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Prescription Cat Food For Uti

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Best Prescription: Hills Prescription Diet C/d Multicare Urinary Care With Chicken Canned Cat Food

Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d Urinary Care Cat Food | Chewy
  • Type: Wet/Canned
  • Made In: United States

Though theyre not necessary for every cat, veterinary diets can help to resolve persistent recurrences of urinary tract disease.

According to the company, this Hills Prescription Diet food can lower the recurrence of most common urinary signs by 89%.

Its pH balance and controlled levels of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus help to reduce the risk of both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals. If your cat already has struvite crystals, the food can help to dissolve them in, on average, 27 days.

Though hundreds of customers agree that the food can help, youll need to check with your veterinarian to determine if Hills Prescription Diet c/d is the right choice for your cat.

Why Buy Prescription Cat Food Online

You don’t want to wait around for prescription cat food, and neither does your cat, that’s why it’s quick and easy to buy online with us. We have dispatch centres in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, and If you place your order before 2pm on weekdays – we will dispatch your cat food on that same day! Theres also free shipping on orders over $49.99 so it wont cost you anymore than visiting us in store.

Please dont forget that before switching to a prescription diet cat food, it is important that you consult your veterinarian.

Keep Reading To Get A Better Understanding Of The Antibiotics Available And What Each Of Them Treats

Amoxicillin: A good all-around antibiotic, amoxicillin for cats works to stop bacterial growth and is typically used to treat a variety of infections. Its available in capsule form and is administered orally. Amoxicillin for cats can also be given with food and comes in multiple dosage forms for fussier pets.

Cephalexin: A prescription antibiotic, cephalexin capsules are used for specific bacterial infections, including skin wounds and abscesses, and cat UTI treatment. Cephalexin for cats is available in both capsule and liquid form and is administered orally. It may be given with a small amount of food.

: An antibiotic used for deep skin and mouth infections, including dental and bone bacterial ailments, clindamycin also treats some protozoan infections. Clindamycin for cats is available in capsule or tablet form and is given orally. If you are using the tablet or capsule forms, ensure your pet has some water to wash it down, or it could cause damage to their esophagus.

: Used specifically to combat diseases spread by ticks, doxycycline is a prescription antibiotic that treats infections including Lyme disease, salmon poisoning, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Doxycycline for cats is available in both capsule and tablet forms and is administered orally. It may be given with food and cats should have at least a teaspoon of water.

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The Best Cat Foods For Urinary Health

Because each cat food tackles urinary disorders in different ways, and has different nutritional values, were going to take a closer look at each and explain why theyve earned a place on our list.

With cat foods aimed at curing specific ailments, you can expect to pay a slightly higher price than a regular cat food. Premium cat foods should always provide a nutritionally complete meal for cats, but these foods go a step above and target the issue at hand.

With this in mind, heres our list of the top cat foods for urinary health, with effectiveness and value for money in mind.

Idiopathic Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease


In young to middle-aged cats presenting with signs of FLUTD, idiopathic disease is the most likely differential. Studies have highlighted several predisposing factors for this condition. The cats are:

  • male, neutered, and overweight
  • have limited exercise and
  • typically live in a multi-cat household .

In addition, black and white cats, as well as Persians, demonstrate an increased incidence of disease . Bladder signs are typically self-limiting, and unless obstruction occurs, usually resolve without treatment in three to five days. However, our understanding of this condition has evolved in recent years. Current belief is that this is in fact a systemic condition, with clinical signs attributed to the urinary bladder and abnormalities identified within the brain, spinal cord, and adrenal glands in addition to the bladder wall . Cats with idiopathic cystitis demonstrate alterations within the glycosaminoglycan layer. Although a generalized decrease in the GAG layer and a reduction in the GAG GP-51 have both been reported in cats, studies attempting to replenish the former have failed to demonstrate a benefit above that seen with placebo medications . In addition, the urothelium, which normally forms a tight barrier to ion and solute flux, is more permeable in cats with idiopathic cystitis on electron microscopy, a denuded urothelium has been identified .

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What Is So Special Urinary Formula Cat Food

It manages by reducing urinary ph and offering low dietary magnesium. It is low in magnesium and helps to make urine more acidic. I found that they make the c/d in cans and we went to it without hesitation and loved it for several weeks. The best cat food for urinary tract health has the right mineral balance. Hes not eating enough at this rate to maintain his weight , and i need to find a solution, so i was wanting to try the dry royal canin or the dry hills urinary diet. Dry food , dry food , canned food , meal pouch and meal pouch .

Dry food , dry food , canned food , meal pouch and meal pouch . Feline lower urinary tract disease or flutd can infect your cat at any age and has several annoying symptoms. In fact, it contains only 11% fat, which is much less than competitor brands, but it also features increased fiberso your cat will feel full longer. Not only is it beneficial for urinary tract health it also cares for skin and coat for good health inside and out. It manages by reducing urinary ph and offering low dietary magnesium.

