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How To Introduce New Cats To Each Other

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How To Introduce Cats To Each Other

Once theyre happily back in their original environments, theyll likely occupy themselves with investigating the new scents left behind on their belongings. Hooray! This was the point of the swap. From here, there is some diversion in thought from behaviorists. If your furballs are still acting a bit antsy or anxious, you should proceed with a visual introduction through a barrier, which means double-stacking baby gates where the door currently stands closed . On the other hand, if theyre both fairly desperate to get back to each others spaces and neither are showing any signs of aggression toward each other through the door, you may be able to move directly to combined play.

Reducing The Likelihood Of Problems

Even if the cat you are adopting is good with other cats, there is always the possibility of problems when introducing strangers to each other. There are several steps that you can take to reduce the likelihood of problems. Before bringing your new cat home, create a separate territory for her. This area should be equipped with food, water, a scratching post, a litter box, access to natural sunlight, and comfortable resting places.

Your other cats should have their own separate territory. Make certain that both areas contain multiple hiding places so the cats can easily retreat if necessary. Large cardboard boxes with holes cut in two sides make great hiding places. The second hole allows the cat to escape if cornered by another cat. The boxes will come into play once you start allowing the cats to interact directly, but it can be helpful to introduce the boxes first, so that the cats become accustomed to using them. Keep in mind that cats like to hide in high places, so remove fragile items from shelves or block access to the shelves.

If any cat is showing mild signs of stress, give him or her time to acclimate to the new situation. If all the cats appear comfortable in their spaces, place the new cat in a different room after two days, and allow your other cats to enter the new cats original territory. This will allow each cat to become accustomed to each others scent in a non-threatening way. Allow the cats to acclimate to their new areas for one day.

How To Introduce Cats: Successful Methods & What Not To Do

Hissing. Sniffing. Swatting. Hiding. This is all just part of introducing cats. Its a stressful process for everyone involved, but with the right preparedness and procedure, your cats will be hanging out on the couch together in no time. Who knows? They may even like each other!

A lot of people wonder how to introduce cats theyre particular creatures after all. So, lets take a closer look at why cats act the way they do when a new kitty is introduced and what you can do to make your current cat and new cat get used to each other in the safest and most effective way possible.

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Before Introducing A Second Cat In Your Home

Even before the arrival of the new kitten, you can begin the adaptation process. Buying synthetic pheromones in diffuser so you can place them in the new member’s room is more than recommended. However, the old cat will not be able to access this space, for now. In this sense, in addition to including the pheromone diffuser, you can start preparing everything you need to make sure that the new member has his/her own room, litter box, water, food, toys, scratching posts, etc. This space will be like a monastery for the new kitten, a place to take refuge and feel safe. The feeling of security is essential for the adaptation process.

How Do You Get A Cat Used To A New Home

How to Properly Introduce Two Cats

There are several steps you must follow to introduce a new cat into the family and get both animals to tolerate each other and become friends. Above all, it is necessary to be very patient! Never force cats to be together because, if you do, they will most likely assault one another.

Remember that cats hate changes in their routine and are very territorial animals. How do you think your feline will take the arrival of a new cat if you don’t follow the right steps? Although this is a slow process, you’ll see that it will be worth it in the end and you’ll get your reward by watching the kittens sleeping together, playing and spending hours next to each other. Regardless of the age of the new cat, whether a puppy or an adult, the process is similar. We explain step by step what you should do it. Take a look at the process of a cat adjusting to a new home to understand how they will feel during these days.

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Do Cats Naturally Get Along

Every cat has its own unique personality, including how they deal with social interactions. Some cats are happiest when they have a fellow feline companion, while some prefer to have you all to themselves.

The reason that cats have a tougher time meeting new pets in general compared to a dog is that they are extremely territorial animals. Picture a big cat out in the wild. Almost all of them are loners, ruling over a territory theyve claimed. They hunt, sleep, and even guard their territory alone.

Cats were domesticated by choice when they noticed a lot of small rodents around human settlements. This ended the cats traditional solitude but didnt quite rid them of their territorial nature. When you adopt a cat, you and your home become their territory. Thats why many cats become aggressive or threatened when a new cat is plopped into the territory they once ruled over without interruption.

