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How To Calm Down A Kitten When Hyper

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How to Get Kittens to Calm Down : Advice on Raising Kittens

Its a big world out there, and your kitten wants to see whats going on. Thats why she needs a cat tree to climb up and perch herself on, and a window to look out of so that she can view the world outside. As well, a few scratching posts are needed so she can release her energy in positive, non-destructive ways. On top of that, these will be little spots around the house that she can claim as her own.

Dealing With Nighttime Activity

  • 1Keep your kitten in a separate room at night. While you might love the idea of snuggling up with your feline friend at bedtime, keep hyperactive kittens out of the bedroom until they’ve matured or adapted to your schedule.
  • When the time comes for bed, close the door and do not let your cat in. He may cry or scratch at the door for a bit, but as long as you do not reward the behavior by letting the cat in, he should stop.XResearch source
  • If your kitten keeps scratching at the door for prolonged periods, try creating a device to deter him from going to the door. Try putting double-sided tape near the door, or vinyl carpet cover with the knobby side pointed upward.XResearch source
  • 2Warm up a blanket for your kitten. Sometimes, kittens disrupt owners’ sleep because they miss the warmth of their mothers and siblings. If your cat wants to crawl into bed with you, try warming the cat’s blanket in the dryer for twenty minutes before bedtime.XResearch source
  • 3Put away noisy toys. Sometimes the most annoying part of a hyper kitten is the noise its toys make. Packing away the toys reinforces that night is time for sleeping instead. If the kitten is still active at night, provide quiet, soft toys instead of hard toys or anything that squeaks or jangles.XResearch source
  • While not a quick fix, this type of training is important for a kitten√Ęs future. Your kitten needs to learn early on that it cannot initiate feeding or play at any time of day.
  • When Do Kittens Calm Down You Never Know This 3 Steps

    Hanan Mansouri55

    Kitten goes through their childhood between the 7 to 8 months after they are born. During this period, you will see them hyperactive and full of energy. As they cross the 8 months, they start slowly calm down. They will start exploring the surroundings and become more aware of the environment.

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    Do Cats Get Hyper/angry

    Cats have a reputation for being cold and heartless. A notion like this couldnt be further from the truth. Felines go through a wide spectrum of emotions. Anger and frustration are two emotions on this emotional range.

    Understanding feline emotional well-being is equally as vital as physical health, according to the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

    An owner must address their cats emotional condition if he or she is furious or distressed. Failure to do so may have a negative impact on the human-feline relation.

    Kitten Behavior Stages: What To Expect

    How to Calm down a Kitten When They

    Your kitten develops at a rapid rate. You may find its hard to keep up with them on a daily basis. They certainly are curious and may get into things quickly. Nold breaks down some key developmental stages in your kittens growth.

    Cats are evolutionarily nocturnal. When theyre in your home, you ask them to live according to your daytime schedules. Kittens begin social learning as early as two weeks of age. Also, kittens play, eat, and rest similar to a toddler. Social play usually peaks at about 3 months of age. As they get to 4-9 months, they hit their teenage years. They may start to feel their natural predatory selves and the need to begin hunt and scavenge. They may start bringing toys, sleeping more during the day, and playing more in the evenings. From 9-14 months, they may grow into themselves and begin to pattern their behavior to their families. If there is another cat in the household to teach them, this process can be shorter.

    While development happens in stages, every kitten is different. Some kitten and adult cats;may develop quicker than others, and that is okay.

    If you have any concerns about your cats development or behavior, talk with your veterinarian. They can pinpoint any trouble areas and recommend a treatment plan.

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    Calming A Kitten Down

  • 1Tire your kitten out with play time. Take the time to play with your kitten every day, multiple times a day if possible. Schedule some play time a couple of hours before you plan to go to bed and use that play time to tire, or tucker out your kitten.
  • If you finish playing with your kitten and find that shes still in the mood to play, direct her attention to a toy instead. Allow her to continue to prepare for sleep herself with a toy. Some toys to consider are: furry mice, cat balls with or without bells, feathers hanging on a string from a door knob, etc.
  • Using a toy that is attached to a string at the end of a pole is a great way to get your kitten to have a really active play session without requiring you to run around as well. You can stay in one place and use the pole to make your kitten run and jump all around you. Your hands are safe from harm too!
  • 2Implement a cool down period at the end of play time. Near the end of play time with your kitten, use slower and gentler movements to encourage your kitten to slow down. Dont suddenly stop playing with your kitten in the middle of a really active play session.
  • Stopping suddenly when your kitten is still really playful isnt going to stop her from playing, it may cause your kitten to start chasing after you, or attacking you, because youre still moving around.
  • If youre playing with a specific toy during the play session, allow your kitten to catch that toy at the end of play time.
  • Create Harmony In The Household

    Because the predecessors to the domestic house cat were solitary hunters, having a household with multiple cats or other pets can stress cats out. Urine marking or inappropriate urination or defecation outside the litterbox are clear signs of stress. According to Lane, as you approach having 10 cats in the home, the chance of urine marking goes up 100 percent.

