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How To Stop Cats From Getting On Counters

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Techniques For Training Cats

How to Keep Cats from Jumping Onto the Kitchen Counter

The first step to correcting bad cat behavior is identifying why they continue to get on the counter or table in the first place. Cats may be shifty, but theres usually a motive. Once you know why theyre doing it, you can take steps to correct their behavior. All of these techniques can be used in conjunction with other training efforts.

Note that if a cat has access to the kitchen while youre not around to provide reinforcement, its harder to reinforce both positive and negative behaviors. Focus on training when you know you can be an active, focused participant in the process, and try to keep the kitchen or dining room off-limits while youre not around.

Keep Snacks Hidden

Foods and treats stored on the countertop are an easy draw for curious, hungry cats. Keeping snacks enclosed or behind cabinet doors is an easy choice. Out of sight, out of mind.

If your cat knows how to open cabinet doors, consider putting childproof locks on the knobs during the training process to thwart bad behavior.

Fix a Leaky Faucet

A dripping faucet often invites cats onto the counter; if you can fix it, that can help. That said, some cats learn to activate touch-activated faucets or turn knobs to turn on the water themselves.

Shutterstock/Jakob Schlegel

If your cat really loves a fresh water source, consider a kitty fountain to quench their thirst and appeal to their senses.

Apply Tape or Aluminum Foil

Embrace Clicker Training

Reconsider Their Feeding Schedule

If your cat seems to be jumping on counters to scavenge food, it may be because they are hungry. You can find out if this is the case by simply offering them more cat;food, or changing up their type of cat food.;If the behaviour stops, adjust your feeding schedule.

However, you should be prepared for the possibility that your cat is happy to overeat. Keep a close eye on your cats weight and speak to your vet for advice if you think your pet is overweight.

You could also change the times that you usually feed your cat. If you feed them the same time that you eat, this may make them less tempted to jump up on the counters and beg for your food. To stop your cat jumping up on the kitchen counters while you are cooking, make sure to put their food out at this time.

Why Is This Behavior Unwanted

In some households, cats might be allowed onto the kitchen counters. Some pet parents are so enamored with their pets that they just cant tell them no! But its a bad idea to let your cat up onto your countertops, for at least these three reasons:

  • Your cat could easily end up creating an unsafe situation if it were to knock over a dish or glass and break it, creating many sharp shards that could harm you and your cat.
  • Not everything on your countertops is safe for cat consumption. While you probably dont have anything poisonous to you on your counter, some things that are safe for humans can be toxic to cats, like garlic and onions.
  • If your cat puts its paws in your food or sheds some hair on the counter, it could contaminate your food, introducing bacteria and possibly more into the food youre going to eat.
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    Simple Tricks On How To Keep Cats Off Furniture

    If you are wondering how to keep cats off furniture naturally, you are not alone. That has been a problem for countless cat owners and is one of the more challenging aspects of owning cats.

    How to keep cats off furniture

    Cats do not just use the furniture to rest, but may also scratch and tear them. After having spent a large;amount of money on home furniture, it is heart-breaking to see;your furniture being damaged by ;your adorable cat.

    It can also be bothersome;finding the fur of your cat on your couch, sofa, door mats, carpets and bed ;and could be;even unhealthy.How to keep cats away from furniture? Well, this needs considerable effort on your part.

    Training the cat or your kitten at an early stage can help them keep away from your furniture. Once the cat is familiar with using the furniture of the house, it becomes difficult to train it to keep away from it.

    Learn Four Easy Ways To Keep Your Cat Off The Counter

    How to Stop Cats from Jumping on Kitchen Counters (Finally ...

    When you start to understand why climbing up and being up high is so important to your cat, you may start to feel less frustrated by this behavior.

    This YouTube video gives you four easy tips to keep your cat off the counter right from their first day with you.

    But these tips will also work even if you have been coping with this problem behavior for some time. The key is to start today to train your cat to stay off counters.

