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Is Clumping Litter Bad For Cats

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Thoughts On The Cat Litter Low Down: Everything You Need To Know About Cat Litter

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    Is Clay Litter Bad For Cats

    Theres a certain feeling about clay cat litter floating through the natural cat care world an indistinct sense that theres something wrong, perhaps even sinful, about this staple cat product.

    At first glance, clay cat litter looks just fine. Clay is natural enough I mean, you can literally dig it out of the ground, meaning that its about as simple and pure as a garden-fresh carrot and its obviously worked pretty well for the last several decades. And unlike another cat care staple that has plain, simple, and totally obvious links to prominent feline health issues, clay cat litter seems to have a pretty clean history

    Is Clumping Litter Dangerous For Kittens

    The potential problem with kittens and clumping litter is that, by nature, these litters expand when they come into contact with liquids. Therefore, kittens that ingest a fair amount of litter may potentially develop an intestinal blockage if the litter expands enough in the stomach or small intestine that it can’t move through. This would be more of a concern in young kittens than older ones or adults for the following reasons:

    • Young kittens have smaller diameter intestines. Older kittens and cats have bigger intestines that are less likely to become blocked unless very large amounts of clumping litter are ingested.
    • Eating non-food items is more common in young kittens. Some babies, including the feline variety, explore the world by putting things in their mouths. Kittens are also super playful, and they may jump in the litter box, roll around, play with the litter, and even eat the clumps. This behavior decreases as the kitten ages.

    When it’s time to switch to clumping litter when your cat is older, do so very gradually. Start by mixing just a small amount of the new litter in with the old. Take about three to four weeks to completely change over, so your cat doesn’t develop a .

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    How Do You Dispose Of Kitty Litter

    Most litter should then just be disposed of in the trash. Some brands, like Garfield Cat Litter, can be flushed directly down the toilet in small amounts since it’s biodegradable, but keep in mind that many municipal waste system and septic systems are not suited to handle cat waste. Non-biodegradable litter should never be flushed.

    Litter boxes should be scooped at least once a day, placing clumps in a trash bag. To avoid odors, you might want to invest in a Litter Genie that seals waste at the bottom and keeps any smell contained throughout the week. On trash day, simply take out your secured plastic bag of litter and waste and dispose of it with the rest of your trash.

    How Many Times A Day Does A Cat Normally Use The Litter Box

    Is Clumping Litter Bad for Cats? Complete Guide [2020] in ...

    It is typical for cats to urinate two to four times a day and defecate once or twice a day, but every cat is different some may go more or less frequently than others. Cleaning litter boxes at least once daily can help guardians identify changes in toileting frequency, which may indicate an emerging health problem.

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    Discussion Of The Primary Features

    For a company to call itself Worlds Best, it must have gone out of its way to separate itself from the rest in terms of quality and efficacy. The Worlds Best Cat Litter brand seems to have done just that.

    Unlike most cat litter brands that utilize inefficient or low-quality materials, this company uses natural compressed corn to ensure a lightweight, easy-to-maintain, dust-free, pet-friendly, and environmentally-friendly cat litter. Compressed corn is also great at odor control, while its clumping action makes the process of scooping up waste a lot easier.

    The following are some notable attributes of Worlds Best Cat Litter.

    Clumping Action

    The Worlds Best Cat Litter formulas form tight, hard clumps, thanks to the absorbent nature of compressed corn. The clumps do not crumble easily, allowing for easy scooping. According to most customers, compressed corn is far more effective at clumping waste than clay litter.

    Odor Control

    Unlike other cat litters that use special ingredients for odor control, Worlds Best Cat Litter only uses natural ingredients for that purpose, such as plant and wood fibers. However, one of their formulas is infused with lavender to enhance its odor control capabilities.

    The reason for insisting on only using natural products for odor control is to ensure that no harm comes to your cats health. However, corn and plant fibers are not as effective at odor control as agents such as activated carbon are.


    Ease of Scooping


    What Does It Mean If A Cat Goes Outside The Litter Box

    According to Calder, cats that eliminate outside the litter box are either toileting or marking. Toileting, also called inappropriate elimination, refers to a cat that has found a place to do their business outside of the litter box. Sometimes this behavior can be attributed to a cat’s preferences: They may be communicating their disapproval of the location or size of the litter pan, the type of litter in the pan, or the cleanliness of the litter.

    Going outside the box can also be related to a medical problem such as FLUTD or anxiety. For example, a cat that worries about being ambushed by another pet while using the litter box may stop using it altogether. Some cats choose to go outside of the litter box simply because they’ve found an alternative that better satisfies their need to scratch and bury their waste like a pile of dirty laundry or a potted plant.

