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Cat Furniture To Hide Litter Box

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Litter Box Covered With A Wine Crate

How to Hide a Cat Litter Box | HGTV

Do you have some wine crates lying idle in your garage? Use a hinge to attach two identical crates. Make sure the wine case has a large opening to allow your cat in and out with ease.

Make it waterproof attach a plastic lining to the case using a staple gun. Make sure the lining is made from a strong and sturdy material to withstand your cats endless digging.

Paint the crates with a stain or sealant of choice to enhance the look and feel in your interior space. Itll also heighten the crates leak protection. See more at Apartment Therapy.

Put The Cat Door On The Top Of A Cabinet

Many cat owners opt for litter box enclosures that have top entry instead of entry on the side. One reason for this is because the top entry makes it less likely that litter will find its way outside the litter box. Andrea submitted this cat litter hack to Ikea Hackers and shows readers how she converted this cabinet into a concealed litter box for her small apartment. You have to see it for yourself.

  • 17 of 17 Instructables

    Do you absolutely hate any sign of litter in your house? If so, extra precautions can be taken. By making a cat litter box that has two levels, you’re better able to control the litter on your cat’s paws. A mesh-like cat walk will collect excess litter as your cat makes your way outside of the litter box. Check out this step-by-step for all the details.

  • Premium Car Litter Box Enclosure Furniture Cabinet

    Do you have a cat but hate its litter box? Why not hide it away with one of our fantastic wooden cat litter furniture! Our designs look great in any room and will make a perfect decorative piece.

    A cats gotta do what a cat’s gonna do, and tour enclosed litter box furniture is just the thing. They provide an easy solution to clean up after your feline friend in style with their sleek design that fits right into any home decor!

    This modern cat litter box furniture is a great way to hide your cats mess from view. It can be used as an end table, nightstand, or bookshelf and will never give away that it contains one! You might even put decorations on top of the piece when not in use so that you have more room for other things like paintings or photographs!

    Don’t let your pet roam around the house looking for that perfectly placed kitty litter box. Introducing the new and improved “hidden” cat litter enclosure, with a large door to allow easy passage as well as drilled holes at back panel improving ventilation!


    COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR PETS – The perfect addition to any cat-friendly home! This wooden litterbox cabinet is 15.7 inches long, 19.7 wide 17 high so it provides plenty of space for your kitty to move around in and get clean from all those messy accidents!


    • Interior size: L40cmxW50cmxH44.6cm/ L15.7xW19.6xH17.6
    • 1X Cat Litter Box Enclosure
    • 1X Assembly Instructions
    • 1X Accessory Kit


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    Best Budget: Pawland Decorative Cat House

    Material: Wood | Outer Dimensions: 18.9 X 20.9 X 22 inches | CatEntrance Size: 6.7 x 8.3 inches

    • Rotary catch for a more secure closure

    • Ventilation holes

    • No place to store extra litter or scoop

    • Cant fit an oversized litter box

    If youre looking to hide your kittys litter box on a budget, the PAWLAND Decorative Cat House is the choice for you. Similar in style to the UniPaws Gray Indoor Cat House with Mat, but with a more rustic farmhouse-style feel, it holds a standard-size litter box while also doubling as a side table or nightstand. Its complete with ventilated holes and, unlike magnets that can pop open when your kitty bumps into the door, the enclosure’s rotary catch has a stronger hold that keeps the door firmly shut until youre ready to go in and clean it.

    This litter box enclosure is made of engineered wood and comes in two finisheswhite and espressowith a shiplap-style detailing.

    Best For Small Spaces: Tucker Murphy White Plotkin Cat Walk And Pet House Litter Box Enclosure

    NuFazes Pet Cat Hidden Litter Box Furniture Enclosure ...

    Material: Wood | Outer Dimensions: 20 x 18.15 x 37.7 inches | CatEntrance Size: 8.5 x 8.5 inches

    • Vertical design is good for small spaces

    • Cute cat-shaped cut out opening

    • Has an extra storage drawer

    • Thin material that can be a little wobbly

    • Might be a tight squeeze for larger cats

    If youre short on space, but cant stand looking at the litter box out in the open, the Tucker Murphy White Plotkin Cat Walk and Pet House Litter Box Enclosure is the perfect solution. Rather than a single open space, its vertical, multi-functional design also features an inside shelf and a top storage drawer. You can use the extra space to hide away the litter scoop and plastic baggies, or use it to store pet items that you have no other spot for, like nail trimmers. Theres also an option to leave the inner shelf out, if your cat is particularly tall and you want more vertical space.

    The bottom shelf fits a small standard size litter box and the cat-shaped entrances on both sides allow your kitty to easily climb in and out no matter which direction hes coming from.

    • Bench only holds 50 pounds, so you cant sit on it

    • Expensive

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    Drape Curtains Around An End Table

    Find an old end table . Make sure you find an end table that can fit over the top of your existing litter box. The more space you have, the better. Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles transformed her accent table into a kitty litter hideaway using spray paint and some striped fabric. Find out how she adhered the fabric to the table by visiting her tutorial here.

