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Rachel Ray Cat Food Indoor

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Who Makes Rachael Ray Nutrish And Where Is It Produced

Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat Food Review

Chef Rachael Ray partnered with a company called Ainsworth Pet Nutrition in 2008. She had concrete plans in mind to create a highly nutritious, human-grade food for cats and dogs. Her beloved Pit Bull Isaboo gave her the inspiration.

Rachael Rays Nutrish line is 100% manufactured in United States facilities. The headquarters is in Meadville, Pennsylvania, with facilities across several states. You can find Nutrish in most pet stores across the US and online.

Which Types Of Cats Is Rachael Ray Nutrish Best Suited For

Rachel Ray Nutrish offers an abundance of recipes that are sure to tantalize the taste buds of even the pickiest feline kings and queens. It will work for virtually any cat with any preference. There are exceptions, of course. But overall, Nutrish has a vast selection that can appeal to the needs or wants of any kitty.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Broths

The Nutrish Purrfect Broths are hearty, lickable soups that come in packets. They also have chunks of meats, and is a great way to incorporate more moisture into your cats diet.

Rachael Ray Purrfect Broths Classic Salmon Recipe


Nutritious, versatile broth.This broth is typically given as a treat or snack by buyers to their cats who need to have more moisture in their bodies. As it is made of fish broth and has real salmon flakes in it, many pet parents know that this is a high-quality soup that is good for their cats overall health. Some buyers mix it with their cats kibble for an additional source of hydration.

Great flavor. This soupy treat is not only rich in nutrients, but tastes great as well according to owners of cats who have licked every single drop of this broth.


Packaging. A handful of customers stated that the chunks of meat get stuck at the bottom of the packet and are hard to get out. Some say they need to use a utensil to get them all out, while one review says it needs a splash of water in the packet so they can pour all contents out.

Purrfect Broths is a hearty soup thats great as a light snack or treat. It is nutrient-rich and can also be added to kibble for moisture. While it contains meat, it is not meant to be given as a meal by itself as it is mostly liquid. The packaging issue is quite minor, and can be easily resolved with a spoon or water.

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Purrfect Entres

Inspired by recipes from Rachael Rays own kitchen, Purrfect Entrées are culinary classics made exclusively for cats. Rich in protein with added vegetables for fiber and vitamins, this wet food is both nutritious and delicious. It comes in 6 appetizing flavors.

Rachael Ray Purrfect Entrées Cravin Chicken Dinner


Quality ingredients. High-quality natural ingredients are very important to pet parents who want the best for their kitties. The meat content and fiber-rich veggies are visible in the product so buyers know that they get natural ingredients with every can.

Yummy gravy. The tasty sauce that comes with this food is made of nutritious chicken broth. Many cats enjoy licking the gravy before digging into the food. Some buyers mix this tasty wet food with their cats kibble to increase their moisture intake.


Small portions. Some customers feel that the portions of this wet food are too small compared to other brands.

Majority of repeat customers love the Purrfect Entrée Cravin Chicken Dinner because of the visible natural ingredients in every container. The flavor is also a hit among numerous cats. However, some probably cannot get enough as their owners feel that the portions are too small.

Have Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat Foods Ever Been Recalled

Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Dry Cat Food

Yes. In 2015, a number of Rachael Ray Nutrish cat food were recalled due to elevated levels of vitamin D. After tests were conducted, Ainsworth stated that the high levels of vitamin D came from natural levels of the vitamin from some of the fish ingredients used in the products that were affected.

Ainsworth assured the public that they have implemented operational procedures to prevent such occurrences in the future. No recalls or complaints have been reported since.

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Purina Cat Chow Naturals Dry Cat Food Best Selling Dry Food

Protein: 38.0% | Fat: 9.0% | Fiber: 5.4% | Moisture: 12.0%

At the time of writing this review, Purinas Cat Chow Naturals is the best selling dry cat food around. Its no surprise to us.

It contains plenty of natural fiber that helps to control hairballs by moving hair through your cats system. We love that it has absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives and is made from real meats that are clearly listed in its ingredients.

The 358 kcal/cup is also very modest, with the right portion control it could definitely be a viable weight control food for your cat. Because of the low caloric density, your cat will feel more full after consuming less calories. As with most of Purinas products, it comes in a variety of flavors and formulas each designed for cats of different age ranges and weights.

The real meat ingredients in this food ensure your cat is getting natural, animal-sourced proteins that are packed full of the building blocks they require to live a healthy life. Dry cat is often guilty of using plant-based proteins which arent as good, but this is a good example of a food containing plenty of animal-based proteins. Purina Cat Chow Indoor Dry food review.