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    Is Clumping Or Non Clumping Cat Litter Better

    Cats prefer clumping litter so clumping cat litter is better than non clumping cat litter. However, you must shop wisely and avoid clay, wheat, corn, crystal, and wood clumping litters. These clumping litters pose serious danger to you and your cat. Breathing in these litters can cause respiratory issues, cancer, and starch-based litters are at risk for deadly mold.

    Something Able To Block Household Plumbing Must Be Wreaking Havoc On The Plumbing Of Our Feline Companions

    Patimax Premium Ultra Clumping Cat Litter Commercial Video

    Cats die. Kittens die. Its part of life. But we still grieve when they die, even though we know it is only the body, not the spirit, that is gone. How much worse we feel when those deaths were unnecessary, could have been prevented by something as simple as changing the kind of litter we use.

    I breed Japanese Bobtail cats and I grieved in 1994 when an entire litter of kittens died. Despite round-the-clock nursing and force-feeding of fluids and food, one kitten, then another, let go of his grasp on life.

    The three kittens started out as a robust, lively group. Then, at weaning time, just as they were learning to use the litter box, they began to vomit a yellow frothy substance and to pass yellow diarrhea; the diarrhea looked and smelled like clay. They also had nasal and eye discharge. The diarrhea proceeded to turn harder and even more clay-like, and finally the kittens stopped moving their bowels at all. The veterinarians said they could feel a hard mass inside. The kittens dwindled into thin, dehydrated, frail little skeletons, sunk in apathy. Then they died.

    So the third time, with the November kittens, although I was a little worried, I was confident we could pull these through as well. But their illness dragged on for three weeks, and they grew progressively weaker. Again we had the cats and kittens tested for a variety of problems; again, nothing. And then, all within the same week, the kittens died.

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    Whats The Difference Between Clumping And Non Clumping Litter

    The difference between clumping and non clumping litter is that one clumps and the other does not. Cats prefer naturally clumping litter because you can remove waste from the box easily. Non clumping litter would be like swishing around waste in the toilet and not flushing. Its important to remove waste from the litter box daily. Cats do not want to walk around on dirty litter.

    How Can You Tell If A Litter Has Sodium Bentonite In It

    Some manufacturers;clearly state that their products contain sodium bentonite, others dont. If;you find a clumping litter which also has the word clay somewhere in its list of ingredients, it probably has sodium bentonite in it. When bentonite is not present and the litter is made of clay, you are unlikely to find the clumping property emphasized.

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    Our Pick: Dr Elseys Ultra

    For your money, Dr. Elseys Ultra forms tough clumps and does an outstanding job of trapping odors. It also produces less dust and is significantly cheaper than many other cat litters we tested.

    In tests with liquid waste, Dr. Elseys Ultra formed clumps that were in the middle of the pack in terms of hardness, and that were on the flat side, making them less prone to sticking to the bottom or side of the litter pan. Wirecutter staffers report that the clumps held up well during scooping, sometimes breaking into large chunks if they were being excavated from a corner or side. They never crumble into oblivion, said Wirecutter senior staff writer Kimber Streams, whose cats have used it for six years.

    Our long-term testers said Dr. Elseys Ultra does a great job of masking waste odors. The litter itself smells neutral and isnt overwhelmingly fruity like the Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance. In our control tests, Dr. Elseys Ultra masked the odor from stinky ammonia and pungent hing so well that we could smell only the clay litter when the waste stand-ins were just partially covered by litter.

    Though tracking was tough for us to test at the cat cafe, Dr. Elseys Ultra has grains that are on the larger side, meaning it should track less than some of the competition. Our staffers long-term experience experimenting with litter bears that out. It tracks a bit, but not as bad as other litters Ive used, Streams said.

    How Often Do You Need To Change Kitty Litter

    Is Clumping Litter Bad for Cats? Complete Guide [2021]

    This will depend on what kind of litter you use. If you use most non-clumping litters, the litter needs to be replaced and the the box cleaned at least once a week since urine can collect at the bottom of the box easier. If you opt for clumping cat litter, you can deep clean the box less often as long as you are scooping frequently. You can go as long as four to five weeks before completely cleaning and changing the litter box with clumping litter.

    No matter what litter you choose, your cat will be happiest if you scoop the box at least once every day.

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    What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Silica Gel Crystal Litter

    Comfort can be a problem. Cats often dont like the sensation of the crystals under their paws.

    Its expensive.

    The longevity of the litter offsets the price, but sometimes it doesnt last very long.

    Once the crystals have reached their absorbency limit, the urine will pool in the box.

    In a single-cat home, its easy to maximize the longevity of the litter by stirring it daily.

    Silica gel crystals are not safe to flush.

    Is Cat Litter Toxic To Cats

    Whether your cat eats litter due to pica, boredom, or another reason entirelyyour first concern might be for your cats safety. Litter isnt meant to be eaten, but is it dangerous for cats?

