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What Age To Get Cat Neutered

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Will Neutering Make My Cat Fat

When Should You Neuter a Cat and Why: the risks and benefits

No, neutering your cat wont make them fat. However, afterwards, your cat may not need as many calories to maintain a healthy weight. Make sure your cat is fed an appropriate amount of a complete diet thats right for their life stage so they stay slim and healthy. In fact, you can buy special food for neutered cats, which have the correct balance of nutrients and calories for them. If youre concerned your cat is putting on weight after neutering, talk to your vet or vet nurse about the best ways to keep them an ideal body condition score.

It Does Not Produce Health Problems In The Kitten

One of the reasons why some veterinarians do not recommend neutering a cat earlier than 6 months of age is the risk of health problems. However, the VTFFSs review of scientific literature showed that early neutering does not cause any health issue in the growing cat. It does not affect the kittens physical and musculoskeletal development. Early neutering also does not lead to problems in the cats behavior.

Dr Jennifer Coates Dvm

Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, serves on the advisory board for Cat Life Today. Dr. Coates believes neutering is best.

Heres what she said, Kitten neuters are simple surgeries. Kittens only need to be anesthetized for a few minutes and recover quickly.

Veterinarians may perform vasectomies as part of the management of feral cat colonies, but for pet cats neutering is best.

Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM

According to Dr. Coates, Post-operative complications are rare. For owned cats, the benefits of neutering include not only stopping reproduction but also problematic reproductive behaviors like spraying, yowling, aggression, and roaming. Alternatives to neutering, like vasectomies, will prevent unwanted litters but not these problematic behaviors. Veterinarians may perform vasectomies as part of the management of feral cat colonies, but for pet cats neutering is best. For interested owners, testicular implants are available that maintain the look of an intact male cats scrotum.

Whats the Best Age to Adopt a Puppy?

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When Should I Spay Or Neuter My Cat

Most veterinarians agree that cats are ready for neutering procedures at four to six months of age. Some vets and rescue centres spay and neuter cats from 12 weeks of age and sometimes even earlier.

  • When to spay a cat: Ideally, try to get your female cat spayed before she goes into heat for the first time. This will ensure that she doesnt get pregnant before you have the chance to spay her.
  • When to neuter a cat: If you get your male cat neutered before he reaches ten months of age, hes much less likely to begin spraying and urinating inappropriately. Cat urine is hard to clean up and its a habit thats tough to break, even after neutering.

Mythbusting:Some people think that its healthier for female cats to have one litter of kittens before theyre spayed. This isnt true its a myth.

Early Spay/neuter In Private Practice

3 Ways to Know if a Kitten Is Old Enough to Neuter or Spay

Most practices have defined kitten wellness protocols and schedule appointments for vaccinations and parasite control for kittens from about 6 weeks to 4 months of age. Early spay/neuter involves simply adding one more appointment 2 to 3 weeks after the last vaccination. In that manner, cats are fully immunized before being admitted to the hospital for surgery and sterilized before becoming sexually active.

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Does Early Neutering Increase The Potential For Urinary Tract Obstruction

The most frequent argument in support of delaying male cat neutering is that performing this procedure before the cat is sexually mature predisposes the cat to urethral obstructions. The myth that neutering a cat before it reaches sexual maturity results in a smaller penis and predisposes the cat to urinary tract obstruction has been proven to be false. In a 1996 study, Root et al. demonstrated no difference in urethral diameter between cats neutered at 7 weeks, neutered at 7 months, or left intact.15 None of the short-term or long-term studies have shown increased incidence of urinary obstruction among neutered male cats.

Why Spay/neuter Is So Important For Cats

While there might be some differing opinions about the proper age to spay or neuter your cat, theres no disputing that its one of the most responsible things a pet owner can do, not only for the life of a pet, but also to reduce pet overpopulation. Too often, we view spaying and neutering through our own eyes, and how it might affect us, and assume that our pets would look at it the same way. As Coates puts it, physiologically and behaviorally speaking, cats are made to reproduce as frequently as possible. Obviously, we have to put a stop to that. I think it is more humane to surgically eliminate the desire to mate than to block mating but leave the urge intact.

Of course no medical or surgical procedure is without risk, she adds. For instance, neutered male cats are at higher risk for developing urinary blockages, and cats who have been spayed or neutered do have a tendency to gain weight if their diets arent adjusted accordingly. Owners should always talk to their own veterinarian about what is best for their particular pet, but the benefits of spay/neuter almost always outweigh the risks.

It is our responsibility to take care of our pets to the best of our ability, Denish says. They live in our world, our homes and interact with our family and other pets. That means that if spaying/neutering is beneficial, it should be done at any safe time.

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Cats With Both Testicles Descended

When both testicles have descended in the scrotum, your vet will make a standard scrotal incision, which is a small cut placed over the testicles. They will then either use a suture to tie off the blood vessels, or perform a surgical tie and take out each testicle.