Use Scent As A First Introduction

Once your new cat feels comfortable and safe in their room, its time to make a first kitty introduction – through scent! Your pets feel safe when surrounded by their scent, and they will start to learn about each other through smell. To make a scent introduction, try swapping blankets or bedding from where each cat has been sleeping. Swapping food bowls will also help your kitties learn more about each other, while associating the scent with the positive experience of eating.

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Keep Calm And Bond On

If your cats are still side-eyeing each other across the room, its best to continue repeating steps 1 and 2 until you, and your cats, feel comfortable moving onto step 3. In the meantime, try keeping your previous pets routine close to what it was before the new cat on the block arrived, and make sure all the cats have a safe haven to escape to if theyre feeling scared or upset. Dont ever try to break up a fight by picking one of the cats up , or you might end up as collateral damage. If after a few weeks the cats are still fighting, even after youve started the introduction process over again, you may want to consider getting advice from a vet or animal behaviorist.

Want to thank your animals for graciously sharing their space? Join Paw Points® and reward them with toys or something like the Double Diner food dish, so your furry friends can eat together, side by side.

How To Introduce A New Cat To Another Cat

Introducing Cats to each other

See files for Cats

There is no doubt that the question of how to introduce a second cat into your household is the most common among cat owners who consider that their best friend needs company. We know how difficult it is for us to adopt a single kitten, either because we love these beautiful animals, because we want to expand the family or because we have found a stray cat in the street that urgently needs a home, which is why we’d like to explain how to carry out the presentation.

Unfortunately, the introduction of a new cat into a house where a feline already lives is not that easy! So much so, that if the presentation between cats is not done correctly, the introduction of the new member can be very stressful for both the old cat and the newcomer. Many are the those who choose the technique of putting them together and waiting to see what happens, but there are few cases that have a positive outcome. Animals are likely to be nervous, anxious and even aggressive towards each other. This is why at AnimalWised we have prepared this article on how to introduce a new cat to another cat. Get your notebook out and take note!

  • How to get two cats to like each other
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    Put Your New Cat In A Closed Spare Room

    Cats are protective of their territory. So you will have to keep your cats separate first.

    Your current cats will want to protect their territory .

    And they probably wont accept the new cat quickly.

    Keep your new cat in a closed-off room.

    Put all cat essentials in this room for your new cat:

    This room will be your new cats home while you take baby steps to introduce her to your other cats.

    Starting your new cat off with her own cat supplies will make her feel at home.

    This will also put your scent and her scent on the cat furniture.

    Leave your new cat in the spare, closed room for at least a few days while you continue through this guide.

    This separation is crucial. Your new and current cats will be aware of each other but not by direct contact.

    Direct contact right away can lead to fights. This will trigger unwanted behavioral issues in the long run.

    How To Introduce Cats Fast A Quick Cat Introduction Timeline

    If youre bringing a new cat home, youre probably wondering how to introduce cats fast.

    The best way to introduce cats fast is to keep them separate.

    Cats may fight and this will prolong the introduction.

    To introduce cats quickly, you can play with and feed the cats at the closed door. This will help the cats associate each other with a positive experience.

    Exchange scents and introduce them gradually.

    Heres exactly how to introduce cats fast:

    Note: Every cat is an individual. Youll have to adjust these timelines based on your cats needs.

    Check out these ideas today or save THIS PIN to your Cat Care board on Pinterest.

    Disclaimer: I earn a commission through affiliate links below. No additional cost to you.;

    Also, nothing I say is medical advice. All photos are of my cats.

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    Helping A Shy Cat Adjust

    The shy and fearful adult cat will require patience as he begins to build trust with his human caregiver. It is important he be given adequate time in his safe room before being introduced to larger portions of his new dwelling.

    Human caregivers need to make sure areas where the cat may escape to be blocked off . Cats are masters at hiding. A particularly shy cat can remain out of sight for days if hiding spots are available.

    Once the cat is secure in his safe room, it is your responsibility to gradually build trust and a positive relationship with him. A few tips:

    • Always approach him at his level.
    • Dont stare directly into his eyes; rather, talk softly to him and offer a few slow blinks before turning away.
    • Stay with him during feedings, so he associates you with positive things.
    • Try to find toys that engage him. Play regularly and consistently when he is willing.
    • Anytime a positive behavior or interaction occurs, offer treats, soft praise or an appropriate caress .

    Most important, let him move at his own pace. If he isnt ready to be picked up, dont pick him up . If he is only comfortable having the sides of his face and chin rubbed, dont keep trying for a full-body caress.