    Litter is not good for cats to eat, but some litter is more dangerous than others. Clumping litter contains sodium bentonite, and it is especially dangerous for cats. The sodium bentonite can clump inside of their intestines and cause a blockage. In extreme cases, it can even cause bentonite toxicosis when ingested.

    Not all litter is created equal. If you are worried about the risk of sodium bentonite, consider looking into a different type of litter. For a litter that doesnt contain sodium bentonite, consider one made from food-based products such as wheat or corn.

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    Choosing The Best Natural Cat Litter

    Not so long ago, people filled their cat boxes with sand, sawdust, or even ashes from the fireplace. Today, cat parents have a multitude of commercial litters to choose from, but many contain toxic chemicals and respiratory irritants, as well as cause harm to the environment. When it comes to pleasing our finicky felines, every cat parent knows that it is essential to have many options available. Cat litter manufacturers know this too, and this is why cat owners can now select cat litters made with a wide variety of granule sizes, scents, materials and potencies. The number of options can feel overwhelming. To make this choice easier for you, Only Natural Pet Store has selected the best natural litters. Weve highlighted the benefits of each type of kitty litter to help you determine which one is best for your kitty, your household, and the environment.

    Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Clumping Litter

    Cat’s Best Oko Plus Litter – Natural and Flushable Clumping Litter

    We have to say, the claims this clumping litter comes with are pretty impressive: 7-day odor free guarantee AND 100% dust-free platinum formula? Don’t mind if we do!

    Turns out, renowned brand Arm & Hammer may have figured it out. This is a bestselling product that seems to have a lot of positive reviews overall.

    It features a patented formula that locks in scents, even if there are multiple kitties in your home using the cat lavatory!

    • Pros: great for multi-cat homes
    • Cons: expensive; heavy; not clear if it’s safe for flushing

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    She Also Showed Me An Article By Lisa Newman Another Holistic Health Practitioner Citing Some Of The Causes Of Illness And Death That She Has Seen First Handillnesses And Deaths Most Likely Caused By Clumping Litter

    A light went on in my head when I read the following: There has been a rise in depressed immune systems, respiratory distress, irritable bowel syndrome,; and vomiting among cats that I have seen in the past two years.; All had one thing in commona clumping product in their litter box.; In several cases, simply removing the litter improved the condition of the cat.

    The problem of health difficulties and even deaths resulting from clumping litter appears to be more prevalent than most people are aware of.; I recently spoke with another Japanese Bobtail breeder, who told me of a kitten she sold that subsequently became very ill with a severe respiratory problem.; The new owner used a clumping litter, and her veterinarian found that the kittens lungs were coated with dust from the litter.

    For a veterinarian to spot this problem is unusual.; A more common diagnosis would lay the blame at the door of a virus, germ, fungus, or parasite.; There is not a general awareness yet that the clumping litters can be harmfuleven fatalto cats.

    How Does Clumping Cat Litter Work

    In order for clumping litters to work properly, it needs to be super absorbent. If you take a look at the labels, almost all of the best clumping litters will contain a substance called bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is super absorbentwhenever it comes in contact with liquid, it’ll bind together and form a hard solid mass. All you need to do then is a little excavating with your little shovel and you’re good to go!

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    Clumping Litter Vs Non Clumping

    Your cats needs come before your own when it comes to its litter box. To ensure that your cat is content with its bathroom, youll have to perform an experiment to pinpoint which one is the optimal choice.

    In the designated litter box area, set up various litter boxes with a particular litter type. Wait a couple of days, and your cat will naturally gravitate towards the litter of its choice. This process of elimination will get you one step closer to understanding your cats personal preferences, so think of it as a bonding experience

    Can Clumping Cat Litter Make Cats Sick

    Is Clumping Litter Bad for Cats? Complete Guide [2021]

    catscanclay litterlitterClumping litterscanpetlitter

    Many mass market cat litters contain significant amounts of silica dust which has been linked to upper respiratory issues in cats and even humans. Likewise, the chemical fragrances in many cat litters can also be toxic to cats. Yet another issue is the sodium bentonite clay in clumpingcat litters.

    Also Know, why is there a shortage of clumping cat litter? The nation’s cat owners could be left with a lingering litter problem due to a shortage at major supermarkets caused by the collapse of a petcare company that manufactured a popular brand of the feline toilet essential.

    Consequently, what happens if a cat eats clumping cat litter?

    If you have a kitten under three months old who is eating cat litter, he may just be curious. In addition, cats that eat clumping cat litter should be taken to the veterinarian right away because the absorbency of the kitty litter is dangerous for their system. It can cause choking or an intestinal blockage.

    Can cats die from eating cat litter?

    If your kitten eats cat litter it can be a dangerous situation, especially if the litter is toxic or has a clumping property. Clumps can form inside the body and cause a blockage in the digestive system, and this can kill your kitten if left untreated.

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