In many cases, no sutures are placed over the incision. The incisions are either left open to heal on their own or closed with a small amount of tissue adhesive.

An E-collar or bodysuit will prevent your cat from grooming the incision. You will also need to monitor the incision multiple times a day for swelling, redness, and discharge.

If your cat engages in too much activity too soon after surgery, scrotal hematomas can form. Scrotal hematomas are caused when increased blood pressure to the tissues around the surgery site creates swelling, and the area fills with blood. Increased activity can also lead to infection and discharge.

Restrict your cats activity for at least the first 5-7 days after surgery to prevent stress or inflammation at the surgery site. Ask your vet for guidelines on activity restriction.

Neuter Your Male Cat As Early As Possible

When should you neuter your kitten? Spaying & Neutering Explained

This school of thought is common among vets, and some breeders, and says:

  • Neuter as early as possible, at around 2-4 months old, or even earlier because:

  • Neutering early has been shown to have better recovery times for the cat

  • Neutering early is the only way to be sure to avoid the undesirable behaviours of a tom cat, unwanted pregnancies and the risks that a roaming tom cat is exposed to

  • Neutering early, before the kittens leave for their new home, is the only way to be certain that kittens are not going to an unfortunate life with a ‘back yard breeder’ and to remove the risk of unwanted pregnancies

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Can Early Neutering Of Cats Results In Anesthetic Complications

The majority of studies and vets have proved that early spays/neuters for cats are safer, faster, and simpler than the same surgeries in older cats .

Placing a pet under anesthesia is an essential decision for any owner. The risks are low, and there are various handy devices and options to make things hassle-free. For example, monitoring devices that keep track of heart rate or respiratory function during surgery ensure safety in this procedure so you can feel confident about going ahead with it.

There are many health benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered at an early age. For example, it can help reduce the risk for certain diseases that animals contract in their lifetime and reduces testosterone production, which means they will not be as likely to behave badly around other people due to hormonal fluctuations. If you want to know more or have any other concerns or questions about this process, then consult with your vet.

Why Neuter A Male Kitten

Having debunked the myth of the intact satyromaniac cat and his endless series of fecund nymphomaniac partners, the question remaining is not when to have a male kitten neutered, but why. Regardless of how many kittens a male cat foists upon the world, theres no question that cat overpopulation is already a problem. Its a problem because it encourages the spread of communicable diseases, whether they are bacterial, viral, or because of secondary infections that result from untreated fighting wounds. Its also a problem because of the sheer number of cats that are euthanized every year in the United States alone.

There are more homeless and feral cats wandering around out there than we can possibly enumerate. Yet we do have something of a grasp on the number of strays that are put to sleep in shelters. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that around 6 million kittens and cats enter these facilities on a yearly basis, and around half 3 million cats are euthanized. One intact male living in your home will not substantially affect those staggering numbers. Just the same, are you, as a cat owner, okay with adding even a handful of cats to the total?

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Whats Involved In The Cat Neutering Process

Both operations are carried out under general anaesthetic. Every surgical procedure has some risk but modern techniques are very safe.

Because it involves surgery, there will be some discomfort but cats are given drugs to control this and most of them are up and about just a few hours after theyve had their operation.

Can A Male Cat Still Impregnate After Being Neutered

Does It Matter What Age You Neuter Your Kitten?

The short answer is no, probably not. However, there are some exceptions to this. Sexual activity in sterilized cats could be related to a health issue. In addition, some cats display behaviors that are misinterpreted as sexual in nature when they are actually behavioral problems or even normal cat behaviors.

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Getting Your Female Cat Spayed

To stop your female cat from having kittens, she’ll need to have a simple operation known as ‘spaying’ before she turns four months old. This is also known as ‘fixing’, ‘neutering’ or ‘being done’.

When your cat is about four months old, she’ll start to attract the attention of tomcats, who’ll want to mate with her. This is why it’s important to have her spayed before she reaches four months, so she doesn’t get pregnant while she’s still a kitten herself.

You may have heard that it’s good for female cats to have a litter of kittens before they are spayed, but this isn’t true. Once she’s been spayed, your kitten will be able to do all the things cats enjoy doing, like going outdoors, climbing trees and playing.

Does Early Spay/neuter Lead To Undesirable Behavior

A prospective 2014 study evaluated postsurgical behavioral issues in cats.19 Porters et al. randomly divided 800 cats into 2 groups: sterilized at 8 to 12 weeks or at 6 to 9 months of age. Researchers tracked undesirable behaviors from immediately after adoption up to 24 months after adoption and found no evidence that age at the time of sterilization had an effect on the number of or occurrence of undesirable behaviors.

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Words can not express the gratitude we have for performing TPLO surgery on Kikka. She is doing amazing! You would never know she had surgery. She walks and runs perfect! Our dog has a wonderful active life thanks to you.