Class Action Lawsuitrachael Ray Cat Food Contains Weed Killer

In August of 2018, a New Yorker filed a $5 million class action lawsuit against Rachael Ray Nutrish.

According to the plaintiff, Rachael Ray Nutrish is guilty of mislabeling products by claiming that the foods are natural. Independent lab testing revealed that the food contained traces of an undisclosed herbicide called glyphosate.

This herbicide, commonly found in Roundup, is described in the lawsuit as a potent biocide and endocrine disruptor, with detrimental health effects that are still becoming known.

Its important to reiterate that this lawsuit doesnt focus on the hazards of glyphosate residue in the food. Its about misleading labeling.

The term natural has a loose legal definition, but it has a definite meaning in the minds of consumers. According to the lawsuit, a national phone survey in 2014 found that 66% of respondents said that a natural label on packaged and processed foods means that no toxic pesticides were used in the making of that product.

In reality, glyphosate is present in many foods, including those labeled as natural. Glyphosate is used to treat many crops, including soybeans, corn, wheat, lentils, peas, and oats. When researchers tested nine popular pet food formulas for glyphosate, they found significant amounts of it in all nine.

These included Purina Cat Chow, Friskies Indoor Complete, 9 Lives, Rachael Ray, and Purina Beyond Natural.

None of the listed brands were recalled and the probe remains inconclusive as of May 2020.

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Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Indoor Chicken & Potato

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Indoor Chicken & Potato Recipe is a well-balanced diet for gluten-sensitive felines. If your kitty has an allergy to common grains like wheat, corn, or soyno worries. This recipe is formulated specifically for your cat.

There is 32% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, and 9% moisture. There are a total of 437 calories per cup. This is a high-calorie diet, so its best for active felines that are frequently exerting energy. It can cause weight can in lazier cats.

This recipe is a perfect balance of vital amino acids, taurine, antioxidants, fatty acids, and whole protein. Its 100% free of any harmful poultry by-products, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Rather than grain, this selection offers pea flour, dried potato, and pumpkin.

While this is an ideal solution for allergy-prone kitties, be aware of the potential link to heart disease in grain-free recipes. Always speak with your veterinarian to gauge their recommendation on these matters.

Iams Proactive Health Indoor Care Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Cat Food | Chewy
Package Size: 7 pounds

Hills Science Diet Indoor Kitten Dry Cat Food is our pick as the best kitten food for indoor kittens. It has chicken listed as its first ingredient and provides your kitten with 33.5% protein to help your pet develop into a strong cat. Real fruits and vegetables like broccoli, apples, carrots, and cranberries add powerful antioxidants to your cats diet that will help boost the immune system and prevent them from catching a disease.

We liked serving our kittens Hills Science Diet, but it is quite expensive, and at nearly 550 calories per serving, it can quickly add weight to your pet which is good when they are a kitten, but youll want to switch to something else when they become fully grown.

Package Size: 15 pounds

Blue Buffalo Indoor Health Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food is another one of our favorite choices. It provides your cat with 32% protein by using deboned chicken as its first ingredient and other protein sources, like peas. Besides the meat ingredients, it also contains omega fats and real fruits and vegetables, like carrots, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and kelp. However, there are no genetically modified corn or soy products that can upset your cats stomach and leave your cat feeling hungry.

Once again, the biggest downside to the Blue Buffalo Indoor brand is getting the cats to eat it. We also felt that the kibble was a little large for some of our cats.

Package Size: 22 pounds
Package Size: 20 pounds

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Purina One Urinary Tract Health Dry Cat Food Best Budget Buy

Protein: 31.5% | Fat: 12.5%

Purinas ONE Dry Cat Food is designed to promote good urinary tract health. It manages this by reducing urinary pH levels and providing a low magnesium content.

Suited for adult cats, it contains healthy omega-6 fatty acids that boost the sheen of your cats coat and aids in keeping skin healthy.

Purina is a well known respected brand, and you can be assured that all of the contents are of the highest quality. Real poultry or fish is used which provides the best natural sources of protein. They promise a 0% filler food, meaning that each and every ingredient found in this dry cat food has a purpose.

Its available in a variety of other formulas designed at other health needs, from hairball prevention to sensitive digestion systems. Purinas special health formulas are fantastic, but shouldnt be used as a cure for any illness in the same way a prescription food would be used. Speak to your vet first if you have any health concerns.

Rachael Ray Cat Food Review 202: Get Her Exclusive Recipes For Cats Here

Pet parents have become increasingly selective when it comes to anything their pets consume. Awareness of the harmful effects of chemicals in processed food have contributed to the growing demand for healthier alternatives.

With this in mind, we have made a Rachael Ray cat food review to help you pick the right food. We have seen celebrities with their pets, and we know that they have some of the most pampered pets in the world.