My cat has the urinary problem where normal food causes crystals to form in his urine. Hello, my cat had a urinary blockage and is on royal canine and c/d medicated wet food. He has been on both hills perscription dies urinary os and royal canin c/d dry foods. This over consumption of food is My cat has the urinary problem where normal food causes crystals to form in his urine.

Hills Science Diet Adult Urinary Hairball Control Dry Food

Again, with this dry variation of the Hills Science Diet Urinary & Hairball cat food, you get much of the same benefits as with the Royal Canin.

You get more for your money, a longer lasting product, and the same nutritional value. Its down to you to ensure your cat has a constant supply of fresh water and that theyre drinking it, something which some owners find hard to accomplish.

With Hills dry cat food, you get a considerable amount more for your money than you do with the Royal Canin, but the reasons are much the same as they are for the wet foods reviewed above.

You still get the same increase in fiber content that the wet food offers, and an optimal level of magnesium to help correct any imbalance in your cats urine pH levels.

As with all Hills products, there are no artificial colors or preservatives, just healthy natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and amino acids .

Its one of the best dry cat foods out there, and the added benefits of dissolving urinary crystals and hairball reduction make it a food worth trying for any loving owner.

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary So

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet SO is the next canned food to make it onto our list. Royal Canin is also a well-known name when it comes to special diets, and the Urinary SO is one of their best offerings.

This particular formula helps your darling cat tackle a range of health issues, including cystitis. According to Royal Canin, it promotes a urinary environment that is unfavorable to the development of urine crystals and kidney stones.

Thanks to its low magnesium content, your kittys kidneys arent taxed since they dont filter excessive amounts of minerals. Also, the high moisture content of the food helps dilute urine and increase urine volume, making it easier to flush out wastes.

Moreover, this canned food is quite appealing to cats because it primarily consists of chicken, with pork as its second protein source. Adding to that is a selection of safe and high-quality fish oils that supply your kitty with omega fatty acids to help its skin and coat flourish even more.

Since an impaired kidney function cant properly produce hemoglobin, I appreciate that Royal Canin also fortified this recipe with iron. As such, your cat is a step ahead of anemia and maintain high energy levels.

However, you will need your vets prescription to buy the Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO even when purchasing online.

Contains omega fatty acids a healthier skin and coat
Fortified with iron to boost energy and hemoglobin

American Journey Minced Chicken Recipe In Gravy Grain

Royal Canin Prescription Urinary SO Cat Food

Most Affordable Cat Food for Urinary Tract Health: When shopping for urinary cat food, wet food is generally the best choice, but you dont necessarily need to spring for prescription cat food. Urinary health problems are best treated with increased moisture intake high-quality natural ingredients, so you dont necessarily need to spend a fortune. This American Journey Minced Chicken Recipe in Gravy is a good choice because it is very affordable, rich in animal protein, and high in moisture content. With fresh chicken as the first ingredient, this recipe contains all of the essential amino acids your cat needs, with supplemental DL-methionine for good measure. Chicken broth and turkey broth provide plenty of moisture and natural flavor while sunflower oil and fish oil provide a rich blend of omega fatty acids. It also contains cranberries for urinary health.

  • Pros: Rich in animal protein, high in moisture content, highly digestible, rich blend of omega fatty acids, complete and balanced nutrition, supplemented with DL-methionine and cranberries
  • Cons: Not specifically formulated for urinary health

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Popular Prescription Urinary Formula Cat Foods

Cat food manufacturers specify which cats should and should not eat each of their prescriptions foods. Ive made a list of the most popular urinary formula foods for cats with feeding information from the manufacturers. Affiliate links lead to if you want to look at the packaging.

Increases urine volume, controlled mineral levels, omega-3 fatty acids & antioxidants, hydrolyzed milk protein & L-tryptophan for stress, helps control weight. Growing kittens, pregnant or nursing cats.

What Can They Help With

  • Dental hygiene Helps to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar on teeth.
  • Renal health Renal cat food offers support for cats suffering with poor kidney health.
  • Urinary health Specifically formulated to help/prevent urinary tract issues such as Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease.
  • Weight control Weight loss cat foods to reduce a cats body fat and overall weight.
  • Mobility – Certain diets help to keep joints and cartilage strong to positively impact mobility.
  • Gastrointestinal issues Gastrointestinal cat food offers support for digestive issues.

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How Does Wet Cat Food Help Urinary Tract Health

Moisture is so incredibly important in a cats diet, especially if they are experiencing discomfort due to inflammation, unnatural pH, and crystal formation.

Cats in the wild survive by eating only the prey they catch. They rarely need to drink. If you stop and consider than animal meat is made up of roughly 70% water, its no surprise that wet cat food is a favorite for tackling UTIs in cats.

Through its superior moisture content, wet cat food can help UTIs by flushing the system through, dissolving any crystals, returning the pH levels to their natural state and allowing urine to take control of any bacteria in the tract.