    This process may take several weeks to months. But the time will be well spent as your new cat begins to show signs of trust and affection, such as following you around the house, rubbing against your legs or arms, sitting next to you and sleeping near you.

    Introducing Your Cat To A New Cat

    How to Introduce New Cats â 9 Simple Steps

    Free-ranging and feral cats lead complex and busy lives. They maintain far larger territories than most people realize, and these territories often contain a variety of environments, such as forests, farmlands, urban gardens and yards. Within these territories, cats explore, hunt and scavenge for food alone. They only occasionally interact with other cats. They dont live in groups or even pairs, and they dont seek out contact with other cats. In fact, they actively avoid it. Considering this natural behavior of cats, it isnt surprising that it can be very difficult to introduce a new cat into an established cats territory, even when that territory is your home.

    If youre bringing a new cat into your home, be patient. The introduction must be gradual. Following the initial introduction, it can take a very long time for a relationship to grow. It takes most cats eight to 12 months to develop a friendship with a new cat. Although some cats certainly become close friends, others never do. Many cats who dont become buddies learn to avoid each other, but some cats fight when introduced and continue to do so until one of the cats must be re-homed.

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    Use Scent Transfer To Help Your Cats Get Comfortable

    Transferring each cats scent to a sock and swapping them will safely allow each cat to become accustomed to the other cats scent.

    Wipe the resident cats face, especially the mouth and cheek areas, with a sock, and place it in the new cats area. Then wipe the new cats face with a different sock and place that in the resident cats area. The following short video, by Johnson-Bennett, describes this process.

    Free Access Without Supervision For Short Periods

    Free unsupervised access for short periods of time can occur as long as there is no negative behaviour between the cats during the physical access but supervised contact stage. Once commenced, free unsupervised access should be as frequent as possible. At other times the new cat is still kept separate. If friendly behaviours are seen between the new cat and the resident, they can be kept together for increasingly longer periods although always make sure they have access back to their own parts of the house. At this stage, it is particularly important that each cat has its own resources in separate locations from each other and from the resources of the other cat in the household as this will help prevent the cats from feeling in competition with one another.

    If you are struggling to successfully complete this introduction process or the cats experience a breakdown in an initially good introduction, it is a good idea to seek professional help. Contact your vet who will be able to provide you with advice or refer you to a qualified behaviourist.

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    Signs Of Cat Bullying And How To Combat It

    In any household with more than one cat, there is the potential for bullying. It’s important to spot the signs and take action as this can lead to stress-related illness.

    Look out for;

    • Claiming resting places or access to owners by physically pushing another cat away
    • Pouncing on another cat while they are asleep
    • Blocking thoroughfares, sitting directly in front of the cat flap to deny entry/exit
    • Blocking access to an indoor litter tray

    How to combat bullying in a multi-cat household

    • Provide all cat resources feeding areas, water bowls, litter trays, beds, toys, scratching posts, high perches and private places in the formula one per cat plus one extra, positioned in different locations to limit competition.
    • Provide dry food for grazing throughout the day or divide wet food into frequent smaller meals to avoid competition at set mealtimes. Position the bowls to enable each cat to eat without the need to turn his back on a potential adversary
    • Provide indoor litter facilities, even if the cats have access outside
    • Provide two separate entry and exit points to the property, ie cat flaps, doors or windows, to avoid the risk of guarding or blocking and enable even the most timid cat to get indoors and outdoors unhindered

    Leave Them Alone Together

    How to Introduce a New Cat! Best Way to Introduce New Cats to Each Other!

    If the introduction goes well and thereis no fighting, hissing or change in appetite or litter box use, then you cantake the last step and leave both cats alone together. Keep an eye on theirlitter and eating habits during the first few days or weeks together to ensureboth cats are staying healthy and feeling comfortable together.

    By deciding which of these qualities are most important to you as a cat owner, you can start to narrow down the types of litter to find the one thats best for you and your cat. If you are interested in a natural, corn-based litter thats quick clumping, flushable and comes in both scented and unscented varieties, theres a Worlds Best Cat Litter formula thats perfect for you.

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    Households With Senior Citizens

    Cats make great companions for seniors. To avoid accidental scratching or nipping, its important they learn how to properly hold and pet a cat. They should also learn basic cat body language so they will know to leave the cat alone when his ears are back, his tail is twitching or he is growling or hissing.

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