    Personalities can change dramatically within a household whenever the number of cats in the home increases. Although its possible to have a multi-cat household, theres more work to be done to ensure harmony within the group. In this instance, Lane recommends consulting with an experienced animal behaviorist to help sort out issues; and ask your veterinarian for recommendations. Your veterinarian will look at factors like an individual cats history, specific triggers to problems, and a cats early life. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but Lane says increased exercise and mental stimulation tend to help.

    There are some cases where adding a cat will remedy discord within a household. According to Dodman, if an excess of play behavior is directed toward you, owners should consider adding a cat so they are interacting with each other.

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    Provide More Fun Obstacles

    Kittens need to be stimulated, challenged, and have some fun obstacles to climb on, jump over, hide in, and so on.

    If you dont provide them with some stuff designed and intended for their use, they will make use of your furniture or even you as a climbing frame.

    Cat treesare the ultimate in indoor activity centers for kittens. If youre feeling handy and like DIY then the skys the limit as to what you can design too.

    How To Correctly Discipline A Kitten

    How to Calm Down a Kitten – Preparing for a Hyper Kitten

    Are you planning to adopt a kitten? If your answer is yes, its important to develop a set of rules to teach your kitten to behave. Start training your feline companion as soon as he/she comes home to prevent destructive feline tendencies. Read on to know about the normal behavior of cats and how you can correctly discipline a kitten.

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    Use Food In Your Favor

    You might not know a cat that isnt food motivated. You can use this in your favor by offering them treats in place of attacks. Try to keep their focus, so they can quench their mental thirst.

    You can buy toys to fill with treats or work with them on performing tricks in exchange for goodies. Get creative with it. But also, make sure to keep it light. If your cat gets used to excessively eating snacks, it can lead to picky appetites or obesity down the line.

    Toys Toys And More Toys

    If you cant take your cat outside for playtime, create playtime inside of your home or apartment. Cats of all ages love toys that hang in the air so they can jump up and get them. I guess it gives them a feline sense of satisfaction to actually catch the item.

    Scratching posts provide some fun for cats with zoomies. They are even better if they are attached to a cat house or condo that they can climb in, play with toys, and then have a great place to take a nap.

    Cats love plastic wands with feathers or feather-like objects in bright colors on the end. You can secure the wand end to a table or chair by placing something heavy on the end and your cat can play with it even if you arent home.

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    Interaction With Other Animals

    Encourage your kitten to interact with other animals and cats. The sooner they come in contact with other felines, the sooner they learn the ways of that world.

    It is also vital for your cat to feel safe around other cats. Chaperone these interactions. Discourage animosity and set up a few ground rules that all the animals present have to follow.

    Give Her Plenty Of Attention

    How to Calm Down a Hyper Kitten

    In addition to playing with your kitten, you also need to give her plenty of attention to make her feel loved. You can allow her to sit with you while you watch television or work on your laptop. You can also pet her while she purrs in your arms or maybe snuggle with her in bed. This helps to prevent feelings of loneliness, neglect, or boredom- all of which contribute to making a kitten hyper.

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    Add Toys Your Cat Can Play With By Him Or Her Self To Your Cats Environment

    Can you imagine a world where your hyperactive kitty would get that mythical burst of energy, and, rather than coming over to whine and complain or even attack you, waltzed over to a cat toy you had out, took a nice big whack at it, then chased it around the house to pounce and play with for as long as he or she wanted instead?

    I doubt youd have an issue with having a hyper, high-energy kitty if your furry was that proactive about playtime.

    Thing is, unless you have a slew of toys cats can play with by themselves already littered around your home in all the places your cat spends a good chunk of time, you cant know if this picture of domestic bliss and life-with-cats perfection could indeed be your household.

    Considering how inexpensive these types of cat toy usually are compared to electronic/automated varieties, honestly, you should not hold back giving a number varieties of them a go .

    Averys current favourite toys to play with by himself? Cat springs and a stuffed mouse that squeaks electronically if he pokes it.

    Now that I know what he likes, Im doing my best to buy him more varieties along the same lines more toys he can swat at that will jump and bounce in funny ways, and more playthings that will squeak and chirp if he touches them.

    Oh, and if you happen to be out of the house a lot, but want your cat to have the option of playing while youre away?