Although any premium wet cat food will provide adequate nutrition, choosing one thats best equipped to solve the other symptoms of urine disorders can help resolve things a little quicker and easy the discomfort your cat is experiencing.

So wet or dry?

Well, thats up to you and your cat. If you can get your cat to drink, the dry food is fine long-term, especially as its more affordable. But for difficult cases, or those that relapse, wet food might be more effective.

How Do Our Urinary So Products Work

Hills Prescription Diet C/D Urinary Tract Cat Food

Your vet may recommend a nutritional product to support your cat’s urinary health if they are currently suffering from of FLUTD. Royal Canin SO urinary products are formulated with tailored nutrition for a cat’s individual needs. Talk to your vet for advice on feeding for long-term urinary support.

Formulated with specific nutrients, including L-tryptophane and alpha-casozepine, to help manage signs of stress.

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Hills Prescription Diet Dry Cat Food For Urinary Tract Health

  • Hills prescription diet is the succeeding food to make it onto our list.
  • Primarily, it helps in reducing blocks of urinary crystals & uroliths so that your feline partner can live happily.
  • Furthermore, this recipe is clinically tested, which helps in lowering the rate of recurrence of routine urinary signs up to 89%.
  • Moreover, this food contains a controlled level of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidant for overall wellbeing.
  • Lastly, its recommended by vet for lifelong feeding of your cat, and it aids in dissolving struvite stone in 7 days.

How Can You Treat Flutd At Home

First off, you should consult your vet for their professional instructions on how to treat your cats FLUTD. You may need to administer medication or change your cats diet. In our case, Tiger Jack was prescribed a urinary tract health formula dry food, and we increased the amount of wet food he consumes each day. We also placed additional water bowls throughout our home. To relieve his stress, we found ways to make more of the house available to him. And as far as Rey goes? He fell in love with her, even if hes still occasionally get the hell off my lawn! at the new kid. So thats okay.

Tactics you can try to treat your cats FIC:

  • Reduce stress remove environmental stressors, play daily with your cat, give them plenty of places to escape and relax.
  • Be proactive with conflict resolution any of your pets not get along? Do positive reinforcement exercises to improve their relationships.
  • Provide a relaxed cat box experience, by having enough cat boxes for your cats located in a safe space make sure cat boxes are cleaned daily.
  • Encourage hydration with multiple clean water sources scattered around your home.
  • Change your cats diet to include more wet food, and try feeding them quality dry food formulated for urinary tract health.


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Urinary Health : Cat Food

Looking for the best cat food for your furry friend? At Target, find a wide range of cat food to choose from. Proper nutrition plays a huge role in their health. Look through dry cat food, wet cat food, kitten food, adult cat food and senior cat food. Made with ingredients like chicken, turkey, salmon and ocean fish, you are sure to find the perfect food that provides all of the essential nutrients and antioxidants that your cat needs. Find brands like Kindfull, Fancy Feast, Blue Buffalo, Purina One and more. It is essential to look after all of your cats life stage and lifestyle needs, from hairball and weight control to sensitive stomach and healthy aging recipes. Browse through a large range of high-quality cat food and find the perfect pick for your pet cat.

Hills Prescription Diet Urinary Care Dry Cat Food Best Overall

Review: Urinary Prescription Diet for Cats | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Hills Prescription Diet Urinary Care Dry Cat Food is a solid option for cats with urinary tract problems. It does require a veterinarian prescription and is a robust food for cats with severe problems. This food has controlled levels of magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. It is enriched with antioxidants and supports overall health. Omega fatty acids are added, as there is evidence that they may support urinary tract health overall, though the exact reason is not fully understood.

This cat urinary food is safe to eat for the long term, unlike many urinary tract medications. In fact, it is essential for preventing bladder stones from forming and encouraging urinary tract health. This food can even dissolve existing stones in a short period, which is far better than surgical interventions. It is also designed to balance the urine pH, which may help prevent infections and similar issues.

The ingredients in this urinary health cat food are so-so, however. The first ingredient is chicken, which is a high-quality option. However, whole grain corn, corn gluten meal, whole grain wheat, and brewers rice are also high on the ingredient list. These are generally lower quality options, as they are all grains. Cats do not need grains to thrive, and they dont provide much for a cats nutrition. While the addition of things like gluten raises the protein level, this added protein is low-quality and plant-based. Cats can have difficulties absorbing and using nutrients from plants.

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Wysong Uretic With Organic Chicken Canned Cat Food

Though it is not a prescription diet, this Wysong Uretic with Organic Chicken Canned Cat Food is formulated specifically to address urinary health problems in cats. This recipe is designed by a licensed veterinarian and contains high levels of protein, low levels of carbohydrates, and is fortified with micronutrients and nutraceuticals to support urinary tract health. Youll find that this recipe contains a variety of healthy ingredients starting with organic chicken and brown rice, followed by blueberries, DL-methionine, and cranberry extract.

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