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Pet Lab Dental Wash For Cats

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Vet Explains 6 Ways To Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy
  • Dr. Michelle Diener helped us formulate this list Our vet, Dr. Diener, reviewed every one of the products on our list and helped us narrow it down to provide you with only the best, safest, and most proven options. She ranked her favorite dental waters and shared her authentic views on each one.
  • We ordered and paid for these products Our reviews have no strings attached. Brands didnt sponsor or gift these products. Instead, we used our resources to purchase each dental water additive, allowing us to give you objective reviews.
  • We sent them off with our product researcher to test in the field Much of the information in our reviews comes straight from a dogs mouth. Our product review expert, Sara Ondrako, tested these dental water additives with her dogs to help give us insights.
  • We trialed and tested these products in The Lab Finally, our editorial team took a close look at each product in The Lab. We also tried a few of them on our dogs to get a final stamp of approval.

How To Keep Your Dogs Teeth And Gums Healthy

There are several facets to proper puppy oral care. For starters, we recommend brushing at least two to three days per week daily is even better and having your dogs teeth professionally cleaned when your vet recommends it. To get your pup used to teeth brushing, introduce the process slowly. Make sure to use proper pet toothpaste, and let your dog taste it first. Treat breaks are fair game as you get your pet used to sitting still. All it takes is 30 seconds per day to get a good brush in! Over time, your dog should grow accustomed to the routine, allowing you to get a good cleaning in.

Pet Lab Dental Wash And Petlab Dental Formula

Some dogs hate having their teeth brushed. If you are unable to get your dog to sit still to brush his teeth at home and if you dont want to shell out the big bucks for professional cleaning, consider trying Pet Labs Dental Wash for dogs.

Is Petlab co dental formula safe for dogs?

This Pet Lab dental formula dog is effective in removing built-up tartar and plaque, naturally freshens your dogs breath, is taste and odor-free, and supports gum health.

Petlab dental formula

Adding a teaspoon of the Petlab dental formula to your dogs drinking water every day will improve overall oral hygiene and make spending time with your dog much more pleasant. The method is safe for everyday use as it is additive-free.

Dont feel guilty about not wanting to smell your dogs bad breath as he breathes directly into your face. Instead, once again, enjoy your dogs snuggles by accessing the problem and determining your treatment options.

Consult with your vet to eliminate all possible underlying health conditions or to schedule a professional cleaning of the dogs teeth. Otherwise, tackle the issue at home with a regular brushing regimen or a daily dose of Pet Lab Dental Wash.

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More Ways To Support Your Dogs Dental Health

When considering your dogs dental health journey, there are more factors to consider than selecting your favorite water additives for dogs. These products are only one piece of a larger puzzle.

The first step that you can take as a loving dog parent is to take the time toregularly inspect your dogs teeth and gums as recommended in the Pet Health 5 monthly exam. You want to check for any areas of concern that may require medical attention including loose or missing teeth, bleeding gums, or signs of infection. Ideally, we would like to prevent any dental problems from occurring, but if our dogs do experience a problem, catching it early can prevent a lot of pain and discomfort.

Make brushing your dogs teeth part of your regular routine. This should be done with dog-friendly toothpaste as human toothpaste often contains ingredients that are toxic to your pup.

If your dog is uncomfortable with the toothbrush, its never too late to introduce this tool. Begin by placing the toothbrush on the floor and allowing your dog to check it out. When they are comfortable with it, add some tasty dog toothpaste that they can lick off the brush allowing you to bring it closer to their mouth. Over time, youll be able to place the toothbrush in your dogs mouth and then you can introduce the brushing movement.

Other dog-approved products that you can use to boost your dogs dental health include dental toys, dental treats, anddental chews.

Pet: : Essential Healthymouth Water Additive Cleans Teeth With Bacteria


Pros: VOHC-accepted shown to reduce plaque by more than 85% in clinical trials contains ingredients with antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial properties and omega 3-rich salmon oil

Cons: Some cats may avoid drinking the additive due to taste

Although daily brushing works best to promote a healthy feline mouth, some cats will never be fully comfortable with it. For these finicky felines, water additives combined with a targeted diet that reduces plaque and tartar is second best, according to board certified veterinary behaviorist Wailani Sung at the San Francisco SPCA in California.

Pet::Essential Healthymouth Water Additive is the only VOHC-accepted option for cats. The formula includes papain, which is an enzyme extracted from papaya fruit antioxidant and anti-microbial cinnamon cleansing chlorophyll, and antibacterial pomegranate. Two clinical trials conducted in 2010 indicated that this dental additive reduced plaque by more than 85% when mixed with fresh water daily.

This product is the most expensive of the water additives we considered, but the compact jug packs a lot of punch and will last three to four months. The larger 16-ounce jug contains twice the volume for just $16 more.

