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My Cat Won T Let Me Sleep

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My Cat Wonât Let Me Sleep!

Some felines dont care much about where they sleep. They may not even want to spend time in bed with you. On the other hand, you may have a cuddly creature that thrives on close contact with you. If it makes your pet happy and it doesnt interfere with your bedtime, then we think that having your kitty in bed with you is sweet and comforting.

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Cat Wakes Me Up At 3 Am

Most cats wake up their owners at arbitrary times. If you notice the cat wakes you up at 3 AM specifically, though, dont worry. Despite what folklore would have you believe, cats have no attachment to a witching hour. The cat might choose this approximate time because of:


Depending on where you live and the season, 3 AM could be just before dusk. Cats are most active at twilight, so your cat will be getting its second wind for playing . This burst of activity could wake you up.

Your Movements

Depending on your sleep schedule, 3 AM may be right in the center of your 8 hours of rest. This might be the deepest part of your sleep, so you will begin dreaming. When the REM cycle kicks into gear, your body will react by:

  • Increasing your heart rate
  • Moving your eyes behind your eyelids
  • Raising your breathing levels
  • Heightening your blood pressure

You may even begin to sleep-talk or twitch slightly as you dream. When this happens, your cat will take notice. It may be intrigued by your little movements or think youre awake because of your breathing. If you talk, the cat may get closer to investigate or ask for petting.

Since youre actually asleep, this prodding can wake you up. You wont have any memory of your unconscious activity, so it will seem like the timing was your cats choice.

Feeding Times

Its A Bonding Exercise

Cats have earned an unfair reputation as being aloof and unfriendly. But as cat owners, we know this couldnt be farther from the truth. Our cats are as affectionate as they are social. They want to bond with us.

Cat behavior consultant Mikel Delgado, PhD, told Catster that its not unusual for cats to engage in pillowing at bedtime. This is when they use another cat as a pillow If theyre the only cat in the house, they love to use you as an alternative.

This tactile component to the feline/human bond is your cats way of saying, I love you. I want to be near you and spend time with you.

Its hard to argue with that.

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How Do I Get My Cat To Sleep Through The Night

Most cats wont naturally sleep through the night. However, like all creatures, they will sleep when theyre fatigued. You can encourage the feline to take those naps at night by:

Making It Hunt During The Day

Cats are mostly active at night because this is prime hunting time. Keeping your feline more active and focused during the day will leave it with less energy after dark. Play with your cat 2-3 times a day, for about 30 minutes apiece. You can also do this in smaller 10-minute intervals 5-6 times a day.

It may still wake up and explore, but this will be in limited quantities. It will also be less likely to bother you if it felt its social needs were met during the day.

Let It Eat Right Before Bedtime

Instead of feeding your cat several hours before bed, give it a meal just before turning the lights out. In the wild, cats go hunting, which expends a lot of their energy. Once they catch their prey, theyll eat and then groom to clean themselves up after their meal. Then, they will fall asleep due to being tired and having a full belly.

Although your cat wont burn much energy eating out of its food bowl, the instinct remains. It will likely wind down and take a nap just after the meal. This nap will last even longer if you played together just before the meal.

Be Consistent

Make The Bed Appealing For Cats

Cats are strange beasts. They like to lie on fresh laundry, or even just a washcloth you accidentally dropped on the floor. You can use this to your advantage, though! Lay out a favorite towel or blanket your cat has on your bed and give them a specific “cat zone”. Bonus points if you use a blanket or cloth that has their scent on it!

You could even set out a heating pad on low to entice them to the warmth .

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How To Get Your Cat To Sleep At Night

Ever wonder why your cat sleeps all day but suddenly finds your toes, ears, and every toy in the house to be the most amusing thing ever as soon as you are ready to go to bed?

Or do you find yourself sleeping with one eye open to because your cat pounces on anything moving under the covers? Or how about getting your ankles chased if you get up at night?

If youre wondering why your cat wakes you up at night and how to get your cat on the same sleep schedule as you, youre not alone.

Why Wont My Cat Sleep At Night

Cats simply being cats is a common reason why they are so active at night. Did you know that cats are primarily nocturnal creatures? Their sleep-wake cycles are kind of all over the place. This sleep schedule and lack of daytime activity is the main reason why your cat wont sleep at night. Its also why they seem to prefer playtime at nighttime.

As a result, cat parents might want to consider introducing quiet interactive cat toys to their cat. After all, theyd chase a laser pointer at two in the morning if they could!

According to PetMD, wild cats typically hunt at night. Even with food or catnip readily available, your domesticated pets will often be awake doing nighttime activities due to their instincts.

