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Oriental Short Hair Kittens For Sale

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Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed

Meet our new Oriental Shorthair Kitten
8 12 years
Colors: Chocolate, brown, sable, cinnamon lavender, silver, fawn, blue, gray, black, ebony cream, beige, tan, lilac, red, orange, white
Suitable for: Active families, multi-pet households, homebodies
Temperament: Vocal, social, attentive, adventurous

You have probably seen pictures of these interesting kitties with their very oversized ears and human-like facial expressions. These unusual beauties are highly social cats who thrive on the companionship of both human and furry friends.

If youre looking for a totally interesting cat breed with lots of personality, you couldnt have picked a better potential interest. Lets go over all the details about this long, lean feline to see if they are the perfect match for your new family member.

Oriental Shorthair Kittens For Sale

Our Oriental Shorthair kittens can leave our care anywhere between 12 and 16 weeks of age. It all depends on how quickly a kitten is developing and growing. All kittens come with age appropriate vet care, vet records, a health certificate, and a health guarantee. I do supply CFA registration upon request after proof of spay/neuter. *By sending a deposit/purchasing a kitten you are agreeing to our kitten contract.

How Much Is The Average Price Of An Oriental Kitten In Ohio State

An Oriental Kitten has an average tag price of $700$1500. Some Breeders could even offer Oriental Kittens for $3000 or even higher.

The price would depend on many factors, such as the kittens lineage, its parents, its health, and the breeders reputation.

Aside from the kittens price, it would be best to consider the expenses that would come with it. For instance, you may want to get the essential things for your kittens like grooming tools, food, and shelter.

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Best Homes For An Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair is not for everyone, but a beautiful companionship develops when these loyal and loving felines find their perfect humans. They will thrive in a home where their owners are often home, so this kitty is ideal for someone who lives alone and works from home.

As they are so confident and social, they do well in large family homes and busy environments. They are excellent with both children and other pets and do not get anxious around strangers. All these cats need is regular human interaction, so as long as you can provide that, your Oriental Shorthair will thrive. However, we also recommend getting them a cat buddy if you dont have any existing pets, so they have a friend to play with when you are busy.

Owning An Oriental Shorthair On A Budget

Oriental Kitten for Sale: Oriental Shorthair Kittens for Sale 12 Yrs ...

Owning any pet is always going to cost money. The cost of owning a purebred cat like the Oriental Shorthair will be higher based mainly on how much the cats themselves cost. We already mentioned a couple of ways to save money on bringing an Oriental Shorthair home, including adoption or buying a retired show cat.

Once you bring your Oriental Shorthair home, what can you do to keep costs low while still taking good care of your cat? Even though the prices weve discussed are estimates, they might still be more than you feel you can afford. Here are some ideas for how to own an Oriental Shorthair on a budget.

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About Faeryfire Kittens & Cats

We love cats

Welcome to Faeryfire Orientals! We show and raise Oriental Shorthair cats. Cats have been part of our lives for years. Our kittens play underfoot and sleep with us. They are family.

Why Oriental Shorthairs? Years ago, we adopted a Siamese kitten. We named him Malachi. He went everywhere with us. Malachi was intelligent, outgoing, and affectionate. He became the first Siamese in a long line of Siamese cats. Our introduction to the Oriental Shorthairs came when we adopted Ajax a silver tabby. Orientals have all the grace and intelligence of the Siamese. Plus, they come in over 400 color and pattern combinations. They are Siamese in designer pajamas. Just like Siamese cats, they crave affection and give so much back. Beautiful, loving, and intelligent, what more could we ask for?

Our cats are purebred, prize-winning Oriental Shorthairs. They are registered in CFA and TICA. We are a small cattery and have 3 to 4 litters per year. We breed for temperament and health.

LA IW BW SGC Faeryfire’s Chasing Rainbows “Fiona”

Adopting a kitten is a big decision. It is a joy to bring a kitten into your home. Kittens are energetic, inquisitive, and playful. They are just learning about the world and like any toddler they can get into trouble. They need a safe and loving environment to grow in.

Every kitten is precious to us. For our kittens and cats safety and well-being, we do not ship.

Charissa & Barry Ebersole

2021 Faeryfire Kittens

Additional Costs To Factor In

After estimating the setup and monthly costs to own an Oriental Shorthair, you may need to factor in some additional expenses as well. These costs are harder to prepare for because they may be rare or unexpected.

An example of an unexpected expense would be the repair or replacement of furniture or carpet that your Oriental Shorthair damages. As we discussed, these cats are high-energy explorers and may show little regard for your belongings along the way!

Another common, unexpected expense is emergency veterinary care. All that exploring may lead to an accident sooner or later. Without pet insurance, the cost of emergency surgeries or treatments can run into the thousands.

One way to prepare for some of these larger expenses is to set aside some savings into a pet Rainy Day Fund. A good amount to try and keep on hand is $1,500. That way you have a bit of a cushion to cover some of those unexpected costs.