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Is Wet Food Bad For A Cat’s Teeth

There is no consensus among veterinarians about whether a diet made up primarily of wet food has a more negative impact on a cat’s dental health than a dry food diet. While cats who chew their kibble may successfully break up some plaque, many cats actually swallow their kibble whole the same way they do wet food. “If you ask 10 veterinary dentists , you’ll get four different answers,” Snyder said.

Know The Signs Of Unhealthy Cat Teeth

A lot of the time, the best preventative is knowledge. We know that cats develop plaque build-up just like us, but we need to make sure we understand when we need to take proactive action

Normally, the first tell-tale sign is bad breath. It’s usually something you cant miss or avoid, unless you dont spend any time with your fluffball! This is one of the symptoms of advanced dental disease. This may be accompanied by swollen gums, drooling and tartar building on the teeth that is a yellowish-brown color.

Another indicator is your cat chewing on one side of their mouth or having difficulty eating. This could also become obvious if they begin to lose weight. This could mean your cat is suffering from a severe form of gingivitis. And, to make matters worse, some cats don’t show any symptoms until it is too late which is why prevention is better than a cure in this case.

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Home Dental Care For Cats

After your dental cleaning your mouth feels good. Now imagine what it would feel like if you didnt brush them for the next 6-12 months or until your next dentist appointment. Wow, the smell and the lack of friends would be impressive!

Your cats mouth is pretty much the same. After a professional cleaning and polish the mouth is in good shape but just like with people our pets start accumulating plaque again within hours. Home care for your cats can make a tremendous difference in their comfort and health. The more you can do at home, the healthier your cats mouth will be between professional teeth cleaning and the longer the intervals between the cleanings.

Below we have listed some common forms of home care that have proven to be of benefit for cats. The best approach is to combine several methods of control to achieve the best results. All methods of home care share the goal of minimizing plaque accumulation, and preventing the mineralization of the plaque to form calculus . Cats can be resistant to home care, and require a very gradual and gentle approach to achieve any degree of success.

Veterinary Oral Health Council: We recommend and use Veterinary Oral Health Council Products whenever possible. The Veterinary Oral Council exists to recognize products with a VOHC Seal of Acceptance that meet pre-set standards of plaque and calculus retardation in dogs and cats.

Regular use of products carrying the VOHC Seal will reduce the severity of periodontal disease.

More About The Science

Ora-Clens Dental Rinse for Dogs and Cats: Keep your pet’s teeth clean with fresh breath

According to the American Veterinarian Medical Association, poor oral health is the most frequently diagnosed problem for pets. Unhealthy gums, yellow teeth and bad breath can even be a sign of serious disease in our pets, which may affect their kidneys, livers, and hearts.

Each scoop of ProBioraPet contains our patented probiotic blend in a concentration specifically formulated to address the oral care needs of dogs and cats. ProBioraPet restores the natural balance to your pets mouth by going directly to the teeth and gum, crowding out the bad bacteria and increasing the good to support gum health, and freshen their breath.

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What Is The Petlab Dental Formula

There are plenty of people who consider themselves to be dog lovers, and all of them want to do what is best for their pets. One of the biggest necessities in caring for your animal is to keep their teeth clean. Veterinarians say that the best practice is to brush a dogs teeth every day, but there are very few people that keep this habit up. Unfortunately, the lack of attention to a dogs teeth and gums can lead to a backup of bacteria that is ultimately devastating to their health.

Bacteria gets caught in the gums and teeth as a result of different foods, water, and the many items that these furry friends put into their mouths on the daily. While there is some bacteria that is healthy for a dog to have, there are other strains that are highly toxic and dangerous. Considering that gum disease is one of the most common issues that dogs face, any animal lover should do what they can to protect their pooch, PetLab Co.’s solution seems particularly appealing.

Their Dental Formula offers an incredibly simple way to keep the teeth and gums of dogs healthy and clean. With a combination of sodium bicarbonate , potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate, this formula can:

  • Remove the buildup of plaque
  • Eliminate tartar
  • Strengthen gums
  • Eliminate bad bacteria

What Our Vet Thinks

Because of the VOHC Seal of Acceptance, Dr. Michelle Diener feels comfortable and confident recommending the Fresh Breath Dental Health Solution to pet owners with dogs ages 12 weeks and older. It also earned the NASC Quality Seal, which means the product went through other safety tests, undergoes an audit every two years, and met additional requirements.

She says its safe and formulated in the U.S. with ingredients proven to improve dogs dental hygiene. Though our product reviewers pup didnt notice the additive in their water, Dr. Diener says other dogs may detect it and not drink water containing this additive. Youll have to let your pup taste test to get their thoughts.