It is common for cats to sleep during the day when the house is quiet. Then they grow more active, chasing catnip toys around or using their cat scratchers, as people come home from work or school.

Ultimately, this leads to your cat not sleeping at night.

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How To Put A Hyper Kitten To Sleep

This article was co-authored by Francine Miller. Francine Miller is an Applied Animal Behavior Counselor and Founder of Call Ms Behaving, a behavior counseling service for dogs and cats in San Diego, California. With over 16 years of experience, Francine specializes in treating behavior problems such as aggression, separation anxiety, phobias, fear reactions, destructiveness, urine marking, and compulsive behaviors. She uses a behavioral management and modification plan that is positive reinforcement only. She holds a Diploma in Canine Behavior Counseling from the American College of Applied Science . Francine has completed all coursework toward an MS in Applied Animal Behavior Science and Family Counseling for Companion Animals from the American College of Applied Science . She is a certified Associate of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and a member of the Pet Professional Guild.There are 19 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 408,246 times.

If you have a new kitten, he may be very active. Kittens and adult cats are nocturnal hunters by nature, so being active at night is to be expected. Young kittens tend to have a lot of energy, and a frequent complaint among owners is their kitten keeps them up at night. There are a variety of ways to encourage a kitten to sleep through the night.

Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Backs Toward Us

Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep

Some cat owners are miffed by this behavior. But your cat isnt being rude. Hes showing trust.

As the cat behavior expert and best-selling author Pam Johnson-Bennett puts it: Since a cat is an animal that is both predator and prey, he wants to position himself in the safest place. If he turns his back on you as he settles down, hes showing he trusts you and maybe even that hes going to watch the environment for both of you.

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Why Wont The Cat Sleep At Night

According to WebMD, domestic cats are descended from the African wildcat , which is largely nocturnal. While domestic cats have, over the millennia, gradually shifted to a more diurnal schedule, most still wake up at least twice during the night.

Many will want to play, eat, or be petted by their owner. Kittens and young cats are especially likely to wake their owners by playing or crying for attention.

Cat Is Mating Or In Heat

Cats yowl as a mating call, and they can reach impressive octaves. If you find it impossible to sleep through your felines calls, then consider if its been spayed or neutered.

The cat may be in heat and looking for a mate. Depending on its sex, it may also be reacting to the pheromones of a nearby cat and trying to locate it.

If you happen to own a male and female that are both unfixed, then yowling can occur as they mate. Unless you want kittens, its wise to separate them or get them fixed.

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Try Keeping Your Cat Awake Longer

Perhaps the easiest step is to keep your cat from taking a few of those late-in-the-day naps. If you can keep your cat awake for much of the evening, they may then be tired enough to sleep once it is time for you to go to bed.

Playing games with your cat, such as catch the laser pointer dot, fetch, and feather teasers can be very effective in tiring out willing cats. The longer you can keep your cat awake, the more likely they are to crash and sleep when you are.

Managing Nocturnal Behavior In Cats

You may feel that getting up and calming or feeding your cat will help, but itâs best to ignore your catâs behavior as much as possible. Attention in the night rewards the behavior and your cat may learn to stay awake for food and attention.

Even though you may feel tired or frustrated, remember that night activity is natural for your cat. Avoid punishing your cat for this normal behavior as it may create more stress. If your cat wonât let you sleep, itâs best to change your daytime schedule to give your cat more exercise and play.

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Why Is My Cat Restless At Night

It is fairly normal for a cat to be restless at night. During the day, most felines spend their time napping, sunbathing, and engaging in other low-energy activities. This helps them preserve their strength for twilight and the dead of night.

At these times, a cat really hits its stride. While felines are known to be crepuscular, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Cycle Research found most cats displayed a nocturnal circadian rhythm. As such, while theyre the busiest during twilight, their second most active time is during the night. This is a great time for a cat to:

  • Some negative effects of old age

Pros Of Letting Your Cat Sleep With You

  • Stress relief. Studies show that petting our cats or dogs releases the feel-good hormone, oxytocin. It also decreases our cortisol levels. Sounds like a recipe for the perfect sleep!
  • Bonding. If youre out of the house for most of the day, bedtime may be the best time to catch up on some snuggles.
  • Cozy and warm. Theres no denying the cozy factor when it comes to letting your cat sleep in bed with you.
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    Why Wont My Cat Let Me Sleep At Night

    The reasons behind why your cat wont let you sleep at night include everything from hunger to boredom to cats just being cats!