Here are some other additional costs you might need to plan for:

Pet sitters or boarding

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Oriental Cats For Sale Online

We hope that one of the breeders listed above can help you find your future Oriental Kittens, but if for some reason that doesnt happen you can always opt for different alternatives.

For this reason, weve added these alternative platforms. These platforms will help you connect with people who have Oriental Kittens for sale or adoption near you. It can be a great alternative in looking for your future kitten within the comfort of your home.

Where To Adopt Or Buy An Oriental Shorthair

4 wk old Bicolor Oriental Shorthair kittens

The oriental shorthair gained rapid popularity after being imported to the United States, and today the breed enjoys a healthy fan base. Because of this popularity, there are many oriental shorthair breeders. In addition, regional and national groups help re-home displaced oriental shorthair cats.

Some resources to check out as you search for an oriental shorthair include:

Otherwise, check out all of our other cat breed profiles.

  • How much does an oriental shorthair cat cost?

    An oriental shorthair can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,000, depending on the quality of the cat .

  • How big do oriental shorthair cats get?

    These cats grow to be about 12 pounds at maturity.

  • Where did the oriental shorthair originate?

    Oriental shorthairs were created in England in the 1950s by crossbreeding Siamese cats with other breeds like the Russian blue and British shorthair.

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The Temperament Of An Oriental Shorthair

Like their Siamese Descendents, Oriental Shorthair cats are social, active, and super friendly. The Siameses loudness has also passed down to these kitties, making them one of the most vocal breeds. They love to use their meow to communicate every want and need to their owner and simply just chat with you, too. Therefore, their presence is always known, and they wont let you forget that they are around.

Oriental Shorthairs are very people orientated and love to receive attention from their owner. This can be in the form of interactive play, petting, or simply a vocal response to their chatting.

These high maintenance kitties will let you know once theyve entered a room and will not rest until you have sufficiently acknowledged them. While this may be annoying for some people, they make excellent companions to people who live alone and need a companion to bring more life into the home.

Oriental Shorthairs also make very devoted pets, and they develop a strong attachment to their owners. They dislike being left alone, and if they are in a home where the owners are out most of the time, they will suffer. After a while, they may exert their unhappiness through destructive behaviour.

They have moderate energy levels and a natural curiosity. They love to explore, jump and climb, and they adore playing games and learning tricks with their owners. As they are so intelligent, they learn tricks and commands quickly and have impressive skills for puzzle games.

Oriental Shorthair Kittens For Sale In Pennsylvania

Thank you for visiting the Pennsylvania Oriental Shorthair Breeders page here at Local Kittens For Sale! Here at Local Kittens For Sale our goal is to help connect anyone who is interested in getting a specific breed of cat with a trustworthy and reputable breeder in their area.

Each “breed specific” state page has a complete list of all the local catteries and individual breeders that we have been able to locate in that state. We list contact information for you to use, as well as posting a link to their website, so you can quickly see what kittens they currently have available. All this information is provided so that YOU can research each breeder individually and find the one that has your perfect kitten available!

We always strongly encourage you to thoroughly check out each cat breeder you are interested in purchasing from before you make your final decision. With over 3,000 cat breeders listed on this website, we are the LARGEST breeder directory on the internet! However, that means we also rely on our visitors to inform us if any of our breeders listed fall short of being a reputable and trustworthy cat breeder.

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Characteristics Of The Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed

TAre you up for a conversation? An Oriental shorthair is usually chatty and has a peculiar cry that is sometimes referred to as a honk. According to Keiger, “They talk when they need something, want to know what’s happening, what you’re doing, or where you are.” These cats are highly gregarious creatures, as you might surely infer. Oriental shorthair cats are intelligent and loving creatures who enjoy spending time with their families and other pets, especially other cats. They frequently serve as your second shadow and are complete “Velcro kitties.” As a result of their intense attachment to you, they will follow you everywhere you go in your house. Although they are not the type of lap cat to lounge around all day watching the world go by due to their moderate energy levels, they will definitely look for that lap when the mood strikes. These cats are equally squishy and active. The Oriental cat is not only gorgeous but also quite smart. She’s trainable to follow a lead when walking. However, this does not imply that she can be educated to carry out all of your wishes. The Oriental has her own desires, just like the majority of other extremely intellectual breeds. The Oriental cat is a loving breed that needs a parent who will devote as much time to her as she does to her. The parent must show the Oriental Shorthair affection and spend time playing with her.

& 2021 Faeryfire Award Winners

Oriental Shorthair Cats For Sale

Our kittens and cats have earned multiple titles and won International, National, and Regional awards in CFA and TICA. Faeryfires Chasing Rainbows Fiona is the 2020 CFA Oriental Breed Winner. In 2020, she earned her Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honor in TICA. Faeryfires Silver Lining Dara earned her TICA Quadruple Grand Champion. Faeryfires Cloud Nine Coral earned TICA Supreme Grand Alter title. Also in 2020, Faeryfires Branwell earned his Grand Champion and CFA Agility Master titles. He is a Regional Winner in both TICA and CFA. Our breeding sire, GC San-Tois Legolas of Faeryfire earned his TICA Quadruple Grand Champion.