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    Why Does My Cat Jump Up On The Counter

    Your cat is most likely jumping up on the counter for a number of reasons. These are:

    • They know that there is food on the counter or in the cupboard
    • They like the smell of your cooking and they want to eat it
    • They are trying to reach a high up place to sleep or relax
    • They may be trying to escape from another pet such as a dog or another feline

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    Why Do Cats Like To Be On Counters

    There are many reasons that cats probably like to jump on counters, particularly the ones in the kitchen. Some of these are listed here.

    • Cats like to be high. Height allows cats to feel safe, and they love watching things that go on below them.
    • Countertops may provide window views. Cats love to gaze out of windows, surveying what goes on outside. If your countertops allow your cat to look out the window, that may be a contributing factor for why she likes to be up there.
    • Cats are just plain curious. Your feline companion probably doesn’t like to be left out of anything, and she really likes to keep track of everything that goes on in her territory. The countertops are no exception: she’ll want to see what’s happening up there periodically.
    • There are good smells on kitchen counters. Lovely smells coming from the countertops are sure to entice your cat to jump up and check things out. And if she’s found something scrumptious to nibble on up there in the past, she’s received positive reinforcement that will nudge her to keep doing it.
    • We spend a lot of time working on the kitchen counters. Cats love to be with their humans, and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, using the counters. If your cat likes to jump up there and hang out with you while you’re chopping and sautéing, it’s because she loves you.

    Why Is My Cat Always Jumping On The Counter

    How To Keep Cats Off Counters | Chewy

    There are a few different reasons why cats enjoy jumping on your kitchen counters. It is a natural instinct that a lot of cats have, as annoying as it can be.

    • Its where the people are: Most cats like being around people, and the kitchen is one of the busiest places in a persons house. If you are preparing food on the counter, theres a good chance that they keep jumping up to be close to you.
    • Curiosity: There is a reason that the saying curiosity killed the cat exists. Cats are curious creatures by nature. They might just be exploring and taking stock of the area.
    • A good view: Your cat might be jumping on the countertops to get a good view out of a nearby window. They just want to see what is going on outside.
    • Attractive aromas: There is also a chance that your cat keeps doing this because it detects some enticing scents. Cats have a very powerful sense of smell, and the kitchen is where all of the food is made.

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    Diy Cat Deterrents For Budget Cat Owner

    These environmental punishments also called remote correction involves disciplining the cats without being present themselves so that the cats do not associate the punishment with you. If you punish your cats for jumping onto areas that are off-limits, they will learn to stay away from the counter only when you are at home. You can do some remote correction things yourself, but never create a deterrent that could hurt your cat .

    Ways To Make A Noise Trap

    Loop a piece of cord over the access point where your cats would normally jump onto the counter.

  • Attach one end of the cord to empty cans that can be easily knocked over. If you position them correctly, a cat jumping on the countertop will move the string just enough to knock the cans over, making a startling sound that will keep them from jumping up again. Put coins or other small items in the cans for an even more terrifying sound.
  • Apply double-sided tape to the area where the cat is not allowed to go.The tape can easily be attached in a few places so that it sticks, and when the cat jumps on it sticks to its paws, which prevents it from going back to that place.
  • Cats are easily distracted and annoyed by things that stick to them, so the double-sided tape should work. You can also try aluminum foil on these surfaces. The sound scares the cats off if they land on them.

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    Why Should Cats Not Be Allowed On The Counters

    Aside from the fact that you dont want your cat to share from your charcuterie board while your back is turned, its important to keep bacteria and germs away from your food prep areas.

    Though considered clean pets, cats carry bacteria on their paws from their adventures in and out of the litter box. Feces and related germs can transfer onto high-touch human areas and even into food, inviting illness, especially for pregnant women, elderly or those with weakened immune systems. Rest easier by setting better boundaries in your home to prevent cats from jumping onto kitchen counters and tables.

    Ways To Stop Your Cat From Jumping On Your Kitchen Counters

    How to Stop Cats from Jumping on Kitchen Counters (Finally ...