    All The Details: Smell Cleaning And More

    Make sure you select a box thats simple to open so you can easily access the litter for cleaning.

    • Look for one with a filtered vent system for odor reduction .
    • Pick one with extra space to store additional cat items like litter pans.
    • Select one with pre-cut holes for cables if you use an electric litter box.
    • If you have multiple cats, make sure to have a litter box for each and vets suggest having one extra as a backup.
    • Use the same litter you used before in the new litter box enclosure. This will help your cat adjust and be comfortable with the new box.
    • Change the litter frequently. Ideally, you should scoop the box every day and clean the box once per week with pet-safe products.
    • Consider a disposable litter liner which can make the box easier to clean.

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    Why Buy Cat Litter Box Furniture

    There are a dozen reasons why investing in cat litter box furniture is useful and beneficial.

  • It hides the litter box
  • It improves house/apartment aesthetic vs. the litter box
  • Litter box furniture also doubles as storage for your cat items
  • There is less litter tracking with a cat litter box furniture
  • You can easily clean litter box furniture
  • Cat litter box furniture also hides litter odors while allowing ventilation
  • It provides a safe, secure space for your cat
  • Lets face it, theyre stylish litter box houses
  • Your cat will have his/her own space reducing litter box accidents
  • It is an affordable cat product that will last a long time
  • Litter box furniture even accommodates automatic litter boxes
  • Cat litter box furniture reduces dust, which is great for those with allergies
  • See! Thats 12 reasons already!

    Factors To Consider When Buying A Cat Litter Box Enclosure

    23 Cool Ways To Hide A Cat Litter Box

    An out of sight litter box is a fancy of many cat owners, and luckily theres a thing called litter box furniture to help them with that. Before getting one for your pet, take note of these factors to ensure that you get the best out of the many available options out there.

    Materials and Construction

    Perhaps the first thing you should look at in a box enclosure is the materials used. Is it sturdy enough to carry your cats weight? Is it quality-made?

    Some of the top-selling litter box furniture is made of waterproof materials that help in minimizing unpleasant odors. Those that are not waterproof, like most wood type, absorbs liquid and may require plastic linings, extra mats, or sealants to avoid the accumulation of urine and, subsequently, nasty odor.

    Other types are scratch-resistant. So if your pet loves scratching more than anything, then you should at least consider getting this kind of enclosure.

    Note that cheap and low-quality made enclosures could easily get damaged or destroyed by your pets.


    Like any other products for our beloved feline friends, even cat furniture vary in pricing. Some brands offer expensive models, but other manufacturers offer cheaper alternatives. This factor is subjective and would depend on your budget.


    Size should also be considered if you have a small space to put the furniture. For such cases, compact types are your best option and avoid larger models.



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    Stylish Litter Boxes That Can Effortlessly Be Incorporated Into Your Home

    All products featured on Architectural Digest are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    Lets be real, cats are the monarchs of our households. And as such, they deserve the full royal treatment, including the finest of thrones to take care of their business.

    The rise of cat-friendly furniture is exponential. People are finding the opportunity to use their felines favorite perching place as intentional decor, turning mundane scratching posts into eye-catching statement pieces. Companies like Tuft + Paw,Furrytail, and Meowingtons are pouncing at the opportunity to provide modern furniture to felines and their furry friends alike.

    More and more, people consider their pets as family members and respect their needs, even in architecture and house decoration, says Sylvia Lucas, founder of The-Cat-Design, a Barcelona-based cat-furniture company. I think were just at the beginning of the trend.

    But no matter how many or few cat accessories you choose to buy, theres really no getting out of owning a litter box. In larger homes, it may be easy to hide a litter box in the laundry room or behind a closed door, but in a smaller space where every inch counts, a stylish litter box is more than just a luxury for your cat. Still, there are a few practical considerations to take into account outside of pure aesthetics.

    Cove Litter Box

    The Refined Feline Refined Litter Box

    Large cats need large litter boxes, and the Refined Litter Box in the X-Large configuration is perfect to fit all sorts of jumbo, giant, and automatic litter boxes!

    This is a really handsome piece of cat litter box furniture thats ideal if you want to sneakily leave a litter box in plain sight in a dining room or living room. I think it looks a lot like a side buffet for a dining room.

    Enjoy clean, classic lines done with an oak veneer. While the outside is stately and classy enough to look almost like an antique piece thats been handed down to you, the inside is all business.

    THE REFINED FELINE Refined Litter Box has an internal plastic litter liner with high walls. Yes, an internal corrugated litter liner is included with this unit!

    Theres also a slotted wooden litter catch tray sold separately by the manufacturer. The rear ventilation slots that are built into the unit can also be fitted with carbon odor filters purchased separately, too.

    Youll notice a top drawer with a 4-inch depth that provides some hidden storage for cat essentials. This unit also has secret holes in the back to accommodate cords for automatic litter boxes.