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Places To Find Oriental Shorthair Kittens For Sale And Adoption

The Oriental Shorthair is a fairly popular breed, so its not too challenging to locate reputable breeders.

When selecting a breeder, however, ensure that youve done enough research to determine if their standards fit your metric for Oriental Shorthairs and ensure that youre not getting conned.

The internet is filled with Oriental Shorthair breeders, but for your convenience, weve compiled some well-known breeders that have been around for years.

Here are some reputable Oriental Shorthair breeders to check out:

  • HotzCatsThis small but reputable breeder works closely with the Cat Fancier Association to deliver quality cats, including Oriental cats. The cattery is based in Benton, Kentucky, where they handle various breeds hands-on to make docile and interactive companions.
  • Senrabe Orientals This North California-based breeder specializes in breeding solid cinnamon-colored Oriental cats. They pride themselves on their breeding program that consistently yields top-caliber cats.
  • Pfieffurr This breeder from Indiana is seasoned with over 25 years of experience in raising Oriental Shorthairs and Siamese cats. They breed, intending to improve the breed and set new standards for quality.

If your heart is set on adopting an Oriental Shorthair, you are free to contact the non-profit and rescue organizations below:

For more information on cat adoption, you can consult our guide to help you find free kittens in your area.

Are Oriental Shorthairs Good For Families

The Oriental Shorthair can be an ideal addition to many home lives. They are highly friendly and willing to get in on all the family business. They always want to check out goings-on. So that means youll have a partner in crime ready to help you get ready for work or any other task at hand.

These cats have the perfect temperament and activity level to make wonderful playmates for kids. They might not work as well with children who havent learned how to interact respectfully with animals yet, so we recommend the breed for children roughly five and older.

On the flip side, they also have an incredibly affectionate aspect to their personalities. So, when they are tuckered out, they enjoy being pet whenever. They might stop an attack even during play for a few scratches on the chin.

These cats can make wonderful family additions, but they might not work as well for smaller living spaces or with senior owners. They need lots of space and attention, and some older adults or people with mobility issues might have a little trouble keeping up with their demands.

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History Of The Oriental Shorthair Breed

Oriental Shorthair Cat For Sale. Although it’s simple to picture these majestic, statuesque cats mingling with Cleopatra, Oriental shorthairs are a very recent breed. English breeders started combining Siamese with other house cats in the 1950s, which is when they first appeared . According to the CFA Oriental Breed Council, the origin of the first Oriental shorthair cats can be linked to Russian blues and black hybrids, which are full black cats with both Siamese and non-Siamese ancestry. Siamese cats persisted in being crossed with various breeds, giving rise to so many eye-catching hues and patterns that each was thought to be a distinct breed in its own right. But soon there were so many distinctive colors and patterns that the cats were categorized into just one breedthe Oriental shorthair. Oriental shorthairs didn’t arrive in the UK until the 1970s, but they quickly became popular. The popularity of the Oriental shorthair skyrocketed in the United States only a few years after it arrived. In 1977, the Cat Fanciers’ Association granted them recognition.

Total Monthly Cost Of Owning An Oriental Shorthair

Oriental Shorthair Kittens Meowing | The Cutest Oriental Cats

$120$543 per month

The estimated monthly costs we discussed are a good place to start when figuring out if you can afford to care for an Oriental Shorthair cat. All these costs will vary according to how old your cat is and how many cats you have.

Its worth keeping in mind that Oriental Shorthairs are known for their social nature. Unlike some breeds of cats, they dont enjoy being the only fur-child in the house. When you consider getting an Oriental Shorthair, be aware that you might need to get them a friend as well.

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We Breed Oriental Shorthair And Siamese Cats

Our name is inspired by Old Possums Book of Practical Cats written by T. S. Eliot from which also the musical Cats was derived. The cats in the book are described as people, while preserving intact their cattitude. These are the images of cats that guide us. Cats raised as family members, to be family members.

We are a small CCA, CFA and TICA registered cattery, located just south of Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Since the first time we met the Oriental Shorthair breed we fell in love, not just with their beauty but especially with their remarkably interactive personalities, and well always be working to do best by these wonderful creatures. Stephanie has a particular interest in animal behaviour, having worked for over a decade with rescued and rehomed cats, dogs, and parrots, and her goal is creating the best tempered, most well socialized kittens for family pets. Because we are a multi-species household, kittens are raised with cat-friendly dogs and used to seeing parrots around.Alex simply believes that cats are overlords by nature and should be served.

Unlike many other catteries, we started with studs and work to allow our males to live free in the household as pets for as long as possible. We may be open to stud services to other catteries, on premises of friendship and established trust.

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