    Let me start by saying that its completely normal behavior for a cat to be active at night.

    Cats are most active at dawn and dusk, but their circadian rhythm, or sleep schedule, leans toward being nocturnal .

    That is why you will find your cat just napping and lazying about most of the day.

    It helps them save their energy when they need it most, dusk, dawn, and nighttime.

    Pet owners may wonder why that is. After all, cats are domesticated. Would it not make more sense for their waking hours to mirror ours?

    It turns out that domestication is pretty relative .

    Cats are less dependant on their owners schedules and have maintained behaviors and instincts from their wild ancestors.

    They have also retained their nighttime activity. From when the sun begins to set until it has risen again, cats go about most of their cat business.

    The night is the time that they enjoy exploring and interacting with other cats.

    It is also the best time for them to hunt. Even though domesticated cats get the food they need, they will keep hunting as their wild ancestors did.

    A cats whole body is perfect for hunting in the dark. Nowhere is this more obvious than in their eyes.

    Cat eyes take in more light. That is because their pupils, the dark part of the eye that lets light in, are slit-shaped to open far wider when it dilates.

    Is There Medication That Might Help

    I’m trying to sleep again, but the cat won’t let me ð?ð?±â?ð¤

    If all else fails and your cat does not sleep through the night with behavioural techniques alone, we may be able to provide some medication to help your cat fall asleep for the first few nights to help create a routine. Please contact our healthcare team if you are concerned about your cat, we are more than happy to assist you and make further suggestions based on your cat’s individual breed, age and environment.

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    Cat Wont Sleep At Night Theres A Solution

    Crinkle. Crinkle.THUD. Cat wont sleep at night? Youre not alone.

    Many cat owners have experienced the sheer frustration of being woken up in the middle of the night, usually by a cat or two running around and playing with loud tin-foil cat toys, or their cat meowing and yowling at the bedroom door.

    Cats are experts at throwing their little bodies around to cause as much noise as possible.

    In some cases, cats will quite literally run into walls or slide across tables, creating a path of destruction that most owners groan at in the morning. However, their cute faces in the morning almost make the mess all forgivable.

    Cognitive Dysfunction In Older Cats

    Whether youre planning to bring home a new cat or want to keep the peace in your feline family, there are a few tips that will help you to create a harmonious, happy feline household.

    Age-related deterioration in brain function can result in behavioural changes, such as confusion, poor memory, and altered sleep patterns. The sleep/wake cycle signs include frequent waking during the night, increased siestas during daylight hours, and increased night vocalisation. It is estimated to affect more than 50% of cats over the age of 15 years.

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    Can Cats Sleep Through The Night

    There are a lot of conflicting opinions regarding whether cats can sleep through the night.

    Even professionals and vets cant seem to agree. However, one study suggests that it is possible to condition a cat to sleep at night .

    The study highlights the difference that housing conditions can have on a cats circadian rhythm.

    The study saw ten cats divided into two groups.

    Five of the cats were placed with owners in small homes, with only one hour of access to a small garden area every morning.

    The second group of cats went to families in larger homes.

    These cats were kept outside from nine at night to eight in the morning.

    The study found that the cats with limited space and limited access to the outdoors developed sleeping patterns closely resembling those of the humans they stayed with.

    However, the second group remained nocturnal, spending most of the day in slumber.

    Our findings underline the high influence of human presence and care on the amount of activity and daily rhythm in cats, writes researcher GiuseppePiccione.

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    Which Cats Meow The Most

    Some cat breeds are also more vocal than others. Jane A. Kelley, a writer for the Catster website, discusses which cats meow the most. As it turns out, there is an overlap between the most active breeds and the most vocal breeds.

    In addition to being one of the more active breeds, the Siamese is arguably the noisiest of the domestic cats.

    The Catster description of the Siamese comments, You might wish this breed came with a mute button.

    The Siamese can make a range of sounds from normal mews to loud yowls, and they can also sound like babies.

    Relatives of the Siamese like the Tonkinese and Oriental Shorthair also like the sound of their own voices. The Siberian and the Maine Coon, which are both large, longhaired cats, tend to be vocal.

    Fortunately, they generally chirp and trill rather than yowl. The Turkish Angora and the Japanese Bobtail also have a lot of opinions. Like the Maine Coon, however, they typically have soft voices.

    On the other hand, gender does not seem to affect how much a cat vocalizes. Intact cats tend to be noisier than cats that have been spayed or neutered, however.

    Female cats in heat make all sorts of noises when calling for mates. Male cats will also call for mates, and they will yowl and screech when fighting other males.

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