    The overall dimensions on this 16-pound unit are 33.5 x 23 x 27.75 .


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    Mahogany Cabinet Aka Tv Stand

    The Mahogany cabinet is versatile and stylish. It can act as a TV stand to support your television set while camouflaging your felines messy business with strong odor.

    You can also use the cabinet top as a display unit for interior décor accessories such as a framed artwork or a vase of flowers.

    The Meow Town Cabinet Litter Box comes with a side entrance for easy access whenever your cat needs to poop.

    Stylish Enclosed Cat Litter Box Furniture

    White Cat Litter Box Large Pet Kitty Enlosure Hide Away ...
    • High-quality materials: The Refined Cat Litter Box Deluxe is constructed of solid pine and ply with a beautiful oak veneer. However, many other litter box enclosures are made from cheap odor and water-absorbing materials. Our cat litter box enclosure actually repels water.
    • Beautiful Cat Furniture: This litter box cabinet can elegantly blend in with the aesthetic of your home, no matter if it’s modern or traditional. In other words, guests wont even know this beautiful cabinet has a hidden litter box inside.
    • Customizable cat furniture: With two sizes, these cat litter box cabinets can hold standard size, jumbo, and even electric litter boxes. In addition, you can choose from multiple door panel styles, feet styles, and colors. Whatever the color of your furniture, we have cat furniture to match it.

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    Pawland Litter Box Enclosure

    Combining a fairly low price with an attractive build, this hidden litter box is a fan favorite.

    Its made of engineered wood with a smooth finish. In addition to a breezy front entry hole, youll find a series of ventilation holes against the back wall.

    The wide front door on this design swings open to allow you to clean and replace the litter box without struggles.

    The apron-top design with lips on the side is a nice touch because you can place objects on the top without worrying about them sliding off.

    Ultimately, the PAWLAND Litter Box Enclosure is a top pick if youre looking for a cat litter enclosure that tons of others reviewer s like and recommend. It accommodates most standard-sized litter boxes easily.

    The dimensions are 18.9 x 20.9 x 22 .


    Let Everyone Else Think It’s A Trash Can

    Designed to resemble a trash can, this litter box is a perfect way to hide your kittys litter box. The Mox Litter Box is dog-proof and its modern design is bound to give your home a clean, sleek, minimalist look.

    Well, and, nobody will ever know its a litter box unless theyve seen it before or you tell them what it is.

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    Tips For Transitioning Your Cat To Their New Litter Box Enclosure

    As I said, and you probably already know as a cat parent, cats are finicky so you definitely want to make this transition a slow and smooth one.

    Before I even painted the cabinet, I began by putting the litter box inside of it, with the doors already removed.

    First, facing the front so the cats didnt even have to go inside the cabinet. After a couple of days, I turned the litter box so they actually had to step inside to get into the litter box.

    Doing this slowly helps to cut down on the risk of accidents and your cats totally rejecting your new piece of furniture.

    While you may not have a 1980s Entertainment Center cabinet sitting in your home to upcycle into a cat litter box furniture piece, Im willing to bet you can find one rather easily and one thats rather inexpensive too!

    Browse yard sales, online sale sites like Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, and your Grandmothers basement for some cool pieces to DIY and save yourself money AND the not-so-pretty sight of a litter box!

    Archie & Oscar Cathey Wooden Litter Box Cabinet

    Hidden Litter Box Furniture – Get Great Deals Online!

    In engineered wood with two cabinet doors, the Archie & Oscar Cathey Wooden Litter Box Cabinet features a classic look. Its detailed with double doors with small handles, a square cut out as a side entry point for your cat and a clean, flat tabletop.

    In addition to the litter pan enclosure, this cat box includes a storage drawer to hold pet supplies, cat toys and other small items.

    This cabinet is perfect for placing in a hallway or in a living room. You can even put it in a bathroom for use as a towel display or a place to stash extra toilet paper or bath candles.

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    Archie & Oscar Alfonso Jumbo Litter Box Enclosure

    The Archie & Oscar Alfonso Jumbo Litter Box Enclosure is the ultimate cat washroom. In an extra large shape, this cat washroom bench is perfect for the pet owner in need of a stylish yet versatile hidden litter box.

    This design features a flat top for use as a traditional storage bench and two multi-functional interior compartments. Stash your litter box on one side of the cabinet and pet products on the other side.

    If you want to create a larger interior space, the divider wall can be removed.

    What Is The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture

    Sometimes, out of sight is out of mind. So if youre going to conceal a litter box inside an enclosure, youll need to make it a point to open those doors and clean it out every single day!

    For the most part, cats are great at sniffing out their litter box and knowing where to find it, even if you move it to a new location. If your cat adapts easily to new things, litter box furniture is a great way to improve the look of your home. And you can finally get that gross litter box out of your line of sight!

    If your kitty is fussy, old or doesnt take well to change, theres always the chance they wont want to use it. And if thats the case, at least youll have a new piece of furniture that you can find another use for!

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