    These are the perfect types of toys to have lying around.

    What Causes Cat Hyperactivity

    In nature, cats spend most of their day laying around, relaxing and napping, much like your kitty at home. However, in the wild, these long periods of rest are punctuated by brief moments of extreme energy and activity while the cat hunts prey. Cats have an ingrained, biological function that drives them to conserve energy and then expend it very quickly during the hunting process; without this prey drive, cats would not survive in the wild, as they would not be driven to eat.

    Your cat at home still experiences this drive, even though they are no longer living in the wild or have a need to hunt. This is what results in their occasional hyper behavior, including running, jumping, meowing, attacking toys or feet, and chasing other inhabitants of their home. As soon as their energy is spent, they will continue acting as if nothing happened, and will probably lay back down for a nap.

    Hyperactive behavior is increased when your cat spends all day alone, does not have dedicated play times, or does not have enough toys to relieve their boredom.

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    When Is Hyperactivity A Problem

    While hyperactivity can be frustrating for cat owners, its a natural behavior for cats. All cats including kittens become hyper at some point. They are nocturnal by nature, which means theyre more active at night than during the day.;

    Try these tips to help your cat understand that nighttime hours are for sleeping and not playing:

    Ensure your feline has no medical problems since an active kitty could be in pain.

    Unlike dogs that are very active and playful during the day, cats love sleeping. So if your pet is overly active at night, tire and then feel relaxed with a nice play session before going to bed.

    Unlike dogs, cats need to eat frequent meals. So feed your kitty their final meal in the evening since they fall asleep after a big meal.;

    Enrich your kittys environment with a variety of toys or items to explore during the day to make it snooze at night.;

    However, hyperactivity becomes a problem when it begins affecting your cats normal life, making your cat easily get distracted or bored when playing with them or unable to eat or sleep well and causing stress.

    When a natural behavior turns into a problem, you should seek professional help. First, you should pay attention to your cats behavioral changes, especially if your cat wakes up normally every day in the morning and becomes overly hyper during the day.

    Below are signs of an uneasy and stressed cat:

    When your cat is stressed, it will mark its territory by urinating outside the litter box.;

    How To Calm A Hyper Cat: 5 Effective Ways

    How to Calm Down a Kitten – Calming a Kitten Down

    Pet Cosset may receive some form of compensation from the links on this page, at no extra charge to you.;Learn more.

    Do you have a crazy kitty that wont stop running, licking, and jumping? Hyperactivity happens to cats from time to time. It can be due to pent-up energy or a case of anxiety. Whatever the cause is, its best to know how to calm a hyper cat to prevent injuries and damages to your home.

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    Will My Kitten Calm Down After Neutering/spaying

    Male cats typically calm down after being neutered. An unneutered male cat has a lot of testosterone flowing through their bodies, and combined with a curious adolescence attitude its a recipe for trouble.

    The typical changes youll notice in your cat after having him neutered is much less desire to go outside. Especially at night when he can sense other toms are out there.

    This is because they dont feel the need to fight with other cats and find mates. And who can blame them!

    Female cats may also become calmer. When a female cat is spayed they no longer have heat cycles.

    Some cats are more vocal and energetic during their heat cycles. So eliminating them can make a difference, but I wouldnt expect to see a huge change in their personality.

    I hope you found this article, how to calm down a kitten when hyper, useful.

    How did you get through that playful hyper phase with your kitten? Do you have any funny stories to share?

    If you have some other useful tips to calm down kittens then please share with the community, thanks.

    Why Is My Cat So Hyper

    To explain this one away, Im going to need to call on your memory of nature documentaries that feature lions, as well as your memories of Disneys The Lion King.

    Remember watching these large cats hunt, stalk, and catch their prey? They run real fast, jump ever so high, and when they pounce, theres no denying they mean to catch what theyre chasing after.

    Cats use a lot of energy when they hunt. They dont half-ass the hunting process one bit, and thats part of why theyre so very good at catching their prey.

    How can an animal in their sights possibly outrun, out jump, or squirm free of their grip? They can try, but itd be really hard, because cats are such powerful animals when theyre in hunting mode.

    In case youre ever wondering why cats sleep so much during the day and seem;really, really lazy most of the time, this has a lot to do with why.

    They cant be high energy all the time. They cant even be medium energy most of the time, then have such huge bursts.

    Instead, they conserve their energy, keeping things real low key, so that when its time to hunt, BOOM.. they kick into action, going from 0 to 100, and are crazy difficult to fend off if you happen to be their prey, because who can compete with that level of burst?

    Which brings us back to the hyperactivity of your particular cat because honestly its not anything like being hyper as a human.

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