    Please take a look at the drawing to see exactly what I mean and read every measure.

    As usual, make sure to sand every piece of wood.

    Upholster all of these pieces too, like you did for the previous ones, except the front piece.Actually, you can upholster it too if you want, but I decided to paint it instead.

    To do that, apply a layer or 2 of wood primer, let it dry, sand it a little with fine sandpaper and paint it with the color you like.Let it dry completely.

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    Availability Of Diy Cat Tree Plans

    For the most part, free cat tree plans on the Internet are pretty poor and difficult to assemble. Finding a good one might prove to be difficult, but they are out there. Weve included some below. If you dont find what you want, it might pay to buy one rather than look for a free one.

    • wood glue.
    • Drill

    Be sure to read the material list on your chosen plan carefully. If this is the first-time building, take the instructions one step at a time.

    Skill Level: Medium To Advanced

    This cozy insulated cat house plan from My Outdoor Plans is an excellent choice if you want a robust yet attractive house to keep your outdoor cat warm all winter long.

    You can follow along the detailed step-by-step plan to make this cat house and then have fun painting and styling it however you like!

    • Wood of various lengths and widths
    • Plywood
    • Measuring tape

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    Cat Tree Less Than 30 Dollars

    Like we say, you are already spending a lot of money on all those hefty vaccinations, food, and treats! Save some by making these cat furniture that less than 30 dollars, but lovely look, DIY cat trees. All you need is 2 crates, fabric, some pillow stuffing, cans, rope, placemats, and cat toys! cherryblossom56

    Plan : Make Kitty Tree Of Pvc Pipes And Baskets

    Pickle Perfect: How to Build a Cat Tree

    A homemade PVC tree will provide your kitty with enough of the entertainment. They can be built with almost no cost as compared to the readily available cat trees.

    Steps to Make a PVC Pipe Kitty Tree

    All you will need to make this cute kitty tree is a 6 feet PVC pipe and 4 baskets. Make sure the baskets are big enough your cat can fit in. Other essentials are cat carpet, adhesive, drill, lamp brackets, screws, and nails.

  • First of all, cover the PVC pipe with sisal rope all over. Attach the pipe firmly on a wall of the room. You can choose to fix it in a corner as well.
  • Attach four sturdy baskets at different heights and on different sides on the pipe. Use brackets to fix them tightly so that they do not fall with the weight of your cat.
  • Cover the base of the baskets with cat carpet or faux fur. Make sure to cover the nails too, else it can hurt your kitty.
  • Fast and simple. Ready to use.
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    Attach The Branches To The Base And Finish The Base

    First, we pre-drilled holes in the branches. Our branches had a few cracks from drying, so we made sure to avoid those areas when drilling. We positioned and attached the branches to the main base piece, the plywood, by screwing 2.5 screws up through the bottom of the plywood and into the branches. We also added Liquid Nailson the bottom of each branch before screwing them on.

    Next, we built out and finished the base. We built a raised edge all the way around using 1 x 3 pine pieces cut to length. This serves two purposes: it covered the rough edge of the plywood while also creating a space for rocks to make the tree bottom heavy. I stained the entire base in Kona and finished it with two coats of semi-gloss polyurethane.

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