Knowing that a credible celebrity is feeding the same brand to their beloved pets makes us want to give the same to our own.

Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

Our readers rely upon the cat food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. We also routinely update and review our own reviews ensuring that any changes by manufacturers are brought to your attention.

FelineLiving.Net is maintained by Mary Nielsen & her staff. Mary is an animal lover of both cats and dogs. She and her staff are passionate about animals and work hard to provide you with a wealth of information for you and your cat.

FelineLiving.Net is supported by our readers. If you make a purchase through one of our links, we may earn a referral fee. This helps cover the cost of operating our free blog. Thanks for your support!



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A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites

Package Size: 12 ounces

The Smalls Human-Grade Fresh cat food is our choice for overall best cat food for indoor cats because it allows you to feed your kitty with a diet that closely resembles a cats natural diet . It has at least 15% protein as fed, and 49.6% of the metabolizable energy comes from this basic nutrient. With this food choice, your cat will get all the protein it needs from a reliable source and in a natural form.

What sets Smalls Human-Grade Fresh recipe apart from other commercial cat foods is the high quality of its natural and wholesome ingredients. This species-appropriate diet has exactly what your tiny carnivore needs to thrive. Naturally high in protein and low in carbohydrates, this amazing product is also rich in moisture, helping to prevent some of the common issues with indoor cats: obesity and hairballs. Thats a very significant plus for indoor cat owners! In addition, Smalls food is all-natural meaning it does not contain unnatural colors, flavors, or preservatives. The natural preservative in this food is actually an antioxidant that protects your kitty from free radicals, promoting health at the cellular level.

We know, its like a dream come true for your cat but guess what? This amazing food is also delivered right to your doorstep automatically so you will be saving time and gas on pet store trips. If you are interested in this amazing fresh cat food, you can get a trial offer just beware, your kitty will LOVE it!

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Natural Premium Dry Cat Food ...

This dry cat food by Rachael Rays Nutrish line is a great staple diet for all types of adult cats. Real chicken is used as the first ingredient, alongside brown rice, vitamins, minerals, taurine, and vegetables. These ingredients make this dry cat food high in protein and extremely nutritious.

The inclusion of yeast, Biotin, and zinc in the formula keep your furry friends coat and skin in tip-top condition, as well as aiding with dry skin and excessive shedding. Omega-6 fatty acids further pamper your cats coat and skin by ensuring it stays soft and glowing.

This dry cat food by Rachael Ray uses beet pulp and prebiotics to support your felines digestion system, as well as taurine, which keeps your companions heart and eyes working efficiently.

In addition to being a high-quality and healthy diet for your furry friend, this dry cat food from Rachael Rays Nutrish line also uses zero wheat, soy, ground corn, fillers, poultry by-product meal, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in its recipe. Its also made entirely in the USA!

A couple of great features about this dry cat food from Rachael Rays Nutrish line is its high-quality formula and taste. A lot of reviews by fellow cat owners have noted that this dry cat food has helped regulate and firmed up their cats bowel movements.

It is also important to note that this dry cat food is not grain-free. If your cat is sensitive to grain, then this dry cat food might not be ideal.


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What Kinds Of Cat Food Does Rachael Ray Nutrish Offer

Rachael Ray Nutrish offers three lines of dry cat food. These are Peak, a line of ultra-premium high-protein foods, Zero Grain dry food, and Super Premium dry food, which includes grains and is the brands biggest dry food line.

Their wet food selection includes four lines. These are Purrfect Entrees, Peak Ultra Premium, Purrfect Broths, and Grain Free.

Rachael Ray Indoor Cat Food

This is a recipe that I got from a friend of mine, who is also an interior designer. The cat likes to eat the cat food, but she doesnt have the stomach for the canned food. She loves to eat raw cat food, which is why this is a good recipe for her.

Im not sure Id call it an indoor cat food, but its a great recipe. You can make this with any canned food or fresh cat food that you have. Ive also put a link to it in the recipe below.

If you get a cat and want to give it a cat food, I would make sure that you feed it raw cat food at least once a day. I think that there is no better way to make sure a cat is eating the food you want them to. You should use only food that is fresh and not canned.

I have not tried this recipe, but I have made plenty of other recipes for my cats, so I can say it is working for me.

rachael rays latest cat food is a can of cat food that is a mix of dried cat food, a can of canned cat food, and a cat food tub. I would suggest you mix the three and see how it tastes. If you want to avoid using canned food, you can use raw cat food. It is also better for your cat if you freeze the raw food before putting it in the frozen food container.

I think its great for cats who are allergic to canned cat food. It is also a healthier option because it contains no hormones. I also think that canned cat food is not a great option for cats who are allergic. The reason is because it requires a special can opener, which most cat food manufacturers dont offer.

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