    Now that we understand some of the likely reasons your cat is jumping up onto the kitchen counters and why we want to prevent this behavior, its time to go over the specific actions you can take to put an end to it. There are eight different options here for you to try. If youre lucky, youll only need one!

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    Understanding Why Cats Need To Climb

    As Cat Behavior Associates highlights, the ability to climb is innate to being a feline.

    In other words, your cat needs to climb. It is part of being a cat!

    But climbing is not just fun and enriching for your cat. It is also a deeply programmed part of feline survival skills.

    When a cat is up high, they have a better vantage point to survey the area for potential predators as well as potential prey.

    Being able to climb also helps a cat find sanctuary to rest safely out of sight and avoid interactions with humans or other animals.

    And climbing keeps your cat in good physical shape by exercising the body and maintaining strong muscles.

    In multi-cat households, climbing can also reduce conflict and offer each cat a place to call their own.

    Never Leave Cat Toys On The Counter

    If there is a cat toy on the counter, a cat might be getting the message that this place is part of his play area. After all, his human doesnt seem to mind. This is sending mixed signals to the cat. To discourage cats from playing on the counter, do not put or leave their toys here. If toys are placed here, they might even take it as a challenge making the counter a very exciting place for the cat. Instead of deterring the cat, this might even encourage him.

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    The Solution That Works For You And Your Cat

    Negative reinforcement can be very effective as a way to teach your cat what not to do. Hopefully, this article has provided a better understanding of how negative reinforcement works and why some methods, such as can shaking, water squirting and booby-trapping, should not be used.

    Remember that you must always provide your cat with plenty of space, including appropriate vertical space for climbing and jumping. Only then can you implement the sticky surface method. Be consistent and give it time. Some cats can take up to three weeks to stop trying.

    It can be a fairly long journey, but were here for you!

    Why not start a thread in our cat behavior forumsand let us know about your progress?

    Comments? Leave them using the comment section below. Questions? Please use the cat forums for those!

    How To Prevent Cats From Getting On The Counter

    How Do I Keep My Cat From Jumping on the Counters?

    Cats can be very active, especially during the first possession. So much so that he may want to climb and climb anywhere he sees. At the beginning of these may be counters. In general, it can be a problem for cats to climb onto the stalls indigenously. This can be a huge problem, especially when trying to cook or clean in the kitchen.

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    Deterrents To Keep Your Cat Off The Kitchen Counters

    Once you have provided your cat with sufficient alternatives, you may also need to add deterrents to make hanging out on the countertops unattractive to her. Start with the least forceful methods and work your way up as needed.

    • Keep the counters clean. Make sure you cover, put away, or otherwise secure any food on the countertop routinely. Rinse off any dishes in the sink so there aren’t food pieces creating lovely enticing smells.
    • Clap loudly and say “No.” If you see your cat jump on the counter, clap loudly and say “No” sternly. Either pick her up and place her somewhere more suitable, giving her praise once she’s there or praise her once she jumps down from the counter.
    • Use citrus cleaners. Cats are repelled by citrus odors, so using a citrus-based countertop cleaner routinely may be enough to keep your curious kitty off the kitchen counter.
    • Try double sided tape. Lining the edges of the countertop with double sided tap may irritate your cat when she jumps up and teach her that it isn’t fun to be up there.
    • Make a loud booby trap. Put 10 or 15 coins each in several cans and tape them shut. Place the cans in various spots on the kitchen counters where they are teetering on the edge. When your cat jumps on the counter and brushes against these, they will fall off and make a loud noise. This is usually enough to scare a cat and potentially keep her from trying again.

    Place Baking Trays On The Edge Of The Countertop

    This simple way to keep your cats from jumping on the countertop works because the cats land on the trays when they jump on the countertop. The noise and the unexpected movement scare them, but they do not physically injure them. Over time, they will associate those surfaces with this noise and the stress associated with it and will not jump up there.

    You can also fill the baking sheets with water and place them on the worktop. The cats are frightened not only by the noise but also by the water. The downside here is that the cats can slip in the water, so if your cat is old or not particularly agile, it would probably be better to avoid this method as it could slip and injure itself.

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