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Take Charge Of Your Pet’s Health

To help your pet readjust after their procedure:

  • Please withhold all food and water until 8am the following day . This will help to prevent any issues as your pet fully recovers from the anesthesia
  • Limit running, jumping, and/or climbing activity for the next 14 days
  • Leash walk only for the next 14 days, including in your own backyard
  • Our team will provide you with personalized care and medication instructions at check out!

If you have chosen an e-collar, please make sure they are wearing it for the full two weeks. If they are having trouble eating or drinking out of their bowls, it is OK to remove it and supervise closely during meal time.

Cat and dog teeth cleanings are fully anesthetized procedures. This ensures your pets safety and comfort, and allows our team to provide the most thorough and effective dental care possible.

In-between care is extremely important. This typically involves brushing your pets teeth daily with pet-only toothpaste . Supervised dental chews or toys can also help to supplement your pets dental care.

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Coyne Veterinary Center

Naturel Promise Fresh Dental Dental Health Solution

Take Care Of Your Pet

Another odorless option that has earned the VOHC Seal of Acceptance and NASC Quality Seal, this water additive promises to keep your dogs breath fresh for up to 12 hours at a time. This is another product that has been made in the USA with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. They take it a step further for those interested in minimizing their eco-footprint by guaranteeing the use of only plant-based ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

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Be Patient With Your Cat

The level of success you have when brushing your cat’s teeth will largely depend on their temperament. Remember to stay calm, relaxed, flexible, and willing to adapt your approach to your cat’s level of tolerance. Lots of cat owners have a very easy time cleaning their pet’s teeth with some gauze, others find a finger brush works well and others apply a dental gell with their fingers that they let do the work for them.

When you finally start successfully brushing your cat’s teeth, move along the gum line, working quickly but stopping before your cat starts getting irritated. It could be weeks before your kitty tolerates having all of its teeth cleaned in a single session.

If your kitty gets alarmed or stressed by the teeth cleaning process it might react by scratching or biting. So if brushing your cat’s teeth becomes too difficult for you and your furry friend consider adding plaque remover additives into their drinking water, getting them specially designed chew toys, or providing your cat with tasty dental treats.

Invest In Dental Care Products

As said above, the key to avoiding serious dental diseases is prevention. Your actions as their kitty-parent are imperative and the sooner you find an easy and simple way of supporting your kittens mouth, teeth and gums, the better their health will be simple.

Look for a liquid based dental formula you can add discreetly to their water bowl, as most cats will be very reluctant to having their teeth manually cleaned! Regular, continued external support via a cat specific dental formula will support optimum oral health for your cat!

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When Does A Cat Need A Professional Dental Cleaning

According to Snyder, the typical cat should have their first professional cleaning at 1 to 2 years of age. “It should ideally be a quick procedure,” he said. “We’re just getting in there, cleaning things up and looking for early warning signs.” After the first cleaning, they should return to the vet annually for the procedure.

A Popular Product That We Dont Recommend

Cat Care Products? Petlab Cat Dental Formula and Fur Ball Remedy Reviews!

This popular product is a hit on the internet, and others have suggested it. However, after reviewing, we decided we cant say the same. Heres why.

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Water Additives for Dogs. Nylabones water additive may be all the rage on the internet, but pet parents will want to beware. Dog owners often want to avoid products with artificial ingredients and dyes. This product contains blue dye, which could be irritating. And Saras dogs didnt find the water additives all that tasty. Though it temporarily reduced bad breath, the overpowering peppermint smell was a bit much for Sara.

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Petlab Co Dog Dental Formula

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    Routine Dental Care For Cats

    A daily oral hygiene routine for your cat can help to make sure their teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible. To make cleaning your cats teeth at home as easy and stress-free as possible, begin your cats oral hygiene routine while your kitty is still young. This way, your cat will be accustomed to having their teeth brushed and mouth touched from a young age.

    Your goal is to make brushing your cats teeth a stress-free and easy part of your kittys daily routine. Begin by waiting until your cat is calm and relaxed, then follow these steps:

  • Gently lift your cats lips, then use your finger to massage their teeth and gums for just a few seconds.
  • Dont expect too much from your cat at first. You may only be able to reach a couple of teeth the first few times your try this process. Thats okay though. This is about building trust in your cat to help prevent them from becoming agitated.
  • Remain calm and be sure to give lots of praise and a yummy treat after your teeth-and-gum massage. Youre trying to build your cats tolerance to the experience, gradually increasing the length of time you spend on the task each day.
  • Once your feline friend is used to you massaging their gums each day, you will be able to gradually introduce a soft-bristled toothbrush you can acquire from your vet and some special cat toothpaste. Toothpaste can come in a range of excellent flavors for cats like beef or chicken.
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