Just wanted to let you know that Darwin is doing great, running in the snow, and playing with his brothers. He is clearly a happy dog. Thank you it was well worth it.

There are no words nor enough cookies in the world that can express my gratitude to all of you for taking such good care of my baby. You have all been so kind and patient with all my questions and visits. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping Chase.

We have so much to be thankful for and especially thankful for the rejuvenation of our sweet Cala. She is a new dog thanks to the surgery! I just love having her healthy and happy again. Thank you for giving her and her family more time together.

Dear Miracle Workers, Thank you for your kind attention and care for our baby Baci! We are so grateful and thankful for all you have done to help him. You are a gift!”

I wanted to thank you deeply for the wonderful work you did on Buddys knees. He has been doing so well that he can jump two feet off the sofa from a running start! Hes a very happy dog and so are we. We will be proud to recommend you to anyone! “

Thank you for making Zoey almost as good as new. The recovery went faster and better than we expected. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Do Cats Get Calmer After Neutering

How To Neuter Your Cat

Another positive aspect of neutering your cat is that neutering can result in a calmer, and sometimes cleaner, home. Without the drive to mate, your cat may be quieter and not prone to cat calls and an incessant need to seek out a mate. The neutered cat no longer feels the need to seek out and serenade females.

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Best Age To Neuter A Kitten

On the average, kittens reach sexual maturity around 6 to 9 months of age. This means they are now fully-capable of reproduction. Since one of the inherent aims of neutering is to induce infertility or sterility in the cat, neutering should be done before the kitten achieves full sexual maturity. Thus, the best age for a kitten to get neutered or spayed is before it reaches the age of 6 months.

Unfortunately, no two kittens will have the same exact growth rate. Some kittens can reach their reproductive maturity by around 4 months of age, while others may become sexually mature only upon reaching 12 months of age.

Given the variability of feline growth rates, veterinarians now recommend pediatric neutering. This allows veterinarians to perform the surgical procedure in kittens that are as young as 6 weeks. There are people who object to such recommendations, of course. They say that it exposes the young kitten to needless harm. Early neutering can also lead to several developmental problems.

In 2017, the American Association of Feline Practitioners endorsed neutering kittens at 5 months of age. This was the recommendation of the Veterinary Task Force on Feline Sterilization and released through the North American Veterinary Community Conference, also in 2017.

There is another criterion for the surgery, however. The kitten should weigh not less than 2.2 lbs at the time of the surgery. If these two criteria are met, then the kitten is safe for early neutering.

Cats Protection Advise Neutering Your Cat At Four Months Of Age Or Younger Find Out More About Kitten Neutering In Our Guide Or Find A Vet

Often, cats are neutered too late in life which unfortunately contributes to the number of unwanted cats in the UK.

If you dont want to find yourself with extra cats and extra cost, we recommend that your pet cat is neutered at four months of age or younger. It is important that the procedure is done before the cat begins puberty, preventing any unplanned pregnancies.

Want to know more about what kitten neutering involves? Watch our video. Search below to find a vet on our neutering database or learn more about neutering in our Help and advice pages.

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Under What Circumstances Should You Neuter A Cat

To put it simply, you should always neuter a male cat. When they are young, tomcats are more affectionate than females. However, when they feel nature’s call during adulthood, cohabitation at home will become more difficult.

They will start to mark your home with their urine and try to escape at any opportunity, not hesitating to jump blindly into the unknown when they hear the call of a cat in heat. For this reason, they will also fight with other male cats. The best case scenario is that your cat returns from these little escapes with fleas, ticks or other parasites.

Several Studies Illustrate The Benefits Of Spaying/neutering A Cat Before It Reaches 5 Months Of Age The Approximate Time It Reaches Sexual Maturity

Spay And Neuter

Dr. Bushby, a 1972 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, is a board-certified surgeon who has served on the MSU faculty for 42 years. He established the MSU CVM shelter program and is a frequent speaker on efficient spay/neuter techniques. He was a member of the organizing committee for the shelter medicine specialty board, received the ASPCA Henry Berg Award in 2008, the AVMA Animal Welfare Award in 2012, and the Association of Shelter Veterinarians Meritorious Service Award in 2015.

Over the past several decades, the recommended age for spay or neuter of cats has changed. At one time, the recommended age for spay was after the female cat had a litter, then it changed to after the first heat cycle, and eventually the veterinary profession settled on 6 months of age or older. Given that cats reach sexual maturity at about 5 months of age, more and more people are advocating lowering the spay/neuter age to 4 to 5 months and support early spay/neuter in animal shelters. All of these varied recommendations lead one to question: is there an optimal age at which cats should be spayed/neutered?

  • Eliminates reproductive emergencies such as pyometra and dystocia
  • Prevents unintended pregnancies
  • Potentially decreases behavioral problems linked with cat relinquishment

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